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SwaRon OS: I Hear Thunder

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 2:21am | IP Logged

A Sequel to my previous OS Rain, Rain Go Away. Hope this suffices. The title name is yet again another poem name, couldn't find any other better titleLOL

I Hear Thunder

I hear thunder, I hear thunder

Oh don't you?  Oh don't you?

Pitter Patter rain drops

Pitter Patter rain drops

I'm wet through, so are you

A four year old kid then questioningly looked at her frock and shouted like a banshee when she realized she wasn't wet. "I Want To Go Out Now In The Rain."

Sharon just sighed for few moments and prayed that Swayam would come soon so that he can take their monsoon lover baby out to get wet in the rain, till she is satisfied. Quite contrary to Sharon's dislikes, Tulia loved to get drenched in rain.

"Not before you finish the glass of milk".

"I'm not drinking" Tulia said giving a one deathly glare to her mother gathering her brows together.

"Stop arguing baby or else I have to force down your throat with two glasses of milk."

Sharon then heard the slurping sound of the milk that Tulia gulped down hastily which was then followed by loud banging of the glass on the table

She marched in the kitchen throwing away the soft toy that she was holding and snatching her mum's dress she shouted

"I want to go out now mumma" and then she broke down in small sobs.

Sharon picked her up and wiped the milk moustache that was formed on her upper lips. But Tulia yanked away her hand. Sharon then kissed her plump and chubby cheek and said "Let me call dadda, he'll come and take you out, okay"

"NO, the rains won't wait for me, dadda will come late, you come na mumma" She added crying louder this time.

By looking at the precious tears glistening like a diamond flowing from her baby's eyes, Sharon's heart ached.

She put her down and immediately called Swayam, telling him to come as soon as possible and take Tulia out in the rain.

Swayam listened to her intently and lied to her "Sharon I'm stuck in the rain, I'll need at least three hours to come home. Why don't you to take Tulia out by yourself?"

His question was answered with a long silence

Finally she managed to say "Swayam"

But she was cut in between by him as he continued "Sharon, for Tulia's sake"

"Okay, but please come soon"

"Yes I will honey"

She then hung the phone, only to see an eager Tulia with number of questions in her eyes and tears still flowing down. Kneeling down on her knees, Sharon wiped the tears from Tulia's eyes and said "Go get ready, I'll take Tulia out to play in the rain"

And the series of events that occurred later were at the speed of light, Tulia was so quick running here and there, grabbing the house keys she handed them over to her mother. Looking at her baby's excitement a faint smile crept on Sharon's face, but the fear hidden deep inside was more prominent. Tulia was just like her, she remembered back as a kid how even she used to beg to her mom and dad and force them to play in the rain with her. But things changed after her mother's death. She adjusted the raincoat that Tulia was wearing and clutched the keys but the myriads of the unwary thoughts were pestering her. She felt a small tug at her dress and she immediately replied "Yes baby, let's go"

As soon as she stepped out her house the sight in front of her gave quivers down her spine. It was not the usual rains; there was something beyond the calmness that persisted at that moment. She looked up to the sky to see the rain coming down, hitting right on her face. She pulled up her hood and squeezed her shoulders with her fingers. But it came down harder, getting painful, hitting with unnecessary force. The wind was making a rumbling sound which echoed deep down in her ears, but the sound was replaced by the sweetest melody she could hear. Tulia was swaying to and fro humming all the poetries that she knew from Johnny Johnny to Chubby cheeks. She then started singing Rain rain go away but bite her tongue and looking up in the sky said, "Tulia is sorry, rain please don't go." Sharon's smile broadened when she saw her daughter talking to the rain, as if they it had the ability to listen to her sweet nothings. She then got hold of her tiny little fist and both of them walked past their house gate.

The person standing back who was initially hiding behind a tree, then secretly followed the mother-daughter duo with his bike.


Tulia jumped in excitement as she heard the familiar sound of the horn and turned back only to see her father's arms wide open sitting on a bike. Whenever it rained, Swayam made it to point to ride his bike rather than his car. She readily freed her hand from her mother's and flew up her arms in air telling her father to pull her up. Swayam immediately got hold of her and adjusted her on the front seat of the bike, and looked up at his wife with a sheepish smile.

"You are supposed to get stuck in the rains right?" Sharon almost pounced on him.

"Correction, I was stuck, but not anymore, how can I be stuck in the rains when my Tulia is willing to get wet in the rain. Am I right baby?" he said looking at Tulia now.

He received a big nod from her, at which both of them laughed.

Sharon then stepped back so that she can go inside their house, but she was stopped by Swayam who was tightly holding her wrist.

"Sit at the back Sharon"

Before she could complete her he forcefully made her sit behind him.

"Before you ladies say anything we all are going on a long drive on Marine lines, what say Tulia?"

"Yes, yes dadda lets go fashht"

And he started his bike, every now and then he had a Tulia yelling at him to ride the bike faster and at the same time a Sharon clutching his arms telling him to take it slower. And poor Swayam was caught up in between them.

In a while Sharon brought her face closer to his ears and whispered so that their daughter won't hear "I know why you lied, so that I'll come out in the rain with Tulia, am I right?"

She was answered by a small, rough and quick peck on her lips. On the other hand Tulia was enjoying the rains to the hilt; she flung open her tiny arms and made sounds of different kinds in a whimsical way. All Swayam and Sharon could do was watch their love doing small antics.

The rest of evening was spent in listening to Tulia squeaks and the cooing sounds she made every now as she jumped in the mud puddle, glided along the slides and thoroughly got wet to the skin as they halted in the nearby park. Tulia had thrown away her raincoat and was enjoying with her father. Sharon's all attention was drawn to her as she slowly drowned herself in Tulia's action.

"But this is not enough", Swayam thought as he expected Sharon to join them to get drenched thoroughly.

With this thought he inched towards her and was about to pull her in the rain, but a small sneeze refrained him to do so. Tulia's face dropped down as she realized that because of her sneeze it was time for them to head back to their place. Her sneezes made both Swayam and Sharon drag her towards the bike and they got back to their place.


Later at night, both Swayam and Tulia were wrapped up in a shawl and Sharon was feeding both of them alternately a spoonful of tomato soup to help them get some heat and both them steal glances at each other passing giggles every now and then. This irritated Sharon as both of them were in one team and she was alone in the opposite team

"Okay enough of the giggles, Tulia you should sleep now" saying this he gathered the shawl around her and carried her to her bedroom, tucking the mattress he fondled her and very soon she was fast asleep. Kissing her forehead, he mumbled against it "You have made my job simpler baby, good night" he then switched off the lights and entered their bedroom

He saw her standing very close to the French window, who was looking out intently in the dreary scene. The rain drops were tapping on the windows in a calming and soothing manner. Even though it was dark outside the clouds could manage to create an outline defining the boundaries. Light spattering sounds could be heard; hissing as lightning struck the sky. It was soon followed by gushing sound of the winds which tugged at the trees. From across the transparent glass she followed the trail of water droplet. But the window slide at once and she could feel a familiar arm holding her by waist and pushing her inside the balcony. She retreated back but his hold was strong enough, he kissed her on the earlobes and whispered "Think about today the way you forgot about your fear just by looking at Tulia, enjoying in the rain"

She closed her eyes at once and what she saw was not Tulia enjoying, but she could she herself enjoying the rains back as a kid with her mother. Tulia was just a replication of her. She gulped down and now opened her eyes, only to see Swayam standing in front of her at an arm's length. He forwarded her hand looking at her calmly, praying that she will not back out.

Almost immediately she placed her hand in his which then was enclosed in  tight grip. He pulled her with a force which was gentle enough, he had to act fast before she changes her decision. It didn't take much time for the rains to soak her completely, it felt as if the rains were taunting her, inciting and mocking her in every way possible waiting for the moment when she will run away. But Swayam was right behind her as both of them were facing the balcony her hands now tightly gripping the railings. The rain was enwrapping her all senses; sight- as she shut her eyes, sound- as the only sound she heard was the roaring of the monstrous rain, taste-as the rains forcefully trusted the drops in her mouth, touch- as the rains burned her skin down and smell- as her nostrils were filled with the strong intoxicating smell, but in spite of that she could feel the soft breathes on her neck, no matter how dominant the rains were, Swayam still had the upper edge on her.

"Feel it whispering to you Sharon, begging you to feel it. All the memories you shared with me. Remember the rains when we kissed for the first time. The night we spent in small hut when our car broke down due to heavy rains. Then remember the day Tulia was born in July. Recollect the nights we then spent trying all the methods to make her sleep, when it rained badly outside. All we have, are beautiful memories to reminisce"

Her eyes wide opened as he finished his last sentence. Ever since Swayam came to know her rain phobia, he made undaunted efforts to help her overcome that. Slowly but steadily she was successful to break the barriers, with Swayam by her side. But still she couldn't enjoy the rains, something was holding her back. It dawned upon her, whatever he said was indeed the undeniable truth. Although there was one incident that still beset her, but there were many beautiful events that held a major role in shaping up their relationship altogether to a different level, and rains played a small role in that. She smiled feebly and looked up in the sky trying to feel the tiny drops that trailed down from the rooftop to her cheeks.

He rubbed his hands from her shoulder to the arms and lifted them up and opened her palms and then stepped back, she didn't flinch a bit. She shut her eyes tightly now and played a reel of events which Swayam mentioned moments back.

It started from the night when they had their first kiss, how they both sorted out their issues, or to be precise how Swayam took her out from her confused state. The moments they shared, lying close to each other on the hot bonnet of his car. The way she poured out her heart in front of them, telling him repeatedly never to leave her, to be with her always. The kiss which she still remembers, the feel of his lips on hers, the sweetness that seeped through them washing away all the bitter memories of rains she had. Those moments were the best in her life during which she subdued her fears.

The next one was during their one day trip to Pune. They were returning back from Rey and Kria's engagement ceremony, and when suddenly his car broke down in the middle of a jungle they had to spend the night in a small hut in a local village. And that was one special night, she could remember all the stupid talks they had, sharing their most embarrassing incidents back in their teenage days and she was surprised then how efficiently had Swayam managed to break the thick concrete wall that she had built around her. Never ever in her life had she disclosed her darkest secret, not even to her father. And there was this boy who was successful to get everything out from her though in her full senses. That night was also accompanied by heavy thunderstorms. But they couldn't affect her much because Swayam was successful enough in getting a hold on her. Today she knew the reason for all the cheesy lines that he was showering on her that night, his main objective being, Distraction!

With utmost expression of gratitude she opened  her eyes only to see him standing in front of her with the widest flash of his smile showing all of his white front teeth.

"Had a great time, remembering the moments?"

She didn't know whether to crash her body in his arms or just continue with the flashback. She chose the latter for now, knowing that the next events would probably land her up in his arms.

By now she was surprisingly enjoying the rains. She closed her eyes again and the film continued to play in her mind. Cut to the day when was undergoing labour pains in the month of July. It was the most happiest day of their life. Their baby was soon going to enter their life. She could bear all the pains that moment, but the rains that day, got the worst out of her. Being fragile at that moment, she couldn't think straight as her mother's memories flashed in front of her. She winced in pain and her wails were answered by load roaring of the clouds. But this time it was not Swayam but a part of him inside her that calmed her down as she heard the most beautiful music ringing in her ears, their baby's cry as she delivered a baby girl.

And then blackout!!

A cooing sound that followed in a while woke her up, only to see a tiny cuddly thing wrapped in a blanket in Swayam's arms.

"Sharon, meet Tulia. Tulia meet your mumma" he then handed over the baby in her arms and flashed a smile like an over-excited father.

"You didn't even ask my opinion for naming her" she said in a most feeble voice.

"You will get to know the reason very soon" and he placed a lingering kiss on her forehead which absorbed all of her weakness.

She opened her eyes gathering her brows only to see again an ever-ready-to-answer Swayam. Before she could say anything he added

"Tulia means glory and also it has the side meaning as rains"

The last word caught her attention, she passed a small giggle at that. And she again closed her eyes, and now saw a frantic, tired  looking Swayam and Sharon running here and there trying all the methods to make their one year daughter sleep. Her constant babbles amidst the heavy rains, added more to their worries as Tulia refused to sleep and jumped and squealed continuously standing near the window. They tried to drag her and carried her to the cradle. But she was fast enough as she slipped from their hands and ran again to the window, looking out through the glass banging her small palms on them, enjoying the rains. That night was spent with both Sharon and Tulia, sleeping over Swayam as he slept on the ground near the French window.

Her thoughts were deranged as Swayam glided his hands around her and pulled her towards him and said

"Sharon we always have an option to choose and it's all about what you choose the distressing past events or the good ones"

She saw a mental image of her mother signaling her agreeing to Swayam's words. She knew he was right; it's high time she overcomes her fear. Somewhere down the line even she knew her mother would never be happy seeing her in this state. Probably she was thinking too much about this, so she leaned her body on his for support thereby agreeing to his latter decision.

Rains were not that despicable as she thought they were, she had one of the finest memories with her mother that she could associate with rains. And not to forget memories with the person standing with her through thick and thin, always by her side, he who had taken an oath to get her back to her true self - Swayam.

"Thank you" was all she could tell him.

"For what?" he said testing her.

"You know the answer, now just don't play with the words" she said burying her face in his chest and placed his arms over her waist indicating him to take her.

"So are you ready to dance like Tulia in rains?"

"If she comes to know that we got wet in the rain without her, she will throw tantrums" she said tapping his cheeks

"But she is fast asleep honey and for now it's only you, me and these unstoppable rains" he said inching his face closer to hers.

She stopped him and whispered in his ears "Dance"

"A mad rain dance or a romantic slow dance?" he added.


With his he twirled her around and stomped his foot repeatedly in a synchronous manner so as to splash the water all over her. She followed the suit and very soon both of them were splashing water over each other, jumping and laughing like the kids enjoying the rains.

In the next few minutes when the madness faded, he made her stand on his feet and swayed to the music playing in the background, dancing to the beats played by the clouds and the rain drops falling on the rooftop. She found her world in his embrace, reciprocating the moves allowing him to lead her. And she knew this one long night would add up to the archive of her unforgettable memories with Swayam, associated with rains as they no longer scared her.


PS: This could be my last work since I'll be on hibernation mode on IF, due to my exams. By the time I will come back in the last week of December, I really don't know whether I will be able to write on SwaRon or not.

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Hey RutuHug

Another Gem from ur collection of was amazing...Sharon-Swayam-Tulia...they made my day ...loved the way u took the story forward from ur last OS...its beautiful...her memories related to rain ...tulia's cute demand to go out in rain...swayam's planning...led us to such a beautiful piece of work of urs...i could completely visualize the episode..the awesome threesome...getting drenched in rain...loved tulia and her cuteness...

Tulia was swaying to and fro humming all the poetries that she knew from Johnny Johnny to Chubby cheeks. She then started singing Rain rain go away but bite her tongue and looking up in the sky said, "Tulia is sorry, rain please don't go."awww...she is adorable...

She was answered by a small, rough and quick peck on her lips. On the other hand Tulia was enjoying the rains to the hilt; she flung open her tiny arms and made sounds of different kinds in a whimsical way. All Swayam and Sharon could do was watch their love doing small was sweeet...Embarrassed

"Feel it whispering to you Sharon, begging you to feel it. All the memories you shared with me. Remember the rains when we kissed for the first time. The night we spent in small hut when our car broke down due to heavy rains. Then remember the day Tulia was born in July. Recollect the nights we then spent trying all the methods to make her sleep, when it rained badly outside. All we have, are beautiful memories to reminisce"

the moments mentioned after that were just heavenly...u gave a whole swaron story in next few lines...the rain dance followed by the nostalgic ride was beautiful..keep writing...Smile

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 2:28am | IP Logged

WOW! thats the only word that comes to my mind at the moment. Awesome sequel! i just love this OS!

firstly i love the title. "I hear thunder" has always been on my top list of poems. i used to always love singing it when i was small. it has actually been my all time favorite poem. i still love singing this poem with my brother. WinkSo seeing the title, i got really excited

secondly coming to the os, i love the way you have penned it down. from Sharon - tulia's relationship to swayam- tulia's and eventually swayam- sharon's relationship have been expressed really well. the feelings this OS carried was incredible. The milk drinking episode in the OS was really sweet and simple.  and Tulia loving the rains was so adorable. Honestly i really like the name Tulia. its a very sweet and sober name. and swayam driving a bike.Day Dreaming awww he must be looking so adorable or shall i say HOTLOL . then swayam taking sharons phobia out was so husband like and warm gesture of him. he is certainly the best dad and husband one can get. and lastly the dance was just sooo romantic. went into the real swarm dreamland.Day Dreaming

so in all, i just loved this os. i don't have words to express how awesome this os was. please keep writing. i love reading ure collections of OS,FF and SS!

Edited by swaron09 - 16 November 2012 at 4:46am

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Anonymous-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Wow an amazing sequel to an amazing OS

I loved the concept a lot. Sharon went out in the rain for her daughter..Awwwie^_^

And the last part was awesome , the way Swayam made Sharon forget her fear of rains

Pleassse dont stop writing. Pretty please with sugar on topEmbarrassed

Best of luck for ur xams!Smile

Edited by Neeti96 - 14 November 2012 at 7:56am

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Tanuka_TanHa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 2:35am | IP Logged

Amazing os rutu
beautifully written Clap
the whole concept was really nice .
TULIA was adorable .
swayam trying his best to remove sharons fear for rains in every way possible .
it was really nice to read .
loved it.
all the emotions were perfectly described .
Awesome job .
thanks for the PM.

Edited by Tanuka_TanHa - 16 November 2012 at 3:41am

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Destiny_015 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 2:40am | IP Logged
Dat ws a rly awesme sequel dear...Thumbs UpClapan emotional ride...tulia ws vry cte...Smilesharon's emotions z dis updte was sooo brilliantly dis updte u brought a vry vital point...dt we shud alwys try to mve on nd try nd chersh d new mmnts lyf gves us...sharon z stil afrd f rain..but swayam bein sch a swthr8 cres fr sharon soo mch nd z tryin 2 rmve dat...keepin his promise..tulia finally mde d job easy fr him...Smileon entrng outsyd in rain d prt where u expln bout hw sharon flt bout d mood f weathr z gr8..mnd boggling...dey had vry cte family ryd..d balcony scene...dis scene ws jst gr8...u potryd it perfectly...swayam explng sharon dat she shud not fear anymre...cherish d beautiful memories wch dey hve shard in d ws full f love nd was filled wth care..d flashbak portion ws swayam in dse beautiful memories had protected her...distractd her frm d rains...even though d rains hve given her vry painful memories dey hve also gvn sch gr8 mmrs wt swayam nd wth tulia as well..dat birth prt was also superb..Sharon undrstud wat swayam tried 2 say...her realisation ws vry nyc..."It dawned upon her, whatever he said was indeed the undeniable truth. Although there was one incident that still beset her, but there were many beautiful events that held a major role in shaping up their relationship altogether to a different level, and rains played a small role in that. "true..vry true..luvd d endin porion wch ended wth a dnce...finally sharon enjoyed the rain wth all her heart...luvd it totally alwys a gr8 piece f writing wth sooo powerful potrayal f emotions...

Now comin 2 ur nte...well wat cn i wth u again ne f my fav writers z stpin her beautiful wrks...well as a swaron fan i cmpltly undrstnd ur state...where our mnd z nt able 2 accpt d rcnt adjustments..nd u r hurt...hmmm we r all goin thru d sme...nd u being a writer also needs inspiration wch d currnt plot dsnt gve at all...i im extrmly sad hearin dis...u c...u r one f dose writers hu brngs a vry xct replica f our beloved tanha wala swaron...d swaron wch we fell fr...we cme here nd read ur awesme wrk wch gves us dat swaron wch we lved,wch ws intense,wch we usd to relate to..writers in dis forum brngs us dat swaron wch we lost...nd dese writins by u writers z srt f a lyflyn fr all d hr8brkn swaronians...u ppl gve us dse mmnts to read wch we sooo mch crved to watch n d show...wl miss dese writins lyk hell...pls dnt tke me nt tryin to mke u feel guilty or accusin or anythng...i totally undrstnd ur decision...Sry if i ws being rude...I jst wntd to tell u as a reader pov...but keep d TanHa wala SwaRon memories in ur heart...dey r precious...nd it mi8 again mke u wrte sch awesme stories again nd dat wud b a treat fr all f us..wl miss ur writins a looot rutu di...u r indeed one gr8 writer...ClapClap
BEST OF LUCK FOR UR XAMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROCK DEM!!!!!!

again i wrte sch a lamba comment...pls bear me...

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pooja123456 Goldie

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 2:42am | IP Logged
wow...amazing update!!
the way u wrote about swyam making sharon overcum her fear of rains was just amazing!!!
Tulia was also very cutely potrayed!!!
u showed swarons love for each other in a very pure manner!
do write more!!!
thanks for the pm!!

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 3:09am | IP Logged
res till comment LOLLOLWink
aawosm  fab update ClapClap

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