Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast Discussion 11: Update Pg 1, 129 (Page 150)

DoNotMind IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ablazedmelody

Delu brushing her teeth ! BB loves showing this scene of Del everyday ! 

brushing her teeth now?? late? Confused its 12.36 pm in india...LOL

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LuvPoojaBose Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simplypurple

Sana is seriously upset. She's always singing or talking while mopping or cleaning but today she's dead silent. Kya haal bana liya hai Aashka ne uske. She's made Sana just like her. Ouch

I know right! sad, she used to make me laugh all the time with her stupid jokes but she was so quite today, I guess beside Aashka, she is probably pissed she lost the captain position the second time LOL

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Coldplaying IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
yukk pillu is dicussing abt vrajesh's stinking socks..

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Shayu. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simplypurple

Sana is seriously upset. She's always singing or talking while mopping or cleaning but today she's dead silent. Kya haal bana liya hai Aashka ne uske. She's made Sana just like her. Ouch
wow...Aashka ka jaadu chal gayaWink

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naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simplypurple

Sana is teaching Aashka the wrong way of praying. Nafl prayers (non-obligatory prayers) are prayed just like regular prayers, i.e standing up and not sitting down. 

i knowww but you can do them while sitting down too if you have any health issue 

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BeingBlunt IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cruiser51

Originally posted by purva

Originally posted by susan29

Purva...delu talking in marathi for you LOL

Vrajesh talking in marathi.. some potty humor DeadLOL

Dukhiyaari Aashka was penalized for speaking in English! Why should these guys not be penalized?Shocked

Oh is Big Baas!Dead...Only consistency is no consistency!Tongue

Ye BB MNS se dar gaya hai, isiliye vrajesh was not punished. Jab koi chhota sa gumnaam RPI aseem ko nikalwa sakta hai to MNS to bahut bari party hai. Dead

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simplypurple

BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 15 November '12

** Times are converted to India Time.
** Bold bits are important
** Red bits are very important/spoilers

General Updates of night:
~ 1am - Urvashi and Mink were sitting near the gym area and having a talk. Urvashi was talking about Aashka and how she's been behaving. She only did the decorations for gajar ka halwa and she had to do all the cooking and Aashka and Sana were sitting outside the entire time. At least Sana did some chopping. Meanwhile Niketan was telling Vishal the story about Aseem/Karishma fight and Sana's attack on him yawning and Salman said that he didn't yawn. In the restroom, Vishal and Aashka speaking about why Sana is upset with him. And Aashka saying that they are not comfortable with Niketan and he's been here 4 days but from 40 days he doesn't know what's been happening. Near the main gate, Rajev and Sana were talking. Aashka and Vishal go upto them. Vishal asks to speak to Sana and they walk off and Aashka sits down to talk to Rajev. Rajev talks to Aashka for a very long time. Rajev was trying to convince her to not sit alone and aloof. Aashka tells him that she doesn't want to talk to Urvashi. Even for the task she didn't want to cook. And all Urvashi did is put the carrots in the microwave and she had to do all the decorations. And she can't do more than this. She tells Rajev that the reason he got nominated was Urvashi and Rajev says I know that. And that was the reason Delnaaz didn't want to support Urvashi in the rajneeti task. And she would have been alone. And Urvashi is advising her not to trust a 3 week friendship. Rajev kept talking to her and trying to get her to understand not to sit aloof. Aashka says that she forgave Rajev because she knows his intention and character is not like that but she refuses to forgive people who are bad.

~ 2am - Vishal was telling Sana firstly why she has hidden herself away. Everyone finds it weird. He's there so she can come and join him and she's like she didn't want to sit with Niketan and Mink because they dont want to talk to them any way. And she finds he's changed too. And Vishal says that I came here to stay happy so I talk to everyone and I suggest you do the same because wherever you go people know Sana has arrived so why are you so lost in the house. Everyone from the production is saying this girl is not talking only. You aren't there in the show at all. Sana saying that if she had become captain, she would have spoken to all because she would have had the right to say something to them. And she's afraid that she'll eventually become all alone and these people will make her life hell. He's saying now it's only been 2 days she's isolated but if she drags it out, it well get even more awkward and weird. So he suggests she stays happy and talks to everyone and if they don't talk, that's fine, you be yourself.

*stream died midway*

~ 3am - Sana and Aashka start talking. Sana tells Aashka that we should go and sit with people because it's looking strange that everyone is sitting together and only we both are alone. Aashka gets upset and refuses to sit with people. She says she doesn't even want to share a small smile because she'll feel fake and she doesn't want to be fake. Sana tells her that it seems like it's coming on TV that she's always crying and Aashka says that she does fool around with her and she doesn't care what people think. Sana says that even she gets worried sometimes when Aashka goes quiet or starts crying and she doesn't know what to say to cheer her. Aashka says that she has a 100 problems and so she relieves the stress by crying. She's like this because she's had a very difficult childhood. And no matter what Sana says, she keeps cutting her off. Sana eventually starts crying and saying that I'm only saying for your good and you aren;t letting me complete. We are only having a discussion and I just came and told you what I heard like I always do. Eventually, Aashka says that if she leaves, she wants Sana to do what'll keep her happy but she will not change herself. If she comes as she's crying all the time, that's better than her fighting and raising her voice and abusing others. Before she used to get angry all the time and now it comes out in tears. They go inside and sleep and get up a few mins later to go outside to use the loo but the blinds are down as BB team is cleaning so they use the captain's bathroom.

8:00am - Seems they've removed all the decorations after Aashka and Sana slept. No wonder last night, Sana and Aashka used the captain's bathroom.

9am - Everyone is already awake. Sana was making tea/coffee for everyone. Sapna exclaimed "tum dono ki dosti ho gayi na". Sana asks who. Sapna says tum dono (you and Aashka). Then someone asks Sana what happened to her eyes and she said nothing just swelling.

*missed a little here*

9:24am - Sana and Aashka are actually sitting with Niketan, Urvashi, Sapna, Vrajesh, Delnaaz, Vishal and Rajev. Niketan says the sky looks clear. Then he gets up and leaves and they are trying to figure out when they are being woken up based on the azaan.

9:35am - Sana in kitchen making more tea. Mink sitting at the dining table. Niketan and Vrajesh talking about right and left hand drives. Rajev is talking to Sana.

9:38am - Rajev  asking Sana who she thinks today's morning song was for? She says I think everyone. Rajev says no, it's for captain. Outside Mink was saying who the Don's song was for? Outside Vishal singing outside. Mink and Sapna join him. Sapna commenting on how quickly they removed the decorations and cleaned it. Delnaaz is walking with someone. Vishal saying he loves Preity Zinta.

9:42am - Sana in red bedroom doing make up. She comes out of the bedroom saying BB please, I need to talk to someone or send an alegra. She says she needs an allergy pill. She comes out and asks and Niketan asking someone about Allegra. Outside. Urvashi and Rajev are talking and Sapna talking to Vishal and Niketan standing around them. Urvashi gets up and goes and Rajev and Niketan leave a few second later.

9:50am - Inside, Urvashi, Mink have started lunch. Niketan is saying we can all cut methi while talking so it won't take too much time. 

9:56am - Sana and Delnaaz talking and Sana is telling her about last night's conversation. Delnaaz saying the same thing. Now she was talking about her 14 yr marriage and BB muted. In the bathroom, Aashka is crying. Aashka is requesting BB to take her out of the show? Niketan is telling to Sana and Delnaaz that she's crying. He tells them to go in casually. Niketan now joins Sapna and Vishal talking. Sapna is talking about Sampat and how happy she was to see her in the BB house and when she had the huge problem with her and lies, she was so surprised and sad. And then Sidhu ji became her role model and she's saying he would say this is only a game and then you never came out of the room even when I said and did hands up. Vishal saying that it was just a game and if he had come out then it would have been so simple and when you yelled at him, it looked bad and you apologised. You took the game so seriously. Sapna saying it wasn't about the game, it was about him talking so much but zero actions. And he went again  against what he said just like "mataji's bhanda phoota". BB gave her a counsellor and the counsellor also said the same thing that she didn't say anything wrong. Sapna saying I don't care about the people. Outside  the bathroom, Delnaaz and Sana talking. Sound muted. Sapna saying that she felt so good when the counsellors said I didn't do anything wrong and so she didn't feel bad what the world thinks. Sapna saying you came because you came to change the game but you failed. Sapna saying she got affected because no role model was left. The counsellors told her that this show is not about what group you are in, it's about an individual.

10:08am - Sana talking to Aashka on a lounge chair. She's saying that she doesn't care about these people and a lot of people have left her. If a friend tells her that she's expecting a lot and she says that if she doesn't expect from friends then who will she expect from. Aashka spoke to Auri to take her out and she's not saying anyone is bad. Sana saying she was wondering how she's happy for the last 40 days and she had to cry after 40 days. Aashka saying she wants to talk out the door tomorrow and she will hug everyone and she's saying nothing will make her feel better and she's worried about herself and she couldn't sleep for the longest time. There are beautiful people outside who love her despite her flaws and she wants to be with them.

10:13am - Cam switches to Urvashi and Mink preparing lunch. Mink chopping. Urvashi working on the flour.

10:20am - Urvashi joking about with Vrajesh and she comes and bumps Vrajesh at the kitchen sink and he goes and gets pushed far. She says maine to kitne pyaar se kiya tha and he says, tujhe pata nahi tere pyaar main kitna power hai. LOL

10:25pm - Cam to Sana and Aashka. Sana was telling her about a time when she cried a lot for her mom. And she screamed at her dr. Now she's saying that she is always known as a dancer and she worked on a film and the director in the end removed her from the poster on the day of the film release but I was still nice because they didn't matter to me. To people who matter to me, I share both nice and bad. People who make me lie on their laps and say beta beta are not those who love me. BB nahi hai yeh mo maya hai. Delnaaz now came to them. Sana is saying my eyes weightless ho gayi hai. Delnaaz goes and Aashka saying her childhood was difficult and she ran away from home at 11yrs old. She feels this house is a repeat mode. She's saying they are the youngest and so she's expecting more maturity. She needs the money a lot but she still wants to leave. Sana saying you should not let it affect you. Aashka saying that I'm staying away from my family and living alone. Vishal Starcame and said that Sapna is feeling left out.  Sana calls Sapna and says I'll take your colour out. Vishal leaves. Sana is telling Sapna she's very cute and she says we like you and love you.

10:37pm - Sana telling Aashka that Muslims can't tattoo themselves and especially birds, animals, etc or your prayers wont be accepted. Aashka asking why? Sapna says that it is that way in different religions. She says something about jews that if it's done then they can't be buried in a jewish cemetry. Inside, Urvashi and Rajev arguing over tasks. Outside, Delnaaz and Niketan talking about game concept. Niketan saying that either you can let the nomination take over you or you can overcome the Niketan. You should look at it as best case or worst case scenario. Either I'll be talking and walking with you tomorrow and day after and meet new people. Or I'll leave and no more chores, my bed will be waiting for me. So it's a win-win situation. When you step out the door you'll feel excited. Endemol and Salman will be on stage talking about you and people will make you feel like a star. Delnaaz saying everyone is different and Niketan saying yes, you either have a positive or negative thinking. Delnaaz saying that I can't control the thinking. Niketan saying you can't, you can only explain it. I didn't even see 5 mins of footage. Delnaaz saying that Vindoo used to cry even more than Aashka and talk to plants and people would think he's great. Delnaaz saying that Shweta/Juhi and I really like her but some people didn't and said if Mehek won it would be better. Niketan saying that even if you come top 4 and you lose, you cant be upset because it's written whose to win so you leave it. Cam switches to Aashka, Sana and Sapna eating. Urvashi and Mink making eggs.

10:53pm - Del and Nik talking. Del says that men and women are different and Nik saying Sapna told him that he has no emotions and he's saying that some things make him very emotional but I wont cry if someone is screaming at me. They should feel bad, not me. Nik saying khush raha karo. Delnaaz saying Sapna felt bad when Aseem left. Niketan saying her case is different, even now she was still talking to Vishal about Buzdil yeh woh.

10:55am - Sana sitting at the dining table and Rajev eating bhurji. Vishal says, Rajev nahi captain. BB mutes and shifts back to Nik and Del. Nik still talking about Sapna calling Sidhu names. Delnaaz saying she'll come out talking like this. Aashka in the red bedroom folding some clothes and still seems to be upset.

11:06am - Del and Niketan still walking and talking. Delnaaz saying that people shouldn't feel small about saying sorry but that's a big problem here. Niketan saying that I can't analyse more than this. Niketan saying that I don't think I created any problems so Delnaaz is saying it can happen unknowingly, unintentionally and saying sorry resolves things quickly.

11:13am - Urvashi, Mink having breakfast and Vishal, Vrajesh there. Vrajesh acting his usual weird/crazy/loud/funny self. No idea what he's screaming about.Embarrassed

11:15am - Delnaaz and Niketan walk in to have breakfast.

11:30am - Sana and Aashka going through Aashka's stuff and packing.

11:40am - Vishal and Delnaaz singing in the kitchen. Niketan, Vrajesh roaming in the kitchen.

11:46am - Aashka sweeping and Sana mopping the areas she's swept in the yellow bedroom.

11:57am - Aashka moved to the red bedroom to sweep and Sana talking to herself saying "I don't know what to do... you've lost it..."

11:59am - Sapna in red bedroom trying to get rid of the blue from her hair. Aashka sweeping around her. Sana comes in with her mop and water tray and starts mopping the captain's room.

*taking a short break*

12:24pm - BB makes and announcement for all house mates to ensure their batteries are changed. Then Aashka asks about taking a bath and praying to Sana. Both are still sweeping and mopping nearby. 

12:28pm - Aashka asks Sana about nafl prayers and Sana says it's prayed in the same way but sitting down. (This is incorrect. Nafl or non-obligatory prayers and started standing up just like regular prayers. One can sit and pray or lie and pray if they are ill. But otherwise, all prayers are prayed in the same way.) Aashka asks Sana if she'll pray one and show her. Sana says yes.

12:31pm - Urvashi and Delnaaz in the bathroom discussing shampoos.

12:37pm - Sana's mopping is done. Outside Niketan, Rajev and Urvashi are sitting and talking about Sidhu wearing stinking socks and he went for a bath and came back and wore the same socks. So Rajev asked him if he got socks and Sidhu said yes, I've got 3! So Rajev says, why don't you change? BB mutes and shifts to Aashka sitting on her bed in silence and Sana wearing an eye mask and lying in bed. Ouch

Everyone please continue posting in this thread:

Thanks! Big smile

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Originally posted by Komal-S.

Originally posted by ablazedmelody

Delu brushing her teeth ! BB loves showing this scene of Del everyday ! 

brushing her teeth now?? late? Confused its 12.36 pm in india...LOL

She started brushing at 8.15...its just that...well...she needs some extra time...Shocked

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