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Posted: 14 July 2005 at 9:38am | IP Logged

Note :

Now onwards update will be available on next day oe episode telecast !!

only song tht comes to my mind after today episode is :

Dukh bhare din bite re bhaiya ab sukh aayo re !!

i think now its again turning into fun comedy,no more rona-dhona for kareena but now its time to cry for L & M

so happy dayz for kareena & us too
as now u will find KK As b4 ....

let see ...

@ kooky singh introduces himself to T & N ,he is very cute
& extremely talkative ,once its start talking never stops ....
she tease L & M too smartly....

@  kooky like by T & N,he calls tribhu bade papaji !!
@ karee calls home & tell dadoo tht she will b late 2day,dadoo were worried for her ,karee says i will win this war !!

@ RC :

karee comes here ..

Jab mil baithe 3 yaar :

she see pammi here as new RJ..
pammi has changed totally & she is now ready to help kareena in anyway she can....

so pammi,pat & karee now a team
they planing wht to do ?

pammi gives idea tht we have to apply britishers strategy of " divide & rule "
we will separare lolo & lovely to win this bettle
& as lolo want to be leading actress she calls lolo saying tht she is secretary of 1 big director who want to take lolo in her next film
& tell her venue to meet

then they thinkin how to bring tht director ?
& finally pammi & karee make pat ready for tht !!
this will come 2moro

@ tushar opens eyes after 2 weeks :

T & N decides to keep puja for tushr so tht he recover fast !!
they call swamiji ,who told ther is 1 person here who loves tush so much & its due to her only tush is safte till now ....

& its compulsory for tht lady to sit in puja ...
T &  N thinks tht girl  as lolo
but as we all know she is kareena who loves tush truly

also swami told tht girl who sit in puja shuld do tht for tushar with clean mind,otherwise its danger for tush
so karee worried for tush bcoz lolo thinks only for tush' money
so if lolo will sit in puja then ??

so she went to tush room & tell tush tush too wake up now
she was sayin from heart
so like her voice reached to tush & he opened eyes

--> end

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Posted: 14 July 2005 at 2:31pm | IP Logged

AS A boy friend of lolo

he come @ chamtkar residence to meet her & tell her tht we both want to become leading actors so never forget tht
& I too interested to meet tht director who gave u offer for his movie ...
& lolo ensures him tht i will marry u only ,i m doin this bcoz of my mom who want this entire property

kooky singh heard their entire conversation
so he taunts lolo sayin u got nice figure u must try in bolywood
he was praising her so tht she think abt tht bollywood offer....

-> here @ RC pat practicing for director's role ,but he is not tht confident...
kareena calls him & tell him to do well
& explains him plan tht he have to call lolo on tuesday morninf so tht she can't sit for puja kept for tush

->andy come ther he had listen tht & he locks him in tht room sayin u can't go anywher & not even thru window if i notice tht u will b fired & tht too without pansion LOL

-> lolo want to go out to meet director but lovely is standing in way so she tense
kooky helped her to go out... by fooling her mom lovely

-> @ hotel :
lolo with her boy friend come ther & pammi also comes as secretary of  director ,she waitin for pat to come
karee call pat & asks him wht happening ?
pat tell all d story

suddenly andy come ther @ hotel as director & created his good impression on lolo & tell her to come tuesday morning for 2nd meeting

-> @ kooky - karee :
karee very very angry over andy
andy calls her she talk rudly with him & cut the phone
again she got call,this time it was pammi ,who tell her all tht happened

->kooky listens chat between L & M ,lovely was tellin NO for tht audition & tell tht it necessary for u to sit in puja so u can'g go

& episode ends showin kooky thinkin wht to do next ?

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@ Sumit,Kulraj randhawa's fan to infinity ....
I m running through kulraj's Faneria ..
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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 1:28pm | IP Logged

kareena Kareena Update July 14   


Hi friends this is what happened today. Some highlights .



Kareena follows lovely, she sees lovely talking to a man and showing him some papers.   kareena enters the room thinking that no body is there. Just then the man who lovely was talking to comes and asks her who he is and what he wants he says that he has come to check the leaks in the building and has come to meet mr sharma the man says that there is no sharma in the colony and takes out his gun and points it a kareena and threatens her. She tries to escape , takes a paper weight from the table and hits the man on the head and runs from there.

At chamtkar house they show doctor visiting tushar and doctor telling tribu that there is improvement in tushar health thou its show. The doc says it's the prayers and love of ppl around tushar that he is getting better. Tribu tells the doc that tushar is in this condition today due to a person he trusted and considered like a family member but that person betrayed us .

The nurse is taking tushar In his wheel chair and the nurse twists her ankle and lets go of the wheel chair and tushar heads towards the stairs just then k sees this and saves tushar from falling down the stairs. Every body come to see what happened k says its my fault but the nurse says its her fault and k saved tushar . tribu  and nilu ji are happy and tribu says today onwards you are like a family member you saved tushars life.. And nilu ji gives a necklace she is wearing as a present to k .she says I know it's for a lady but pl give to the girl you will marry one day. But k gives it back to her.

Lola is being auditioned by andy . meenaxi tells her they she should put more emotion in her acting and tells her to close her eyes and think of the  person lola hates most . so she says she hates her mum in her dialogue  

K tells pk about that man lovely met and about the chamtkar papers so k takes pk to the same place where lovely met the man but when they go there they see that room is empty and there is a lock on the door.

Back at chamtkar  nilu ji finds some papers in a file on the table when she sees it she is shocked to see tushar has given power of attorney to lola of chamtkar industries. when  tribu  sees the papers  he is too shocked and k is standing bit far awaya and hears this and the epsi ended with k also having a shocked Expression on her face.

Courtesy: sai_b   [Thanx to sai_b for it]


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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 1:29pm | IP Logged




neelu ji and tribhuvan are shocked to see that tushar has given power of attorney of chamatkar industries to lolo. Tribhuvan tells neeluji how can tushar give control to lolo when we have both founded the company and tries to tear the papers by telling if these papers don't exist, nobody will know about this. But neelu ji prevents him from tearing the papers saying it was tushar's wish that the company should be managed by his wife lolo in his absence. Tribhu is not convinced and tells neelu ji I hope we are not making a mistake by trusting lolo like we did kareena. Neelu ji gets angry asking him not to compare the two. Kareena is listening to the conversation from the other room and has tears in her eyes.


Kareena comes in front of Lovely . Lovely tells kareena that she is wearing a matching turban to which kareena replies 'yes, my turban and your saree are matching'. Just then PK arrives and tells kareena to be careful with Lovely as she will send her to jail if she discovers your true identity. Kareena replies she will send her first.


Meenakshi calls K on her  phone and asks her to come to radio curry to plan out further about  lolo and lovely.  meenaxi calles chandu and ask him to meet her ..

At the chamatkar house nilu ji takes arti ki tali for lolo and tribu see that and says tha he is still not convinced about all this . just then they here lola talking to tuhsar . lola has tears in her eyes and she says  that she didn't want the power of attorney of chamatkar . and tell him that today is my first day to office. Out side the door nilu and tribu and standing and listening to lola. Turibu is still not happy  about all this  and says that lola can manager chamtkar only for a month but after that if she is not able to do it then she will have to sit at home and just be tushar's wife. Lovely is standing behind the curtain and is happy to here this. She goes into the tushars room and lola asks her how was my natak.

Nilu takes lola to the chamatkar office and introduces her to the staff the staff are not happy with her rude attitude. Her boy friend chandu comes to meet her at the office. lola is not happy to see him there. He tells her that meenxi called and she wants to meet him. He asks lola what she wants in life and asks her to think about his career he says that she will be bored in 2 days with all this money and power. But lola says that this is her mums wish that she should be at chamatkar.

There at chamatkar house K is looking for the power of attorney paper in lovely room which she can't find  k calls meenaxi and tells her that she is not able to find the papers meenxi tells her not to  worry and to be careful and not get caught.

The episode ended with k coming out of lovely's room and k & lovely bumping into each other and k falling in lovely's arms.


 Courtesy: sai_b   [Thanx to sai_b for it]



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Posted: 20 July 2005 at 1:30pm | IP Logged

thanx sai_b for updating last episode
i had missed tht epiosode ....
your update was nice ... so thnx for updating me & other


y'day episode ended showin andy bumping with pammi & lovely stucked with kooky

now let see .....

lovely save kareena from falling down .. it was like karee & tush stucked many times ... LOLLOL
here pammi & andy to stucked to eachother ...
pat teasin andy on tht

PK too suspecting lovely's behaviour ....

@ karee family :
dadoo thinking for kareena's marriage so tht all problem get solved
but mom denies for tht & says we will think abt it after 1 month period get over

@ L & M 2nd attempt to kill tush :

tht was night time .. tush was sleeping ,L & M comes & lolo says : doctor sayin tht u r  recovering fast.... tht makes us tensed so only solution is tht u have to die

she picks up pillow & prees his nose & mouth under tht pillow ...
tushar was not able  to breath so he was moving his hands & legs
& lolo was holding his legs & hands

& suddenly kareena shouts ..

tht was her bad dream
she is shocked totally

me too ... LOLLOL

some comedy :

she was gettin late to reach chamtkar so she get ready fast & leave her home
then she calls rikshaw ... 1 sarsarji were driver
so seeing him kareena remembers tht she forgot to dress up as kooky singh...


so she get in to 1 mole & changed to kooky in ladies toilet
1 man surprised to see kareena going in & kooky singh coming out of ladies toilet ....

@ lolo against lovely :

lolo was practicing in front of mirror how to tell lovely tht she want to become actress & she is not interested in this kind of drama.. she tired of this .. she not want to handle chamtkar office
here only lovely is clapping for her acting she want all ppl to clap for her acting ...

suddenly lovely comes she is kinda romantic mood after her takkar with kooky..
lolo not able to tell whtever she spoke just now against mirror ..

@ lovely behind kooky :

lovely follows kooky everywher & makes sweets for him etc ...she is madly behind kooky singh & only thing kooky can do is to hide ...

then ther were some good momments between kooky & tribhu..
kooky consoling tribhu to not lost hope ...everything will b fine ...

@ RC :

1 small girl comes here
she is gr8 fan of Kareena ...she comes ther & demand to meet Kareena
she asks andy why they stopped RJ kareena show ...
she says she is missing kareena so much
her name is pari
pammi calls kooky & tell her to come RC

kareena comes RC & meets tht small girl ... talk to her with love ..
& promises tht she will be back
suddenly they saw 3-4 cars comin @ RC building
pari says they r Gundas who came here to kidnap me ..
kareena ensures her tht nothing will happened to her ..

Actor Faraaz Khan

this man enters RC office ....with many cops & security....

pari cries tht she dont want to go...
but tht man take her with him

kareena stops him & tell him gunda ...

andy & pammi come ther & tell kareena tht he is father of pari ...
who is very rich person ...

kareena give innocent smile to tht man ....
tht man name is ranvir

Episode ended here ....


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Posted: 24 July 2005 at 3:42am | IP Logged

  - L & M were about to exposed ......

Recap :

y'day episode ended showin entry of Ranvir as pari's father ...

now let see ...

-> Ranvir take pari with him out of Radio curry to home.. then he scold her so much.. pari was angry on his father for takin her away from RJ kareena

-> Lolo @ chamtkar office :
she was behaving rudly with entire staff - Pilu,Mr.alrite then tht peon krishna ....
kooky also come ther ...
kooky was having nice time ther as all of them are good friends of her..
then @ lunch time ,lovely also come ther with lunchbox for kooky singh ...
kooky hiding from lovely

-> Lolo's boy friend meets lolo
he wanted some money so he meet lolo for tht ...
so tht lolo arrange some money for him ..

-> pari @ karee's house :

pari again escape from her home & by somehow reach kareena's home ...
where mom & dadoo were ther
she again insisting to meet kareena ...
kareena's family in tension ....

----------> break

-> lolo & her boy friend chandu were talkin & nilu come ther...
she surprised to see lolo with strange guy
lolo totally shocked ... she don't know wht to do now ?
then she says tht he is jyotish he can tell future
& just now he had said tht tush will be alright sooon
Nilu happy to hear tht

then NIlu ask him to see her hand,but by the time lovely comes ther so chandu runs away ..
lovely had not seen chandu ther otherwise lolo was in trouble ..
then lolo tell lovely lets go for shopping ...
Nilu agree on tht saying u both must go out somewher ....
I will send PK with u

-> kareena's mom call kareena & tell her to come ther ...
kareena talks with pari & asks why u r doing all this ?
y'day also u lie tht GUndas are coming to kidnap u & ther was nothing like tht ...
now what is the probl em today ?

-> L & M were about to exposed
Pk calls up kareena & tells tht i have one good news ...
L & M were gone for shopping & they had purchased so much tht Bill is very large..
I will show tht bill to nilu ,I m sure nilu will now know them better ..
& their hunger for money will get exposed
kareena happy to hear tht

--------> break

@ PK fails :

PK comes to NIlu ,show her tht bill
& try to create negative impression of L & M in NIlu's mind ....
tell her tht they are money leechers they had done shopping in ad-hoc manner
but PK fails to create tht impact ...
NIlu answers tht show they are khandani ...
I know their money condition is not good but we can pay small bill for them

@ Kareena goto ranvir's home :

kareena take pari to her home ...karee says u r lieing so much go back to your home ..
pari was not ready to get IN ..
she says i will not go

kareena tell her to sit in rickshaw till i come back ..
then karee go to meet ranvir ...

security not allowing her to get IN
suddenly karee see ranvir, he was talkin on phone with police
to find out wher Pari is ?
he was sayin pari had done this before also

ranvir notices kareena & cut the call
kareena says u r such a careless father u dont know wher yr daughter is
she is with me ,waiting outside in rickshaw ..

ranir runs to meet her
but when two of them reach to rickshaw ... pari was not ther
she had escaped from ther ...

--- episode ended showing karee in tension ..

@ Sumit,Kulraj randhawa's fan to infinity ....
I m running through kulraj's Faneria ..

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Recap :

karee & ranvir came @ rickshaw to meet pari,but she already escaped before they came ...

now let see ...

-> kareena gettin angry @ rickshaw wala tht u can't take care of small girl...
driver says i was helpless when she told tht she gonaa for loo LOL  LOL

driver asks for his fare .. kareena saya how can u expect money after losing Pari ??
but then ranvir pay him the fare ,he has no change so he gives Rs.500..
rickshaw driver havin aish !!

then both karee & ranvir start their search for pari ..in way karee scoldin ranvir too much ,she was over reacting on ranvir for escape of pari ....
she says u r careless father u alwayz given busineess prority over pari ....
thts why she escapin everytime ....

karee callin home to know if pari had came ther ,but she was not ther ...
karee's mom gettin angry tht kareena addin problems for herself ..
already she facing so much probs & by getting involved in pari's case she is inviting more trouble ..
1 month period is approaching to end ...

@ office :
T & N come to visit office to see how lolo managing office ? one client had came he was not havin draft so he pays in cash ,lolo misbehaves with him saying tht u pay draft otherwise your order will not get clear ...
he was very old client
so tribhu comes & handles tht situation he accepts cash & delievers the order ...
tribhu tell nilu to put this cash into shelf thru hands of lolo ...
nilu does tht

-> karu @ police stn ...
karu was helping ranvir to find pari ...
then she remember to call @ RC to know if pari had came ther ,but she was not ther
then pk calls karee .... as a kooky singh
& it was very funny tht ppl surprise to hear karee as kooky singh ..
by mistake she speaks tht "haan mein bol raha hoon "

-> pari found
karee & ranvir were walkin @ road ,
karee was speakin so much on pari issue ...
ranvir was gettin irritated by her ..
sudenly ranvir saw pari sleepin @ sit of park ...
& then ranvir & pari both leave ....

-> Karee & PK traping lolo :

karee & pk make plan to trap lolo so tht she get involve robbery of cash tht was stored in shelf today @ office ....
they first call pammi & andy arrange meeting with lolo & chandu ...

@ meeting :
andy & pammi tell lolo tht we have to make yr portfolio before starting movie ..
for tht we have to do photo session
for tht we require money ..
they start counting money from Rs. 500 then one by one addin the expense & finally they stop @ rs 3 lacs ...
they tell them to arrange tht money asap ....

@ lolo looting .....

lolo ensures chandu tht i will ask for money to T & N they will give me ...
kooky hears tht
so in front of her pk & kooky starts drama tht its better to loot money instead & discuss entire plan against her ..
plan was like : when Nilu go 4 bath in morning ,get key from er purse ...then open the shelf using tht key & in end keep tht key again in purse before nilu come out of bath ...

lolo does tht ....
& she suceed to achieve tht cash ...
she was happy but she was not knowin tht she now will be in trouble

so tht was koooky & pk's plan to inspire her to loot tht cash & then expose in front of tribhu .....

@ office :

next day tht client again came to submit draft & get his cash back
but when nilu opens the shelf cash was missing ..

tht client was in tension about his money ,lolo gettin angry on client with out any reason but tribhu again helps client by saying thts our fault not yrs ..
then kooky start investigation ..
tht shelf door is not broken so shelf was opened by key ..
tht key is ther in purse of nilu
& tht purse was in bed room
then kooky asks who r the ppl comin in bedroom ?
nilu answers me ,tribhu & lolo ..

kooky says its surely not T & N so now who left ??

lolo was shivering on tht occasion
------> end


on monday we will see tht how tribhu & staff catching the thief ??
tribhu says tht i will catch thief in 1 day ....

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@ Sumit,Kulraj randhawa's fan to infinity ....
I m running through kulraj's Faneria ..
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Recap :

T & N check the shelf ,but tht cash packet was missing ....
T & N in tension ,lolo too scared bcoz she is the thief ......

let see wht happened 2day ......

kooky start inquiring entire robbery .....
she asks nilu some Question like where she keeps her purse ?
nilu says it remains with me only except bath time wher it was @ bed ...
so kooky conclude tht its insider from chamtkar ... outsider can't reach nilu's bed room
kooky start suspectin 1 by 1 .....
Tribhu give challange tht i will catch him/her in 1 day ...

@ chandu meet andy & gives money ....
andy & pammi try to scare him ...
& call him 2moro for photo shooting ....

@ chandu calls lolo & informs her tht i submitted the money & we will go 2moro for shooting ..but accidentally her cell was in lovely's hand & now she know what lolo is doin this dayz .....
then lolo comes ,lovely scolds her .... & tell her to stop all this
& u had put our dream in trouble by looting tht cash ....
lolo scared ....

@ kooky meetin andy ...
at first,andy & pammi not able to identify her ..
but then kooky says i m kareena yaar ....
she gets the cash pack tht chandu had given ....

@ pari's drama :
pari's attendant mariya call kareena sayin pari met with an accident u plz come fast ...
kareena goes pari's house ...
pari was sleepin in bed with some 1st aid made to her ...
kareena very worried for her
& then ranvir comes & asks kareena wht r udoin here ?
& show her tht it was pari's make-up she is well ..she is doin drama ...
karee again start sayin tht u r not takin care of her ,u8 give business more importance ..u never scold her before thts y she is behaving like this ...

then she scold pari too " wht u think whenever u call kooky singh aa jayega "
she speaks tht by mistake but then change her words ...
& by mistake she wore sport shoes on dress ...

@ chandu come @ chamkar to meet lolo but this time he got seen by lovely
& she send him out & tell him that now u do wht i m sayin
@ office :

checking was goin on ....

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