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Posted: 14 June 2005 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

@ HOspital :

episode started showin ambulance runnin & tribhu taken to ICU...
Pk calls kareena abt tht.. karee says i will b ther ..

kareena @ hospital ->

PK explains her how all tht happened ..
karee then meets tush ... & gets angry @ him, u shuld take care of him ..
if something happen to tribhu then i will see u ....

after treatment when tribhu opened eyes he want to meet kareena first ... doctor call for kareena .. tush wanted to go IN ... but doctor tell kareena to meet him ....

kareena cries & also scolds him with love ,bcoz she cares for tribhu so much ..
& promises to stay beside him alwayz ...

pk callin nilu ,nilu says i will come ther in next flight ....
tush asks for discharge ,doctor says they will keep him 24 hr under observation ...
karee agree with doctor ..

ther comes tush ....
he feels himself reason for this .. & cries ..
tribhu says tell sorry to karee & not me ..
but kareena left the room

@ tush v/s kareena :

tush not want kareena here ,he dislikes her & tell her tht me & pk are here u can go ..but karee says i will not go.. till he completly ok ....
actually tush not like kareena getting more priority by tribhu ...

@ kareena takin care of tribhu :

she was ther beside tribhu 24hr & take care of him ...
doctor too happy  with tht ,doctor thinks tht she is daughter in law of tribhu ....

her mom calls her & ask wher is she ?
karee says my boss health is very bad & i will be overnight here ...

@ NIlu back :

nilu comes back,goes to hospital ....
& meets doctor ,doctor says he already got discharged ..
kareena has taken so much care ..
nlu happy abt tht

@ chamtkar home :

after dropppin tribhu home .. tush tell kareena to go now ..though tribhu wants her ..
kareena leaves ....

NIlu comes :

she cries & tribhu says : in yr absence i was findin myself so much alone ...
i was mentally broken

nilu says i ve to now search for ideal bahu,who will take care of u ...
tribhu surprise & asks who ??

nilu says Mrs. sood i mean kareena

episode ended here ....

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Kulraj new pics added....

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Posted: 15 June 2005 at 12:57pm | IP Logged

Brief Update of June 14th [ by SuMs]

friends ...

today i had 1 family function which got clashed in kareena time ...
so i missed today's epiosde ....

so I ve to watch tomorow's repeat telecast & then update ...
if any1 from india know abt today's episode then post ...

i asked 1 of my friend who told some things :

in brief :

Nilu &  tribhu discussin abt  tusha'r  marriage ...

tribhu saw 1 dream in which kareena was his bahu in same costumes as on April fool special epsiode ....
they both were havin good time in dream .....

then tribhu tell kareena to lets go out today 4 dinner ...
nilu too agreed & says its celebration time as tribhu come out of tht attack ...
tush was also coming  ....

then @ hotel nilu ask tushar abt kareena for marrige ....
tush says i already having 1 girl friend ..

nilu ask who is she ??
she pointed out on any random  girl @ hotel ...
tush has just seen her back
but when she turned ..... it was neither she nor he ....

it was bobby darling ...
tribhu says i was not expecting tht from u ...

then tush to save himself says , No re i was talkin abt girl behind him/her ....
tht girl was this Lolo ...


Nilu says lets talk with her ,& she was just going to meet her ..
but tush says ..i will bring her ...

but before tush reached ther tht girl walked off ...

& episode ended here ....

friends i covered majority of episode ...

this will be ok or u want detailed one ??????
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Posted: 17 June 2005 at 5:54am | IP Logged


Tushar pointed out at 1 girl @ hotel as his girl-friend,Nilu wants to meet her ..,but girl tht tushar pointed was bobby darling ...tushar replies NO not tht girl,girl standing behind him/her ...
& before tushar meets her ,tht girl left ....

- tushar runs after tht girl,she catches taxi.. her mom was already inside car.. Lolo notice som1 running behind her ... both of them thinks tht tushar is from police & tell driver to drive fast ...
  so tush not able to catch her,bobby darling says he/she know her,she(LOLO) is TV actress & will help tush ..but then Nilu & tribhu comes ther .. so tush not go with bobby while he/she was callin

- NIlu asks where is yr GF ?
tush replies she had gone ..
Nilu says if u don't able to meet her to me before evening @ home ,then I will go ahead yr angage ment with karee..

@ Shooting place :

Tush search for tht girl ..& came @ shotting location ..
here lolo was ther with her mom doing shooting ..
her mom see tush here & again misunderstands him as police & tell lolo to hide inside make-up van ..
& tell watch-man not to allow any1 inside van ..
but tush take watchman in confidence & get inside the van ..

@ tushar havin deal :

tush ensures her tht i m not from police,want to talk for 2min ..
she agree to talk ..
then tush gives deal for real-life acting,he will pay 25,000/hour ...
But lolo says she is very busy with shooting for serials & rejects offer ...
tush finally drop his card ,in case if she change her decision..

@ NIlu -tribhu :

Nilu shows  saree tht she brought for kareena ..tribhu happy tht nilu want kareena ..
but nilu says i will consider tush's choice & give him some time ..

@ tushar back @ home without GF :

T & N asks wher is she ?
tush says she wiil be comin,don't know the time but she will come ..

@ kareena - tribhu :

tribhu inform kareena abt all this,kareena  take this lightly  & says lets she how is his GF ?
tribhu says i m 100% sure tht ther is no GF,tush is just givin reason
somewher karee also know tht tush is just lieing,ther is no GF ..

@ karee -tribhu teasing tush :

tush see kareena ther & asks wht she is doing here ..
karee says i m makin arrangement for guest ,yr GF ...
& asks more info of GF ,like wht she likes - dislikes to make good arrangement for food ..
tush not able to answer ..
kareena laughs ...

{ today kareena was in naughty mood,as she was 100% sure ki it will gonna POpat of tush }

Nlu comes -->
nilu asks ,still how much time ..its already evening ..
tush says wait for some time ..

then NIlu gettin emotional & tell tush to take her promise & tell the truth ...
tushar was just going to tell the truth ..

BUt LOLo enters .....

kareena get shocked ...

{ Today in entire episode kareena was in naughty mood & was teasin tush a lot  except this last moment ...wher tush won }

Expected Preview :

I think tht girl lolo & her mom have done something  wrong i.e. crime or Lafda .
thts y they get scared of police ...

friends just think , tht girl is even more bad than kareena...
she will playiin negative character ..

Edited by SuMs on 16 June 2005 at 1:25pm

@ Sumit,Kulraj randhawa's fan to infinity ....
I m running through kulraj's Faneria ..
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Posted: 20 June 2005 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Episode 140 : LOlo @ chamatkar .... [June 16, 2005]


tush was just going to tell truth tht,ther is no GF...
but suddenly tht girl comes ...

--> Tush introducing her to others ....
      tribhu asks her name,she answers LOLO ..
      Tribhu & Nilu surprised of such a strange name ...
       Then tribhu started scaring lolo..tht Nilu is very strict person ..only her    commands works here ..
Nilu too tell tht tribhu is also very angry by nature ..when he get angry naa he tooks up his gun ..he is very dangerous ..
Lolo get scared & ask for glass of water ..then she got relaxed little ..
NIlu says i will talk with her in alone ..
she take her inside the room ...
& tells once u enter this home u have to do whtever i said ..
& shows her a hunter & tells ... this hunter is ours tradition .. genration by genration we use it to control our Bahus ....

-->Shooting ppl search for her & were ther @ gate of chamtkar ..
they call LOlo when she was with NIlu ..
she goes out to talk..
they tell her to come fast,shooting has stopped ther & if u not come we will come inside & call police too ..

kareena listen all this ,& understood the situation ..
she go out @ gate & send them back sayin if security see u ..u will b in trouble ..

---> @ dinner : Lolo tell tush to go out & take care of them
& then tush says ther is no1 outside ...
Lollo thinks tht they might gone to call police
now lolo in tension & says tht call was frm home & she had to leave now ..
tush go with her ...

---> tush tell her well done & gives Rs.25000.. she says its 1hr & 10 min so moree 25,000.. if ther wil b even 1 minute more i will charge for entire hr ..
tush tells i have to go IN ..
kareena see all this drama silently ...

tush went in to take money ..
kareena tell him.. if u wanted 1 girl for acting then i had arrange for it @ cheap rates .. u r doing wrong tush .. if u dont wanna marry me then don't why u r lieing so much ..

& point tht  u don't  love her  & if u r then see to my eyes & tell tht U love LOLO ..
tush does tht

karena to public :      if tush can go to such extend for her fake love .. then I also go ahead for my true love
tush not listens to her & give lolo tht money ..
lolo now left

so kareena know all the truth ..

--> Dining table Conference :

tribhu ,nilu & kareena were @ dinner & were waiting for tush ..
tribhu tells i dont like tht girl at all her name is also strange ... she will not able to manage our home ..
then kareena asks nilu wht she think ?
nilu says i m confuse ..& tell her to answer ...
then they not shown wht kareena tells T & N ..

@ Phas gaya tushar :

as soon as tush comes ,NIlu says i liked the girl lot & want to arrange wedding as fast as possible .. kareena also supports nilu & tell yeah yeah make it fast ...
tush says its not possible ..
she is going for higher studies ,
& tells studies are important naa ,,,

then T & N says then we can't wait for such a long time ..
Kareena suggests then make it b4 she go abroad for studies ..
T & N also agree with tht

& tell tush Angagement will be this week
& Episode ended showing Questioning face of tush ..

-------- END --

POints to think :

i think kareena had told the truth to T & N & tell them to make such drama ...

prem & kareena's character sounds confusing nowadays ...
why suddenly prem forgot his love towards kareena or it was never love ?
sometime kareena hate tush & decides to leave him & sometime again get energised & move towasrds her ultimate goal i.e. Tushar

specially they r not showing prem more nowadayz .. & kareena too know tht prem had some feelings for her or it was just crush

& wht abt priyanka ??

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Posted: 22 June 2005 at 9:20am | IP Logged
Episode : 141

- introducing kulraj randhawas as kareena


          last episode ended showing Nilu demanding early marrigae of tush & tush in tension how to come out of this ...

@ tush try his best to delay for marriage saying tht he has to do lots for chamtkar & for his career .. so he not want to marry so early ...
but nilu says our business grow up after marriage only,new bride might change yr luck..
kareena to agree with Nilu & say Yes yes go 4 it ...

@ Tribhu was not happy with tush marriage with Nilu ... so he talk with kareena about tht & ask do u know anything about Lolo ? wht kind of girl she is ?
kareena was going to tell something but tush comes & take kareena awaya from tribhu

@ Tush in tension wht to do ? he thought tht after lolo met y'day with NIlu all things will be clear,Nilu will not ask for his marrige with kareena & he will get rid of kareena but eventually he traped in his own plan

so he meet Lolo & tell her to help him by come with her mom @ chamtkar & her mom will simmply deny for marriage & prob get solved she denies
he offers money for tht ..
so after offering lots of money also she is not ready ..
tush becomes sad & leave from lolo's house ..

after tush gone lolo mom tell tht u should accept this offer ..
lolo says i want to be big actress thts why i will not do this ..
but mom misguides her & tell tht by this wrong way we can earn lots of money using which i make film for u & u will get famous very fast

so finally lolo agree with tht & call tush on mobile & say YES ..

@ tush very happy after lolo ready to help him .. so he came back @ chamtkar & tell nilu tht Lolo's mom will come tommorow to meet u ppl
after hearnig this kareena get very upset & she not understand why tushar is doing this ?

@ tush v/s kareena : kareena was just going to her home wher she met tush in way ..
tush was very happy ..
kareena asks him would u spoil yr entire life by marrying Lolo for just to take revenge of me ?
tush laughs & explains her tht by living with u I too become big planner & explains his game tht lolo mom will come to only deny for marriage ..
so tommorow i.e sunday I will get rid off all the problems including u &  u can't  come  here  as  tommorrow is Sunday ..

& says u have define the Lies in your own way tht lies can be spoken for good & for bad ..
kareena replies i had spoken lies to achieve my love thts u & u r doing all this which is bad for every one ..

when their conversation was going on ...
NIlu comes ,they thought including me tht NIlu had heard all things ..
but it was not tht.

NIlu tell kareena to come tommorrow,karee says but tomorrow is sunday how can I come ? Nilu says u r like our family so U have to come

tush not happy with tht ..

@ kareena @ her home was praying to god .. she says Nowadays ,mine feelings towards tushar getting vanishing slowly
though i will pray for his safety i don't know HOw Lolo is ? so god plz save chamtkar from bad plan of LOlo ..
----> Lolo & her Mom playing big game ......

@ Lolo come with her mom @ chamatkar ..
tushar introduce his family
then Nilu introduces kareena ,lolo & her mom not happy to see kareena here then ..
NIlu & her mom starts talking .. NIlu says we have big business with 4 factories & we had start from just small shop ..
Her mom says we r not intrested in yr property I just want tht lolo remains happy & she get love from u & tush ..

& says " I m agree with this marriage "
on hearing this tush absolulty shocked so as the kareena ...

so Now we can say tht PHAS GAYA TUSHAR !!!

@ Sumit,Kulraj randhawa's fan to infinity ....
I m running through kulraj's Faneria ..
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Posted: 24 June 2005 at 1:06am | IP Logged

(The great sacrifice of Kareenaa)

recap :

in last episode we saw instead to deny for marrige lolo's mom tell YES to Nilu ... bcoz some big plan is going on in their mind ....

About today's episode ..

after watching this episode
Clap for kareena & his true love ...
Salaam kareena !!

@ tush asks lolo wht is this ? i have given u ppl money to disagree with marriage then y your mom said YES ??
kareena too don't understand wht is going on ?

she worried about tushar & she wanted to know wht tushar want ,so she ask tush to take his kasam & answer u really want to marry LOlo  ?

tushar didn't say anything tht means tushar not love lolo.. kareena says yeah ,I got yr answer

then tush asking lolo's mom about this ,before she says anything Nilu comes ther so both lolo & her mom leave ...

@ kareena thinking of solution to this problem & somewhere she found her behind this problem bcoz she only force NIlu to arrange for tusah's marriage asap.. but at tht time she want to know tush's reaction on marriage.
she was going to discuss tht with tribhu but Nilu comes & says she want no more discussion on tht topic ...

@ Tush went to lolo's place in angry mood to know why they have done tht ?
lolo's mom lies she have to agree with marriage because of tribhu's health bcoz he come out of major heart-attack just now so break up of son's marriage will make him panic
tushar have nothing to say after this

@ kareena dupporting tushar in his trouble :

tush was in tension wht to do now ? he trapped into problem bcoz of himself only ..
kareena comes ther & sits beside him & says don't worry i will help u
initially tush refuses to take her help,but then he agree..
kareena says we together face this problem & solve it ..

So sweet of u kareena !!

kareena gives solution tht tushar u talk with NIlu & tribhu & cancel yr marriage with lolo

-----------> Next morning ...

@ breakfast : tribhu , NIlu & tush were having breakfast ..tushar starts the topics & says  I dont want to marry Lolo ,we met before 25 days & i though she is perfect for me but now I m realising tht she is not for me ..
tribhu happy on tht & Nilu littls shocked on tush behaviour ..

kareena 's sacrifice :

@ Lolo & her mom(LoM) were happy about their plan & were dreaming for tht rich life tht will comes their way about cars & farm houses

suddenly kareena comes & says yr dreams will remain dream only ...& tell them to leave tushar
U ppl can be treat with money only so tell me how much money u want ?
they cross question kareena how much she can pay ?
kareena answers whtever money I have earned throughout my life ..
they ask her saving amount,karu answers around 1 lakh
they laugh @ karu & says thts not enough

kareena remember tht her father has kept some money around 4 lacs for her in saving account ... tht i can use
& replies i can give u 5 lacs
then Lo & LoM agree on tht & tell her to give tht in check
kareena sign the check on the spot & give it to LoM
kareena says now u forgot tush
LoM says who is tush ??
then kareena goes

L asks LoM u had destroyed our plan for just 5 lacs
LoM answers we will never withdraw this money from this check ,we will misuse kareena's signature tht are present on check in future

& episode end here ..

---------------------------------------------------------- ---

In real life its difficult to achieve true lover like kareena
tushar is so lucky !!

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Posted: 24 June 2005 at 1:08am | IP Logged

Episode : 142

(karu's family & nilu know truth)

yeah friends tht wht happened today
It was too painful for me to watch today's episode
kareena is in trouble friends ...

her yesterday's sacrifice has became trouble for her ...

kareena's trouble started like this.....

@ Lolo & mom came @ chamtkar ,they meets nilu .. lolo cries & says I m sorry for my stupidness ..bcoz of some misunderstanding we stopped talking & thts why tush had cancel the marriage ...

but now i feel sorry ..
Nilu also says :sometime sweet quarrel happens in love
so lolo & mom again take nilu in confidence ...

when they were leaving tush stops them & scolds them for comin chamatkar again although he had told not to come again ...

L & M says but we were paid to come here by kareena...
& then show him check tht kareena had given ...

@ yesterday tush was little in favor of kareena but due to L & M plan he again hate her & fight with kareena & show her the check signed by her..
kareena was going to explain tht she has given check to get away from
 tush ..but tush not listens to her

@ so kareena in anger came & lolo's home & warns them ...
& says I will make sure tht yr dream remains dream only & lolo never weds  tush ...
bcoz i love tushar

@ then she leaves & meets prem & tell her all her problem
L & M follow kareena & were recording whtever kareena says..
kareena says she deserves tht & remind prem about all lies tht she has spoken after she joined chamtkar ...
1> when she given interview to Nilu
2> about tilu
3> about prem
4> about their fake divorce
5> about her fake pregnancy

& I have done this to achieve tushar
all this was beinf recorded by L & M
then karu deicde to tell all this truth to Nilu today only,but L & M by trick make her dress dirty ..
so she has to go home to change dress before meeting nilu
so before she meet nilu they will reach to NIlu ...

@ Now L & M calls @ karu's home & tell tht kareena is in trouble all of u come @ this address ,it was of tushar's place ..

-----------------> Most waited scene of "kareena kareena"

friends we were waiting for moment when all kareena's family & Nilu know the truth tht happened today ...
@ karu's family came ther & was little surprised ....
daddoo see tush ther & as usual get angry on him..

they meet Nilu & says we are meeting after last time we met @ hospital during jiya's accident
& introduce them as kareena's family ..
Nilu was not knowing tht

then villans come
NIlu introduces them to karu's family then L & M ask karu's mom tht is hse married ?
mom says no she is still single
nilu shocked on tht occasion

then L & M play the tape tht they have recorded
so this way nilu & karu's family all come to know about the truth..
karu's family shocked ,nilu was looking angry ..
they now also know tht she loves tushar...
& she had done all this for him only

then karee comes after changing her dress & surprise to see her family ther ...
but till then all was over ...

when she came tape was playing tht "I will not allow lolo to wed tush "

& episode ended showing kareena in big trouble

Edited by SuMs on 22 June 2005 at 10:34pm

@ Sumit,Kulraj randhawa's fan to infinity ....
I m running through kulraj's Faneria ..

Edited by mm21 - 24 June 2005 at 1:09am
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Posted: 27 June 2005 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Episode 143 :


All readers plz note this :

friends as u know tht kareena  episodes are not same across  all the countries ....
so i request u ppl to refer  to  india  updates  as  current happening in the serial
bcoz India episodes are latest ..

so ppl from countries other than india keep yourself updated by reading india updates....

& so read updates & react to updates like wht u like\dislike in tht episode & wht u think for the next coming episodes

okie ???

let see wht happen today

@ kareena alone :
kareena come ther after Nilu & all from the karu family had listen the recorder tape by L & M....
so she tell every 1 to listen to her
but no1 supports her & speak to her ..
she asked tush to help her as he know everything ...
how u can expect me to help u as i started hating u after i knew the truth ...

NIlu to insult kareena parents & asks  this all u have taught kareena

L & M prove kareena money leecher who wants tush's money ....

& all leave from ther 1 by 1 ...
lastly L & M leave by taunting kareena " now let see how u stop lolo from marrying tush "

@ karu's home :

kareena comes & tell dadoo to trust her,dadoo says i was doing tht only before i know the truth ...
so all avoid kareena even jiya
she talks with mom
mom says u have spoiled our family name now we are returning back to chandigarh & u have to come with us ..

@ accident of tush :

tush was drivning the car & he was thinking about kareena only ther first meeting ,about gift they won jointly on valentines day & many things
so he looses his control & he met with accident ..

@ kareena talkin to nilu :

nilu was thinking abt kareena only & wedding saree tht she had bought for kareena was in her hand ...
kareena coems ther & says sorry

but before kareena tell anything PK comes & tell about tushar's accident so both leave for hospital ..

@ hospital :

doctor tells he is serious ..
Nilu was in tension ,kareena was also ther & she was so much worried for tushar ...

lolo's mom comes & speak lie tht lolo has gone @ temple to pray for tush..
doctor were having treatment ..

kareena pray for tush ...
Nilu notice tht ..
then after some time doctor says he is out of danger now ......
kareena went in tush's room
he was still senseless she sit beside him & says this all happened bcoz of me only ..
& she go on speaking wht is ther in her heart for tush ..
& crying ..
Nilu coem ther & tell her to leave from ther ..

then Nilu tells now wht u want from him ,plz leave us ..tell me how much money u want ?
kareena speaks nothing ...

@ tribhu also not supporting kareena :

tillnow tribhu was not aware about all this ..
he just come @ hospital in tension after he got new about tushar's accident ...
kareena was sitting outside the tush's room ..

tribhu comes & directly go inside the room to meet tushar ,avoiding kareena .....

kareeena goes inside again in hope tht tribhu might help her ....tribhu was in tension ..

but tribhu shouts on her ...& he not supporting kareena

i thought tribhu will support her but he is against her ...

ppl just think about this :

I know ther is mistake of kareena she has lied so many times
but she had never done bad of some1
so this is very bad
all suddenly against her & forgot good work she has done before ?

really in bad time ,no1 is with u
yeah ,still prem is ther ,he will support her

@ Sumit,Kulraj randhawa's fan to infinity ....
I m running through kulraj's Faneria ..

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