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HUM HO GAYE AAPKE Chap6 parts 1&2 updtd 2/25 pg84 (Page 24)

Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
Posts: 5224

Posted: 05 December 2012 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Amuja_27

Hi Anu.nice chapter..
I dont know why, but I'm felt bad for Nidhi in whole chap. Her bonding with Baba and Rohan was appriciated but why Ashu ignored her.? Was it that cause she constantally refusing his wish of joining medical field again..?
Rohan and Anji..oh my God(honestly I don't see them as couple...'shows effect')
now after Nidhi's makeover did Ashu look after Nidhi as HIS wife...means he don't want sidhi-sadhi Nidhi(may be Mallika's beauty )
p.s. Now a days u missing from forum..didn't see u r comments ..any problem is there..?

Hi Amuja
first I'd like to thank you for ur concern.  I am quite well thank you.
Its juat that I was really upset, at loosing the chap, and did not feel like rewriting.
So I was off forum.  I took me quite a while to finish.Embarrassed

Now for the chap.
Please don't feel bad, for her.  As u see already, she has more love and support than ever before.
And she has a whole family who value her a lot.  And Ashutosh bhi line par aa hi jayega.LOL
Ashu was not ignoring her. You will find out next chap ke in dono ka behavior aisa kyon hai..Wink

Mallika ke saath it was just that they had been together so long, socha shaadi kar lein.  But there were no feelings.
And Nidhi ki beauty or lack of it well...what and how ashu feels, that also we will have to see

But thank you so much for your comments, and appreciations.

Edited by Libra - 05 December 2012 at 8:50pm

Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
Posts: 5224

Posted: 05 December 2012 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by oaz30

Overall a very nice chap lots of equation shaping up.i love the way you are taking them away from the set characters. 
Ashu nids this one .. Interesting development loving the way ashu puts her at ease. His determination to bring her to the med field nicely depicted.
Ashu is in dire need of an awakening call which he gets at the end of the chap
Like the openness 
In the Mathur family how they are all hand in hand to allow nids to bloom.
Baba nids equation .. Seems in ashu dad nids will get the love her dad did not give.

Rohan... My fav so far perfect dear who sees through bhabi dear ... Cupid of the sideline for ashni...hehe

 Intriguing part Anji... What do you have planned AB her.. Me think aman will play a role in that relationship going sour

Hey Shari
Finally, i get my comments.LOL

Thankx for the review.
I am glad that you enjoyed the chap. And more importantly noticed that I have taken the characters 
in away from their mold.  I hope it works out though.
Even in a marriage of majboori, Nidhi ka toh fayda hi hua hai.  This family of hers
gives her everything she did not have before. Specially her FIL.
And Rohan and Nidhi's bond will be getting better.  Just wait and see.
Anji and rohan will eventually tie the knot.  I just have decided ke sooner la later, kab?
Will see as the story progresses.

Thank you so much For the comments Shari.  You are so sweet.

Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
Posts: 5224

Posted: 05 December 2012 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by wizardofoz

too good yaar anu. Aapka migraine kaisa hai? You better now?
My migraine, is all better now.
Thank you so much for you concernBig smile

And thankyou for liking the update. also.Big smile

SSA777 Goldie

Joined: 21 April 2012
Posts: 1829

Posted: 05 December 2012 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Anu, just LOVED this chapter.  Everything about this chapter is fabulous!!ClapClap

Rohan is such a great brother-in-law and friend.  Taking Nidhi for a complete makeover.  The way you describe the change over...I just picture it.  You have done a great job...

Rohan and Anji a couple...Smile

Questions...which I know you will be answering in the upcoming chapters...
  1. Why is Nidhi so insecure?  Does it have to do with MallikaAngry
  2. Why is she not willing to continue with her studies?
Waiting for Ashu's comments on Nidhi's makeover.

Please, please post soon.SmileSmile

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anjalini Senior Member

Joined: 11 December 2011
Posts: 399

Posted: 06 December 2012 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Awesome update Anu,
your words make my day,you know that,
Nidhi here is so adorable and she has put in everything to adjust and be part of this family and in turn is rewarded by such a beautiful relationship with Baba(FIL) and Rohan loved both these relations.
I loved Anjii and Rohan's pairing as well.
Was surprised to know that Nidhi and Anjii not friends ,nice to see that the friendship has started building up.
Nidhi's makeover too nicely depicted and loved Rohan doing all for her.
Ashuji ki reaction toh puri kar deti ,,,anyways will wait.
Congrats for the super update especially after so much of a hardwork.
God bles you,love you,Anju  

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Anjani9 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2012
Posts: 12883

Posted: 06 December 2012 at 6:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Libra

Originally posted by Anjani9

Thank you for the long update.
You must have put in lot of effort to re-write the whole thing. Sorry for it.
Hi Anjaniji
It was a chore this time. which was why i took so long.
but normally i have a lot of fun writing.  but thank you
for caring.

I have told you before this FF is rank 4 for me but it is turning to be interesting...
I am so glad that you have finally started to like this FF.
Hopefully it will just get better.  I will try.

I have few doubts...how come even dressing of Nidhi is so dull? When Mallika is very polished...
Leaving other things apart, dressing we will get influenced by the people we live in...we cannot have such contrast in the same house...
In the beginning, i had written that mallika had and ashu had studies together you learn a lot of things away from home.. plus we have to remember that nidhi had a bad experience in childhood, which has affected her. the reason for her everything will tie together.  but it has a lot to do with her sister, and her trauma.
How come Ashutosh did not try to develop any relation with Nidhi in these 4 months...leave HW relation but how come even friendly relation did not develop when she her relation with other 2 developed so much?
we have just assumed that.  yes they dont have a real marriage.  but who is to sat that they have made no progress at all. next chap mein pata chalega.  this was just a build up.
Her disinterest towards Medicine to do with Mallika? Like she would have fed Nidhi that she does lots of mistakes and it will not go well with medicine?
It does have to do with Mallika.  But  the story is very different than you are thinking.
She and Mallika enter KGH at same time?
Mallika is a lot older than her.  Mallika is closer to Ashu's age.  they could not have possibly entered together
Mallika did not return home in these 4 months?
No.  But she will be back.  then all will be revealed.

Thank you for your
Comments.  I really appreciate them.


She and Mallika enter KGH at same time?
Mallika is a lot older than her.  Mallika is closer to Ashu's age.  they could not have possibly entered together

I am asking about present entry...Mallika will be back from hibernation and Nidhi will get convinced to take her career seriously, so will the entry be at same time?


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aru29 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 March 2011
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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 6:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Libra

Originally posted by aru29

Am seeing ur comments after a long time.
Thanks for liking my update, 
Really appreciate it.
And thanks for the compliment also.

@bold-yeah was caught up with lots of things ...barely got online time, soo...
u are most welcomeHug

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Libra IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 April 2012
Posts: 5224

Posted: 06 December 2012 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aazeen02

 awesome glitter hi text smiley Anu Aunty...Big smile

Hi Aazeen sweety

First of all, I missed u... smiley face crying emoticon& ur updates... It had been very long huh... N very sorry n congrats for rewriting the entire chap... Thank you...

Aww. Thank you honey.  It was hard rewriting it.Ouch

Coming up to your chap... I am very proud of this AshNi... inspite of the tough circumstances they are facing, they have stood up for their family's honour and respect... Thats worth a huge round of appreciation... Not, evryone can do thatClapClapClap...

They are strong, and sense of duty and love for their family takes priority, over their own interests.Big smile

The feelings of Nidhi & Ashutosh are very well depicted...ClapClapClap... A feeling to see, her sisters pics all around the room & to stand second in her hubby's life, that is unbearable for any wife, was a very well written emotion... Ashu, who has been betrayed, yet holding himself  up, & making Nidhi comfortable around, is very-very understanding of him...

They know have to face up to their circumstances, and have to support each other.  Specially Ashutosh, knowing how much Nidhi has given up for the family, makes him want to go the extra mile for her.

U've come up with a a 4 months leap...Big smile... Oh... The entire house revolving around Nidhi... Awesome...Clap... I totally loved Rohan & Nidhi relationship... She's giving that motherly affection to Rohan, inspite of being younger to him... Thats  the quality of women, no matter, whats her age, she is capable of that love, every time...saluting smiley

Nidhi is very caring.  And she loves her new family.

Oh! Rohan has planned a makeover for Nidhi... gr8... I loved Ashu's concern, if he's gonna be a solvent tonight anymore...LOLLOLLOL... so typical of Him...

Well, I could ot change him too much, could I?LOL
But, ye kya, Anji n Nidhi are not at familiar terms...shocked smiley par kyu???? But, finally, they have started melting the ice atleast... So, Nidhi is in her make over... But the best part of the entire update was, rohan and Nidhi's, this convo...
--Nahin Bhabhi, I could never be ashamed of you.  I think that my brother is the luckiest man in the world, and I feel very fortunate that you are a part of our family.  Bhabhi you could wear a sack cloth, and dye your hair grey and put it up in a ugly ammaji bun, and I would still be proud to show you off to the world.  See, for me you are beautiful no matter what.  Because I know the real you.  But Bhabhi, the world doesn't work like that.  It sees the person on the outside.  I want everyone to see that you are beautiful.  But, we know that you are the same inside as well.  I did not want you to get hurt.  That is why I never had you meet my friends.  But most of all, I want my brother to see you, notice you, and start paying attention to you.  I want to see you and Bhai happy together, like a normal couple.  And now I can't wait to see Bhai's reaction tomorrow morning, when he gets a load of you.
Nidhi smiled, and she had tears in her eyes.  She was moved beyond words at what Rohan had just said, 

Thanks, I loved it too.  I wanted to show how much he cares about his SILEmbarrassed

And oops...! Nidhi, is gonna look fantastic... Ashu is gonna get clean bowled...Embarrassed... N I totally loved, the way, Ashu lost track of his words... That was wonderful... Lovely...Big smile

Thanks.  But abhi toh reaction dekhna baaki hai.  Poor Ashutosh won't know what's hit him.LOL

Mujhe jaldi se Ashu ke reactions dekhne hain... When are u gonna update???Big smileBig smileBig smile Kitne dino baad main apne dassu roop mein aayi hu... m back to pester you again...LOL

That's ok. You can pester me all you want I don't mind.Big smile

Achha ye bataiye, which is the next station, jahan hum jaakar, aapke updates ka mazaa le sakein... Shaayad, Destiny's Course... right???

I'll wait for ur next update...

with badaa saara lovegive a rose emoticon

Thank you sweetheart for such an awesome review, and the lovely compliments.
It makes my day, to hear that my writing is appreciated that much.
I am so sorry about the late reply, I got caught with up some important work.

The next update I'd DC, and I will start writing today.  I will try and do it as quickly as I can.

Love u lots.

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