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SwaRon SS- It all starts with a cup of coffee (Page 9)

Legilimens. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
Next update- on a new page Smile

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Originally posted by tanha29

Next update- on a new pageSmile

swaron9113 IF-Sizzlerz

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hmse hasi hmse khusi
aye hami se zindagi,
tarrey hum jami par le
aye hm laye h rosani,
dil jnha dost waha
aisa mnjar aur knha,
hm to chale the dost
bnke jane kha dil-mil-
Legilimens. IF-Rockerz

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Part 2

Taking a turn to a new beginning

The day was slightly better than yesterday..For one prominent reason, I could spend some time with my team..Finally we resumed our rehearsals..And then came the hour of the day- yesterday it was 3 pm but today he postponed it..God knows why..He was to start teaching me at 4 pm, but because of clumsiness and an awkward excitement, I reached 20 minutes late.. Well, supposedly he was waiting for me..but how can I ever forget, that he is a complete bookworm..and how can I ever forget that I am completely smitten by him..The closer I get to him, the more I start drowning in him..How can someone be so captivating? .Thank god nobody knows about my crush on him..After all, I have a well maintained reputation in this college..No one, in their wildest dreams would have ever thought that I Sharon Rai Prakash, likes the topper o f the college..Should I tell Rey??No I guess, Rey is Swayam's best friend..and Rey cannot keep a secret..

Ok, well it started., when I reached the canteen at 4.20 pm..

He was sitting by the same table, on a chair and reading a book. I came running towards him and I was panting. He analyzed my expression and uttered the first soothing word from his mouth. "You are late"

Damn! Am I so in love with him that every word from his mouth, which he addresses to me, is like music to my ears?

Well, I could not do anything else. Hence I just apologized and told him that it won't happen from the next time. He nodded in acceptance and said something else which made me wear my confused expression.

"Why are you late?"                                                              

For one moment, I felt that he was getting on my nerves. Age wise, he is 23 days younger to me and he is acting like my dad...What the hell! But still, I felt that he had a right to know about it.

"Had group rehearsals" I mumbled to my teacher.

"Hmm" he said. " Fine. Shall we start?"

Back to square one!!Thank god. I heaved a sigh of relief.

Like yesterday, I was drowning into his eyes even today. And that was the reason why many of the algebraic expressions went over my head, or at least I thought they went.

"Do this sum. Lets see if you have understood something or not." He said and gave me a serious look.

I had no choice, because I knew changing the topic would not work here. Even if it did, how was I supposed to change the topic all of a sudden? I was sure that he would form an image of a "non-serious who speaks about non important things always" girl for me. I am crazy I know. Thank god, no one in the college knows about it. Sometimes I feel like Hannah Montana. Two identities. Something at home and something else at college.

Anyway, I took the pen. I was getting all fidgety and I wanted to refrain from doing that sum. Looking at it, made me go crazy again. Then I looked at Swayam and his cute face. That encouraging expression did some kind of magic and I came out of the scared frame of mind. Somehow, I knew the answer to that question and without missing even a single step, I solved the equation.

Well, I could not believe it either, but I had to give in eventually.

OMG!!I did it! Sharon Rai Prakash solved an algebraic equation for the first time without struggling!!

There were two thoughts that struck me- one- he had given an easy question to do...two- he had given a tough question but he was such a mind-blowing teacher that he could make things enter my empty head without me knowing it. I saw no sense in the first thought, and I decided to go with the second one.

"See, it is not as difficult as you think it is" he said.

I smiled warmly. It was an accomplishment for me as well as for him. He could make a D-grader in algebra solve a difficult equation; at least this is what I thought.

I don't know how the hour passed..and guess what- he didn't know about it either! He told me. I guess he didn't have rehearsals at five and hence he asked me to stay back for a glass of cold coffee. Frankly, I like to drink only hot coffee and not the cold one. But I drank it today, for him. Yeah I know, it is sweet and all. But I cant help it. Love does leave a major impact on people. This cupid definitely struck me. I hope it has struck him too. Or at least I hope it will strike him too, so that he can get a break from studies and think about something from his heart too. At least it will make him realize that his heart not only pumps blood, but also feels about certain things.

He initiated a brief conversation and I don't remember where the topic came from, I guess, from footloose...He asked how our preparation was going. I said that it was going fine and suddenly he started talking about Rey.

"Rey is your best friend, right?" he asked.


"And was he the person, you were talking about yesterday?"

I looked at him and gave him the "excuse me" expression. Why on earth was he so interested in knowing about my crush??Has he started feeling something for me??Or does he already feel something for me? Is it that even he has a silent crush on me?

Then my thoughts were crushed when I realized that he was only interested in studies and dance, nothing else. He never had time for anything else.

"No Swayam..why do you want to know about that guy??Huh??" I asked. Maybe he thought that I was exasperated or something like that. I was not.

"I asked. Just out of curiosity" And he gave me a smile.

Ok, this was too much. His salient features describe perfection. His amazing smile, his chocolate brown eyes. Swayam Shekhawat should be given the award for wearing the most captivating smile ever. Thanks to his mom. He is such an amazing being. I have no words to describe the way he speaks, the way he teaches..and.. ok I'll stop now.

"Then don't talk about this topic again Swayam" I said.

"Sorry if I sounded rude, but thinking about him makes me blush" I added.

There you go Sharon. A lame excuse, yet again.

"Oh..okay..".He said." He makes you blush?" He said with a smirk.

I realized that my  cheeks were turning pink.

"Swayam stop it!!" I said.

I was talking to the person who was responsible for the pink color of my cheeks.

"Ok Ok" he said. "Wont tease you again"

"Thank you!" I said.

I didnt ask him anything about himself because I already knew so much about him.

"Swayam" I said after I finished drinking my cold coffee.


"Thanks" I said and gave him a warm smile. His expression changed, looking at my smile. It seemed as if he was getting attracted towards me.

I waved my hand in front of him thrice and he regained his senses. I guess he didnt realise what had just happened.

"For what?" he said.

"For teaching me. You are a superb teacher Swayam. I bet I'll never be able to find a better teacher in algebra than you"  I said. Learning algebra from your crush is the best thing you can ever afford.

"Its ok Sharon. No need to say thanks. It is because of you that you are able to understand everything. You and your grasping power are responsible."

I just smiled. I couldnt say anything else. He was not going to take credit for anything. I just stared at him. Looking at him, made me forget what I was going to say. The buzzing and obnoxious sound of my phone pulled me out of my oblivion.

"Rey" I said as I received the call.

"Sharon, I was going to drop you home. Its 6 already" he said.

I scanned my watch. Indeed it was 6. I was supposed to meet him at 5.30.

"I am sorry Rey. I'll be there in sometime. " I disconnected the call.

"Its 6:" I said.

"Is it?" he checked his watch too. "I don't know how a single hour passes, talking to you , always."

"I didn't realize it either" I said.

"It was fun anyways" he said. And I smiled again. I was happy that he was happy , on talking to me.

"Bye" I said. " Rey must be waiting for me"

"You want to go so soon?" he asked.

"I want to stay here but I promised Rey that I would go with sorry I cant"

Ok, why was he talking like that??And why on earth did I reply like that!!Sharon, you should know what to speak and when to speak. Did I give him a hint that I like him??I hope not.

Before going, the weirdest thing happened.

"Sharon" he said and I turned around.

He extended his right arm and I asked what he was trying to depict.

"Friends" he said

I was extremely happy at this friendly gesture of his. I extended my right arm to meet his. I did not have to think about it because this was what I wanted.

"Friends" I said.

We exchanged numbers and I bid a goodbye to him and went to the parking lot to meet Rey.

I dont know..and I dont even want to know what will happen tomorrow. The thing is that I know what love means now. I am no more a teenager and I can very well understand what it means. So I really dont care, even if he gets to know who my crush is. It is him and this fact wont change, it will never change. I love him, not because of who he is, but because of how he is.

Here was the second part..Hope all of you liked the update!!Next update will be on page 15!! Please do hit the like tab and please do leave your precious comments!! 

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Awesome update dear...loved it this chapter was fab...please continue soon and PM me when you will update the next part.Star

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awesome !
am sure da cupid has already striked him!
anyways luvd it !
update soon..
n thank yu for the pm.. :)

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awsome chapter dear...ClapClapClap
update soon...Smile

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thanx for the pm n ya continue to pm me whenever u update...Smile

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