Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast Discussion 11: Update Pg 1, 129

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** TImes being converted to India Time
** Bolds bits are important
** Red bits are spoilers

(will not be able to give detailed updates for a few days since hands hurt while typing)

Some of the missed updates: 
9:08am - 9:35am *by scarlet.moon* All of them taking about their jokes session last night and delnaaz tells tthem how people should sit outside rather than the bedroom at night. The topic then changes to the decorations, delnaaz says she thinks it will stay for couple days. *by srkangel* nik rajeev, vishal, delnaaz n mink in garden area talking about last night jokes.. delnaaz says we should sit in the garden at night n talk then nik says wasey jokes bedroom mei hi atte hain. nik rajeev, vishal, delnaaz n mink in garden area talking about last night jokes.. delnaaz says we should sit in the garden at night n talk then nik says wasey jokes bedroom mei hi atte hain. *by ChillMahaul* Sana commented on Mink's complexion. she's like Mink ko fair kabhi nahi keh sakte..Sapna says Ashwariya is really fair to Sana madam says I never found Aswariya fair.. she's okay Aishwariya is light..then she's like mere aur tumhare color dekho that's what fair is. *by srkangel* rajeev talking about his poems.. started with saying that no matter what, u can't write poems unless u have heartache then cuts to his dad making him read newspaper in the morning everyday and not his siblings (irrelevent) LOLthen says his recited  couplets to his friends who encouraged him to share it on fb n after getting great response from people like sonu nigam and farhan akhter he decided to publish  his book. 

9:35am - Urvashi, Niketan, Delnaaz, Vrajesh, Vishal and Mink sitting near the gym area talking. They mention Rajev and Aseem's fight. Delnaaz said that first time Aseem raised his voice and got angry and Rajev also responded in an equally loud voice. *by srkangel* rijesh and vishal singing vrijesh asks delnaaz to join she says dono bohat besurey ho . vrijesh says to vishal we should do a concert here after practicing to which nik says try to do the concert between 11 pm to 6 am in the garden

9:45am - Sana talking to Aashka near the pool.

9:48am - Rajev comes over and tells Delnaaz to please go for a walk.

9:50am - Sapna and Aashka planning what to make for lunch.

9:55am - Delnaaz and Aashka are coming instead and Delnaazsaying that when he was talking to you it seemed lik he's a company's employee and he's telling you that we'll open a plant. 

9:56am - Rajev asks Vishal if he's married. He said yes. Rajev says you never said anything. Vishal said, nobody asked me. Rajev says, does the girl know. Then Vishal says that the girl he liked and he are broken up coz he "f-ed up big time".

9:57am - Urvashi talking to Delnaaz in the kitchen about lunch and bread. Aashka is there too.

9:59am - Delnaaz, Aashka, Sapna wondering who is in the kitchen cleaning team. Del says no one right now. They are eating papaya. Delnaaz telling Aashka "it's over according to me. Diwali to khatam ho gayi". Vrajesh walks in and Del tells him that there are a lot of things in the fridge but we aren't making anything. If anyone is hungry, they can make egg for themselves. Confused

10:01am - Vrajesh sits on the dining table and thy are eating oranges along with Aashka and Sapna. Del starts singing "dil wil pyaar vyaar".

10:02am - Niketan telling people a story outside to Rajev, Urv, Vishal and Mink. He's saying about some club and police turned up. BB changes back to kitchen. Aashka saying he's saying how he started writing. Sapna says the only writer in the house. Del says you are also there. Sapna says I was sarcastic. When I told him that, he said do you have a published book? Sapna says I have 2. Rajev says HUH?! Vrajesh asks, which two have you written? Sapna says there's only one. Then cam back to Niketan's story. He's saying that the person smashes a bottle on his head and goes to Cooper hospital in Juhu and there are only the one police guy and rest everyone are his men and he says the policeman smashed a bottle on his head. No other eye  witness. So the policeman says, don't do this, I have a family, children. SO the guy says, in front of everyone, ask for my forgiveness so the police guy lay down at his feet and was crying. Vishal says what about finger prints on the bottle for proof. Niketan says, that's all been swept away, where will you find it? Rajev says you can't ruin a policeman's reputation like this. Then they all get up and go inside.

10:09am - Inside Sapna asking about chores. The rest decide on what to do. Vrajesh leaves. Sapna says that when I sit on the ground and sweep, it hurts so for a few days I'll stand and sweep then I'll come back to Earth so Sana jokes, you can do that at home on Saturday. Sapna laughs.

10:11am - A lot of activity in the kitchen. Vishal is washing dishes.

10:14am - Urvashi asking Vishal to do sweeping today. Then Urvashi tells him to keep a black tape with him. He takes a little and sticks it on his shirt. Confused New task?

10:17am - Urvashi saying Sana will do sweeping mopping today. Then she tells Rajev that the vegetarians should have first preference for rotis. Rajev saying that as soon as the sweeping is done, then I'll do the mopping. Urvashi agrees.

10:25am - Vishal sweeping the kitchen and he says to Rajev, tell me about mopping. Do I only use water or does something have to be added. Mink tells Vrajesh that lets do an act where someone is standing from behind and doing actions with their hand as the other person talks. Mink says if I become Niketan's hands I'll put my finger in his nose as he talks. Sana can be Vishal's hands. Wink Then Mink says poor Vishal's lip balm hasn't come. Vishal says my salary will be cut if I don't work properly. Vrajesh done eating and goes to get water. I think Mink asked Vishal to talk to her on the side in punjabi. She's telling him to wear gloves at the kitchen dishwashing area. Then she says now start dancing and clapping like this. He grabs the mop not laughing.

10:30am - Vishal says, you guys don't have sanitiser here and Mink says no but if you ask, I'm sure it'll come. Mink grab a cup from the fridge and starts drinking. Vishal removes his gloves, washes his hands. Sana Urvashi, Vrajesh in kitchen. Vraj washing dishes. Urvashi wondering who didn't change their batteries? Whose batteries are lying like this. Mink says chai ke saat meethi cheezein wah wah. Niketan back in the kitchen talking to Vrajesh now at the dining table but back at kitchen counter possibly cleaning it.

10:35am - Vishal saying Niketan's nickname can be Nicky and my family thought god knows what and kept Vicky as my nickname. Mink says people at her home call her Minka. Camera zooming into Vishal's face. Sana and Urvashi's conversation louder than what Mink is telling Niketan.Urvashi says vaccuming is going on outside. Sana says, I think carpet hai.

10:38am - Nik says to Urva, let me tell u an interesting story. There was a hoover damn being made in the 1800s and a lot of people died in the construction. There was a depression going on during that time and students of Standford couldn't pay their fees so they decided to hold a concert there in order to pay their fees instead of dropping out. A polish student asks why are they doing this concert so they tell him. The polish student gives them money and says don't worry about paying me back. Later after the world war one, the polish president asked US for aid because their people were dying of hunger. So the US president company and gives them aid and says one time a polish guy had given me money for my studies so today I want to help. (could have messed the story a bit). Niketan telling another story now. But Sana's mic is louder.

10:50am - Rajev, Sana, Sapna making lunch. Sana chopping tomatoes, Rajev chopping onions and Sapna appears to be frying parathas.

*short break*


11:06am - Aashka sitting on her bed in silence.

11:15am - Rajev, Sana, Del, Nik, Urv, Vishal sitting n eating at dining table.

11:20am - Aashka STILL sitting on her bed in silence. Sana walks in red bedroom to mop and says she loves Aashka ans Aashka says i love u back. Rajev goes and sits on her bed. Sapna cleaning living area. Del, Urv, Vishal. Nik, Mink talking. Mink imitating someone. Urvashi imitating Delnaaz when angry. She stares at you and in her mind she keeps thinking to react or not to react. If to react, then how, if not, then why not? Then Nik & Urva makes fun of Rajev's ek min and ek second. And then Aseem getting angry that his 1 min never gets over.

11:28am - Mink making tea.

11:30am - Vrajesh singing and Del danced for a bit. Then they start talking about nusrat fateh ali khan.

11:36am - Vrajesh singing Afreen dining table with Mink, Urv, vishal, Rajev, Del and Nik. Sana mopping kitchen. Sapna also around. Sana and Rajev left. Vraj randomly saying things like mink marriage, google.

11:39am - Sana and Sapna cleaning bathroom. Nik goes into the toilet and actually removes his mic and closes the door.Wink

11:42am - He comes out, washes his hands and leaves without his mic. LOL

11:44am - Okay, he's come back for it now. LOL

11:47am - Niketan sweeping the yellow bedroom. Sleepy

11:50am - Rajev mopping kitchen and talking to Del washing dishes. Vishal singing somewhere "kuch na kaho...". He;s at dining table singing "chori chori jab nazrein maza" now,

*taking a rest break*

11:57am - *by srkangel* in kitchen mink tells dillu that i have gotten nik disease, i don't feel like talking shower LOL  

11:59am - *by srkangel* sapna, sana and ashkha cleaning bathrooms.  vrijesh (washing dishes)  vishal delnaaz(cooking) and rajeev singing in kitchen while mink n nik listen 

12:10pm - Rajeev singing (by happyviewer) 

12:45pm - Sana bleaching Sapna's skin and Mink wants to wash the sheets (by happyviewer)

12:50pm - *by happy viewer* visahl asking dellu about her experience working with priety and srk...
she says it was great...priety , jaya all did a lot of fun.
vishal says the movie was very good, he saw it a lot of times.
dellu praises karan johar...
dellu says you are lucky if you get to work with such people.
dellu says she lived there for 35 days. 


1:10pm - Niketan outside sitting and talking to Vishal and telling him about the Major ke sena task and the fight with Sapna over the colours and the night when Sana sided with Sapna.

1:19pm - Rajev shaving and Sana Brushing and asking her about some song. Now he's talking about karishma and prieti zinta. Now he's sayingl your kids will ask you if you really know Rajev Paul so take pics with me now because I won't meet with you later. Aashka seems to be taking a shower.

1:25pm - Sapna in bathroom and talking to Sana about hair dyes. Sapna saying that when BB gives me a 10 lakh bumper then I'll talk to you.

1:27pm - Nik talking to Vrajesh and Mink that the little bottle you get in planes are for 12 euros. Urvashi, Del and Vishal in the kitchen. Del asks where Nik is and Vishal says he's outside talking to Brar. Vishal says why don't you make gujrati dishes? Del says, yeah yeah, you just request and we'll make gujrati, punjabi. Vishal laughs. Urva says that not everyone liked it. Vishal said I like it. I eat it every so often.

1:30pm - Urvashi saying I just need to lose the fat from the lower laugh, after that I can leave BB. Urv talking to Sana asking her how mnay people are in line to go to the bathroom, she says alot. Urvashi says still? Sana says still.

1:34pm - Aashka is out of the shower and Sana is there with her in the kitchen and Sana says wow, the kitchen is so clean. Delnaaz says, it looks good right? Now it'll feel good to cook. Delnaaz says if you've both taken a bath, then I'll go. Aashka says there are 2 people in the shower. Delnaaz says about cleaning the cupboards or fridge. And asks to call Vishal and she should help. Aashka inspecting the fridge saying they'll have to wash some of them outside.

1:37pm - Sana doing her hair and make up.

1;58pm - BB makes an announcement for all the housemates. Seems a new captain will be chosen.

2:08pm - Still muted and swimming pool being shown.

2:12pm - They are showing the outside of the house. Still decorated.

2:14pm - Rajev talking to Aashka. She's upset that Rajev gave his name for captain and he's saying if you had told me before I wouldn't have given it only. Sana comes running saying I don't know if I can be captain and Aashka or Del says says that everyone else can be then you can as well. On the sofa, Niketan whispering to Urva to vote Rajeev. He asks Vishal and Vishal says he's thinking about it but Rajev can be a good captain. Niketan gets up saying let's make Rajev captain. Then he talks to Rajev but the mic is muted.

2:20pm - Sana still doing makeup. Rajev calls her across the lass of the yellow room and says he'll back out of becoming captain and she's saying why? I have no issues if you become captain. Rajev saying that even I told Aashka that I didn't want to be in a competition with you. Sana saying that look let people decide. As far as I see it 5 people like me and nominations mein sappy ko chod ke I dislike the rest. Shocked (aashka?) Look I know 4 people dislike me and I dont care. I wont go tell people to nominate me. You also dont go and let's let the people vote for whoeer they want. Plus, I can't sit and give open nominations. BB mutes and shifts cam to kitchen. 

2:25pm - Sana out of bedroom and in the kitchen. Sana telling Aashka that Niketan, Urvashi and Vrajesh are telling someone to vote Rajev to be captain. Muted. Aashka saying "yeh to pehle din se planning chal rahi hai ki pehle isko kaltaoon, phir usko aur phir usko". BB cam to Rajev in yellow bedroom fixing himself and his hair. Applying perfume. Then he leaves.

2:28pm - Cam still in yellow room and Rajev talking to someone saying that these people are came to me and said... Someone telling him tu hero mat band.

2:29pm - Urvashi talking to Vishal saying that we need maturity in this house so I want Rajev to be captain. Now they aretalking about SIdhu and Urva saying that she became very attached to Sidhu. Vishal saying I hope he comes back. Urva saying there are only 2 people creating problems. Urva saying I'm feeling bad that they are saying Mink is neagtive but she's only quiet. Vishal says yeah she's very friendly, just quiet. Then they are talking about ytesterday. Vishal saying I have no interest but I only picked up poha and all so that it can be useful to the others. Urvashi saying something about making faces. From the bathroom Nik and Mink come and everyone start laughing at them.

2:33pm - In the kitchen, Rajev again talking to Sana, Aashka, Sapna and Delnaaz. Aashka saying she wont talk to Urvashi anymore. Confused

2:34pm - Urvashi says that this is the only time in BB to change the game. Urvashi telling that instead of back biting, come and resolve the problem on the face. Urva saying that every season only the quiet people win. SO that means no one likes openness? In bathroom, Mink talking to Vrajesh. Back to outside. Vishal, Urva, Niketan are quiet. Niketan says sky is nice. Vishal says its good for flying. 

2:36pm - Vishal saying that if you want to stay, you can do whatever you want, you wont last. And if you don't care, then just relax, be yourself. You will always remember this time. Urvashi saying that I don't mind when I go as long as I don't take any negativity with me. One thing she has learnt in life is to not be negative or it will affect your real life.

2:43pm - Niketan saying that you only get one chance to make money and Vishal says no that's a very wrong thinking to do whatever you get and I've seen people ruin their careers like this. Niketan asking if Vishal has a manager. Vishal says no people there'll be problem with money. And managers will tell people to give the actor 2 lakhs and give him 2 lakhs, Now Delnaaz talking to them about bathing. Niketan saying that he will take care of lunch.

2:45pm - Vishal goes for a bath. Niketan asking whats happening inside to Mink and she says that the 2 future captains and the 3 women are talking. Niketan saying that if this time he does something to not become captain, he'll lose my support for future nominations because he's irritating me now. He's doing khus phus a little too much now. BB cam shifts to bathroom where Mink has come. Vrajesh is washing and drying clothes there. Mink saying her stomach is making noises and whoever is sitting listening to her mic must be hearing them. LOL

2:52pm - Cam to Nik who is outside alone. Rajev comes and sits in front of Niketan saying that he's going to give his vote to Sana. Mink joins them. He's saying that I'm comfortable with everyone and friends with everyone and I told Delnaaz that maybe if Sana becomes captain... thodi si problem ho..Cam switches to Sapna and Vishal in red bedroom discussing her hair colour. She's saying till the time the blue doesn't come out, she can't put pink. Cam switches to captain's room. Urvashi putting lotions in a black bag and emptying out the captain's room and singing.

2:58pm - Outside cam. Vishal has joined the other 3. No sound. Inside Urvashi is bring back her things to her bed. Aashka walks inside the room and Delnaaz follows. Urvashi comes out of the captain's room and says to Delnaaz to go for a bath. Sana also in red bedroom. 

3:04pm - Aashka telling Del that I can be anything but I'm not a bad person. Sapna and Sana dancing in front of a mirror while singing gol maal.

3:07pm - Urvashi has joined them outside and Rajev seems to be talking to Delnaaz and going inside. Everything is muted. Ouch Mink going back to the bathroom. Vrajesh comes out and sits.

3:08pm - Mink in the bathroom. Seems she's trying to wash clothes. Sound of the shower. Niketan walks in to the toilet and doesn;t remove his mic.Confused Vishal comes into the bathroom and removes his shirt. Seems he's getting ready to go for a bath. He asks Mink if hot water is coming. Mink saying it was coming, but I dont know about know. Niketan starts talking about nominations and BB mutes. Outside overhead cam. Mink walks to gym area. Niketan follows. Mink asks, what'll happen now. Sana will not withdraw. MUTED.

3:12pm - Vishal shaving. Cam showing his close up.Star He removes his glasses and carries a towel  and some soap/gels into the shower. Cam stuck on his shower door. Mics muted.

3:15pm - Del comes into the bathroom and goes into the next shower and closes the door. Mics muted again. Rajev and Sana talking in red bedroom. MUTED. Ouch They are having a very serious discussion and Sana making a lot of hand gestures. Sapna fiddling with her hair. Rajev and Sana's discussion is over and now she's talking to Sapna. She looks very irritated and seems to be saying mujhe nahi karna. BB shifts to outside cam and back to bathroom. Vishal is already done and now he's in the toilet. Urvashi and Delnaaz discussing and searching for something in the bathroom. Delnaaz carries 2 shapoos and a loofah into the bathroom. Back to outside overhead cam. Vrajesh walking to the gym area where Niketan, Mink and Rajev are sitting. Back to bathroom. Urvashi asking Vishal what the time could be. He says 1:30, I just saw in the bathroom, the time. Urvashi is like haan (sarcasm). She asks Del that she's not washing her hair but washing clothes. Del says yes. Urvashi talking about food. Del says whoever is hungry, please eat. Urva and Vishal walk out of the bathroom. Back to outside overhead cam and muted.

3:25pm - Vishal in yellow bedroom fixing himself and commenting on how dirty the room is. He asks Sapna if his hair is okay. He asks where his hair spray is and the cam zooms in. He leaves without finding it. He asks Sana what she's decided. She says "jisko jo karna hai..." muted! Ouch Aashka sitting on her bed all by herself massaging her foot.

3:28pm - Urvashi walks by Aashka saying there's too much chatter going on. Aashka says hmm. Now Urvashi setting up her things next to stand and is going to be sharing beds with Mink. Urvashi is going to talk to Aashka. Sana and Sapna in front of Sana's bed mirror. Sana making her hair. Sana is telling to Urvashi that she told Rajev ki chill maar, you don't have to prove anything. And muted. Outside overhead cam. In kitchen Rajev and Vishal talking but cant be heard. Vrajesh, Mink and Niketan talking. Can barely hear them. Niketan asking if Vrajesh's hair is on the counter and he says, bade lambe baal hain.

3:34pm - Mink saying that the week she's nominated, she'll leave the same week. Now Rajev and Vishal at the kitchen counter. They tell Urvashi to eat because they are feeling very hungry. Urvashi saying she ate a chocolate. Niketan asks if she wants khichdi. Niketan making something alone with Mink. Now Rajev talking to Urvashi but muted. Food conversation only.

3:40pm - Vrajesh saying something but couldn;t understand. He was saying if it's equal... Sapna and Urvashi and Rajev singing some song (English). *stream stuck*

3:48pm - Urvashi, Niketan, Vrajesh. Mink and now Vishal are sitting and eating at the dining table. Rajev and Mink join them. Urvashi saying that these people are forcing me to eat. Vrajesh saying and you want Rajev to be captain? Niketan saying some people like being forced. The 3 muskateers are missing from the table. Delnaaz probably still taking a shower.

3:53pm - Vrajesh making a joke saying that in a short while captain's nominations will take place but abhi se shuru ho gayi hai "khalbali hai khalbali..." then he says "mujhse bhi bada kamina Niketan ke baazu baitha hai... Rajev Paul". LOL Sapna went to the red bedroom probably to call Aashka and Sana to eat. Now she's back. Vishal done eating and washed up his plate and comes back and sits down. Vrajesh now telling Urvashi she's a kamini or something and she says, "beta mil mujhe bahar". LOL Now Vishal and Rajev got up from the table. Rajev went to get more. Sapna eating at the counter or doing something else. Vrajesh making weird accents and talking to Mink about bhel puri sev puri. *stream stuck again* 

4:07pm - *stream's back* Mink says I'd tell a funny story but I can't in front of the camera. Niketan says why, who is it about. Mink says pinky. Niketan laughs and says Urvashi yeh ladki pata nahi kahan se aa gayi. And they all laugh way too loudly.

4:10pm - Now they are eating sweets from diwali. Mink telling to Rajev that if you become captain you can say anything if you don't then you have no right. Rajev says aisa mat bolo yaar. Yeh masti hai. Now they can't be heard because Niketan and Vishal are too loud. Aashka and Sana in kitchen. Niketan is asking Madhorama to order his protein shake and Niketan had sent her an email and ask Shashi and check with him and eat. Niketan says I get it 30 - 40% off. Vishal asks what the price is. Vishal says he bought for 52. Niketan saying he gets 30% off sometimes so he can get it for Vishal for 4. Aashka and Sana sitting at opposite end of the table from Niketan and Vishal and eating. Rajev cooking. Vrajesh talking to Urvashi and Urvashi saying "pocha maar". Niketan asking Vishal if he's gone to F bar because he really like it.Vishal saying he wants to shift to Bandra. Muted. OuchOuch

4:15pm - Vrajesh mopping. Rajev goes to Aashka and says if you want to do meeting with me I'm outside and who did your make up, it's looking too much and dirty. ROFL Your eyes are looking red. Then he sits down near Sana. Delnaaz is back and eating and talking to Sapna. Now mink, Vishal and Niketan outside near gym. Niketan saying he can get Vishal deals on various things.

4:18pm - Rajev asking if anyone wants to eat pills. Sapna says that if any of you want drugs, I'll call the drugs. Aashka saying that I dont think it's allowed to say the name of the dr.s that's why Delnaaz's dr. didn't tell her his name. Sapna saying that I first met dr. Shah and another, I forgot his name. This is India, do you know how many dr. sawants there are? BB mujhe dand deinge ya bolgein pehle mujhe. Maine kitne time mic pe bola hai, calling dr. shah. BB trying to mute and giving up. ROFL Now she's joking about bandages. Aashka telling sapna to check the fridge. Sapna saying that I saw and I'm proud but you should have done it. I'm saying no for everything now. Aashka saying that if you weren't nominated, we would have made you captain. Sapna saying that look if I had become captain I would want a salute at my door every monring. I wont become captain because I'll be nominated every week. Sana you should become captain because next week you have no chance. Sana saying mujhe doosron ke moo nahi lagna and Aashka says you've lost it. Sana saying, I've lost it from the first week. Sana and Sapna leave. Del staring at Aashka and then they both start laughing. Aashka says, you understood without me saying anything/ Del saying my brother was right. Good people shouldn't come to the show. Aashka says keep quiet or salman will bajao your band. Del says chalo isi baat pe ek kaju or not. Aashka, you've as it is eaten 5 since morning. Del says 3. Aash says chup.

4:26pm - Sana goes to watch her plate and she finds a plate there and asks whose is there. Delnaaz says must be Urvashi coz she's still captain. Sana says that oh I thought she was dismissed already. Aashksa says I was dismissed remember? Now they are talking about Vishal. Sana says BB why did you send someone I know. Del says every season needs a love angle so Sana says you cant fall in love with someone you know it becomes more attitude. My task isn't over but the border on wish he's sitting, I can't go there.

4:29pm - Aash, Del and Sana back in red bedroom.  Sana planning to do make up. Sapna asking how her rash is and Sana says its all good and resting now. Sapna says someone was going to wax me. Aashka says I'll do it right now. And Sana says one hand her, one hand me. Aashka says if you want jolen I have that. Sana busy singing "samne yeh kaun aaya" and goes out.

4:35pm - Mink says something about Rajev was supposed to help me and all he did was remove my bandages. "Yeh hoti hai madad?" So Vrajesh says aur isko banana chahte hai aap captain? yeh hoti hai maddad? Mink goes inside the house. Vrajesh tells Vishal that it's so much fun igniting fire between people. BB I learnt it from you. Vishal going to sing a song says, pehli baar gane ja rahein hain. Audience zara ghor karein "ranjish...". 30 secs later. BB changes the cam to Del putting lipstick in red bedroom. ROFL Sapna saying that there's nothing to do besides eating in the house.

4:40pm - Del talking to Urvashi and Urvashi is not feeling well so Del saying you should rest. Urv saying I dont want to go back to that state. Maybe its something I ate. Del saying take that medicine. Urva saying it was 2 medicines before food and after food. And only 1 is left, Del says rest. Urv saying straight hair looks really good on you. Del saying that yes but its looking way too straight. Urv says put serum. Del says that I'll put oil overnight. Urv says dont keep it overnight it';s a myth. Just wash after 30 -45mins. Use any clear shampoo to remove the oil. Loreal ka. Green apple. Urva says there's only hard water here. Then continue and then del leaves.

4:45pm - Del comes outside near gym and dances towards Vrajesh. She Singing janeman janeman so vrajesh says Rajev abhi tak leke baitha hai apni janeman ko. They switch cams to red bedroom. Aashka talking to Sapna about salon and hair cutting business and Urva listening. Cam switches to Vrajesh washing dishes.

4:50pm - Rajev seaching for something in the yellow room. Sapna straightening Aashka's hair.

4:59pm - BB plays jago jago subha ho gayi. BB mutes.

5:01pm - Sana says let's go out. Aashka and her go out. They talk to Rajev. Aashka bandaging his hand. Rajev says wow kya baal hain. I think Rajev again brings up captaincy and Sana says leave it, tum fevicol ki tarah chipak hi gaye. Jo jod toote ga nahi. Rajev goes to Niketan and guys and Vishal asks if you again spoke to Sana about it and he says no I have other topics to talk about. Del gets up to check on Vrajesh and Rajev starts doing weird actions so Del says " Salman ne kaha jo ulte haat ka jhapad milega na". Rajev and everyone quiet then Rajev sings "ruk ja o dil deewane" and everyone laughs. Niketan saying what I told you I was very serious. Rajev says I was as well. Mink says every since I'm here I;m drinking too much tea. BB's gong sounds and Mink says a letter has come to not let Niketan sleep again. Vishal says we have to go yoga today. Niketan says yes and he leaves. Mink sings "chitti aayi hai". Vishal says that when the shooting was going on in Australia for this song, everyone started crying. Vishal starts singing "koi fariyaad".

*my stream is cutting. Will continue in a while*

5:15pm - Mink goes and lies on the bed next to Urva. Urva gets up and goes to the toilet in captain's room and tells Mink no need to sleep. She's still captain.

5:16pm - In the kitchen. Niketan, Del and Vrajesh are there. Vrajesh washing dishes. Niketan telling people to get their batteries and Del telling Niketan to pick up his cups coz she's cleaning the counter. Focus on Vrajesh now.

*stream still cutting and unable to understand communications. Will continue later.*

5:38pm - BB asks Urva to come to the confession room.

5:40pm - Del is singing when Urva calls everyone inside as the galaxy tab has come. Everyone sitting on the sofa and waiting for Rajev. Niketan is saying I called him he's coming. Delnaaz is getting impatient so Niketan tells her to call and see. Then Niketan starts saying how the letter must start. Vrajesh does a rap "come on butterfly..put a sugar on me..". Urvash goes to check on Rajev. Niketan says that Vrajesh your days are done that's why you are acting like this. Rajev comes and Vrajesh jokes, Rajev you came so quickly and you changed your pants as well.LOL Urvashi reads that everyone should go one by one and give their votes in the confession room and to give the reason for why they are voting for that person. Vrajesh runs to the confession room first. Niketan seen going to the kitchen.

5:49pm - Cam switches to outdoor shot of the house.

5:53pm - Niketan outside and reciting something for Sai Baba. Guess he's praying.

5:56pm - Some lights seem to have come on from the inside. He's still chanting.

5:57pm - Mink comes out laughing. Niketan finishes and walks with her. Rajev and Vrajesh are fighting in a serious way and Mink is laughing and Aashka is constantly staring at me. It seems they were saying that Vrajesh was singing "chahe meri jaan le le tu" and Rajev caught his shirt and Vrajesh gave a gali and Rajev said why did you swear and Vrajesh said sorry sorry.  After that Vrajesh said I'm ignoring a lot of what you are saying too. Then they started doing ok ok so Mink started to laugh. Niketan asks Mink if Rajev gave his vote so Mink says no. He says to call him outside and she refuses. Niketan said that if Rajev does something and loses then I will completely cut him off and he can go and cry. Rajev comes out and Niketan asks who did you vote for. Rajev saying he voted for himself. Then they shift to inside cam and Sana is coming out after voting. Aashka talking to Delnaaz about how Mink was laughing that people would again start fighting. Vishal saying its a tie. Vishal saying Sapna is the best captain. Everyone comes back in. They are waiting for Sana to come back and sit. BB muted. Shifted to pool side cam.

6:08pm - Vrajesh out of the house walking towards the bathroom.

6:09pm - Cam shifts to house entrance. Niketan walking out and calling Vrajesh and BB wants him to come back. Vrajesh comes back inside and all go and sit on the sofa. 

6:11pm - Sana was facing Rajev briefly. Everyone still sitting. Perhaps there's a tie?

6:12pm -  Everyone clapping. Thought I heard Nik say doosri baat. Rajev got up and is reading something. Seems he won.

6:22pm - Sana making tea so Rajev definitely won. He's allocating house work.Sana looks kinda down. Sapna was telling Sana that she feels exhausted. She went to give everyone tea. Sana singing "dil sambhal ja zara" and she tells Sapna thank god I was saved from all this crap and tells Sapna, come I'll slap you you'll become awake. LOL

6:27pm - Aashka complaining about how she can do breakfast and lunch and mopping so Sana says I'll do girls room. Vrajesh and Mink talking and Vrajesh says saying tera moo dekha bada problem hai. And Vrajesh saying, I can't believe he got so serious. He came with so much agression I started to shake. Now Niketan and Vishal talking together and he's saying that only the girls would do bitching and never in the boys room. Now Urva comes and Vishal says that you were a good captain and were very nice to everyone. Niketan and you'd be nice and strict when required. Urvashi saying that Aashka is not being upfront. Niketan saying when she comes out of the kitchen, she'll come to know what work is. Vishal saying good that it's sorted because I was feeling bad to support him. Vishal saying that Rajev is very good and has very clear intentions. Delnaaz comes out to talk to Vishal and Vishal tells her to leave the garden to him because when his back hurts then how will she manage. Del saying they'll help each other out. Vishal saying I'm happy with my duties. They are still discussing house chores.

6:35pm - Fireworks going on in the background and the outdoor lighting is switched on. Rajev still talking to Mink, Urvashi and Niketan about the chores.

6:38pm - Vrajesh talking to Delnaaz and Delnaaz says Why did you say in English "I don't want to do Delnaaz", it sounds so bad and Vrajesh says aisa nahi hai. Sana sings "Do dil mil rahein hai.. Do Dil (in english accent)" Vrajesh says, "isko ulta kar do" so Sana says "Dil do..cheee!" ROFL

6:40pm - Delnaaz and Aashka talking and before they can tell each other what's on their minds, BB switches to Vrajesh talking to Sapna on her bed. She has knee pain and Vrajesh saying I know someone and when we come out I can take you there. Vrajesh comes out and asks "Auri please send my cigarettes I;m requesting from morning". Sana says yes iski maangein poori karo. Vrajesh says "maine kitni shopping ki aur 70 packets khareeda". 

6:47pm - Outside Rajev, Mink, Niketan, Urvashi and Vishal listening to the discussion of house chores. Rajev saying he's giving more work to Niketan because everyone says he does nothing.

6:50pm - Delnaaz, Aashka, Sana and Vrajesh sitting and discussing movies and story lines.

6:53pm - Sana saying this week's nomination names are all good and it's very difficult to say who's going. It's different from saying who I like. Rajev comes and talks to Sana dn Aashka and BB mutes. Outside Niketan, Vishal Mink and Urvashi taking. Niketan walks off saying that I would wash the dishes and more dishes would come in the sink and these people would say I dont do anything so what should I say. Vishal saying I want a better broom to clean or the back problem that everyone is having will also become my problem. Then he says that now everyone is saying volunteering but later everyone will will refuse. Urvashi says how is Rajev saying only 1 person was sweeping, there were 4. Vrajesh comes and says that everything has become so nice and peaceful. Niketan says that you only have to stay here only 1 more day. Vrajesh saying, next week Mink will leave. Urvashi saying everyone's work will increase. Niketan saying everyone except Sapna's. Urvashi asks Vrajesh why he swore and Vrajesh saying that I was joking and it accidentally came out. And at least this way his nonsense will stop and I've already told him. How much will someone bear it. Urvashi saying that you can raise your voice but why swear. Vrajesh says you are right that's why I went and said sorry to him. Urvashi saying you make people laugh and are positive, why tarnish your rep? Vrajesh agrees. Urvashi saying "gussa hona jayaz hai magar gusse main...". Vrajesh hain isliye main kalta diya. Urvashi yah but now he will go and say and Vrajesh saying now that I can't help and Urvashi says in a way you can help by saying "back off". Vishal saying that these people's images are so big and your fans would never want to see you fighting and Vrajesh says thanks guys, thank you BB. Urvashi saying I'm telling you generally confront the person and so Urvashi says I rest my case. Vishal jokes ki sab lawyer hai, baat khatam ho na ho, I want to defend, no I rest my case. LOL Vrajesh saying it's so boring, someone fight. Urvashi threw a orange at him so he says saali.

7:08pm - Urvashi saying to Vishal that he has a smile and a smirk on his face just like Niketan like I say kitna kameena hai yeh. Vrajesh telling Mink that "tum itne galat time pe haso gi na ki grenade phootegi". Niketan says and not even rang wala. Asli wala. Niketan saying "koi to green tea pilado". Vishal se "koi ka matlab hai Mink" and Niketan says "no PINK!". LOL Niketan and Vishal get up to go make tea and Vishal says, lets go drink tea, Green F-ing Tea. Shocked

7:12pm -Rajev comes out and starts talking about chores. Niketan telling Vishal that I told you we should do bathroom because it's15 mins and done. They decide to do bathroom and garden together.

7:15pm - Vrajesh talking to Vishal and Niketan and saying next week see, aise aise nomination hogein ki aisa lagaga, nomination nahi cross pollination hai. LOL Now Vishal and Vrajesh are singing a ghazal "pyaar ka rishta hai to janam rishta..". Vishal is saying wah wah @ Vrajesh and that we should sing from the start. LOL

7:21pm - Niketan asking Mink if she wants to go do yoga and she says I can only do the legs one not the hands one. Vrajesh saying that jo bhi bach gaya friday ko usko to bahaut maza aayega. Urvashi searching for matches to light diyas. Vrajesh touches Niketan then says i'm very sorry, never again and then holds Urva's hand and she says, how dare you touched me and so Vrajesh does it again and she pretend kicks him and Vrajesh pretends to be a ninja and Niketan says that the way he's behaving is coz he's leaving in 2 days. After a while, Mink and Urva leaves. Niketan saying that what if Sapna leaves on friday? (not getting their jokes). Niketan saying mera to bheem gudda hai hilne wala nahi. Ouch

7:30pm - Vishal and Niketan complaining about the treadmill and microwave not working.

**stream has slowed down so taking a break**

7:39pm - BB's bell sounds.

General Update of the missing time: (coming later)

10pm - Entrance to living area cam. Everyone on sofa listening to Rajev read from a tablet to them. Seems they are getting a task. Everything muted.

10:23pm - Vishal and Niketan coming out of the house and BB finally unmutes. Vishal removing his mic in the bathroom and blasting my ear drums simultaneously. I can hear Sana say "come on Sappy". Sounds like they are bowling inside the house. Confused

10:24pm - Outside pool view and muted. Vishal out of the toilet and washing his hands, taking his mic and leaving.

10:26pm - Rajev and Vishal talking about the task. Urvashi and one other person has to make gajar ka halwa and the boys have to judge and Vishal is excited and it seems Urvashi forgot milk from the store room. Rajev saying he is thinking of ways to get everyone together slowly and so he's thinking about it and he tells Vishal not to tell this to anyone. Rajev saying he told Sana not to be a captain now because so many people are against her. Vishal says she's a bit immature. Vishal is telling Rajev that he did a good setting of chores. Rajev saying he's a damn cool guy. They go inside saying that the boys ran away and only came to eat. Niketan leaving the bathroom and going back into the house. Vrajesh shouting, "come on". Out door over head cam switches to Living area entrance cam and back to outdoor cam. Vrajesh is outside heading to bathroom. Ouch

10:33pm - Niketan doing meditation in yellow bedroom and cam stuck on him.

10:48pm - Urvashi and Mink have a chef's hat on. Delnaaz telling Sana, did you like our mousse? After this you;ll have our cake and gajar ka halwa. Vrajesh saying you are cutting the akhrot and all that and sprinkling on top. You have 45 mins. Sapna and Sana and Mink have a blue apron on. Aashka also at the table with a blue apron. All women are wearing blue aprons.

10:56pm - Aashka asking if the items have to be kept back in the store room and sana says yes otherwise our luxury budget items are all there. More than cooking, I hear laughing.Ouch

11pm - Niketan lying down and pulls a blanket over him and makes weird sniffing noises.

**hands hurting so have to stop updating now**

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Welcome All!! 
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May the festival of lights dispel the darkness and evil from the world. Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali! =]

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Do they have the link to this thread?
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BB is so clever. He knew they are telling dirty jokes so they decreased the volume. LOL
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is everyone going to sleep

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i think no link to this thread 

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