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UPDATE OF 30-05-05 by Cutereems

The episode starts with conversation of Tushar(Tush) and Kareena(Karu). Karu will be denying to Tush that she wont lie from nowonwards. Tush says her she is a big liar and such things she better not tell. Karu explains Tush that he was the one who asked her not to tell lie and he is only asking her to lie Tribhu. Tush tells her that he loves his parents so he doesnt want to hurt them(If he tells lie thats ok...why cant Kareena do that?? Tush this is badWink). Karu says that she will do it if he tells it affectionately. Finally Karu agrees.

At Radio Curry:

Dadoo n Karu's sis will be with Prem. They ask Prem to call his Mom. Prem thinks that Karu will be still in Radio curry so he tells that his mom is busy in meeting. After sometime he goes and calls his mom.Prem's mom meets DAdoo n Karu's sis n says hello to them. Dadoo will keep marraige proposal of Karu n Prem. Prem is shocked. His mom will be dumbstruck n wont utter a word. Dadoo thinks that she is ready for marriage. Karu's sis takes out sweet n gives and they go home with a huge smile on face(If u wont say anything does it mean that they are ready for marriage...How Dumb!!!LOL).
Prem runs out of Radio curry and will be getting down stairs(to tell Karu abt proposal).At the same time Karu will be climbing stairs. They both will be shouting from respective places that they want to tell something. Finally they meet at one step and Prem tells that her Dadoo came with their marriage proposal. Kareena is worried and tells Prem that how can she handle two problems at a time. Prem asks her whats her other problem.Kareena tells him everything(They show us only her mouth movement and no dialogues. It was funny seenSmile). Prem disagrees to help her. Karu tells him that it will be last favour. Prem replies that her last help will never end only. They fight like small kids. He says he wont do..she says he will do. They repeat same thing many times(It was sort of Tu Tu main main between Saas BahuLOL. I liked the scene a lotTongue. It shows that how much they love each otherSmile).Both move off in opposite direction.

At Kareena's House:

Dadoo tells that they accepted for this proposal .Karu's mom is happy. Dadoo tells Karu's mom to take care of Prem n his mom by calling up daily n asking about them(Oh god.....they will call up daily, Prem will sucideLOL).

At Chamatkar:

PK will be holding the sweet box(Jalebi) in his hand. He will be thinking what to do with it. At same time Karu comes to chamatkar. PK will be very happy to see her and calls rest people. Everyone are very happy to see her back( It shows that she is so sweet n people love her sooo much. She was looking gorgeous in sleevless SalwarTongue). Pk gives that sweet to everyone telling that it is brought by Karu(PK tum apni harkaton se Baaz nahin aaogeWinkLOL). PK calls Tribhu. Tribhu is angry on Karu because she left Chamatkar without telling him. Later she convinces him. She will be almost about to cry(Awww i was able to see her eyes filled with waterCry. She looks cute while smiling).
Tushar comes and joins their conversation. Tribhu excuses himself and goes away.Tush tells KAru that he has called her back to chamatkar so that she has to make Tribhu hate her and not to like her more.

Karu calls Prem (infront of Tush n Tribhu). She tells him that she will meet him in Park and then they can together go to movie. Later Tribhu comes and tell that she told this to Prem so that Tush feels Jealous about them. Karu says to herself..." U may think that I did to make u jealous..and Tush wants u to hate me..but finally it is my heart which burns"

At Tush's Cabin:

Tush asks Tribhu to come with him to see a land.Tribhu refuses to come and asks him to take Karu. He calls Karu inside. Karu tells Tribhu that she wants to take her mom to doctor so she cant go with Tush. Tribhu is some what in confusion.

At Park:

Prem will be waiting for Karu. After Karu arrives Prem asks her that why did she call him to park. She tells that I have lied Tribhu that i am taking my mom to doctor. Tush will bring him to park and when Tribhu sees Prem n Karu together he will hate her. Prem asks her that why is she telling lie again. She tells that she wants Tush to realise that he is also using path of Lie(which she too did) and wants to know him that people tell lie if they have some sort of Majboori unless and until it wont hurt anyone. She continues telling that if he realises this then he might forgive her.

Tush n Tribhu are in Car. Tush drives the car by side of Park. Tribhu sees Karu sitting with Prem on Bench..Laughing, holding his chin(They were looking like a perfect loverWink). Tribhu gets down the car and is very surprised. He thinks that why did Karu lie to him.

End of episode.

So in todays episode u have to watch out for Tu Tu main main scene.Its really cuteTongue. Tush bored me todayOuch. Karu n Prem were rocking as usualThumbs Up

So will Tush succed in making Tribhu hate Karu? What will happen to Prem's n Karu's marriage? Will Tush forgive Karu?

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UPDATE OF 31-05-05 by Cutereems

Today was just a time pass episode.Nothing much to watch. Only thing is that  Karu tells Tribhu that Tush knows everything.


Recap: Tush convinces Karu to tell lie to Tribhu. Tribhu sees Prem n Karu in park.


Todays Episode:


At Park:

Tribhu is shocked to see Karu n Prem together in park. Tribhu thinks that y did Karu lie him. Tribhu tells Tush that she is doing this to make him jealous. Tush says that even he thought same but truth is something else(Tush jhoot bolo boloWink...aakhir sangat ki rangat haiLOL.) Truth is infront him. Tush says that there is no need of her now. Karu sees Tribhu and asks Prem to come very near. Prem hesitates to come. He says that guys also have some dignity(Awwww Prem is so sweetTongue.He is maintaining distances....Very good boy. Karu is forcing u to come near aur tum ho kiLOL). Karu asks hims to come very close because Tribhu is seeing. Tush tells Tribhu to see how differences between them is becoming less.Tribhu asks Tush to leave. He will talk to Karu about this.Tush takes a leave. Tribhu hides behind a tree and watches them. Prem  tells Karu that today some problem. Karu smiles and tells him that nothing will happen today. Prem replies that if they are together surely something will go wrong(Prem agar tum log shaadi karli to kya roz ek musibat ayegiLOL..So how can u live??Wink). At the same time Dadoo, Jiya n Karu's mom come there. Jiya will be tired after shopping so she goes to buy cooldrink(Jiya has nothing to do other than shopping, watching movies). She sees Karu n Prem sitting. She shows to Dadoo n her mom.

Prem has two red roses in his hand. Karu takes one rose and they start playing with rose(Cute sceneTongueThey were looking very cute.Do PremiWink). Tribhu is shocked to see this. Dadoo comes to meet KAru same time Tribhu also comes to meet Karu. But someone interrupts Dadoo hence Tribhu reaches there. Karu n Prem get, Tribhu asks as what is going on. Dadoo also come n asks Tribhu as how he knows Karu. Tribhu lies that he donno Karu. He was just asking bus stand. Jiya n her mom also come n join their conversation. Jiya n her mom recognize Tribhu (Accident sequence). Dadoo introduces Karu as his grand daughter and Prem as his would be son-in-law. Tribhu is shocked. Dadoo tells that Karu is getting married to Prem(Karu why r u playing with Prem??Tell truth atleast for Prem). He will send him wedding card.


At Tush house:

Tribhu is very sad n is very disappointed that Karu lied him. Tush convinces Tribhu that they can live happily without Karu. He continues telling that there is not at all any necessary of such a girl. He makes Tribhu sleep.


At Radio Curry:

Prem's mom insists Prem to marry Karu. Prem denies to marry her. He says that he cant repeat the same mistake again(Good now u know the real meaning of friendship. I appreaciate ur decisionClap). His mom tells him that Karu's family doesn't know the truth, they only know that Prem likes Karu. Prem is very sad and leaves from there.


At Chamatkar:

Karu tells everyone that she is leaving Chamatkar. Everyone asks her not to leave because without her it will be boring. She tells that she is marrying Mr. Sood. Tush adds that Mr.Sood doesn't want her to work after marriage.

Tribhu meets Karu and is very angry with her. He tells her that how can she lie to him. He says that he is very upset.If she had told that she loves Prem then he would have stopped all these happenings. Karu is almost filled with tears. Tush comes and almost scolds Karu to clean her table and take all her belongings(Tush u r doing too much). Karu goes from that place. She goes to her table n cries a lot(I was not able to see Kreena cry..Her face expression was too good...) She bends her head on table and cries. Tribhu comes n caress her hair and asks her what is truth. He asks her to tell truth. Next the scene suddenly changes to Tribhu very shocked(It means Karu tells him truth). Tribhu is very angry that how can Tush play such a big game with him(If u are angry on Tush for playing game...then y r u thinking of playin game? Hope Tush forgives u when he gets to know the truth). He asks her as why didn't she tell this first only. She says that Tush wanted me to tell u lie. Tribhu tells himself that he will play a very big game this time so that Karu n Tush will be together forever(Hope they be togetherSmile.)


End of Episode


Kareena did very good acting in crying. Tribhu expression was also very good. Tush was shown with more attitude today. I didnt like him today.

What will Tribhu do now? What happens to Prem n Karu's marriage?

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UPDATE OF 01-06-05 by Cutereems

Hello guys I am here again with one more episode of Kareena Kareena which was not too interesting. Today u have to watch out for Tribhu's acting. Kareena was not shown much. Prem was seen only in first scene.




1)Karu denies to marry Prem

2)Tribhu gets heart attack

3)Dadoo sees Karu n Tush together.


I missed first 2-3 min of show as I was online on IF. Sorry for inconvenience


At Restaurant:

Karu n Prem will be sitting in restaurant. Karu asks Prem to give some ideas so that she can avoid their marriage. Prem tells her 4 ideas, which will be stupid ideas like tell everyone that karu is 16yrs old so that she can avoid marriage(Prem kabhi to bade ban jaoLOL). Karu asks him to stop his stupid ideas. She thinks and she gets n says to Prem that she knows what to do now and she leaves(Bechara Prem ko bataya hi nahinOuch.)


At Karu's House:

Dadu will be talking to Pandit over Phone. Pandit tells that marriage is fixed on 16th of this month(Hope I got the date correct). Karu comes home. Her mom tells her that  her marriage date is fixed. Kareena pretends to be angry n says that she doesn't want to marry Prem. She says that she had a fight with Prem n don't want to see his face anymore. Karu goes to her room. Her mom is tensed about Karu's decision. Dadu  convince her that it might be some small fight and they sort out matter themselves.


At Pandey House:

Tribhu will be thinking as how to make Tush marry Karu. He remembers his Dad. We get to see flashback. Tribhu's dad Purushottam Pandey(Played by Tribhu only) will be  scolding to marry Nilu. Tribhu denies to marry. His dad forces him to marry(Bechara..agar baat nahin maani hoti to socho kya hotaLOL). So tribhu thinks that he can also force Tush to marry as he is his Dad. He will think that this is best way to get them married.

Tush will on his laptop. Tribhu asks him to shut down his laptop n listen to him. Tush does so and Tribhu talks to him in very loud voice. He asks him to marry Karu. Tush says that its not possible. Tribhu says that he is his dad n what he says will be his final decision. Tush replies that he is disturbed that's y he is shoutingHe asks him to take rest. Tribhu thinks that "These generation kids are not scared of their dad's. I was very scared of my dad" (Isiko kehthe hai aaj ke generation ke bachcheLOL..Thats what Generation gapWink)

Tribhu while talking suddenly holds his chest and falls down(Ohhhhh very good actingWink). Tush is very tensed. PK n Tush make him sleep on Bed. They call doctor. Tribhu  keeps on taking Karu's name.Doctors asks Tush that is Karu his wife. Tush says that she was our  Ex-employee.

Doctor tells Tush that he needs to call Karu. Tush says that he cant bring Karu. PK convinces Tush that sometimes love will cure diseases than medicine. Tush agrees to call Karu(Pk mujhe nahin pata tha ki aap bhi itna sochthe haiLOL).

This was funny scene

PK takes leaves of Neem plant and goes to Tribhu's room where Tribhu pretends to be sleeping(PK Tribhu has got heart attack..not caught by ghost..jo Neem ke patte utha ke laye hoLOLLOL). PK puts it in front of his  face n prays. Tribhu's nose starts itching n he sneezes(Funny sceneLOL). PK is happy that Tribhu has come to conscious.

*******I missed 2 min here***********


At Karu's house:

Tush will be outside Karu's house n calls Karu. Karu picks up n shouts that she doesn't want to talk to him n keeps the phone. Dadu sees this n thinks that Prem is trying to call her(Dadu aap to kuch bhi sochthe rehtheWink). Karu gets up n goes. Tush calls again but this time Dadu picks up cell. Before Tush says hello, Dadu starts telling that its better if they make up soon. Tush keeps of phone. Tush send an SMS to Karu about Tribhu's health. Dadu leaves Karu's room n Karu sees message. She gets ready quickly n goes out. Dadoo sees this and thinks that she is going to meet Prem. He plans to follow them(Is umar mein aisi kaam...Tauba Tauba...jaake aaram karo yaar ya jaake bhajan gaoLOL). Karu goes out n Tush will be waiting for her. They both get into car but Dadu appears infront of car. Dadu is surprised to see them. Karu is shocked(Phas gayi Kareena..Yeh to hona tha).


End of Episode


Will Dadu get to know the truth? Will Tush agree with Tribhu to marry Karu? Will Karu escape from marryinh Prem?

I think now Nilu must come back in show...Without her this show is very plainLOL. Kay boltaWink

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Posted: 06 June 2005 at 6:36am | IP Logged

so here is schedule for US updaters ..

5 participant till date are :

1> prem_diwani (may 31) already written ....
2>krazee girl (june 1)
3>bollywoodcrazed (june 6)
4>chweettweety (june 7)
5>sukh (june 8)


1> I don't know on which dayz kareena comes @ US so point out if any mistake...
2> participant can change their dates with others ..
& adjust dates ...

if any1 want to participate then he/she can ...

& not got enough participation for INdia till now
some1 want to participate for india update contest post yr reply here ..

---------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
recap :
tush & karee were going to meet tribhu,but dadoo stops them & not let see wht happend 2day .....
Dadu confronts Kareena and Tushar. Kareena tells Dadu that Tushar has come as emissary of Prem to facilitate a patch up between them and is taking her to meet Prem.

Dadu decides to go along, forcing them to take a detour. On reaching Prem's house Dadu is made to sit in the car, while Tushar and Kareena meet Prem and explain the situation. To get out of the situation, Tushar locks up Dadu using a remote key and then pretends that the door has got jammed and will have to get the mechanic.

A frustrated Dadu sits in the car, while Tushar drives off with Kareena in Prem's car. Kareena and Tushar meet Tribhovan.

this was                    BY : angel05 ....
Now i m continuing ..........

before kareena come ,tribhu try to contact her so tht he can explain his plan to her but he not able to contact her ...

@ tribhu's drama :

tribhu acts like he is too seek & weak....
get promise frm tush & kareena tht they both stay together & stop hating eachother ... & no more quarrel

tush promise to do tht...
then tribhu tell tush to bring medicine for him ..

kareena don't know tht this is just drama
so as soon as tush goes tribhu sits back & tell kareena tht he is well ....
nothin has happend ....

but kareena not agree with tht ...
& tell him to sleep...

Tushar comes & tell karee to sleep @ guest room he will take care of tribhu ....
kareena tell him tht she will stay with tribhu only ,,,,

@ karee's dadoo :

dadoo get bored while sittin in car & slept ...
prem notices tht & thinks tht may b he went unconscious due to heat
& call tush to come here ...
tushar leave for prem's house ...

tushar reach @ prem's house
& unlocks the car ...
he understand tht he is just sleeping...then both lifts him & take him inside house
& dropped him @ bed ..
then tushar went ....

in absence of tush :

as soon as tushar went tribhu again wakes up & tell kareen tht believe me i m alright ... i was just lieing ....
kareena get shocked ...
& tell tribhu wht happen when tushar know abt this lie??

suddenly tushar comes & says wht falsity?

as kareena now stopped lieing he tells tush tht tribhu's health is OK ..
tushar not believe tht
& ask how u can say tht ??

kareena silent don't know wht to say &
epsiode ended here ....

Take part in contest

click here :: "Best updater ki Khoj" @ KK

Kulraj new pics added....
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Posted: 07 June 2005 at 11:26am | IP Logged

Brief Update of JUNE 6th,  2005  [ provided by SuMs]

Tusar tells kareena that he isnt the kind who will take jokes specially when its a matter of his fathers health. Kareena tells him what she meant was that he was serouisly ill and neede utter care and medication. Dadu who is made to sleep at prems house gets up and discovers the truth about the last night story. He them tells prems that he has fixed their engagement date. To get rid of this prem tells him that his mother is a strong believer of astrology and so they would have to get their kundalis match. Kareena gets up in the morning and realises thatdadu must have reached home and must be worried. Dadu meets pK who gets him to meet tribhovan as he is not well. Tribhovan is angry on Pk for doing so. Dadu gets up to leave and we see kareena entering the house. Dadu is zapped to see kareena and pk calling her Mrs sood.


so in last episode karee was abt to speak truth tht tribhu is well & he was lieing ...
but 2day they shown tht she supports tribhu in his plan

& as per new promo :

she stay @ tush's house till absence of nilu ,by makin bahana of to take care of tribhu ...
& tribhu takes promise from tush to be with her ..

so she had just stopped lieing but again ...


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Posted: 08 June 2005 at 1:53pm | IP Logged

June 7th Update [by SuMs]

Recap :

dadoo see karee @ chamtkar ..
& get surprised

today :

@ kareena saving her self from dadoo :

PK call karee as mrs. sood ... dadoo again shocked ....
karee says she has came here for some office work ...
& seen tribhu for the 2nd time after dadoo have met him @ park

then karee says its sleep of toungue ..pkji yr englsih is bad..
i m ms. & not mrs. check @ dictionary ..
pk gone 4 checkin it ..

till then tribhu get rid off dadoo
& karee says she too leave for office now ...
 so when pk come with dictionary no1 there

@ radio curry :

----> pri entry after 2 weeks
as karee not came @ radio curry so prem worried for show
& tell pri to do tht ,she tried but all listeners hate her & demand for kareena
pri too diappointed ....

prem tell her to make yr fans ..& don't worry abt karee fans ...

@ chamtkar ::

kareena takin control of tush house in absence of nilu
& started behaving like she is bahu of tribhu
takin care off him & tush for everyhing ....

@ breakfast :
she made snack & then help tush with tie ...
but tush is avoiding her more when she try to come closer ..

& then went to office ....
tribhu & karee happy tht their plan working nicely

@ office :

tush very disturb thinks tht karee doing all ting intentionally to win tribhu's heart ...
then karee calls tht come for lunch its ready

she truly behaves like her wife ...

@ RC :

pri try for 2nd time but she again not suceed in handling kareena fans ...
so disappointed ....

SuMS says : " i ma angry @ karee how she can forget abt her show @ RC .. tribhu's health is just fake ... she atleast do the show  .. "

@ lunch :

tush comes in angry mood...
& ask karee y she is doing all this ??

karee says ," u told me to come here .. if u don't want me thten no problem me leaving from here ....

tush have nothin to say after this ?& remain silent ..

then doctor comes & tell tribhu to do check up
  tht doctor is too invloved in tribhu-kareena plan & helps them  }

so tribhu & kareena teasing tush so badly ...
& when he again left for office ....

all 3 of them enjoying tht they ve done nice work
& tribhu thankin doctor for help ...

twist :

suddenly tush come ther & listens all thing ..
episode ended showin him angry ..

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Posted: 09 June 2005 at 12:01pm | IP Logged

Brief Update of June 8th (India) From Zee TV Website

Tushar realises that tribhovan and kareena are upto some mischief. He keeps thnking about it in the office. He returns home and turns the table on them by bhaving romantic with kareena in front of tribhovan. he is elated. Tushar lands up Drs clinic and gets to know from assistant that no ECG or any tests were conducted on Tribhovan in the last 48 hrs. there is no record. Tushar is livid.

Kareena wants to leave for home. Tribhovan stops her asking her to wait a while longer. She calls up and tells Kanwal a lie that she is stuck and will come late. Kanwal tells her that, Dadu is at Prems house as their astrologer has matched the horoscope. Dadu gives up and walks off upset at the turn of events.

The entire laughter club lands up to meet TB thanks to Dadu spreading te word. PK has a tough time handling them. He tells them TB is ok and has no illness. They go and PK turns to see Tushar and freezes in fright did Tushar hear Kareena and TB playing Chinese checkers and moving pawns and discussing how they have trapped Tushar etc and laughing and turn to see Tushar who has heard the entire conversation and is livid at them.

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Posted: 13 June 2005 at 1:22pm | IP Logged

hello friendz ..

Yo!! SuMS back as before ....

today exams completed ... "Best updater ki Khoj" @ KKLOL

REcap :

y'day episode ended showing tush hears tribhu & kareena's talk ..
kareena was sayin," partner yr heart-attack drama has change the all thing .."

now today .....

@ tush gettin angry & tell karee to leave forever :

tushar blaim karee for whole drama ..though tribhu kept saying tht i was behind tht drama ...
& told kareena very bad things & tell if u ve any repect for yr self left then leave chamtkar forever...then he left ..

kareena was crying .. tribhu try to console her ..
& tell tribhu to find girl for tush who only speak truth ....

@ karee's family :

dadoo comes & tell others tht he had gone to match kundli of karu & prem but pandit told if this marriage will happen then prem may die ...

tht pandit was Pat hahah haha

& told all to forget abt prem ...
he also tell kareena to forget him ..& never meet him ....
karee was crying for tush ... but dadoo thinks she is crying for prem ...

@ tush gettin angry on doctor :

he told many bad things to doctor too ... like u r not a doctor & more like drama boy .... & tell him to never come here ...

@ karee sharing her prob with god :

as kareena can't share her sadness with neither family nor prem she talk with god ....

---------> NEXT MORNING

@ kareena :

kareena gettin ready for RC,prem calls & tell her to hurry up ....
then she left home ... dadoo ask wher r u goin ?
she nnot replied & went ....
dadoo think she might gone to meet prem ...

@ dadoo met pat at park :

dadoo were @ park he see pat their & rrecognize his face as pandit ..
pat runs .. dadoo run after prem

tribhu meets ther & ask how r u ? any prob ?
dadoo shares his prob ...

@ tribhu got real heart attack :

tribhu was sittin @ out house ...
tush comes & say good morning to him...

tribhu tells him ,nilu is coming soon
tush chill for tht
then tribhu says, wht to tell nilu when she ask abt karee ....

tush says i will handle tht & tell tribhu to not to take kareena's name in front of him ....
tribhu not agree with tht & how u can rule on me ...
i will talk abt kareena

& tribhu tells pk to talk somethin abt kareena ..
tush not like tht ..

& tells she is such a bad girl tht she has done magic over u ..
{  there were very emotional dialogues between father & son }

finally tush left ..
& tribhu was still angry & he got heart attack ...
pk says u r doing nice acting ??

but tribhu fell down & pk calls tushar .....

episode ended .....

{ tribhu was lookin like he is dead ... don't know wht happen on monday .... i just wanted to discuss on : " wht will happen if tribhu really get heart-attack ? "

& tht thing happened today .....

Take part in contest

click here :: "Best updater ki Khoj" @ KK

Kulraj new pics added....

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