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Heya peeps !

Ya! I m again here with my hell lot of pending works and a new OS !
.. read and tell me how was it.. and no bashing please…
I just give it a try ! *Fingers crossed*


"KRIYAAA" swayam shouted again.. "WILL YOU PLEASE LET ME IN?" he shouted at the top of his voice when his mom came there and scolded him for shouting.. "What are you doing swayam?" mom asked holding his ear.. "Mom.. ouchhh.. leave na.." swayam pleaded while struggling to free his ear… "You know she is hot tempered and can do anything anytime.." his mom said.. "Oh ! I forgot ! Sorry!" he said holding his ears..


"Kriya will you please open the door, my little sister?" he whispered to the door as if she will hear it.. just then she opened the door hard and it smacks on his face… "Ouchh!" he yelled in pain.. "Is it paining?" kriya asked while examining his nose.. "No ! that scream was a joke sister!" he said with a pout.. "You are a kid big brother!" she said and ran downstairs..


"Swayam ! will you me to the college or I have to go by myself?" kriya asked from downstairs.. "Kitty ! can u please go by yourself? I have to go to rey's house first and I will be late!" swayam said .."Okay fine!" kriya smiled as swayam hurried to the kitchen to have some food as he was starving.. she cam outside and sat on her bicycle.. "Lets have a good ride lilly!" she said to the bicycle and headed to the college…


She was sitting in the canteen, when her brother and rey came there.. "Hey!" rey smiled.. "Hi!" kriya smiled back.. "Kriya.. where is Sharon?" swayam asked looking at the empty seat.. "She is on her way!" she replied and checked her cell as it beeped… "Why is it in silent mode?" Swayam asked raising his eyebrow… "Just like that!" she replied hesitatingly.. "Have a seat both of you!" she changed the topic and started peeping in her book… "Why you and rey are always like this? Peeping in book? Get a life yaar!" swayam said getting irritated !


"Arghhh ! I m not getting it !" kriya said irritated after 10 minutes.. swayam was scrolling in his cell while rey was doing nothing.. in actually he was staring at her.. "What happened?" rey asked concerned.. "I m not getting this question!" she said pouting.. "Can I help?" he asked.. "Yeah sure !" she said smiling..  He sat on the seat near hers and make her understand the question.. both solved the question in 5 minutes.. "Oh thank you!" she said looking at him.. "No need to say!" rey said.. "You guyz are too formal!" swayam made a face…


Just then Sharon entered with a big smile plastered on her face.. "I m so happy!" Sharon said grinning.. "I know I know! You are coming on the rose day with Karan! Right?"  kriya blabbered getting annoyed.. "Shut up kriya.. I m coming on the rose day with .. guess who?" Sharon smiled… "Blah Blah Blah!" kriya again blabbered and murmured a curse.. "Huh ! I m not talking to you for sure now !" "Shit ! sorry Sharon! Look you know na.. I m not least interested in these dating, like or unlike etc !" kriya simply said and pleaded to her for  a sorry ..


"First guess and if u guessed right.. I will forgive you!"  Sharon grinned and made an evil face.. " WHAT? Sharon do you really want me to die?" kriya turned to her hyper mode.. "Ssshhh ! kriya just stay quiet.. I know your hyper mode.. Sharon please tell her na who is he?" swayam asked Sharon shuting her sister's mouth with his palm.. "YOU!" Sharon announced… rey who was drinking water, stopped at the instant and started coughing badly…


"WHAT? Me? No ways!" swayam jumped on his seat.. "Yes ways!" Sharon grinned , held his hand and pulled him outside… "What was that?" kriya asked after gaining conscious about the happenings.. "Bomb Blast!" rey answered and both laughed… "Ermmm kriya.. who are you coming with?" rey hesitated in asking.. "With no one! Actually I don't thinking I m coming!" she said making a straight face.. "Why ?" rey asked sadly.. "Because .. actually I don't know!" she said looking back on her book.. "And who are you coming with?" kriya asked .. "A very special person!" rey grinned and that made kriya sad.. deep in her heart , there was a small place for him and she don't know why..


She reached home exhausted by the all the work.. sh straight went to her room , flung on her bed and slept for hours.. when she woke up, it was night time.. "Shit ! I slept for God knows how much!" kriya cursed herself.. just then she saw a gift and a letter lying on the floor near the window which was open.. "From where do this come from?" kriya asked herself and then opened the gift.. it was a beautiful dress with a heart.. she grinned widely and then opened the letter..

It was written..


I have a problem.. My problem is love.


The solution is YOU !


She smiled at the sweetness which was in his words.. she wonder who he was.. she lay on the bed and start dreaming.. the first person she saw was rey.. she jumped on the bed and cleaned the sweats on her forehead.. "No! he isn't! he is with someone else.." she said sadly and then lie on the bed … "But if he is the one, then I m the luckiest girl ever as I lo… ermm.. no.. its nothing like that.. stop thinking about him kriya.." she said and shut her eyes tight.. but again he was the one irritating her in her dreams..


She woke up early and changed into the dress and put on some jewelry and rushed downstairs.. swayam and mom was staring at her.. "What?" she asked them irritated with their stare.. "Ye tumne kya pehna he? Kriya are you fine na? let me check!" mom placed her palm on her forehead and kriya shooed it off .. "Whatever! I m getting late.. brother lets go!" kriya said to swayam.. swayam literally stares at in disbelief.. "O..ok!" swayam said and they left for college..


Kriya entered the college with a smile yet nervousness..  all boys were staring, gawking at the beautiful lady infront of them.. "Sh..sharon!" kriya called her.. Sharon turned and was shocked to hell.. "KRIYA!" she shouted and all students start looking at both of them.. "I m not looking good na? I knew it! Damn! me" kriya said making a sad face. "Darling you are looking stunning.. hawt, sexy!" Sharon complimented her and she made a face at those words.. "Whatever!" she said trying to find someone..


"Who are you looking for?" Sharon a ked her doubtingly.. "No one!" she made an innocent face and escape from there .. in 5 minutes, she had have got 17 roses.. "ARGHHH ! where can I find him?" she asked a little bit loud..  just then a girl came and gave her .. she opened it..


When I see a slippery slope, my instinct is to build a terrace.


She got confused.. she again read it and it clicks her to go to terrace… she rushed to the terrace.. she opened the door.. she heard soft music coming from a little distance.. she headed towards the place where music was coming from.. she saw a guy standing a little far with his back towards her.. and the music coming from his cell..


"Excuse me!" she called him.. He turned to her.. he was shocked to see her like this.. she was looking like an angel sent from heaven.. he smiled at her.. she was sticked to the ground.. she never knew the prince of her dreams will be here.. infront of her..  she gulped hard and was about to run from there when he held her hand tightly.. "What happened?" he asked confused.. "Em… emm" she didn't have words to express what she was feeling..


"Don't you like me?" rey asked her making a sad face.. she turned towards him and stares at him.. "You did all this? For me?" she asked still shocked on the fact that he did it.. "Ofcorse…" he said straight looking in her eyes.. "But why?" she asked him and he in return stares at her.. "Do you really want to know why?"  he asked her smiling.. she just nodded.. he pulled her closer by placing her hand on her waist.. she shuddered..


"You want to know?" he again asked her pulling her more closer… she just blabbered emm ermmm and emm.. "You want to know na?" he asked again with an evil grin and pulled her more closer.. now their bodies were touching each other.. "Rey.. emmm" she said when he held her more closer.. "You said you want to know!" he said grinning more.. now there bodies were full in touch an dhis nose was touching her cheeks.. "Now say.. you want to know? He said..


She gulped hard and nodded in a no.. "Nahi!" "Kyun? Ab to me bataunga.." he said … he placed his other hand on her neck… she shivered and tried to move from there but he held her tightly.. "Let me tell you!" he said an lightly placed his lips on her cheek.. she shuddered and close her eyes tight! "Reyansh!" that was more like a moan to him.. he pulled back just to see her reaction.. he smiled.. "So ! the answer is… because.. because just like that.."


She looked at him instantly and he busted into a laugh.. "This isn't funny!" she said with a straight face.. "Look ! that was because I want to compliment you and I wasn't able to find a way.. so that was just a prank!" he giggled while saying that.. she made a face and headed towards the door when he pulled her back and pinned her to the wall.. "You are going? Without hearing why I called you here?" he asked her looking deep in her eyes..


"What more?" she asked trying to get what he was talking about.. "Close your eyes!"  he ordered her but she didn't.. "I said close your eyes!" he said in a stern tune.. she instantly closed her eyes… just some seconds later she felt his breath on her lips.. she gulped and open her eyes  .. he was hell close… she looked at his cute face for a second and when she feel the danger of being close , she quickly blurted out.. "Rey !"


Rey instantly open her eyes.. "CANT YOU JUST WAIT FOR A SECOND? Now close your eyes and let me do what I want!" he literally shouted ! she was on the verge of crying.. he quickly closed her eyes.. the 2nd time his breath touched her lips, she just ignored everything and started feeling him.. his breath was warm and she quite was enjoying the scene.. the moment when his lips touched hers was the best… the sudden touch of his lips… the feel of his heartbeat which was at high speed and nor her was slow… he wrapped his hands around her waist and slowly kissed her, taking in the moment… she too responded every move of him..


The feeling of love.. feeling each other.. the cuteness and passion in their love … they cant hide their feelings anymore, they told everything by just A KISS ! this was it.. the start of their own world.. a fantasy world in which there are just two persons.. Rey and Kriya.. just two of them.. the dreamland that they desperately wanted.. the lover who they wish for… was now theirs.. everything was their's..


He pulled back and saw her blushing.. still he was close.. just a mm of distance .. "I love You kriya!" atlast he spoke the three magical words.. kriya's blush deepened.. he was waiting for her to say but she was just looking at the floor and chewing her lips.. "Say na!" he pleaded her but she was still like that.. "You will say or I have to make you say?" that alarmed her.. just instantly looked at him with wide eyes.. "emmm.." "Ok fine.. as u say!" before he can do anything, she closed her eyes shut and blurted out.. "I love you!" in just seconds and then ran down still blushing..


"What happened kriya? Where were you?" Sharon asked kriya .."Will tell you some other time!" she said and then Sharon just hugged her and happily said.. "Im your gonna be bhabhi !yayyy " both laughed and had a good time..


Ok this was it!

I hope you guyz like it.. there is no other option then posting this..

-Urs Devil

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Her Dress

His dress

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Happy Diwali all of you !
this is a gift from me to you on this diwali !
i know i m late but i cant help it!
Hope you will like it...
Enjoy :)

If you want pms for any of my works, do add Nimmi_Devil in your buddy list !

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Amazing OS! 


RiyaHayMurKreYa IF-Rockerz

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Res..unres..awesum os,beautiful..luv it..

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ress Cry

Nim ji
kya likhte ho aap..

mujhe to aapke charan sparsh krne hai

seriously man
it was just superb...

loved how u portrayed their characters..

specially the letter with the dress...
awwiiee loved the lines...

i completely got lost in Kriyaansh..while reading..

i can say
this os is beautifully written with beautiful emotions..

loved their sweet cute love story

and and and
their kiss...



their kiss sent me to heaven...

their confession was really very sweet..

i was adoring and imagining them throughout the whole updaate...


itna kuch aur bhi kehna hai

but i dn't know how to say..

mere paas words nahi hai explain krne ke liye...

just mind blowing...

loved it to the core...


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lovely os...:)

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