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HUM HO GAYE AAPKE Chap6 parts 1&2 updtd 2/25 pg84 (Page 24)

Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by oaz30

Oye meanie why did u end there...

Hi Shari.
More in next update.

Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 6:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidyasabde

Nidhi the dove? pl no.will be interesting to see Ashu as mentor for Nidhi.
finally where did Nidhi sleep? it must hve been too uncomfortable to sleep on sofa for 4 mths Wink
 relation  btn dever bhabhi was just ideal like Suraj Badjatya film  , i love it.
transformation of Nidhi is going to be an eye opener for Ashu. Nidhi's loving nature will act as icing over cake and love btn two i can see in your next chap ANU.
 TWIST ka tadka jara dheere se mangta hai. (Amar ya Mallu?)
Anu enjoyed the much awaited update. Ab aap next kya aur kab update karoge?

Hi, Vidya
I'm happy that u liked the update.
Thanx so much for the compliments.

Nidhi slept on the bed, and Ashu took thesettee 
And I am so glad u like the dewar Bhabhi bond between Rohan and Nidhi.
I had fun writing it also.
Yep, Ashu will definitely open his eyes now.
Abhi mallu ki entry mein time hai.  Pehle Ashutosh aur Nidhi
AshNi toh ban jaye.

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JusticeDenied17 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
Only one word Awesome. Keep them coming. I don't want to give a detailed review as there was not a thing that I can leave out. Clap

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Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hilarious44

An AMAZING writer has AMAZED me once again...Big grin emoticon (Happy Emoticons)
Am speechless sweety...ClapClapClap
AWESOME update...awesome emoticon

WOW, Fatimah 
Thanx .  Your review is almost as long as my chap.
Thankyou so much sweety.
God i missed ur chapters sooo much Anu...Absolutely delighted today..happy emoticon
Thanku so so much buddy...tackling hug emoticon

I am happy, that I finally finished the chap.
Its very hard to do a rewrite.
But I am glad that I could make u smile.
Coming to the chapter...Big smile
Nidhi's thoughts...Very very well written...thumbs up emoticon
Her life has taken a complete U-turn...Must be really tough for her...CryCry.
Specially seeing mallika's pics all around must have been terrible...Cry
The way she prepared her mind to come in terms with the current situation was too good...Clap
Loved her positive thinking...Big smile
Great sacrifice for her family with not even a moment of regret...Thumbs UpClap

Nidhi has a very generous nature. Its just that she has always been ignored, by her family.
And then to get married like that.  But she is strong, and knew that what was done was done, 
So she decided to forget the past, and go on with life.
But her sacrifice will pay off.  

Ashutosh...felt so so sorry for the poor guy...Cry
He even in his wildest dreams couldnt have imagined that fate can do this to him...Shocked
Would have been so hard to face the societyOuch...
Loved him for equally taking care of his n nidhi's family reputation...Clap
It was great to read that all he had was anger in his heart for mallika rather than any hurt...WinkClap

He,s a good guy.  But, very reserved.  Also very protective and involved with his family, as u
Will see when the story unfolds.  But see, this is the first time that things were out of his control
Abhi tak toh he had planned his whole life.  And now the real fun will begin.
And jahan tak Mallika ki baat hai, toh he never had any deep feelings anyway. So he is already 
Over her.  (I will give you a hint )Only Nidhi does not know that yet, or that he never loved Mallika in the first place.  But she will not find out till much later..Wink 
The scene in bedroom was SUPERB...thumbs up emoticon
All the convo was very well written...Loved it..Big smile.
Ashu's concern for nidhi was so sweet..Embarrassed
Lines about DB n Papad belna were hilarious...LOLLOL
His words to make the air comfortable for her was really cute..Embarrassed.

Thanks.  He was feeling bad, and wanted to make her feel better.
I am glad u liked DB.  Abhi, toh she still has a role to play.

Both having faith that eventually things will work out...GREAT..smiling smiley

Ab koi choice thodihi hai.  Toh faith toh rakkhna hi padega.
Then 4months leap..Tongue
Baba desperate to see nidhi n igoring ashu completely was hilarious...LOLLOL

Glad u liked that.  There is still more stuff to.come.

So nidhi has won her place in eveyone's heart...Clap.
Bhabi-Dewar convo n masti was so sweet...EmbarrassedClap

I wanted to give Rohan a special role.  I just didn't feel
Like making him disappear into the sunset like always.
But still wanted him to have a special relationship with Nidhi, at
The same time.
Their combined effort to build up nidhi's self confidence was commendable...Clap
I hope ashu succeeds in making her agree to get back to medicine too n not waste her education...Big smile

Yes, everyone loves her. They will always be there for her, as u will also read
In the chapters to come.
And  yes Ashu eventually toh, mana hi lega, Nidhi ko.
Rohan giving her respect as Bhabi despite the fact that she was younger was really nice..happy nodding smiley face smiley.
The whole makeover part...BRILLIANT...thumbs up emoticon
So sweet of rohan to care for his bhabi..Big smileClap
He wants them to behave like a normal couple...ClapClapClap

Rohan, loves her, and respects her.  And he adores his older brother.
So, he will do anything he can for them.

Felt sad to read that ashu-nidhi still maintained that distancesad emoticon...were only FRIENDS even after 4months of marriage...Why is that so???Ouch

They are friends.  But the way they got married was not normal.
Aur phir, abhi toh I have not written anything about ke dono ke beech mein 4mahine mein kya hua ya kya nahin.  Wait.  Next chap will tell.(nothing intimate happened)

Glad that rohan has taken the matter in his own hands...thumbs up emoticon.

Yep.  Mr. matchmaker.
Roah-Anji...hmmm...nice new angle...Liked it...EmbarrassedBig smile

Thanks.  I thought it was a different twist.
Finally the last scene...cheeky smile smiley
Nidhi must be looking AWESOME...Big smile

Ashutosh will tell you that in the next chap.
Could imagine her pre n post the makeover...Must have been a drastic change..nodding yes by a very happy emoticon.
Rohan waiting to see the stunned look on his brother's face n YES he got to see that...sunglasses emoticon

He planned for it, and fully expected it.
Ashu: Nidhi?surprised smiley...MINDBLOWING...cheering clapping emoticon

To be continued in the first part of the next update.
I dont know how many times have said this before n how much is still to come BUT i have once again fallen in love with ur work Anu..EmbarrassedClap

Thank you. You don't know how much encouragement I get from that.
I means a lot.

Feel super delighted to have read ur update after sooo long...bliss emoticon.
So happy n satisfied now...Big smile

U never fail to mesmerize me by the quality of ur work...happy smiley face emoticon

Aww. Thank you

LOVE U SWEETY...i love you spray paint emoticon

I love you too

happy spring emoticon

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Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyothi_cool

awesome part cont cont soon

Thankyou Jyoti.

Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ChitaRK

That was a fab update. The reln b/n the two mischief makers was shown beautifully. Loved it. Pls don't make us wait for so long for the next one

Thanx Chitra

I am glad u liked the update.
Thanx for the comments.

And I promise to try and work as fast as I can.
Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Amuja_27

Hi Anu.nice chapter..
I dont know why, but I'm felt bad for Nidhi in whole chap. Her bonding with Baba and Rohan was appriciated but why Ashu ignored her.? Was it that cause she constantally refusing his wish of joining medical field again..?
Rohan and Anji..oh my God(honestly I don't see them as couple...'shows effect')
now after Nidhi's makeover did Ashu look after Nidhi as HIS wife...means he don't want sidhi-sadhi Nidhi(may be Mallika's beauty )
p.s. Now a days u missing from forum..didn't see u r comments ..any problem is there..?

Hi Amuja
first I'd like to thank you for ur concern.  I am quite well thank you.
Its juat that I was really upset, at loosing the chap, and did not feel like rewriting.
So I was off forum.  I took me quite a while to finish.Embarrassed

Now for the chap.
Please don't feel bad, for her.  As u see already, she has more love and support than ever before.
And she has a whole family who value her a lot.  And Ashutosh bhi line par aa hi jayega.LOL
Ashu was not ignoring her. You will find out next chap ke in dono ka behavior aisa kyon hai..Wink

Mallika ke saath it was just that they had been together so long, socha shaadi kar lein.  But there were no feelings.
And Nidhi ki beauty or lack of it well...what and how ashu feels, that also we will have to see

But thank you so much for your comments, and appreciations.

Edited by Libra - 05 December 2012 at 8:50pm
Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by oaz30

Overall a very nice chap lots of equation shaping up.i love the way you are taking them away from the set characters. 
Ashu nids this one .. Interesting development loving the way ashu puts her at ease. His determination to bring her to the med field nicely depicted.
Ashu is in dire need of an awakening call which he gets at the end of the chap
Like the openness 
In the Mathur family how they are all hand in hand to allow nids to bloom.
Baba nids equation .. Seems in ashu dad nids will get the love her dad did not give.

Rohan... My fav so far perfect dear who sees through bhabi dear ... Cupid of the sideline for ashni...hehe

 Intriguing part Anji... What do you have planned AB her.. Me think aman will play a role in that relationship going sour

Hey Shari
Finally, i get my comments.LOL

Thankx for the review.
I am glad that you enjoyed the chap. And more importantly noticed that I have taken the characters 
in away from their mold.  I hope it works out though.
Even in a marriage of majboori, Nidhi ka toh fayda hi hua hai.  This family of hers
gives her everything she did not have before. Specially her FIL.
And Rohan and Nidhi's bond will be getting better.  Just wait and see.
Anji and rohan will eventually tie the knot.  I just have decided ke sooner la later, kab?
Will see as the story progresses.

Thank you so much For the comments Shari.  You are so sweet.

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