Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Rishbala OS - Author's Dream Scene for Tomorrow

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I know nothing of this sort is happening; it's just to give my dil some sukoon!Angry

Wishful thinking at its wildest.Embarrassed

Lemme start form where the scene ended today.


Rishabh was entering his house, anger burning his veins thinking about the tears he had seen in his Biwi's eyes at the police station. Bittuji had filled in him on all the happenings of the previous night.

Damn! So much had happened and he was sleeping! It must be the effect of those medicines that Madhu kept forcing down his throat.

So lost was he in his wife's thoughts that it wasn't until he felt her soft hands on his shoulders that he realized that she had bumped into him, looking up he realized it was more of a fallen onto him. He unconsciously caught her waist. It was so delicate, and fitted his palms as if tailor made for him. He held her tight while she stabilized herself, glancing at him, with tears falling from her beautiful eyes.

Her eyes drew him in as always. But today, instead of the spark and confidence and mischief he usually saw in them, they were deep pools of agony.

He could read her like a book. She was too innocent to hide her feelings from him. Her eyes said it all. Her pain, her grief, her fear, her disappointment, her confusion, her gratitude, her L'.wait RK! What are you saying! He searched those eyes once again, looking for that elusive emotion that he wanted to see there. Maybe he didn't know it himself, but he was dying to see love in those eyes. For him.

He had seen dislike, disgust, hatred, indifference, pity, care, affection, awareness and a myriad of other emotions. But now he wanted to see love.

He looked behind her at his so called family, standing there in judgment of his Biwi! His blood boiled again, his momentary softness gone in wake of the scene that had greeted him.

He gently disengaged himself from Madhu. Her hands tightened on him, in fear, showing her unwillingness to let go of him, but there were things to be done before. He looked into her eyes, and whatever she found there was enough to assure of something and she hesitantly let go of him. But still stood close and started to say something.

He raised his hand and silenced her with a look. Turning around he shouted for the servants, "Munna! Patil!" while everyone looked at him in confusion.

Deepali smirked to herself, "Abh tum dekho Madhubala, RK khud tumhe yaha se dhakke maarke kaise nikalega!"

The servants all came out, shivering at his tone. They had seldom seen their master so angry. They looked in pity at Madhu, who was standing with her head lowered, tears flowing freely.

"Ye kaun hai?" he asked pointing at Madhu.

"Ji ye Madhu'" the servant started but looking at RK's raised brows, he hurriedly corrected himself, "Ji ye aapki Biwi hai."

RK clapped his hands mockingly, "Sahi jawaab!" He flashed his trademark devilish smile, before continuing, "Aur ye tumhe kisne kaha?"

The servant stuttered, "Ji aapne'."

RK clapped once again "Ek aur sahi jawaab!"

He then turned around in a jiffy and pointed at Radhaji who was standing a little away, shedding tears, "Wo kaun hai?"

"Aapki Maa'." the servant now answered quickly, gaining confidence.

One by one RK pointed at all the people present there while the servant answered, "Aapke Papaji, aapka Bhai, aapki Bhabhiji'"

RK stopped suddenly and asked, "Ye tumhe kisne kaha?"

The servant started to answer, "Ji wo'." But went quite, knowing that his master never acknowledged these relations.

RK once again clapped this time laughing. "Wah Bittuji! Aap ki daad deni padhegi! Servants to aapne bahoot intelligent rakhe hai! But the same can't be said for other people residing here!" He taunted, finally turning his boring glance on Deepali and Sikkim.

"Tumne dekha? Yaha ke servants ko bhi tumhari aukad pata hai'..tum kaise bhool gayee'."

Kukuji roared, "Oye zubaan sambhaal ke baat kar'" RK interrupted. "Mr. Kuku Bhatia, abhi to maine bas shuru kiya hai! Aur abhi se hi bas?" he smirked "Nahi aise kaise chalega. RK aapko free show dikha rah ahai! Taraste hai log, RK ke dialogues sunne ke liye, aur aapko ye privilege free me mil raha hai!"

Kuku became silent as he heard the anger threading the sarcasm in his voice, "Haan to mai kaha tha?? Tumahri tumhari aukat yaad dila raha tha!" He turned back to Deepali, "Tumhari himmat kaise hui, meri baat ke against jaaane ki! RK ka farmaan pathar ki lakeer hai!"

Deepali tried to interrupt, "Lekin RK, hum to bas tumhari khairiyat hi chahte'"

RK laughed out loud not allowing her to finish. "Chahta? Deepali chaha to tumne khudko ko kabhi nahi hoga!"

He turned back to the servants, "Munna! Mere so called Bhai aur Bhabhiji ka saaman pack karo! Ye log ek lambi trip pe jaa rahe hai! Shayad fir wapas na aaye? To packing theek se karna, kuch peeche choot na jaye!"

Everyone was shocked and panicking now, Kuku intervened, "RK ye tu kya kar raha hai'."

RK smirked, "Ohh! Mai to bhool gaya, aap apne bte ke saath jana chahte hai? Mai rokunga nahi! Aakhir ek baap-bete ko mai kaise alag kar sakta hu! Kaho to aapka bhi saaman pack karwau?" shutting him up.

Deepali felt everything draining form her hands, "RK ye tum kya kar rahe ho! Humne jo kuch kiya sirf tumhari bhalai ke liye kiya.  Take tum safe raho. Aur iske liye tum hume itni badi sazaa de rahe ho? wo bhi is 4 phere wali'."

"That's where you are wrong Deepali!" RK smirked. He went to Madhu and with a finger gently took one drop of tear on his fingertip, shocking Madhu. "Ye aasoun dekh rahi ho? Pata hai kal raat se meri Biwi ne aise kitne aasoun bahaye hai? Wo bhi tumhari wajah se?"

"RK ye kabhi bardash nahi kar sakta ke uski Biwi ke aankhon me ek bhi aasoun aaye''''..Kisi aur ki wajah se. Iski har ek cheez pe sirf RK ka haq hai! Sirf RK ka!" he stated passionately, while looking into Madhu's eyes.

(BG'.haq hai bas mera playing)

He turned to Deepali, "Aur tumhari wajah se meri Biwi ne itne aasoun bahaye! Abh iska hisaab kaun dega!"

"Tumhara matlab kya hai?" Deepali asked, apprehensive from inside, but plastering a false smile on her face.

RK went and sat on the sofa, crossing his leg, while the servants came down with a few packed bags. Sikki ran towards them, "Oye nikammo, ye kya kar rahe ho! Chodo!"

"Agar tum dono chahte hai ke tum is ghar me raho, to tumko mera ek kaam karna hoga!"

"Kaisa kaam?" asked Deepali suspiciously, frankly speaking she was ready to do just about anything, as she couldn't afford to leave RK mansion till she got her clutches into him.

"Itni besabri!" he laughed! "Pehle sun to lo!"

"Baatein ghumana bandh kar RK aur saaf saaf bol!" Sikki said, irritated.

"Itna ghabrane ki baat nahi hai! Bas choti si baat hai! Tum dono jaoge, mere Sasurji ke ghar, wo kya kaha tha tumne unke baare mein?" he pretended to think, "Haan! 'Bewakoof chote log choti soch" Yehi kaha tha na?" he smiled devilishly enjoying himself, his heart crying out for some justice for his poor Biwi who had been humiliated for no fault if hers.

He had wanted to keep her away from this, to spare her the tears, but alas, this woman standing in front of him had thwarted him and now she would have to pay! Pay in a way which was most hurtful to her.

He would enjoy watching her humiliate herself. It would soothe his heart which was aching since he had seen his Biwi's tear stricken face at the police station a few hours ago.

"Haan to tum aur tumhara ye kaabil pati, us 'gandi, do take ki  low class" chawl me jauge. Aur kal jaise tumne cheekh cheekh ke RK ke Sasurji aur Sasuma pe ungli uthayee thi, bilkul usi tarah tum unke pass jake, unse haath jodke apni galti ke liye maafi maangoge!"

Madhu looked at him in shock, her heart racing at the way RK had just unhesitantly supported her and her family over his own.

Tears fell down again, but this time, they were happy ones, cleansing ones. She shed them knowing that all would be right.


So what do you think? I leave the next scene to your imagination.LOL

My wild imagination lol!

Do drop in a commentEmbarrassed


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Awesome OS! Keep it up!Smile

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That was so damn awesome! I loved RK's dialogues ;)

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Wow!!..very well written...i could imagine RK in all his awesomeness in front of my eyes...i hope he really takes Deepali's case...your OS has given me new hopes..;)

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Awesome OS Aash!! Loved it :P

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that was awesome...!!
its not just your wish...its all our wish...!LOL
But as you said.. i don't think its gonna happen...! i think i should start reading your ffs...!Tongue

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amazing OS..Star
hope to see a Dhamaka tomorrow

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