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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

OS Manvi's Suicide attempt

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"God why isn't Manvi picking up her phone? Dammit Manvi pick up the phone before I lose it." Virat was extremely anxious because Manvi was not answering her phone. Past five hours he probably left her 10 voice messages and called her over 50 times but no answer. Exasperated he opened up facebook and checked her profile, Not active on facebook too. He was getting more impatient by the second. The last he talked to her was the day before and she sounded a bit off but when he asked her she dismissed it saying it was due to lack of sleep.

Virat and Manvi, both are college students. They were friends in middle school and they started dating in high school. Luckily both got into good colleges in the Midwest, while she opted for Civil Engineering he went for music. They live only a couple of hours away so they drove to each other's place quite often; once or twice a month. College kept them busy but they still managed to take out time for their relationship, afterall both loved each other unconditionally.

Ring Ring, Virat looked around for his phone, and without even looking at the caller id he picked up the call. "Manvi are you out of your mind? I'm going crazy here, I've called you over 50 times. What.." Before he could talk any further the person on the other line spoke, "Hello Virat this is Manvi's father."

"Umm sorry uncle I thought it was Manvi. Uncle is everything alright? " Virat was anxious now, her dad sounded worried.

There was silence for few seconds as Manvi's dad struggled to say something.

This got Virat more suspicious. "Uncle whats wrong? Is Manvi alright?"

He heard Manvi's mom weep in the background. "Uncle whats wrong? Is aunty fine?"

"Virat we just got a call from Manvi's school. She attempted suicide." Manvi's dad could not utter a word after that.

Virat stood silent waiting for Manvi to climb on his back from behind and shout " gotcha" but nothing like that happened. He looked around his room to see if this was one of her pranks, Stupid prank Manvi stupid prank. "Uncle it must be one of her pranks."

"No Virat we got a call from the hospital. Our flight is in two hours. It will take us atleast 7 hours to reach her place. Can you please drive down there as soon as you can?"

He could not believe it. It must be a mistake, she would never try and kill herself. She would never do that to her parents, to him, to herself. Never. Grabbing his car keys and wallet he answered back, "Uncle don't worry I'll be there in three hours max, which hospital is she in?"

He was mad, and hurt. How could she? Why would she? Didn't she love him at all? What about her parents? Why did she attempt suicide? She seemed fine infact just last week she was fooling around with him so what happened in a week? If something did happen how did he not know about it? He needed answers to all these questions, he needed to see her, to hug her and to know that she is fine.

As soon as he reached the hospital he sprinted towards her room.

There she was on the hospital bed, looking pale, an IV drip pinned to her wrist.

"Manvi how are you feeling now?" He heard the nurse ask but he couldn't take his eyes off her to look at the nurse. "I'm fine thank you." She answered blatantly.

The nurse looked at Virat and asked, "You are?"

Unwillingly he shifted his gaze towards the nurse and extended his right hand, "Virat, her boyfriend."

"Oh hello. She is fine now but we want to keep her under observation for few hours, she is still weak. She has 6 staples behind her head but there is no concussion so that's good. The doctor will come around soon. Press this button if you need anything." The nurse pointed towards the button and after a final glance at her IV drips she left.

Manvi looked at him and saw him furious. Uh oh he knows. Time for a battle. "Virat" she tried but he wouldn't look at her. "Virat will you listen to me once?" She tried again.

He couldn't take it anymore, he rushed towards her and hugged her tight. "You have no idea Manvi what I went through this past couple of hours and uncle and aunty." She sighed Great.

"Why would you? What happened? I still don't believe it, you tried to hurt yourself?" He questioned her.

She rolled her eyes at his comment, "They are mad Virat, they are insane and now they think that I'm insane too."

"What are you talking about?" He asked for clarification.

"It's a long story." She yawned.

How could she be so careless! Here he was dying every minute to know the truth and she was busy yawning. "I got time. Explain." He warned.

"Fine. Wateves. But under one condition."  She was not going to give up so easily.

"I can't f**king believe this. I drove like a maniac, went crazy because I thought you tried to kill yourself and here you are joking about it!?" He screamed.

"Jeez whats up with the overreaction? Calm down dude. Plus this is a public place and I don't want to be one of those bickering couples who start even in public." "Oh by the way great! Now you too will get a speeding ticket, I'm sure one of the highway cameras captured you speeding. Haha You can't tease me now for getting ticketed all the time."

He could not believe this girl. Was she bipolar or what? He gets a call informing him about her "suicide attempt" and here she is fooling around like nothing happened. "Fine whats your condition." He gave up.

"After listening to my story you can't laugh or tease me EVER."

He couldn't see why he would find any of it funny. "Done. Now that the deal is set, can you begin your 'story'?"


Manvi wasn't well since couple of days. She had mild headache and she felt kind of feverish but she ignored all the symptoms and went with her day like always. For the headache she took some Tylenol and decided to go workout. Perhaps she could have skipped the gym for a day considering her health but being a fitness freak she decided to give it a try anyways. Plus working out helps her relax and cool down so she figured it will help her get rid of the headache as well.

She was lifting weights when she felt extremely weak and dizzy. She sat down on one of the benches for a couple of minutes and went back to her room. After taking a shower she still felt unwell so at around 7pm on Friday night she went to bed.

Around 2am she woke up all sweaty and her headache just got worse. She got down her bunk bed with extreme difficulty and it didn't help that the bed was 6 feet high. She went to the washroom, freshened up and climbed up her bed. The next thing she knew she was on the floor half conscious.

She tried getting up but ended up falling back on the floor. She felt something wet behind her head, it was blood. Great I'm bleeding. Her phone was on her bed and she didn't have any energy to scream for help either so she somehow dragged herself out of the room and fainted again in the corridor. Bless her neighbor who saw her in the corridor and called security. In no time security arrived and they called 911.

"The ambulance will be here anytime but we need you to stay conscious." Someone told her, perhaps the security?

All she wanted was to sleep. "No I want to sleep."

"Few minutes more."

"Whats your name?" The man asked to keep her awake.

"Manvi" She answered irritated.

"I think my head is bleeding." She realized she'd hit her head on the floor.

The man checked her head. There was a 2 inch deep laceration on her skull. "It is bleeding, keep pressure on the wound." She heard him order somebody.

"How did this happen?"

"I don't exactly remember. I was climbing my bed then I got dizzy and fell down?" She slurred.

"How old are you?" His main aim was to keep her awake.

"19. Will you let me sleep please?"

"Look you probably have a concussion, the ambulance is on its way. We need you to stay awake."

"Whats your phone number?"

She was feeling dizzy and she could hear girls on her floor talking about her. I'm the clown now. ughhh. "347-52 I umm I can't remember."

 The man was worried now, "You don't remember your phone number?"

"What date is it today?" He tried.

"I never know the date. I know it is Friday or is it Saturday? Look I haven't lost my memory or anything." Could she get any more annoyed?

Her question was answered by his next question. "Is there any chance you might be pregnant?"

She opened her eyes wide. Seriously? "Umm no."

"Are you sure? When were you last sexually active?"

And it gets worse. She sighed and arrogantly replied, "I'm not pregnant. I can't be because I'm virgin."

He sensed her annoyance, "Sorry but we are required to ask."

Great now the whole world knows she is virgin. She heard some girls gasp at the virgin part. God what do they think I am, some s**t?

To make matters worse, she was straped on a gurney and wheeled to the ambulance. Bada bing bing look at the new clown in town, all eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus she sang mentally.

In the ambulance they decided she was too weak and was having difficulty breathing so they put an oxygen mask on her and inserted IV drips too.

Patient 101 complete. She thought to herself.

At the hospital several questions were asked.

"So you are telling me that even though you had such high fever you went to work out?" The doctor seemed disturbed by her revelation.

"No what I'm saying is I realized I wasn't well when I couldn't lift up the weights so I came back to my room." Jeez overreaction much? The last time I checked working out wasn't a crime.

"When was the last time that you ate?" The doctor looked suspicious but she didn't notice it.

"I wasn't feeling too good so I didn't have the energy to grab food today." She answered honestly.

"You had the energy to work out but not eat?" "Manvi I will have you see a counselor as soon as possible."

"What?" She screamed. Breathe in breathe out Manvi. Strangling him will only get you in trouble. "Look I'm fine. I agree I was careless but I'm not going to see any counselor."

"I understand your discomfort Manvi but it is my job. We can't release you till you see a counselor."

"Fine." She sulkily replied.

Thanks to Manvi's temper she said all the wrong things to the counselor and ended up in a pickle.

"So Manvi how are you feeling?" was the first question thrown her way.

"Oh I don't know. I think I will try and kill myself AGAIN." She meant it as a joke but who knew that the counselor would take it so seriously! Manvi didn't realize so she kept on with her non stop chant, alarming the counselor with each of her words.

"I'm feeling great so great that I feel like shooting myself. I just want to get out of this hospital but no you guys have locked me up here." She continued.

Soon to Manvi's horror the counselor concluded that she was a risk to herself and she put Manvi on suicide alert. To add to her misery they put in their report that she'd jumped off her bed to hurt herself!!

What the f**k! I'm not stupid. Who jumps from 6 ft to hurt themselves???? You can't even break a finger from that height. If I wanted to kill myself I would have taken pills, hung myself from the ceiling (ulta latkao myself), she wanted to scream but she refrained from shouting as that would only land her in more trouble. The whole world thinks we Americans are stupid but today it is proved, do they seriously think I jumped off the bed to kill myself!!! And called mom and dad! God why me? Why me always!!?? This will be joke of the century in college. Gahh I'll be the girl 'who jumped off her bed to kill herself'. My social life is ruined!

"So that is how I got here. I have 6 staples behind my head and now I have to see a counselor twice a week for atleast a month! Not to mention I'm not allowed to go home until mom and dad get here, I'm under suicide alert." She finished her story.

Virat stared at her trying his best to keep a straight face. "uh huh" He tried to keep a poker face but hell it was so damn funny that he couldn't keep up the faade for long.

He burst out laughing and fell down on the floor. He rolled on the floor, holding his stomach tight.

"Virat you promised!" She accused.

He was laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes. Wiping off his tears he said, "You seriously have THE worst luck in the planet. Why is it always you that gets stuck in situation like these? HHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA I mean seriously suicide attempt from 6 ft height, you will be famous now." He winked at her and she threw a pillow at him.

Just then Manvi's friends entered the room, "Manvi you are still alive after jumping from your bed? Fail. Bad attempt Manvi, next time try jumping from someplace higher?"

Now there were 3 people on the floor along with Virat laughing their ass off.

"Guys it is not funny. Stop laughing." Oh boy was she annoyed. If only she had the energy she would kick each of them.

One of her friends replied, "Please Manvi. This is like joke of the century. They'll probably publish this in the school magazine, maybe Star Tribune too. A JUNIOR IN COLLEGE TRIES TO KILL HERSELF BY JUMPING OFF HER BED." Then started another round of laughter, jerks.

"If you are done laughing let me tell you I'm going to sue these bas***ds. Moreover I think my counselor is the one that needs counseling. She is a blonde man, no wonder she thinks I jumped off that bed. Dumb blonde."

Her statement didn't help Virat and other friends of hers to control themselves and they started laughing again.

"Excuse me. So many people are not allowed in the patient's room." Thankfully a nurse interrupted the assholes from their 'tease Manvi till she dies from humiliation' session.

After a couple of hours,

"Manvi!" Her mom entered the room with tears.

Buckle up for some drama. She rolled her eyes, "Mom please I'm fine. Please don't create a scene here. I think I've had enough of drama for today."

Without listening to Manvi her mom hugged her and caressed her hair. "Sweetheart I was so worried. How are you my baby?" Her mom started weeping again.

"Dad can you make her stop crying? I'm fine!"

Her dad rushed towards her and hugged her from the other side. "Darling we were so worried. What happened that you had to take such a step?"

She saw her friends outside the door laughing at her. She stuck her tongue out and tried to move but she was sandwiched between her parents.

"Common dad. Since when have you started to be so emotional?? Ughh you are the one supposed to get mom to calm down." Nope no effect. They were still holding her tight.

"Dad, mom I can't breathe." They finally let her go.

Her mom placed her palm on her cheeks. "Sweetheart never do this to us. Tell us what happened, we promise we will deal with it, whatever it is."

Why oh why, she doesn't have anything Indian in her not even her accent, then why did you give her this one annoying trait, bucket full of tears for every god damn thing.  "Oh my god mom. STOP. I have a headache, I feel like really attempting suicide after listening to you." She noticed her parents flinch. Too soon? Yea I guess so. Damage control Manvi before they freak out on you again.

She held their hands, "My lovely parents I DID NOT ATTEMPT SUICIDE. My counselor is a blonde, does that ring a bell? She does not know what she is talking about. We should check her certificate and see if she really went to college. I don't need a counselor but my counselor and the doctor both need counselling. Do you know how many times they asked me if I was pregnant? Twice back at the dorm and twice here. They wanted to get the tests done to see if I was pregnant even after I told them I am a virgin. Do I look like a wh**e or what? They are bunch of freaks. This is not a regular hospital it is a mental asylum and if I stay here any longer I will lose my mind. So since you guys are here please get me discharged. DAD I WANT TO LEAVE NOW." She was beyond frustrated.

"Baby calm down and tell us what happened." Her dad was the only one capable of calming her down in situations like these.

She told her parents everything. Like she'd expected, her dad laughed and her mom got angry.  

 "Angel why is it always you that gets stuck in situations like these?"  Her dad asked.

"Gosh dad, Virat asked me the same thing."

"Mom you didn't even grow up in India and yet you have all the traits of an Indian woman; you cry buckets! Thank god you married dad and not an Indian otherwise I would be like those too, 'tear queen'." Her mom gasped and playfully hit her shoulder. All three of them hugged and heaved a sigh of relief.

"But do you know what good came out of this?" She asked her parents.

They gave her a puzzled look.

"God guys. Last year Diwali was so much fun, granma and granpa were here with us too. This year I thought we'd all be celebrating it separately but guess what we will be together!!!!" She announced happily.

Yeah you guys can make fun of me too. Story above is not entirely fiction, this is exactly what happened to me over the weekend. I just added Virat's part but I could not make it romantic because I kept imagining myself instead of Manvi and it just became too damn weird. Please tell me it was stupid of the counselor to conclude that I jumped off the bed to kill myself. Dumb blonde (no hard feelings against blondes, infact one of my close friends is a blonde but I'm too mad to watch my words). I do agree it is funny but I hate the fact that I will have to go for counseling twice every freaking week! The last time I checked working out wasn't a crime, I wonder what changed.

Moral of the story: Yes we Americans are stupid and we send people for counseling for literally EVERY single thing but we need to realize that it is our counselors who need counseling.

Phew vented, I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW.

My INDEX http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3274484

SONG FOR THE UPDATE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-iJbvAhd90

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crazyvirmanians IF-Rockerz

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quite refreshing...
 loved it...

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..Ankita.. IF-Rockerz

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Ah well! The first thing I liked about the OS was the fresh touch you gave to it.
<he opened up facebook and checked her profile, Not active on facebook too.>
Yes, that is exactly what our generation does when we need to look for somebody LOL

<"I can't f**king believe this. I drove like a maniac, went crazy because I thought you tried to kill yourself and here you are joking about it!?" He screamed.

"Jeez whats up with the overreaction? Calm down dude. Plus this is a public place and I don't want to be one of those bickering couples who start even in public.">

I know, I know...this was supposed to be centered around Maanvi, but this was my favourite part dude!

And yess, I finally understood the whole thing now. Your comment on the update as well.

Can you believe it? I went through the very same thing last year. The very same.

I was upset a lot, but then who isn't? We all go through a phase of life when everything feels rubbish. The catch is, if your parents don't have the money, they let you deal with your grief..And by a twist of bad luck, if they do, they send you to a counsellor...who does nothing but frown and nod and doodle on her writing pad.

I told her once, for the sake of conversation, that I slept with my boyfriend (when in fact I didn't) and she bombarded me with ridiculous questions and when the next day I failed to turn up, she rang my parents and the city about a missing girl, who might try to kill herself...when in fact I was cosily sleeping in my bed.

So yeah! I understand the necessity of this sudden OS. I hope you're feeling happy now!

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Aenna IF-Dazzler

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Omg wat a story yr u must contnu plzzz...
It was awwwsum...just cant stop laughing...lol
plz contnu yr...

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can't beleive people think jumping of the bed is a suicide attempt
it was hilarious
keep writing such stories

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After reading title I figured out dat its about ur life... Amd at first I was furious but as d story continues I started rofling and still lolling... Wink

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ROFL...it was nice...superb 

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