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SwaRon SS- It all starts with a cup of coffee

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 5:19am | IP Logged

"What about me, ma'am?" Sharon looked expectantly at her teacher.

"D again, miss Rai Prakash.."

"At least this one is better than getting an F" she giggled.

"Miss Rai Prakash, I don't know what your problem is..You do well in every subject except algebra.."

It was the truth. Be it economics or any other subject, she used to perform well. Algebra was her weak point.

"Miss Rai Prakash, this was the mid term examination..I want you to bring an A in the finals. I know you are capable of performing well. Just treat algebra as your friend.."

Sharon was confused. How could anyone make algebra their friend??It was not even capable of being an enemy.

Sharon hung her head and nodded it. The teacher used to teach algebra, but she was good and she liked Sharon. She used to provide a room full of opportunities to Sharon.

Sharon didn't know how she was going to study the subject. She knew that she had to get an A, if not A at least a B in the subject in the finals. The question was How?

She saw someone sitting in one silent corner of the classroom. His answer sheet was not with him, other students had taken his answer sheet to find out where they had gone wrong. Of course, he was the topper of the class.

She had taken algebra lessons from Kriya, the one who used to come second, but Kriya couldn't teach her properly, nor could she come second this time, maybe because she was dating Reyaansh, Sharon's best friend. There was only one person in the class who used to study algebra meticulously, with full concentration and who hated disturbance.

Sharon decided to end this flippant behavior of hers. She herself knew that getting an A or a B in algebra was necessary for her.

She could have refrained from doing such a thing, but there was no one who could teach her better, because there was no one better in algebra than him.

This was not the first time she thought of going to him. This idea had occurred in her empty brain many a times, but she always hesitated, thinking that she would stammer, thinking that she would not be able to maintain an eye contact.

"Enough is enough!!" she thought. "I have always neglected this good for nothing subject. I wish I could neglect it more, but I cant, unfortunately..I'll go to him and talk to him about teaching..And if at all he agrees, I'll ask him to start teaching me from today itself'"

She gathered some amount of courage and walked to the silent corner of the classroom. That's when the bell rang.

"Perfect timing" she mumbled.

The boy got up to go out of the class. He seemed in some sort of hurry, but she managed to make him stay.

"Swayam!" She called out to him.

The boy turned back and looked towards the source of the voice. A beautiful slender girl with a fair complexion stood in front of him.

Sharon looked at him and mentally thanked god for making him stop. He had friends, non-treacherous ones but he used to talk very less.

Sharon was admiring his face. He looked better and even cuter when he had that confused expression. He was the captain of team weaklings, and she was the captain of team Dazzlers. She was a Dazzler, alright but this didn't mean that she was not allowed to have feelings. Not many knew this, but she had a teeny weeny silent crush on Swayam. This was the main reason that she always refrained from talking to him. She was hesitant about taking this action.

"Yes?" he said in his soothing voice.

"Umm..Actually, I wanted to say that.."

"Say what??"

"Oh god" she thought. She was already tensed and he was making it more difficult for her.

She closed her eyes and decided to speak everything in one single breath. She mentally fixed whatever she had to say and began.

"I was wondering if you could teach me algebra."

"Phew its done!!" she thought.

Swayam gave her the " Pardon me" expression.

This made her even more tensed. She had to repeat the line. Well, it was not his fault. It was the truth that she spoke so fast.

"I was wondering if you could teach me algebra. I am not very good at it." She spoke, this time in a fairly low speed.

"That's it??" he spoke after a 10 second hiatus.

Sharon nodded her head in a yes.

"Yeah sure, I will teach you."

Sharon was mentally overjoyed but she couldn't express her happiness. He would think that she was a hooligan.

"Are you sure you can teach me??" she said.

"Yeah, why not? I could have taught you earlier too but you didn't come to me.." he said admiring her expression.

Sharon mentally cursed herself. One, because she didn't want Swayam to know how bad her track record was in algebra. But at least he was noticing her.

"Sharon, when shall we start?"

She looked at him, her name sounded beautiful when he took it.

"Today itself..How about my place?" she asked.

"After college?"


"Cant..I have some work..How about now??In the canteen?"

This was sooner than she had expected. Yes, she had feelings for him but she began to feel that he was more excited than her.

"Ok, sure..I'll get my books.." she said.

"I'll wait for you in the canteen.."he said.


"Sharon, thank god you are here!!" Rey said happily as he saw her coming in the canteen.

"What is it Rey?"

"Our rehearsals..footloose.." Rey reminded her.

Sharon face palmed. In all her excitement, she had totally forgotten about the rehearsals.

"Im sorry Rey!!I totally forgot about it..Cant we postpone??I cant come now'"

"Why??" Rey asked her.

"I have to study algebra." Sharon said and noticed Swayam sitting by a table. He was busy reading a book.

"Algebra??And you??" Rey was surprised.

"Rey, I'll explain everything later..I am getting late.."

"Rey!!" Kriya called out from somewhere.

Sharon mouthed a thank you to Kriya as soon as she saw her. Poor Kriya, she didn't know the reason for the "thank you". Rey looked at Kriya and grabbing the opportunity, Sharon made her way towards Swayam.

"Hey" She took a seat and sat there.

"Oh Sharon..there you are..I was waiting for you.."

"I am sorry" she apologized for being late.

"No need to. Do you like coffee??"

"Yeah, I do..Why?"

"Thank god you do!!I ordered one for me..Thought you might like it..Hence I ordered a cup for you too.."

Sharon was elated. She didn't show it.

"That's sweet of you.." she said.


The coffee was kept in front of them and none of them even took a sip of it. Swayam was busy explaining Sharon about the algebraic expressions whereas Sharon was busy adoring him.

She had always thought that he was a non-fun loving boy. This image of Mr. Boring had changed in her mind. His wrong image slowly melted away. She herself didn't know when she actually started feeling for him.

"Sharon, did you understand?" Swayam spoke after looking at her face.

"Yes I did." Which was not the truth. She partially understood it but the rest went over her head.

"Cool so do this sum'"

Sharon was petrified. How could she do something which she had not understood? She had one awesome talent- of changing the topic. She used it there.

"One minute.."

Sharon picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip. Swayam followed her.

"You know as dazzlers, we are not supposed to drink coffee.." she said.


"I don't know'Its just a lame rule. I don't even know who created it."

"And still you are drinking it??"

"Yes. That is because I like it."

"We don't have any such rules."

"Great" she smiled. Swayam didn't know why but he liked it when she smiled. It was cute.

"So, what about your boyfriend..You must be having one na.." Swayam spoke after he finished his coffee.

"Me and boyfriend??No..I don't have one."  She spoke.

"Sharon Rai Prakash, the diva doesn't like anyone in the college.." Swayam spoke. He was shocked.

"No..I do like someone."

"Does that someone like you?" Swayam asked.

"No, I don't think so. He is busy in other things." She said.

"And does that someone know that he is lucky enough to be liked by the most popular girl in the college.."

"Do you??" Sharon spoke in an impulsive way nearly forgetting the fact that she was talking to him.

"Sorry?" he asked, a bit confused..

" you know who invented this algebra thingie??"

Swayam laughed warmly. Sharon thought it was bliss, seeing him laugh like that.

"You don't really like this subject na??" he said.

"I hate it."

"Don't worry, you'll start loving it soon.." he smiled.

Sharon knew that it was the truth. If he could make a dazzler, the most popular girl in the college fall for him, then algebra was not a big deal.

"By the way, you are drifting from the topic..does that someone know you like him??"he spoke.

Sharon chose her words carefully.

"No, I don't even want him to know."

Sharon was well aware of the fact that Swayam would feel uncomfortable in teaching her then.

"Oh okay..who is he by the way?"

Sharon looked aimlessly at him. She had a daft expression on her face.

"What the hell" she mentally said.

"Don't worry, you can trust me on this..I wont tell his name to anyone.."

"I don't talk to many people as such" he added.

Now what??How was she supposed to confess that she liked him in front of him? She prayed to god for some miracle to happen that would end the conversation. She could not lie to him. She was not very good at it.

It seemed as if god answered her prayers too soon. Swayam's phone rang. He picked it up.

"Swayam, where are you??We have rehearsals" Kriya spoke from the other end of the line.

"Its 4 already?" Swayam checked his watch for the time.

"I'll be there in 5 minutes" Swayam said and cut the call.

"I guess, the first class ends now." Swayam said as he got up to go.

"Frankly, I have no idea how time passed." He said.

Sharon smiled weakly and thanked god.

"We'll continue tomorrow..Same time, same place" he said.

"Yeah ok..Bye then" she said.

"Bye" he said.

Sharon was happy that she could hide her feelings this time. She felt that she was okay at it. But at the same time she knew that he would come to know about it eventually, some time or the other.

 So this was it!!Hope you all liked it!!For new readers, who wish to receive PMs on my further works on SwaRon, add me TanHa29 to your buddy list!!Please dont forget to hit the like tab and do leave your valuable comments!!:) 

P.S I know about the Rose Day OS, but I have to think of an apt ending...Will try and update asap..Those of you who have not read it, here is the link- 


Note-Pg 5

Taking a turn to a new beginning (Pg 10)

Candid Confessions(Pg 16)

Perseverance(Pg 24)

The chapters are hyper linked :D 

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Anonymous-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Awesome concept Mihika! Just loved the idea!Big smile

Sharon is in love with Swayam!! Awwie!!EmbarrassedHeart

And they bonded over coffee , how sweetSmile

Loved it, it was great fun to read.

Thanks for the PMSmile

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awosm update lovly osWinkWink

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Ananya.SwaRon Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 5:38am | IP Logged

Mihika,this was a adorable OS with a nicely written SwaRon Conversation. i found the conversation almost candid and that is what i liked about it. the nerdy Swayam was fun to read while the diva tending towards the nerd was a pleasure. Algebra is so not the diva style. hope she gets to learn it soon.
thanks for the PM. 

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BusyIndivaBee Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 5:40am | IP Logged
i love ur title Clap
sharon a "D" in algebra
lol that teacher asked her to make algebra her friend LOL
gosh even i faced thousands of hurdles doing algebra LOL
expected that the topper would be swayam
yeah she decided to ask him and finally approached him Smile

i liked this line

"The boy turned back and looked towards the source of the voice. A beautiful slender girl with a fair complexion stood in front of him."

sharon had a crush on swayam and found swayam cute and even cuter when he was confused Embarrassed
sharon hesitating to tell swayam
and finally she blurt it out and swayam was like "pardon me" LOL poor girl
i was over joyed when swayam agree to teach her
hmmm he was observing her and sharon was happy at that thought Smile
kria was a saviour
if it wouldnt be for her how would she meet swayam to learn algebra
awww swayam was so sweet  he ordered a coffee for her

hehe LOL
sharon adoring swayam while he was busy explaining her
swayam thought sharon had a boyfriend but sharon had a crush on him
swayam put her under stress
how could she tell him that she liked "him" among everybody at college

"Now what??How was she supposed to confess that she liked him in front of him? She prayed to god for some miracle to happen that would end the conversation"

after this part ur os was getting very interesting Wink
i expected some sort of a confession indirectly
but swayam had to go for rehearsals
mihika why did u end there Angry
now update soon Smile
i wonder if swayam has feelings for sharon
i cant wait any more
uodate update update !!!

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Awesome os and titleBig smile
Pls update the next part soonSmile

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 6:10am | IP Logged
Awesome os
Sharon got D grade in algebra lol poor girl well its seriously better than F...:p
Sharon is already in love with him i thought swayam confess his feeling too but that phone...
It has second part too kya??

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Originally posted by sadiyaswaron

Awesome os
Sharon got D grade in algebra lol poor girl well its seriously better than F...:p
Sharon is already in love with him i thought swayam confess his feeling too but that phone...
It has second part too kya??
Nope :| I have not thought of one.

Edited by tanha29 - 15 November 2012 at 6:13am

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