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mm21 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2005 at 2:49pm | IP Logged

July 26 episode

Tribhu get angry on lolo for theft ...

but then lolo acts well & tells she hd dont tht for treatement of lovely for cancer &due to her bad health ..

so lolo escapes by acting brilliantly ...

then after submitting money lolo want photo session to be arranged shortly ..

so andy & pammi introduces pat in new role of photo grapher ...

& most shocking was pari now know that rj kareena & kooky are one as the same ..

she caught kareena as kooky singh ...



mm21 Senior Member

Joined: 13 January 2005
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Posted: 05 August 2005 at 2:49pm | IP Logged

Update July 27 :

@ mall :

karee was dressed as kooky when pari caught her,so she denies to be RJ kareena & tells I m kooky singh not rj kareena....

but pari proves tht she is only Rj kareena & shouts tht this sardar is not boy its girl ...so finally karee surrenders to pari & request her not to shout ... so pari start black mailing she says I will keep this to myself ,but for tht have to come @ my place & give me choclate ...

karee have to agree upon her conditions ...

@ lolo callin pammi :

lolo asks pammi abt photographs ... she was in her room then she T & N come to her room lolo notices them & change the conversation

@ on road :

karee & pari were walkin on road ,karee see her mom coming .. so she tell pari to hide karee was still dressed as kooky singh ...

pari hides but before hiding she again put condition tht u have to come with me ..

then karee saw pari's guide @ road who were searching for pari so karee told pari to go back to yr home ...

so karee send pari with guards

@ crazy lovely :

lovely is mad about koooky singh so that she change her look to typical sardarni & makes food for kooky singh ...

Lolo was goin out for photos but lovely stops her sayin I already said NO to u ..

lolo too tease lovely abt her beahviour regarding kooky singh ..

so both L & M were quarreling ...

@ office :

pammi calls @ office ,tribhu attend the call ..pammi call tribhu as secretary of lolo .. & tell him that lolo madam's photos are ready so tell yr boss to collect them ... & also talks about lolo's movie plan ..

tribhu get shocked after hearing that ...

tribhu questioning lolo for tht & asks do u interested in movie ?

lolo say : I m not at all interested in movies in fact i hate movies & movie makers ....

@ lolo calls pat (dod0) :

yeah pat name is dodo ,lolo asks pat for photos ...

pat says i already send those photos @ yr office ..

now lolo scared for wht happened if tribhu see those photos so she is in hurry

@ office :

tribhu got parcel containin lolo's photos ...

tribhu opens tht & he saw romantic photos of lolo & chandu ..

tribhu was lookin very angry ...

episode ended here

mm21 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2005 at 10:01am | IP Logged

RECAP : kooky singh sent photos of lolo's photo session @ office,tribhu saw those photos
now let see wht happen .....

# Tribhu gets angry after seeing those photos,she call Lolo to come to his cabin..
lolo comes tribhu was very angry as y'day lolo told tht she is not intrested in movies
& today he saw photos of her with other man..
PK also came ther to trap lolo more & more
but,lolo again acts well & tell those photos were taken before she met tushar in life
her dad dream was to see lolo in films so for her dad she done tht & also during tht time
they were facing money crisis so she done tht forcefully ...
so after hearing all this tribhu's heart melted & he forgives her by just givin warning

# Doctor came to see tushar & he say tht his health is improving ,he will be alrite very soon

# kooky saw those phtos to Nilu also now nilu lost her pations ..she start suspecting
L & M she meet tribhu & told him "we shuld do inquiry abt them ,about their past & present "
but tribhu still in favour of them so Nilu be with tribhu's decision & decided not to suspect more

# PK sharing this bad news with kooky who was @ her home ....
karee got diappointed she had tried her best
she meets andy & pammi to discuss their new plan ....
all were thinkin wht to do next ?
suddenly karee got idea ...

# pammi in new role of happy singh :

kooky was very happy,nhilu asked reason .. karee told my uncle are comin to bombay
he is good doctor he has solution for every disease he will cure lovely ...
so after knowin this lovely got tensed .....

finally kooky comes with his uncle ,& for your surprise pammi was get up as happy singh

End ----------

mm21 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2005 at 10:02am | IP Logged


# Kooky try to deny marriage by givin weird reason ... then also lovely is badly requesting for marriage ....

# pari used lipstick of lolo & lolo get angry on her for tht .. in front of T & N ... wch created bad impression of lolo in their mind .... pari also beahves like innocent on tht occasion

# T & N decide to make discussion with Lovely .. regardin their identity bcoz society want to know more abt L & M & their background ... lovely strts faking tht her father was gr8 businessman in australia & his husband as u know was crazy abt acting & he lefy us ..

T & N not satisfied with answer .....

# Lovely take precaution & inform lolo abt tht & tells if T & N ask abt yr grandpa tell them tht...but b4 lovely say something lolo replies i already answer them tht he stay in banaras he had done nothin in his life he was a looser ... now lovely in dilemma wht T & N think abt different answers they got from us ....

# then lovely again meet them & change her words she says " I was lieing ..plz forgive me u can punish me for tht ......... actually my father stayed in banras he took sanyas so I had lied to hide tht from u "

& she asks tribhu to forgive her ... & tribhu done tht .... but kooky tell nilu tht this is not good ..tribhu shuldn't forgive her so easily ...

# here pammi tell lovely to take care of pari & by doin tht u can go nearer to kooky ... but pari tease her a lot so she get angry on pari ... kooky scolds her , lovely feeling bad ..

# while lovely was depressed pammi comes & give her 1 more idea od writing love letter ... she writes it as said by pammi ... pammi tell her not to write kooky's name anywher ... so she writes 'sweet heart ' everywher ...

then pammi get letter from her & tell kareena tht i will keep this letter near tribhu's bed so 2moro morning when nilu read tht she automatically hate lovely ..

kareena says this is bad but pammi replies "everything fare in love & war & u have to win this war "

so finally pammi kept tht letter near to tribhu's bed ..

----> end here .....

mm21 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2005 at 10:04am | IP Logged

# tribhu was praying for tush ... Kooky & pari came from morning walk pari says Dont worry & gives him jalebi they have brought ..

then lovely comes 7 ask kooky for loveletter (LL).. pari make joke of her LL

# nilu was very angry after readin LL so,she throw her anger on tribhu ..& then meet lovely ask all abt LL ..like how u can write LL to tribhu ??

lovely says I had wrote it for kooky not tribhu ... lovely adds kooky also loves me ... i want to marry him b4 dying ..Ilu surprised but she assumes tht true ..

# Conversation between Tribhu & kooky :

tribhu asks her regrding her marriage with lovely ..by mistake karee says how can I marry i m girl then she changes words tht i m father of girl ... I m not ready for it .....

# L & M makin plan :

Lolo says we shuld leave now ... we will escape stealing as much as we can,but lovely says we will escape after selling chmtkar then lovely speak with one dealer abt tht ...

# karee's home :

Mom says : 15 days left ...

karee prayin hard for tush & like god is listenin to her .. tush started waking ...

so finally tush awake ...

# L & M were disscussing plan

they were busy discussin their dreams & how they will cheat T & N ,they will simply sell chmtkar & then escape to some other country so ther is no obstacle ...

suddenly they saw tush stannding besides them

--- episode ended here

mm21 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 August 2005 at 3:32pm | IP Logged

summary : after awaking tush losees memory ...

L & M tried for escaping,but happy after knowin

tush forgotten everything ....         &n bsp;         &n bsp;  kooky tried to know L & M plan by takin emotional

advantage of lovely,but not suceed

T & N diappointed for tush,they r trying to

remind him his identity..    

then some how she get lovely's cell & she come to know

abt hteir plan of selling chmtkar

Friendz wht i think is : tush is doin drama ..he is ok he is acting

memoryless to expose L & M
mm21 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 August 2005 at 3:33pm | IP Logged

# Karee & her team discussing how to solve problem,whts the plan ??

Karee suggest we shuld obtain tht fake Power of atorny to stop them ..

# Tush & Kooky face to face :

tush meeting kooky... both stare each other for some time ,tush asks

some Questions wht u know ?

- karee says try to remember something ? regarding yr best friend or

any girl tht came in yr life ..

tush says i m not able to remember ...so both spend some time talking


# then kooky & pam enters L & M's room to search for documents ..

it was good scene,all were discussing slowly so tht L & M not wake

up.. then pari comes to add to problem ... she was makin noise karee

send her out ... pari went to her home

kareena goto take her back ..

# T & N & tush :

T & N were sitting beside tush.. tell him if u remeber something ?

tush tried & he was thinking abt kooky's words & suddenly speak name

"kareena" T & N suprised ..tribhu unhappy with tht ..

tush ask abt kareena but they not told him ..

# pari's dad was was srching for pari .. he come to know tht she not

gone for camp .. & he thinks some1 kidnapped her ..

he saw 1 sardar @ his home .so he was worried ..

# next day ranvir call kooky ..(kareena) ask her abt pari .. wher is

she ? karee says i will srch her ...

then karee tell pari u shuld return yr home ..so she send her ..

karee also come @ ranvir house .. ranvir suspect kareena & tell

guiddes to look after kareena ..

# PK & kooky srch for papers but not found ...

lovely submits the power of atorny to 1 dealer ..

dealer says 1 party is ther who want the company ...

... end here

Edited by SuMs on 10 August 2005 at 10:56pm

@ Sumit,Kulraj randhawa's fan to infinity ....
I m running through kulraj's Faneria ..

Edited by mm21 - 30 August 2005 at 3:35pm
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Posted: 30 August 2005 at 3:37pm | IP Logged

Today's episode was too shocking ..

2 shocks were :

1> Kooky singh thrown out of the chamtkar by Tribhu & NIlu ...

2> Ranvir is the man who buying chamkar company frm L & M .....

Let see .....

# Lovely was talkin on phone tht today we will meet,i cant wait more

... Tushar & Nilu comes ther,nilu wanted to saw them photo album of

tushar.. but L & M were not interested so they made bahana of bad

health & gone ...

# Nilu saw tushar some childhood pics & some incidents.... tush says i

saw kooky before ... he is very atttached to my life somewher

# It was night time,Karee,pk & pam were @ road with the documents tht

they collected from karmesh office.. pk says we will saw this to

Tribhu 2moro .. & kal hamari jeet ka din hain ..all were very happy

# Karmesh try to contact L & M for lost documents,but Karee & PK hide

lolo's cell

# then L & M gone out for ther work... ther was some prob in tribhu's

bathroom so he went to lovely's room for bath... kooky comes,he

thought lovely is in bathroom .. so he says lovely we will fool T & N

shortly .. somethin like tht against tribhu & Nilu ..

tribhu heard tht ,he ocme out & get angry on him ... acting rudly like

he done with kareena ... Pk tell see this document u will understand

everything ... tribhu not listenin & says u only brought kooky to

this house.... kooky trying to say something but tribhu not allowing

him .. he was very angry

# @ ranvir's palace :

he was staring @ karee's pic.. pari comes..ranvir says i m gonna give

u 1 gift,pari says i want u say sorry to karee 4 suspecting her..

ravir says NO...pari went out in anger

then he again stare @ karee's pic.. then he cancels all his

appointements..he want to go out to meet some one

I thought he will be meetin kareena ...but he actually meet L & M to

talk for the deal .. he says i get everything tht is better than me in

my life ..

# here ,tribhu tell kooky to leave house .. kooki didn't say anything

& left chamtkar by respecting their decision ..

end here ....

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