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Hi Guys.Wink This forum has been so amazing with the most awesome writers. Reading all of you guys brilliant works has made me want to try a story also. Please excuse the mistakes and errors, i could not think of a title also if you guys can help. I just left it as Dekha Ek Khwaab... The Dream Continues

All characters are the same as Dekha Ek Khwaab. TStory line is exactly the same. This is how I would have liked the serial to actually be after Udays accident and manyata realizing her love for him.   I felt the show ending was to abrupt and rushed, would have wanted to story to develop more and give more insight to all characters their changes and most importantly Manyata and Udays love. It was not the easiest thing to endure, her family was disappointed and had to put up with the embarrassment of her going to meet Akash on her wedding day to Uday. Jai's constant arrogant remarks, Brijraj who had taken to drinking, the financial strain of her family, ds in a coma and losing the support of both vijay bhai and unnati. But what hit Manyata the most was REALISING THAT THE LOVE OF HER LIFE, HER PILLAR OF STRENGTH, HER SOULMATE, HER HALKAT VEDA was lying unconscious and critical because of her. The story will take on various twists and be quite challenging as in love nothing is ever easy. Love is a beautiful yet painful journey and only the lucky few get to experience the depth and value of love, Manyata's character is some what slightly more matured in dealing with decisions, she still has alot to learn in life about herself and alot to learn about love, and she has the best man to teach her in every aspect of life. Her prince. Her breathtakingly beautiful, her possessive dominating frustratingly gorgeous prince

Priyal Gor the main lead Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi (99751) size:1280x1024
'' Story starts from there'..

Uday in a wheelchair,  blood trickling down his head. Bruises and gashes on his face and arm. Manyata almost fainted on seeing him. She ran towards him, crying while the whole family stood there worried and panicked upon seeing udays condition. Her mum, komal tried to pick her up as she cried'..

''Nahi Uday, Tum aisa nahi kar sak thi ho '' ( You cant do this to me uday)

''Itna gussa, keh tum humse door jaana chahte hoon, kyu kia aisa tumne? Sab mera wajaa se hua na?

''She holds his hand and with the other touches his face '' open ur eyes uday, mujhe maaf kardo, ankhe kholo uday, crying and pleading with him''

Vijay bhai was holding unnathi who was crying also looking at her dada and both could see the genuine love and concern and most importantly regret that manyata had. Komal picked manyata up and tried taking her away from uday as dr saab had to check up on him, she battled as manyata refused to leave uday. '' Manyata beta, please apne aap ko sambalo, uday ko kuch naho hoga. Dr saab hain na, vo uday ko kuch nahi hone dega. Eventually manyata left udays hands and dr saab rushed quickly as uday had lost a lot of blood. Everyone was pacing up and down the hallway, waiting for dr saab. Unnathi tried her dads number but she could not reach him so she left a voicemail that he should call her urgently. Manyata was completely broken down, her eyes puffy and swollen from crying. She just sat outside the door, vijay bhai could not see her like that and went and sat beside her. He took her hand in his and told her he is sorry for not being there for her, but he together with the rest of the family were just so hurt with everything that happened but he always cared for her and knew that eventually she will realize that her heart belongs to one man alone and that is her 'HALKAT VEDA' Yuvraj Udayveer Singh. She couldn't hold back the tears after hearing Vijay bhai and just burst out crying hugging him.

'Vijay Bhai, I have made so many mistakes and hurt everyone and today I wanted to  change all that.

'I told uday to meet me at Caf Royale so I could express my feelings and tell him how much I love him and how sorry I am for all the heartache I have put him through, lekin pata nahi waha akash kaise ponch gaya. I told him to leave as I had nothing to say to him and he should forget me and let me and uday live in peace, he asked for a hug one last time and touched my face, aur phir uday showed up and saw that. He just stood there and had a painful expression combined with anger. I cant forget that look, I pushed akash away and called out for him but he did not turn around and got away, I ran after him but akash grabbed by hand and said to leave him and let him go. He was saying such terrible things about uday aur phir meine use ek thapar maara aur bhage waha se.

Meh doondte rahin uday ko lekin mila nahi, tried calling him but he did not pick up, just kept on ringing. H e was so angry vijay bhai aur phir yeh accident. I cant live with myself if something happens to him, he has to wake up and hear me out, I did not mean to hurt him''. Crying with head on vijay bhai's shoulder.

Unnathi heared the whole conversation, kneeled down with tears in her eyes and said ''  Please don't cry manyata, dada loves you dewano ki tara and now I know that you love him just as much, he will be just fine. Nothing will happen to my dada, you stay strong for him and we are here for you for both dada and you. I know you didn't intend to hurt him, but I don't understand keh woh kamina akash waha kaise poncho sahi time par. Something is not right with that whole story. Woh kamina akash peh sahi time par kyu aya, yeh main aache taara she jaante hu, somebody let him know that you were going to be there and that someone also does not you and uday to make up and be together. 'Par kaun vijay bhai? ' manyata stood up. 'Think manyata bhai who has always been against you in every possible way, who is your own blood yet refuses to accept that and will stoop to any level, also who is not here at the moment'.. All three said together JAI???

Just then dr saab came out the room, all ran to him.  ' Dr saab Uday kaise hain?' 'Woh teek hain na?' Its not to serious? Will he be ok'? Dr Saab was flooded with questions, he asked them all to calm down and he will answer them. Uday has lost a lot of blood and has still not regained consciousness, I have put him on an ivf drip, given him medication and will be monitoring his heart rate every few hours, the first few 24 hours are critical and if he does not respond to the medication, then I '. Am not sure when he will regain consciousness or ' ''

Manyata could not hear anything more, she broke into tears, unnathi and vijay all teary eyed.

Vijay bhai '' Stay strong manyata, you cant give up and be weak. You are udays strength, his pillar, his soul. ''

Unnathi '' Vijay is right manyata, now is not the time for tears, my dada is a true rajwade, he will pull through this, nothing wil happen to him'', holding back the tears that were welling in her eyes.

Manyata'' Teek keh rahe ho tum dono, meh bhi ek rajwade hu, meh kamzoor nahi hu. Kuch nahi honga uday ko. Meh use kuch hone nahi doonge. '' and besides I saw a dream and I want to live it with him. ''

Manyata enters udays rooms and becomes teary eyed looking at his condition but composes herself and walks to his bedside, touches his face with one hand and takes his other hand in hers. Looks at him with so much love and warmth, leans in and slowly kisses his forehead while a teardrop escaped her eye and touched his face. 'I am sorry Uday, Its you who thought me the meaning of love and filled my life with so much colour. I was just foolish to not realize it earlier, but I have now'' Uday flinches his eyelids as if he can hear. Manyata was overjoyed with that, she '' you can hear me uday? '' smiling and she ran out to let every one know. All rushed into the room and dr saab checked udays pulse and heartrate. He didn't not look to happy though  and said'' uday still has not responded to the meds, his vital signs were low'''.  Manyata said '' but I saw his eyes blink''

''That's involuntary movment manyata, spasms produced by the body, his hands will move as well. It does not mean his responding, Like I said I will be monitoring him constantly, bhaki sab bhagwan ki marzi. Now you all get some rest and manyata, you are looking very drained you need to lie down  before your health gets worse''

Komal''You are right dr saab, manyata beta chalo' tumhe araam ki zaroorat hain aur tumne kahna bhi nahi kaya''

'' Nahi ma, meh teek hoon. I will not leave udays side, you all go and rest. I will sit with him, some one needs to be here when he wakes up, she says confidently''

All could see that manyata was not going to listen to them and left her, saying they will come to check up on her and relieve her as she also needs to rest an eat something. It was a week since the accident, but manyata didn't  leave, she prayed constantly, held his hands, told him stories. She would only to shower and run back as soon as she has changed. And slowly dr saab noticed and improvement, he was watching manyata and her love for uday, how she was massaging his hands, telling uday she had read its good for circulation. Dr Saab just smiled at her innocence and faith in her love' ''manyata I am here now, you can go and freshen up and have a break as you have not been eating and no sleep, u are looking so tired. Please take my advice, uday is getting better and you also need to take care of yourself''

Manyata '' Teek hain Dr Saab, Meh fresh ho kea ate hoon, this uday also is sleeping for so long, let him wake up aur phir meh usse dekhloonga haan nahi toh''

Dr Saab laughed at Manyata's talks as she walked away and gave uday his daily check up.

Manyata was indeed tired, her eyes could barely stay open. She didn't have time for drying her hair and ran out to udays room, she did not want to stay away from him for to long. Except when she opened the door, uday was not in the bed, she looked around and called out to him, but no reply. She was getting very worried now and ran downstairs calling ''vijaybhai, ma, data, dr saab, I don't know where uday is. Kaha hain ab sab''

''Seemaji, where is everyone? Yuvraj udayveer kaha hain? Hot tears forming in her eyes, she was very worried now.  Seemaji just stood there, shaking her head saying she does not where everyone is.

Just then vijaybhai walked in '' kya hua manyata, tum roh kyu rahi hoon. Sab teek tho hain na? Uday banna tho teek hain na'' He says that as he walked towards manyata and holds her. Aur haan maama aur maami tho urgently out of town jaana paara. Lekin kya hua''?

''I cant find uday, vijay bhai. I left him to shower and tears rolling and when I came out his bed was empty'', manyata held her head as she was feeling dizzy due to the lack of sleep and food and now the anxiety. Vijay bhai held her and made her sit, he ordered seemaji to get a glass of water for manyata and made her have a few sips.

Just then Dr Saab walked in looking very worried and tensed, manyata ran towards him, followed by vijay bhai.

'Uday kaha hain Dr Saab? I left him with you and now I cant find him, where is he? Tell me now, is he ok? Manyata crying. Vijay comforts her and asks Dr Saab what is going on? As Dr Saab is about to speak''

Uday walks in, with jay on his arm. Wounds still visible, yet eyes were throwing daggers at manyata.

Manyata smiled as relief spread over her and ran towards him only to be stopped with udays voice'.

''Yuvrani Manyata Kumari, are you really so happy to see me? Or worried now that I am still alive?

Manyata and vijaybhai are shocked, she was looking at him confused and tried to speak when he cut her off again'.. '' what are you saying uday? Of course I am hap'.

''Oh please, spare me the stories of genuine care, Jai was right about you. You are heartless, insensitive person. You have never cared for me but to actually stoop so low manyata, I did not expect it from you''

Unnathi who had walked in and was listening to the whole conversation, ran to uday '' Dada what are you saying,  you are listening to jai of all people? do you know how worried manyata was about you, how much she Lov'.

''Chup raho choti, yuvrani manyata does not worry about anyone but herself and don't say a word more about jai, however she maybe, she is the only one who stood by me and made me see the truth''

Jai smiling evily, holding onto udays arm. ''So jiji you got what you wanted, now you are free from all responsibilities, free to live your life with your akash and that to in this mansion ''

Manyata broken on hearing everything uday has said and watching jai holding onto to udays arm, made her feel sick, she could not say anything as uday refused to listen to her, he was looking at her with so much anger. Vijay bhai tried talking to him  and unnathi again but he asked them to stay out of it. Manyata could see udays temper rising and rage boiling in him so she asked both vijay bhai and unnathi to let it be.

'' It is not me but you who got what she wanted Jai, I hope you are very happy. Uday nothing I say to say is going to change your attitude towards me, you are right I am a very selfish, insensitive chawl girl who has made a mess of everything and hurt you so much. Thank you for everything uday and I hope some day you can forgive me''

Without waiting for a reply, she ran leaving a heartfelt uday and smug jai standing. Vijay bhai ran after her and as unnathi was leaving to go behind him, uday  stopped her and said that they are leaving. Before she could protest and say anything uday grabbed her unnathi's hand and left leaving a smug jai behind. She did not know why but she felt bad almost sad within her, '' Why am I feeling like this?'' I got want I wanted and now uday will be mine, yet I am so empty and have no one to share this happiness with me? ''

Vijay bhai just walked in '' Share your happiness jai, are you serious? All the time I thought you would eventually change and realize that manyata bhai is your big sister, your yuvrani who has a heart of gold, she lives by her emotions and that's what has lead her to actually believing and caring for a manipulative, vindictive girl like you that she thinks of as her sister, did she really deserve all the lies you told uday? Does he know you were the one that called akash to the restaurant, you were the one who lied to her and told her to go meet akash on her wedding day, you were the one who drugged her drink and took pics of her lying next to akash, even though nothing happened between them, how could you jai? Stoop so low, You will never be happy jai and you will always be alone, if you don't change your ways and realise how much damage you have caused to your life and most importantly your dear sister'' He held her by the shoulders and shook her angrily. As he turned to walk away, he stopped his back facing her.  '' Uday was never yours jai, and even though you have schemed, lied and manipulated many people to get what you want in life. Uday belongs to Manyata and they will find their way back together again , I will personally make damn sure of it''

Jai stood there speechless and hot tears formed in her eyes, it was rolling down her cheeks. Vijay bhai's words echoed in her mind and kept playing over and again. She thought about Manyata and was suddenly over come with guilt and emotion. Manyata her sister who has been nothing but nice to her, who stood up for her who took care of her when she was not well, she did not deserve this. '' How could I do this to you jiji? Vijay bhai is right about me, I am alone and its all my fault. How could I do this to my family? To ds, she is in a coma because of me" She runs out to ds room and goes to bed side and takes her hand, tears rolling down '' Hume maaf karo ds, please. I have ruined everything and all the things I did to jiji' How do I change all the bad I have done? How do I repent? I have to do the right thing for once in my life.. Jai sobbed away while vijay bhai stood at the door listening to everything. Jai looked up at ds as she felt ds squeeze her hand, '' Ds, you can hear me, I know that you are supporting me and wanting me to the right thing and I will. Soon you will get better and there will happiness in this house again. '' Saying this she wakes up, kisses ds and wipes away her tears only to see vijay bhai at the door.

She looks at him teary eyed as if something in her has broken and said '' I am sorry Vijay bhai, for everything. You know I was wondering why despite having uday away from jiji I was not happy, its because you were right I have never loved Uday, he was just something I had to have. Having him with mean jiji's loss because she had taked away everything from me. But you were right, how could I hold to something that was never mine to begin with, how could I ever be happy when jiji is not happy, when my family is not happy? I suppose deep down I knew what I was doing was wrong but I just could not stop myself, my pride and my ego would not let me but you made realise just how wrong I was'.. I am sorry vijay bhai for always being so rude to you, for embarrassing you and for not respecting you as my brother. You have always taken care of me and jiji the way a brother should but I pushed you away with my arrogant, hurtful behavior. Please some day find it in your heart to forgive your little sister'' and runs out crying.

Vijay bhai  to himself '' Thank god you realise your mistakes jai.  I just hope its not to late'


Meanwhile at Udays Mahal, he is rushing the servants to hurry up in his packing. '' jaldi karo, I will be late for my flight''

Unnathi '' Dada where are you going? Dada please listen to me' You don't know the whole story dada

Uday '' Choti I told you I don't want to  TALK about this anymore. I am tired of this game. Tired of being manyata's little puppet''

Unnathi '' but dada please, listen

Uday didn't he just took his bag and walked to his car, turned around and looked at unnathi who had tears in her eyes, hugged her and said ''Apna khyaal rakhna  choti'' and that was it he got in his car and drove off.

Jai was trying udays phone and it kept ringing, no answer, she wanted to tell him the truth '' OH GOD UDAY, pick up the phone'' Then suddenly she got an idea, she ran to manyata's room '' jiji you have to come with me now''

Manyata looked exhausted from crying and all the nights of staying awake with uday, she sat on the floor and just looked at jai

''jiji please, I am sorry for everything, for all the hurt and pain I have caused you, For being a horrible selfish sister and for always ruining your happiness, jai wept bitterly now. '' I know I don't deserve forgiveness, but atleast give me the opportunity to set things right, I want our family to be complete and happy again, jiji please don't stay quiet, I cant handle it if you don't say something'..sobbing and holding manyata's hand.

Unnathi had ran in wanting to tell manyata about uday leaving and was watching all this joined by vijay.

Manyata looked at jai and picked her head up '' jai all I have wanted was for all of us to live happily, for us to be the best of sisters, best of friends. I never meant to take away all the attention from you. Please stop crying now or I will breakdown also, you are here now accepting your mistakes and as your big sister its my job to forgive you'' Whats done is done, you are my baby sister and I love you and will always be here for you''

Both sisters hug and cry away'.unnathi and vijay bhai wipe away tears watching them.

Jai '' jiji ab chalo na '.. I need to tell uday the truth, he is not taking my calls.

Unnathi '' Its too late jai, dada is gone ''says tearfully

Jai '' KYA??

Manyata '' Where did he go?

Unnathi''  Pata nahi, He didn't say anything.''

Jai'' OH GOD, yeh sab meri vaja she hua hain, jiji you don't worry I will get him back and tell him the truth''

Vijay bhai'' Haan manyata bhai, we will sort all this out and get uday banna back where he belongs with you''

Manyatha said nothing she just stayed quiet taking everything in, yet not even paying attention to them

She thought about all that has happened from her first meeting with him to all the fights, the laughs, the tears and above all the love that they shared, she blamed herself more than anyone because she refused to see what was right in front of her and now'.. she deserved this she thought.

''Jiji '' she snapped out of it as jai shook her.

''Haan jai, I was just thinking. She dialed udays but it was off voicemail.

While unnathi, vijay and jai were talking about what do next'. Yuvrani Manyata finally spoke with authority and a firmness that commanded them to listen to her.

'' I took and oath on becoming yuvrani that I will maintain and up hold the name of devgard and I intend doing that, not for me, for the people and dadi saabs word to them. What has happened, has happened and none of us can change that, Yuvraaj Udayveer needs to be away from me as I have hurt him a lot and he did not trust in his love to even wait for my reply, not that I blame him. I have made so many mistakes yet now I will change all that, I love him, always will and will always be his whether he wants me or not. I am glad to finally have my sister at my side, a loving brother and a best friend who have been my greatest supports. Thank you all and i promise you from today no more crying, no more sadness. We have a future to build for our people and with you'll standing with me, we can do it'' I don't want any one of you to tell uday anything if and when he gets back,  I don't deserve his love. I have a riyasat to run, he told me that I can and I must take care of it and I will. I will use everything that he has thought me to become a better person and better yuvrani, one day I am sure he will forgive me and I need you guys all of you. Together we can do it'', with tears in her eyes that she didn't let drop. They all hugged tearfully and manyata walked away saying she needs to make urgent calls.

The 3 of them stood there staring at her after she left with tears in their eyes.

Jai '' As I Yuvrani I have to respect your command but as a sister I will not let you be alone jiji. I have wronged you and I will get your love back''

Vijay Bhai and Unnathi all held jai's hand and made a pact '' Now Yuvrani Manyata we have taken a oath that we will bring back your happiness and support you in every way.  You had a dream, dada showed you that the way towards it and now we will make sure its fulfilled'' All three together '' HAAN NAHI THO''  and smiled for the first time in a long time confident that they were all finally going to be happy and their families together again''

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Promo - Page 122
Part 22 - Page131 - last chapter of Thread 1.
Page 153 - THANK YOU NOTE.
Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh - Jaigarh
Yuvraani Manyata Kumari - Devargh
Rajkumari Jainandini (Sister of Manyata) and Rajkumari Unnati(Sister of Udayveer)
Ankita and Shritama
 Vijay Bhai (Brother Of Jai and Manyata and Unnathi his secret crush)
 Vijay and Unnati on Dekha Ek Khwaab sets
 Rajmata Mrinalini Devi
 grandmother of Manyata, Jai and Vijay. Head of Devgarh known by all as Rajamata
 Aroona Irani launches her new show on Sony 'Dekha Ek Khwaab' at Taj Hotel
 Maharani Komal - Daughter in Law of Rajmata,mother of manyata and jai, wife of Brijraj
 Celebs at launch of new show on Sony 'Dekha Ek Khwaab' at Taj Hotel
 Maharaj Brijraj
Shahbaz Khan at launch of new show on Sony 'Dekha Ek Khwaab' at Taj Hotel
 Rajkumari Jainandini
 Celebs at launch of new show on Sony 'Dekha Ek Khwaab' at Taj Hotel
 Jagat Singh Rathore
Maharaj Giriraj
Lisa Agarwal
Link to Book 2
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i loved it just loved it mindblowing .. please please pleasep please please please lease please please please please please .. continue ...

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awesome starting Thumbs Up
update soon 
do pm me when u update next Smile

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Superb Shahista Clap.
I'm sure if we got an extension for DEK   ...    it would've gone exactly as you've written.  It was extremely interesting and I would love to read more.
Please continue soonSmile.

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Originally posted by vrinda.diva

i loved it just loved it mindblowing .. please please pleasep please please please lease please please please please please .. continue ...

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Originally posted by candy08

THANKS CANDY. Please bear with my mistakes and thanks for liking Wink

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Originally posted by Anjalika13

awesome starting Thumbs Up
update soon 
do pm me when u update next Smile

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