Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!



Live Telecast Discussion:12: Updt Pg 1, 73

tanya.91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 10:48pm | IP Logged

To watch BiggBoss live stream 24 hours direct from the BiggBoss house on your pc/laptop, just click on the following link  ..& enjoy !!!

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BB6 DT's note

Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.
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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 15th November '12

(last night's and early day's update are here: )

** Time is being converted to India Time.
** Bolded bits are important/interesting.
** Red bits are spoilers.

12:45pm - Urvashi and Mink getting ready to prepare lunch. Mink says the dal has insects in them. Alot of them.

12:52pm - Vishal asleep outside near the gym area. LOL Sounds of a train nearby can be heard.

1pm - Vishal walking around cleaning the garden area.

1:13pm - Vishal and Niketan sweeping the garden area. Rajev walking around. In the kitchen Urvashi still preparing for lunch.

*going to take a little break while these people are doing house chores*

1:26pm - *by Arsha_Kriyansh* Aashka to sana- Me aisi family me pali badi hu jisme pyaar nai tha,Mere 11 months ka bhai jab crawl krne laga tab log uske ungli pese chale jaate the,me 11-12 years ki thi tab me ghar chodke bhaag gai thi!  Uske baad me or meri family shift hoo gaye n me Luna pe ghar ghar rootiya banane jaati thi or meri mom tutions padati thi

1:30pm - *by bwtsweetu* niks - mujhe kaam do lekin yeh mat kaho kr abhi karna hai
urvashi - woh mujhe teri aadat maalum haiEmbarrassed

1:35pm - *by purva* Urva worried for Sana's allergy.. requesting BB to send allegra. They are making palak.

1:40pm - *srkangel* mink and urvashi cooking. mink says nik is gonna get even skinier by the time he gets out . urvashi says he is losing weight cuz of not having alcohal. nik comes n mink tells him that uravshi said he is getting skinny cuz of not having somthing to which nik says somthing  what vodka? urvashi laughs n says nik n i know each other too well

2:10pm *by susan29* delu catching hold of aask and kissing her in the washroom

2:19pm *by srkangel* nik n vishal working out.. vish tells nik they dont show workouts n nik seems disappointed but gets back to workout

2:52pm *by srk angel* nik making vish scrub the toilets

3:23pm - *by .Shayari* Everyone having lunch except Urva.

3:29pm - *by .Shayari* Urvashi now preparing gajar ka halwa and showing Delu ki woh kitna ghee daali hain

3:53pm - *by Shayari* niks,visha,vrajesh,mink,urv,rajeev r eating and said jo bacha hain woh delu ke liye rakha hain...and jo bache hain woh yeh sweet khane mein interest nahi dikha rahe hain Delu itna late se kyun bath karti hain...and niks was joking with her that "Biggboss chahate hain ki hamare agli aadesh tak delnaz aap apne baalon ko haath matt lagaiye" and told her " Delu aaine mein dekho kitni patli dikh rahi ho"


3:55pm - Sapna talking to Sana and saying that the dr. had told her to not put weight on her knees like in the major wali task and the diya patrol or walking, running, etc. So Sana laughs at pottery patrol.

4pm - Aashka and Sana sitting on their bed and Sana listening to the others sing and Aashka looking at Sana and says "and then?" Sana "then then what?" so Aashka says I was thinking if I go home tomorrow I'll be so happy and if I don't go and Sana says "why are you talking like this and crying and then they start talking about Aashka's allergy. Vishal again starts singing and Sana says look at the way Vishal is looking at him, As if he's the guru and baki sab chele. Aashka says should we go out? Sana says in a bit. Sana again looking at the others and says may be they got a task to say yes yes. Aashka, maybe I'm wrong but it's the situation and Sana says Im not saying you are wrong but if you are outside and you dont get along, you still talk to them. Aashka saying no, I have a very strong urge to go home and maybe I spent 6 weeks being emotional and looking nice. What more can I offer the show?

In between Niketan was called into the confession room,

4:11pm - Cam switched outside to Rajev, Vishal, Niketan and Urvashi sitting at the table and Rajev singing and Mink dancing to "ek pal ja jeena" and Rajev saying she can't move her body. Cam switches back to Sana and Aashka and Sana still trying to see what's happening outside and Aashka again saying that she can't be with those two people. They mopped in the acitivity area. BB mutes and back to dining table. Vishal has left. Delnaaz washing dishes. Sapna wiping the kitchen counter. Niketan, Urvashi and Rajev talking. Delnaaz and Vrajesh talking and Del says Sana second half main thi. Vrajesh talking about his films. Sapna wiping the dining room table. Rajev and Urvashi get up. Sapna wiping holding a tissue box in one hand and Niketan takes the tissue box from her hand and puts it on a chair. Sapna continues wiping the table around him.

4:20pm - Niketan sweeping the kitchen and saying that he'll collect the dust and SApna can collect it in her pan. So Del and Vrajesh are making fun of the way Nik is sweeping and telling Sapna only to wear her knee pad and do it. Del saying that now Niketan will wash his hands for 10 mins. Dr. Wink Nik says that I washed when I was outside.

4:25pm - Del asking Sapna what the dr. said and she's saying that not to strain myself even if it's a task. NIketan asking Vrajesh to go outside and Del says no I want him for entertainment so Niketan leaves. Delnaaz saying that we eat gajar ka halwa happily but washing the dish is a chore. Sapna now mopping the kitchen.

4:30pm - Rajev is talking to Aashka and Sana and telling her a story. Rajev telling Aashka to close her eyes and to leave Sana's eyes and there's no practical joke. I'll tell you something and Sana you can do this too but don't respond and when I ask you to open your eyes, you look at red colour for 5 secs and now tell me where all are blue colours. Aashka opens her eyes and points to her blanket. Aankh band! *stream got cut* Rajev says that if you have to go and Aashka says that Aashka saying that I'll be so happy in the last 5 mins and Rajev saying why only in the last 5 mins. Aashka saying I'm so frustrated I just want to go and I think it's okay to just cut yourself off. It depends at the end of the day your state of mind. Aashka complaining and Rajev hears Mink say ice cream so he says I'll be back. Aashka saying main yahan baite baithe darood pad sakti hoon. Mink comes in and she got cake as a punishment and has to eat it without sharing. Sana tells Mink what a great punishment and to send Vishal to her and he must be eating happily. They are asking if Rajev can share his cake and he's saying no. BB cuts to bathroom. Mink says that if Vishal's cake comes on his  birthday, she wont eat cake. Mink tells Niketan that BB called them to the confession room.. BB cuts.

4:40pm - Vrajesh talking loudly in the kitchen. Rajev talking to Sana and Aashka. Rajev asking Sana you ate medicine that makes you sleepy. Vishal walking outside and goes to the cam and says BB you asked me to eat the cake and I finished it and I ate in front of the other house mates.  BB starts to mute. Vishal washing his spoon and saying he never did anything wrong in the task. And BB mutes. Delnaaz and Vrajesh discussing that they dont understand what he did and he should not get trapped unncessarily. Confused

4:48pm - Rajev talking to Niketan about Aashka that she's become so down and what the problem is and saying he can't understand women to women what the problem is. He thought there'd be some positivity if everyone sit together and eat and if there are more people then when you guys interact the weirdness will be less and even then he told Mink to take the initiative to ask whether they'll eat rice or roti and Delu only responded not Aashka.  Then Rajev says that Aashka was telling me she did all the effort for the gajar ka halwa and Niketan telling Rajev that yesterday Urvashi could have chosen Mink to be in her team but she chose Aashka first but Aashka did even do anything, she went out and sat in front of the fish tank. Mink coming. Niketan saying what a task Rajev got (to Mink)! BB mutes.

4:53pm - Cam cuts to Del washing dishes and Vrajesh hanging around and Del saying I was joking but you actually stuck around.

4:58pm - Urva in the bathroom getting scared of a huge insect and Vrajesh comes there and laughing at her. They keep clothes for washing. Urvashi leaves.

5:04pm - Delu, Sapna, Sana singing on their beds. Urva doing make up. Vishal walks in and gives everyone batteries which just came. 

5:08pm - Sapna saying someone gives great foot massages but she can't take out sounds like Del does. Del says I'll do playback. LOL

5:09pm - Rajev outside talking to Mink, Vishal and Niketan and Mink feeling sick after eating cake so Rajev tells to walk. Rajev asks if Mink is scheming and a load of questions and Mink keeps saying yes so Niketan asks are you 42 yrs old so Mink says yes so Nik says I knew it. You look it so she picks a battery box and hits him gently so Rajev says kya pyaar se mara. Then Vishal says that our beds have no backrest like the girls so Nik says you can sleep there, so many girls have slept in our room, Aseem, Sapna... Rajev, ASEEM?! Aseem! Niketan ignores. So Vishal says okay I'll go check out an empty bed. And they continue random chatter.

5:15pm - Nik and Vishal sitting in silence. Rajev and Mink are gone.

5:19pm - Sapna asking for green tea. Then she tells Sana and the rest that this is a great task where they all feel like kings. Mink moaning. Rajev says that you should walk if you are feeling sick. She says yes but first I have to give Niketan, Vishal and Sapna green tea. Rajev oh I forgot Vishal can also ask you to do work. Mink yes. Rajev can I help you with something? Mink Yes. Rajev no I'm asking you seriously, can I help you. "yes". Seems Mink has a task where she can only say yes.

5:28pm - Mink's tea is ready. Sana Aash Del are asleep on the bed. In yellow bedroom, Rajev has a eye mask on and seems to be asleep with his mouth open. Song plays "jago jago jago subha ho gayi". Aashka says "wo khud eye pack.." MUTED. Rajev saying he's just sitting. (muted). Ashka, Del and Sana open and then close their eyes again. Aashka is looking around and then smiling and then back to her serious look.

5:34pm - Mink complaining of acidity. Delnaaz asks Aashka to come out and Aashka saying I closed my eyes for 5 mins and she got such a good visual that she smiled and BB played jago jago. Del asks her what ad she says I wont say. Del says sun already set and so it's already 5:30pm. Del comes out and Urva says Del dont sleep. Del is saying that she had a headache and Sana has taken meds and she told BB. And Rajev himself is sleeping. BB calls Vishal and Mink to the confession room. Vrajesh saying kahin captain ban ke usne billi na paal li. Back in captain's room, Rajev is again sleeping with his mouth open. BB cam staring at him. LOL

5:40pm - Urva, Sapna and Vrajesh sitting together near the gym area. Urva says it's not 6pm as yet. They turned on the lights early today. Vrajesh agrees as the sun hasn't set completely.

5:41pm - Delnaaz back and asking about Vishal and Mink and Urva, Vrajesh trying to guess what BB called them for and what task will be given. BB cam back at captain's room. Rajev still asleep. He closed his mouth briefly and it's opened again. LOL

5:45pm - Sapna is chasing or looking at butterflies and Niketan saying that PETA will come after her. Vrajesh and Niketan teasing Delnaaz by saying "Ardon Pardon went to the garden. Ardon died who was left? Del says Pardon. and they keep repeating and she doesn't get it until Vrajesh explains. Still doubtful that she got it. LOL Sapna saying that her butterfly died and Niketan says she's a kindergarten school teacher. Sapna comes and shows everyone the butterfly. She says she's collecting them in tissue papers and saving them. Niketan says the next task should be transistor banao. Niketan saying I think next they must be feeding them salty food. Delnaaz says 18th is their birthday and Nik says Sunday. Niketan saying that they should have a candle light dinner and others are serving us outside food.

5:52pm - Aashka comes and sits on Delnaaz's lap and Del singing and she's talking about bags and Vrajesh saying that we have to keep the bags in store room tomorrow morning. Aashka whispering to Del. Vishal is back. BB shifts cam to captains room where Rajev appears to have woken up and taken of his mask.

5:59pm - Urvashi seems to be making something and adding milk to it. Woh kuch pees bhi rahi hai. She does something accidentally and says "oh F" and then says "sorry sorry, sorry BB for the language".She sees Sapna and asks her to call Mink. Then Sapna walks in and Urvashi asks her if she'll drink tea? Mink comes and says yes sir. Urvashi says yes sir yes sir mat kar find out who wants adrak wali tea and Mink saying that Vishal is a little angry that they are making people throw up and Mink saying it is funny, it's very funny even though I didn't feel good after eating. Urva asks Mink to find out if Sana and Del will have tea. Rajev talking to Sana and saying don't self medicate. Sana still in bed. Aashka also in room.

6:05pm - Del drinking Vrajesh's tea. Vraj asks Mink if she's like to drink and she says "YES". Vrajesh says egg yolk bhi peene mein maza aayega and Mink blushing and cringing. Urva taking tea outside. She has both mugs in hand and she calls Mink to open the door and she comes says YES SIR.. Random chatter. Sleepy

6:10pm Aashka talking to Sapna. Sana still asleep. Sapna asking her if she finished packing and she said yes.

6:12pm - Outside Vishal talking about the task and how BB should not make them eat like this.

6:15pm - Aashka looking through her stuff and drawers while Sana sleeps.

6;23pm - Vishal again discussing that BB should give a task that the audience would enjoy, not like this. Rajev saying if he enjoyed eating raw egg, Vishal yes. Rajev Kya phirse anda, dood aur karela mangaya jaye? Vishal yes. BB mutes and shifts back to red bedroom.

6:28pm - Del and Aashka walking and talking and Niketan and Mink walking and talking. BB announcement and muted. Seems Rajev has been called into the confession room. Rajev says "coming coming".

** need to go out for a bit. Will update after tv telecast.**

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tanya.91 IF-Sizzlerz

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16 Nov 2012 - Live Feed screen-shots  (preparations for eviction day)

15 Nov 2012 - Live Feed screen-shots 

Urvashi  Mink making lunch for housemates

Sana-Aashka's girly talks of makeup/hairdo etc etc

Surprisingly Aashka do something else too apart from crying ;)

Dish washing session

afternoon's private beauty sessions

Loud Urvashi & Odd Mink - making urd ki daal

Lunch at 3:30 pm

Sleeping beauty Rajev at 5:30pm evening...despite being the captain

Captain ho toh aisa

Tea-time in garden at 6:30 pm

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ashka"s hair:s it looks so messy dirty all the time!!

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by nadaanmasakalli

Originally posted by simplypurple

Sana is teaching Aashka the wrong way of praying. Nafl prayers (non-obligatory prayers) are prayed just like regular prayers, i.e standing up and not sitting down. 

i knowww but you can do them while sitting down too if you have any health issue 

Yes, sitting or lying down if one is ill but that is for any prayer. Nafl prayers otherwise for the healthy are prayed in the same way as regular ones. But Sana is telling Aashka that nafl prayers are only prayed sitting down which is wrong.

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Originally posted by tuntunituntuni

ashka"s hair:s it looks so messy dirty all the time!!
I doubted it whether she even take a head bath or notOuch
simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by .Shayari.

Originally posted by tuntunituntuni

ashka"s hair:s it looks so messy dirty all the time!!
I doubted it whether she even take a head bath or notOuch

I think she has damaged her hair by constantly colouring, straightening, blow drying it. Her hair look as as dry as hay. She needs to grow it out and not touch it with any kind of heat or chemicals.

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