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Posted: 29 June 2005 at 1:01pm | IP Logged

* tribhu v/s kareena :

kareena not able to see her partner against her ...she tells tht 1st listen to me & aboout the real truth ...
she was just going to speak abt L & M tht they r bad but tribhu stop her & get angry on her

reason 4 tribhu against kareena :

many of us were surprise tosee tribhu as tht but reason is ...
b4 tribhu came to hospital L & M already show him tht check & recorded tape
& he is also get disturbed by Nilu's sadness & tush accident

so tribhu not at all listen to her
& tell her to leave her ...

@ home :

karu's mom ask wher was she ?
karee replies i was @ hospital bcoz of tush's accident
mom says tush is nothin to u

& we r leaving for chandigarh so make packing ...

karee tell jiya tht she is goin last time to RC b4 leaving ..

@ RC :

prem was ther with newspaper in his hand ..
he tried to hide tht ther was negative report was their against RJ kareena
but kareena read tht & she hurt

then karee sasy i m leaving in some time ...
prem try to stop her
but she not listen to him ...

she give hug to prem & leave from RC

   tht report was printed in news paper by L & M through their contact with owner of tht newspaper...

her family also read tht & hurted

My message :

to all regular reader of this updates ...
plz post yr comments after reading ...

regarding this show ,characters & yours prediction for further comin episode

yours replies r valuable for me ...

@ rajeev meets kareena :

Varun helps Kareena solve her woes

MORALE BOoSTER: Varun and Kareena in Kareena Kareena

In this confused state of mind, Kareena decides to seek some peace in a temple. On her way back, she meets RAW agent Varun (Rajeev Khandelwal).

He is basically driving on the road and sees Kareena walking on the way lost in her thoughts. He honks for her to get out of the way but she is totally clueless. He finally pulls over and gives her a lift.

varun says :

he  basically give her courage and boost her morale. Since she has lost hope, I ask her to fight for her dreams and not to give up on hope."

Kareena also shares her dilemma with him and tells him about the past. After listening to what he had to say, she starts thinking about her decision to leave Mumbai, and whether she should rethink the step and fight for her self-respect.

@ Kareena's challenge 2005 ::

kareena return to home thinking abt wht varun has told ....
then they leave for chandigarh train

& kareena was in taxi with family she was thinkin i had came to mumbai to gain self respect & respect from other
I can't leave like this ..

she stopped taxi near temple

& get inside temple ..
then she request dadoo & mom to give her 1 month
& stay 1 more month here  @ mumbai
She will change her world she will prove tht she is right
& will expose L & M

so she request badly to them
& says i don't want to run like coward
so give me 1 month

her family agree to tht
thts boost kareena's morale

& she pray to Kali Mata & apply tikka on her head like she is giving warning to L & M..

& epsiode end shwing her in mood of action ..

yo !!!

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Posted: 30 June 2005 at 10:42am | IP Logged

Kareena Kareena Update , June 28, 2005

this is brief update

* kareena get suceed in recording dialogues between L & M

* she send tht parcel to tribhu's name @ hospital

* but tht not reached to tribhu & L & M get tht ..

* L & M destroy the tape & decide to more troublw the kareena
   like givin her death

* @ karu's home all were waitin for her
   she not came till late night

* dadoo & jiya goto hospital to make inquiry
 wher lolo not allow them to meet tribhu & insult them

* karu's mom goto police stn to make report
   tht inspector behave very bad

then he got call from some1 abt kareena
he tell mom tht i come to know abt her .

* inspector comes to hospital
& meet tribhu & nilu says kareena has been kidnapped
& u r behind it
so u have to come to police stn ...

here ends ...

sorry friend i m busy i had decided not to write & delay update
but then i changed my mind
& written in brief

Edited by SuMs on 28 June 2005 at 10:31pm

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 3:08pm | IP Logged



LAST episode ended showin police came @ hospital to ask tribhu abt kareena after gettin info tht tribhu is behind kidnapping of kareena ...

now let see wht happen 2day ...

* as i said tht inspector is very bad,so he prove tht tribhu had kidnap her as he want to take revenge & arest him & take him to the police stn ..

tribhu was arrested due to L & M 's phone call to inspector ...
by doin this they prove tribhu villan in mind of karu family & tribhu & nilu also blaim kareena for this & they kareena more
} so tht 1 more plan by them ...

* here ,karu's family still srching for her, today is 3rd day of her absence
so they r in tension & makin call to every1 who might know somethin abt karee

@ p stn : inspector tortures tribhu for givin info abt kareena
& keep on askin abt kareena even though tribhu know nothing ..

@ hospital :

Nilu went to meet tribhu in jail,so tush was alone @ hospital
L & M take advantage of tht & interchange his medicine with poison

{ SuMS asks : now why they want to kill tushar ??
bcoz by marryin tush only they can grasp his property & chamtkar }
they want entire chamtkar AngryAngry

@ jail :

first nilu come @ jail to meet tribhu & worried for tribhu ...
but today tribhu was hating kareena to the infinity & tell nilu tht 2day is saturday so i have to wait till monday to come out
but after comin out I will make karee's life worst ..
she is hiding puposely to trouble us ..
she will be having some wher & will b enjoying to see us in trouble ..

{ SuMs says : L & M made tribhu hating kareena & prove kareena his enemy & to karu's family tribhu is villan so two families are grest enemies now}

then karu's mom came @ jail & ask tribhu for kareena & tell him to leave kareena & give her daughter back

tribhu two shout @ karu's mom & says yr entire family are liers ... i m not able to decide who is acting better from u & kareena ...
u both had done this to send me to jail ...
karu's mom to get angry & said many rude things ....

@ hospital :

tush life in danger :

bcoz L & M had interchanged medicine with poison ..
nurse come to give injection to tush
& she was goin to fill tht poison in injection
but suddenly tushar's hand lift up slightly & striked with tht bottle
so poison fell to the ground ...
& tushar's life saved ...

@ kareena's dead body :

At karu's home ,dadoo were saying karu's mom to cool down & have passions ..
but mom says my daugher is not back since 3 days & u r tellin me to have passions
jiya offers water to her but she says i will not drink water untill kareena not back ..
then suddenly phone rings ..

dadoo picks up tht caller says : " U found kareena or not ?
if not,then came @ this hospital
we found 1 young girl's dead body from national park & it seem to br kareena's body
so come fast

& episode ends showing socked face of dadoo ...

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Posted: 05 July 2005 at 1:39pm | IP Logged

KAREENA KAREENA : update June 30

---> kareena made prisoner @ one godown by L & M.....

hlo friendz ..
WHere is kareena ? tht Question was the big secret .....
but today tht revealed ..

@ karu family rushed to hospital after tht phone call ...
they were very tense & hoping tht dead body is not of kareena ...

@ PK praying :

PK praying to Ganeshji tht at present tribhu,nilu & tush r in big trouble so save them & give me their pains
also kareena is not a bad girl so i m praying for her too... help kareena also as she is also in trouble

so ganpati ji help us & give some soln
& like god has heard his prayer this happened ...

he hears voice of lovely talkin on phone tht i had a big plan but tht plan got failed ... PK was listening tht
but lovely  notices pk & change the topic of the talk ..
then after PK goes lovely speaks tht my plan was full proof but duno some how tht poison bottle fell on floor & tush got saved ..

PK start suspecting L & M ..

@ jail :

inspector tell tribhu tht  we got one unconfirmed news tht kareena's dead body is found ...& tht is sucide case ..
if tht news is true then we will release u ...
but tribhu get tense after hearing abt kareena's death ...

@ hospital :

PK show Nilu in news paper tht kareena's dead body has been found
nilu also got worried  for kareena
& both N & T were remembering old days with kareena

so SuMS says : " somewher they still love kareena "

@ hospital :

karu family come here ,doctor tell u come & identify tht body ...
but tht girl had sucide from top floor so face got spoiled .....thts why difficult to identify

mom & dadoo see face ,they couldn't decide by seeing face but mom says my karee  is strong so tht she will never suicide ..

then doctor took body for further checking
& after some time inform tht body is not of kareena

@ jail :

tribhu also hear abt tht & he seems to be happy ...
then he got released & was walking out of the court ..
wher karu's mom & dadoo met in way & they both started fighting vocally...

@ kareena's secret :

then before ending episode they show 1 lady was walking toward one old house or kinda godown & tht lady opens having 1 key in her hand & then she opens the door
kareena was ther inside ,she was kept like prisoner her hands were tide & her condition was very bad ....

tht lady was lovely-lolo's mom who laughs at kareena ....

----- End .

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Posted: 12 July 2005 at 2:29pm | IP Logged

Kareena Kareena July 4, Update

hello ppl

I m very very busy these dayz...
so update will be delayed

here is the update :

* lovely came @ godown & says its all over for u & chamtkar ...
soon we will rule entier chamtkar empire
kareee still havin courage & says i will make sure tht u will not suceed in this plan...

*@ hospital lolo make her good impression on tribhu & prove karee villan,she lies tht she has took so much care of tushar in tribhu's absence

* lovely givin supari of kareena's murder to 1 killer

* pk meets karu family & tell them to meet tribhu once & get his help he will surely help u in finding kareena ..karu mom & dadoo thinks tht they were wrong tribhu cant do tht ..& in this city they only know tribhu so they decide to meet him

* here killer preparing for murder & was approaching to the godown wher kareena was kidnapped ....

* karu family came @ hospital ,tribhu not in mood to talk with them but karu family request so much
& say sorry for all tht happend
tribhu says this is yr new plan ... i will not help u

* here killer is reaching nearer to the godown..
& kareena try hard to escape from ther
finally he find 1 knife  & release her self ...

* @ hospital : tht killer calls lovely tht karee is not here ....
L & M in tension ,wht happen if she will come here ?
& suddenly L & m saw kareena ther & they run away from hospital ...

* kareena came @ tushar's room wher her family & T & N were ther ..
karu family happy to see her ..
when all asked wher was she ?
she answers tht she was been kidnapped by L & M ..
but tribhu not listen to her & says now u r blaiming my relatives..

then karee says "babaji ki kasam " i m saying truth
tht inspector was ther & says the girl who had given info abt kareena's kidnappin was also saying same words "babaji ki kasam " again & again
so tht girl is karee only

but kareena says i m saying truth ...
her mom got angry & slapped her

.... end ......

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Posted: 12 July 2005 at 2:38pm | IP Logged

Kareena Kareena July 5, Update

recap : july 4 ended where kareena come back after she was kidnapped & come @ hospital wher tush & karu family was ther ....

now let see ...

T & N insults karee family & blame tht this was  big plan by them to trouble me .. L & M happy abt tht ..
kareena try to protect her by sayin tht L & M had kidnapped her & the yr playin big game ,& they r danger for chamtkar ...
but no1 listens..
inspector gives warning to karee to don't disturb them in future just leave them ....

@ karu's home :
jiya supporting kareena ,request mom to give her 1 month then do whtever u want ... trust her

@ L & M : they got bored @ hospital they want to leave from hospital & want to go 4 party .... so make drama tht lolo is takin so much care of tush here not conscious abt her health,she need rest ...

@ PK meets kareena & support her ..
karu family angry on PK ,bcoz tht was pk who told them to meet tribhu...
& don't like PK

PK talk with karee & says i had heard their conversation but before i record they noticed me so i walked off from ther
but pk says tht they had left hospital & gone home

@ kareena takes 1 camera phone & start following them she come @ their home ,they were enjoying ther & were goin out for some party
she was jsut goin to shoot but them 1 call comes @ her cell

they shown that prem's elder brother andy
( new man in kk)
calls kareena & tell her to report for the job...
& says : he was in america those dayz & i m back from US to take control of the Radio curry
prem & her mom left for US 4 business....
& before leaving he said me to take care of yours

so 2moro report to radio curry ...

@ L & M 1 more game :

they show 1 fake marriage certificcate havin tush's sign on it to T & N
they got shocked after tht
& episode ended

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Posted: 12 July 2005 at 2:40pm | IP Logged

Kareena Kareena July 6, Update

Lolvely cries & says ohh god wht our childs had done ? I was not expecting tht from lolo
both done marriage before 1 month only
now wht will happen ?
so she cries very much

@ RC :

karee comes,andy introduces himself & ask wher was she ?
I m too strict
kareena answers i was facing some personal problem thts why i was away ...
andy says work comes b4 tht .I want her show to be no.1 as alwayz ...
so now be sincere

kareena thinks using her show as platform she can convey to listners tht she has not done anythin wrong ...
& can expose L & M

so she starts her show ...
not a single listner calls her

1 lady calls & when karee talk with her ,she insults karee & says wht u r doing here u r froud ..& many bad things ....

karee very very disappointed & leaves from ther ,she was crying ..

andy asks pat abt karee problem,pat tell andy all things from begining ...

@ PK inform karee abt tht fake marrige cerificate issue ..
kareena dress up as Nurse & come @ hospital to find tht certificate & destroy tht

she was searching for tht when T & N gone out from some time
suddnely NILu returns
& kareena  notices her ....
NIlu asks her " nurse wht r u doin here ?"

nilu can see just her back,but wht will happen when kareena turns her face
so karee in tension
& episode ended ...

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Posted: 12 July 2005 at 2:45pm | IP Logged

Kareena Kareena July 7, Brief Highlights

kareena in a sardaar  attire:

After Kareena is kidnapped and returns home she realises that she is being accused of playing this whole drama and sending Tribhuvan to jail. She also gets to know that Lolo has proved to Nilu and Tribhuvan that Tushar and she had got married. She realises that Lolo and Lovely will take over Chamatkar and also that they mean danger to Tushar and Chamatkar.  No one at Chamatkar except PK is ready to support Kareena. It is impossible for her to enter Chamatkar. What does she do now? So Kareena in a new avtaar enters Chamatkar as "Kooki Singh" a young and handsome sardar. Her mission is to save Chamatkar and the Pandey family from Lolo and Lovely.

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