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1. Please bear with the grammatical/spelling errors.
2.The backdrop of the OS is that rather than leaving haveli after the calling off incident,J is staying back for the wedding as Shiv had requested bhairon to forgive him for the sake of dadisa.
  Study,Coffee and Romance
Serving evening tea and snacks to Dadisa, Bhairon and Jagiya, Anandi looked at the door with anticipation in her eyes. Shiv had to come to haveli to explain Anandi a lesson in Business Statistics which she requested him to do as she had to teach Gulli's cousin for an entrance exam but had herself got stuck at a few points. When Anandi told him the same, he had been overwhelmed to have a chance to do something for her.
"Chori tune chai na peeni" dadisa asked breaking Anandi's chain of thoughts.
"Nahin dadisa woh collector sahab aane wale unhi ke saath pee lungi"
Jagiya shuddered as he heard Shiv's name. These days Shiv's constant hovering around haveli had seemed to irritate him more than he expected. He was happy he got his family back but somewhere he wanted more. He wanted all of his family particularly Anandi's attention. But unfortunately it was not him, but Shiv getting that all. Only dadisa seemed to care about him while all others seemed too busy with the collector to bother about him.
"Par Shiv achanak yahan kyun aa raha hai?" Jagiya asked in a cold tone. Bhairon eyed him angrily but was stopped by Anandi who requested him to keep calm.
"Maine hi bulaya hai unhein. Woh mujhe Gulli ki behen ko padhana tha aur ek chapter samajh nahin aa raha tha. Isliye maine unhein bulaya hai meri help karne ke liye"
"Anandi shayad tum bhool rahi ho par main bhi ek doctor hoon. Koi anpad ya ganwar nahin hoon. Tum kehti to main bhi tumhari help kar sakta tha" Jagiya taunted.
"Jagiya ismein padhe likhe ya anpad hone ki baat nahin hai. Mujhe jo chapter smajhna tha woh business se related hai aur Collector sahab ne MBA kiya hai. Isliye mujhe laga ki is field mein unki knowledge hum sabse zyaada hogi"
Jagiya looked dumbly at her counter-attack. This time she was not ready to take any shit from him. He was about to speak when suddenly Anandi's eyes lit up making him confused. He turned around and saw Shiv walking in. Before he could say hi to Shiv he walked past him and came to stand closer to Anandi; both of them gesturing smiles at one another.
"Aaahh" Jagiya shouted forcing Anandi and shiv out of their romantic moment. He had spill tea on his lap and now shouted in pain ROFLROFL
"Jagdesshjee jaldi se washroom mein jaake pani daal leejiye warna problem ho jayegi" ROFL Shiv advised with a tone so genuine that it made Anandi let out a giggle , she tried to control almost immediately LOL Shiv eyed Anandi hiding a smirk.
"Jagiya collector sahab theek kah rahe hai...isse saaf karlo warna daag bhi lag jayega aur taqleef bhi hogi"
"Anandi tu chinta mat kar...bhairon madat kar dega jagdeesh ki" dadisa said leaving bhairon with furrowed brows.
"beta tu jakar shiv ke saath padhai kar le...main makhan kaka ko kehta hoon woh iski madat kar denge" Bhairon said. Now Anandi directed Shiv towards her room and makhan kaka directed Jagiya towards the washroom.
Shiv passed a smile to Anandi as both of them sat near her rather tiny study table. He almost had to struggle to fit his long legs in the compact legroom of the table. Anandi had giggled seeing him changing positions to fit his giant stature into the tiny chair and table but later became edgy realizing how close they'd be sitting while studying. Anandi's hands quivered as she passed the book to Shiv. It was the first time she felt so conscious being around him. They were so close that his curvy biceps almost brushed against her narrow shoulders, sending shivers down her spine whenever he moved making her aware of the contact. She couldn't help but get affected by his proximity, which gave her an almost telescoped view of his pitch perfect features. He opened the book and began reading it for her but she was lost in some other world. For the first time she felt herself giving in to the attraction. She scanned his beautiful face while he took out a pencil to make a graph in her notebook. Her heart skipped beats as her gaze moved across his face - the chiseled jawline, the strongly marked cheek bones, the well notched nose and the tipped ears, and the hazel eyes covered with small framed reading glasses. He indeed looked like a Masterjee in those glasses, teaching with so much seriousness. He was totally enwrapped in the notebook, marking all important points in different colored highlighters, his graphs, sketched as precise as the book itself and handwriting with its own sensuous flow.He would surely be the one to help their kids with homework - the thought struck Anandi out of nowhere making her blush beet red Blushing
"Yahan tak theek hai anandijee?" Shiv asked looking expectantly at her leaving her dumbstruck.
"woh collector sahab" she fumbled "actually, I am sorry maine dhyaan nahin diya apne kya kaha"ShockedShocked
Shiv looked at her with first a surprised and then a teasing expression. Fighting off the smile that twitched on his lips,he gave her a tough look.He spent almost 20 mins explaining about two-and-a-half pages while she was lost in her own world
"Koi baat nahin main dobara bata deta hoon...but iss baar dhyaan notebook mein" Shiv said faking sternness. She nodded with a puppy face. The next fifteen minutes the two of them spent in absolute concentration. While Shiv explained her all the key points and the working of graphs, she made short notes for future reference.
"Anandijee aap ek baar poora chapter dekh leejiye aur agar kisi bhi point mein doubt ho to pooch leejiye" he said finishing off with the explanation. Handing her the book Shiv stretched his arms trying to siphon off the tiredness, making Anandi realize she hadn't even asked him a cup of tea.
"hey bhagwan maine to aapse kuch poocha bhi nahin...aapko bhuk lagi ho na. Main abhi chai ke saath kuch bana lati hoon" she was about to get up when Shiv grabbed her by wrist.
"Aap yahan padhiye main coffee banake lata hoon"
"Kya! Aapp coffee banayenge?'Tongue
"kyun aapko kya lagta hai main coffee bhi nahin bana sakta"
"aisi baat nahin hai...par aap thake hue honge na.Subah se kaam kar rahe hain aur phir seedha yahan aa gaye. Aap thoda rest kar leejiye main bas do minute mein le aungi"
"anandijee pata hai mom kehti hai ki jo padh rahe ho usse complete kiye bina uthana nahin chahiye. Concentration bigad jata hai. Aur phir next time usspe phir se time waste karna padhta hai.Isliye aap padhke apne doubts mark keejiye, main tab tak coffee banake lata hoon. Aur waise bhi dadu kehte hain ki poori shekhar family mein mujhse achchi coffee koi nahin banata"
Anandi smiled hearing his words. It was only him who could convince her so just a matter of a few words.
"Agar aisi baat phir to aapke haath ki coffee peeni hi padegi"
"And I am sure you will love it" he declared leaving rosiness on her cheeks. She watched him with fondness as he walked out of the room. Her lips curved into a beautiful smile as she thought of the last thirty minutes she had spent in his pleasant company. For the first time she felt herself longing to be with him. To be his wife. She admitted it or not, but she missed him the moment he went away. Her heart skipped a beat recollecting the thought that had hit so suddenly. Amidst all this nervousness, excitement and happiness of the wedding, she never realized that post marriage, she won't just be his wife, but at some point of time, the mother of his kids too. At some point of time there will be someone who'd unite them in a way, no ritual, no ceremony can. And they will no longer be just Anandi and Shiv, rather they will become someone's mom and dad. A silent tear escaped Anandi's eye as the beautiful thoughts overwhelmed her senses. Shiv was not just making her his wife, but also giving her this beautiful prospect of experiencing motherhood someday. He indeed was an answer to all the prayers she'd ever offer.
While Anandi wass lost in his thoughts, the sound of his approaching footsteps brought her back to senses. Wiping her tears, she focused her concentration in the book.
"Ma'am your hot and tasty coffee - courtesy chef Shivraj Shekhar" he said smilingly keeping the tray on the study table. Feeling him close, a fresh batch of tears brew in the corner of her eyes, making him concerned.
"anandijee aap ro rahi hain?"
 "nahin collector sahab, main khush hoon. Itni khush jitna aaj tak kabhi nahin hui. Shayad isiliye ye aansun. Shayad kabhi umeed nahin kit hi maine itni saari khushiyon ki. Shayad kabhi socha bhi nahin tha ki mujh jaisi ladki ko koi itni respect, itna pyaar bhi de sakta hai. Aur woh bhi ek aisa insaan jo mujhse kahi zyaada kabil, kahi zyaada padha likha aur kamyaab hai. Jisne na hi iss desh ke kayi shehron ko dekha hai balki videsh mein bhi kayi saal guzare hain,woh mujh jaisi ladki ko itna lagaav de sakta hai, jisne shayad aaj tak apne gaon ke bahar kadam bhi nahin rakha. Aap nahin jante collector sahab ye mere liye kitni badi baat hai.Isliye nahin kyunki aapne mujhe khud ke layak na hote hue bhi sweekar kiya. Isliye kyunki shayad aap meri zindagi ke un bahut kam logon mein se hain jinhone mujhe sirf mere pehnave ya rahan-sahan ki nazar se nahin balki mere ander ke insaan ki nazar se dekha. Collector sahab aapne na hi sirf mere ander chupi Anandi ko khud dekha balki mujhe bhi us se milwaya. Woh Anandi jo khush rehna chahti hai. Jo aur ladkiyon ki tarah hasna chahti hai...sapne dekhna chahti hai...dosti karna chahti hai. Jo aur ladkiyon ki tarah hi ek aisa jeevansaathi chahti thi jo uska humsafar bane..uska best friend.Aur aapne woh sab mujhe diya.Mera har dekha undekha khwab jaise aapne bina kahe hi poora kar diya. Aur aapka ye ehsaan main zindagi bhar nahin..."  now the lump in her throat choked her voice.
" Shhh!" he laid his finger on her lips "Bas Anandi! Bahut bolti ho tum" Wiping her tears from the tip of his finger, he took her hands into his.
"Anandijee pata hai jab main jetsar aaya tha mere mann mein thodi jhijhak...thodi nervousness thi. Yahaan aane se pehle jab choti ma aur mom se baat hui to thoda emotional bhi ho gaya tha. Kyunki mujhe pata tha ki agar mujhe unki zaroorat bhi hui to bhi shayad un logon ka yahan aana mumkin nahin hoga. Mujhe sab kuch akele hi manage karna padega. Par jab main aapse mila, aapko jana, aapke saath waqt bitaya to pata hi nahin chala kab meri sari jhijhak...saari awkwardness chali gayi. Jetsar jaise apna sa lagne laga mujhe. Aapka mere saath hona, mera confidence ban gaya. Kisi bhi meeting, kisi bhi project mein aap hoti to mujhe ye vishwaas hota ki end mein sab kuch theek hi hoga. Maine aapse bina pooche shaadi ke liye han kah diya phir bhi aapne mujhe utna hi samman aur vishwas diya. Aur mujhe pata hi nahin chala ki kab aapka apnapan...apki dosti,,,aapki achchai,,,aapki parwah ne mere dil ko chu liya. Aapka mere saath hona meri chat ka hona hai. Jo na hi sirf protect karti hai balki ghar ka ehsaas bhi deti hai. Jiske hone se koi aandhi ya toofan aapko kamzor nahin kar sakta.Aap sirf mera pyaar nahin hain anandijee, aap mera vajood hain...mera gurur hain. Aapka mere saath khade hona mere liye sirf samman hi nahin balki khush kismati hai meri.Isliye kabhi aisa mat sochiyega ki aap mere layak nahin. Kyunki agar aapne aisa aap na hi sirf mujhe balki mere gurur ko bhi thes pahunchaengi"
Tears trailed down her cheeks as she stared at him with unblinked eyes. Wiping off her tears he stroked her nose naughtily - "aapko pata hai jab aap roti hain to aapki naak bilkul tamatar ki tarah lal ho jati hai" shiv joked; leaving her in a shrill giggle. "aisa kuch nahin hai" she hit him playfully on the arm "bas thodi si lal hoti hai na ki tamatar jaise" Anandi said making a puppy face leaving him with a chuckled expression.
Now keeping the books and stationery aside, Shiv handed the cup of coffee to Anandi. Anandi made a surprised face as she sipped onto it. It was genuinely good. Better than all the coffees she'd ever had. Perfectly balanced on all ingredients. She gave him an approving nod as he looked at her with anticipated eyes and further both of them relished their coffee in each other's warm company. Suddenly Anandi giggled as she saw a moustache of formed on his lips.
"shiv aap ekdum bachche hain" she chuckled directing him to wipe off the cream which he couldn't follow properly once again. Some cream was still stuck to the corner of his lip. Using the tip of her thumb, she gently wiped it off his lips while he stared at her dreamily Blushing
Only then a sudden jolt shook Anandi and shiv out of their stupor. It was Jagiya standing at the door, a few of his files dropped on the floor and remaining ones dangling onto his shaky hands.
"Jagiya tum yahan" Anandi asked with a slightly irritated voice.
"han woh muhe Shiv ke se saath kuch discuss karna tha. Woh cooperative ke bare mein"
"Aaiye na Mr. Jagdeesh...waise bhi humara kaam ho gaya hai" shiv smirked at Anandi leaving a naughty smile on her lips.
Seeing Jagiya approach towards them , Anandi stood up to make space for him.
J - Anandi tum bhi baith sakti ho...aakhir tum jetsar ki Sarpanch ho
"nahin Jagiya...collector sahab hain na.Woh samajhkar mujhe samjha denge.Waise bhi mujhe aaj hi pata chala hai ki woh samjhate bahut achcha hain" Anandi moved out leaving Shiv and Jagiya staring ironically at each other ROFL

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"nahin Jagiya…collector sahab hain na.Woh samajhkar mujhe samjha denge.Waise bhi mujhe aaj hi pata chala hai ki woh samjhate bahut achcha hain" Anandi moved out leaving Shiv and Jagiya staring ironically at each other ROFL


Kudos to you...Thumbs Up

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Wonderful ClapStar

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Awww Muku this was sooo cuteEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Loved this Anu, who answered back to JaggubhaiLOLLOL and was lost in lala land when Shiv was explainingLOLLOLLOL Kaaash kaash kaash aisa serial me hotaDay Dreaming  And the last part was really funny n romantic at the same timeWinkLOLLOLLOL
Loved itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Aahh Malika... dil khush kar diya aapne!!!

And what attention you have paid to the detailing of Shiv's face and arms... Mehnat rang layeeEmbarrassed

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Awww, that was really sweet and touching. Ek dum se dil khush kar diya. Embarrassed

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WOW Muku you are such a brilliant writerClap seriously just loved your stories very muchEmbarrassed everytime you come with a awsome piece of writtingStar really great jobStar

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I want to have that coffee NOW!!!!Wink

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