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Hello friends,

Thanks for making this show and forum lively with your active involvement in the discussions, feedbacks and comments. This serial has gained a steady momentum and popularity and so has our forum, which is swamped with great topics. Currently due to the diverse opinions and views being posted in different topics daily the updates are getting lost. In an effort to have the updates available upfront and to help alleviate this problem

plz do not post any comments or replies in this topic

Have Fun !!


Kareena KAreena : INDIA UPDATE OF MAY 2

friends Welcome .......

hey friends most of u  r not posting your replies neither in Updates nor in Discussions ??

Why so ??

It takes 2 min to reply .....
atleast express yrself in some words .....

plz interact here, speak up & take part in discussions
start new topics to discuss & post reply to existing topics...

tht is the humble request .....
Active topics :

India Update Apr 28,Tushar Know the truth
Solution of problem regarding Pics 1 2 3

Poll: What happen when tushar knows the truth ?
Solution of problem regarding Pics 1 2
Poll: Who loves Kareena the most? 7
Poll: 6

Poll: Wht Karee will do?when she know abt Prem 9
hey Join yr Star's Team 4 MOre excitement
Solution of problem regarding Pics 1 2 3


Solution of problem regarding Pics 1


As we saw in Last Episode the big twist was Tushar Now knows tht Kareena is single & Prem is not her
husband.Tushar now knows few lies from kareena's millions of lies

So wht he will do now ?????
ANswer is : Update of May 2


@ Tushar Knocks the door again :

Tushar knocks the door again ,kareena thinks again prem is ther so she not open the door but Tushar shouts tht "This is Tushar"

Kareena in tension,as Prem is not in her room so try to show tht Prem is there & tell tushar to go out
& b4 tushar says anything more , Kareena closes the door

{ Kareena unaware tht tushar now know the truth }

@ Prem met tushar :

Tushar was just going to his room,wher Tushar met Prem in way....
Prem also try to justify with y he is here
But as tushar know the truth ,prem's justification is of no use

@ Answer to Question "Wht Tushar will do next ??"

Tushar comes to his room ,very  diappointed in disturb with the truth he come to know....
He shouts " SO many lies ????? " he is tooooo Angry

But then he decides tht he will not sit idle & give answer to kareena's lies & expose her lies in front of everybody....

----------------- NEXT MORNING --------------

TUshar asks questions to PK :

Tushar ask PK tht ," how is the girl kareena? when u seen her 1st time during Interview how she was ??"

PK answers : " When she was came 1st time she was not in saree & mangalsutra,then when she came 4 2nd time she was like married woman
Initially PK was also suspecting kareena but then PK got fooled by kareena as kareena told tht tht girl was her Duplicate "

tht gives Tushar perfect clue tht ther is some thing wrong & kareena is 100% not married

Tushar new strategy :

Tushar's Motto: " Answer to the lies is now Lies "

so our bhola bhala tushar is in new role of smart Man

@ Tushar & Tribhu :

Tribhu tells tushar to talk with Nilu b4 its too late

Tushar's Boundary :

Tushar says lets 1st concentrate on kareena's delievery ,he will talk to Nilu after delievery
Tribhu silent ........

@ Tribhu & Kareena :

kareena worries tht if tushar taalk with NIlu & then NIlu calls kareena's parents then ???
so its better tht tushar not talk with NIlu regarding his & kareena's marriage

@ Tushar throwing bouncers on Prem & kareena :

Tushar meets prem & kareena 2gether & ask some Questions:
Where they meet 4 first time ??
Where  Tilu was born ??
Who give name to Tilu ??
          Pr em               Kareena
ans 1:  Mumbai          Delhi
ans2:   Mumbai          Chandigarh
ans3:   Mom                 Daddu

so both give diff answers .....
Tushar in good form 2day !!!

@ Tushar Hits sixer :

Ball out of stadium.....

Kareena comes to tush & says lets go 4 drive,tush agrees then kareena in wat says she is getting pain so plz take  car to the hospital

{ Actually kareena wanted to make tests @ hospital so tht she can prove tht she is not preganant }

@ hospital :

she ,ake tests then ward boy come with the report

IN Report : " Kareena will give birth to twins "


kareena too shocked ....

SuMs sayssss : I thought Prem has done tht zoal ,he may have followed them .....

then kareena fights with doctor saying tht report may have changed,this is not correct report but doctor says tht no report is 100% correct

kareena leaves in anger ...

friends Tushar's Sixer was : tht doctor was his friend so he had changed the report ........

Episode Ended showing tushar tooo happy ....



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Kareena KAreena : INDIA UPDATE OF May 3

friends Welcome .......

Show TIme : 9:30 pm India
Update Time : 10:30 pm India ....


India Update May 2, Tushar now in action
3 1 2 3

Poll: What happen when tushar knows the truth ?
3 1 2
Poll: Who loves Kareena the most? 7
Poll: 6
hey Join yr Star's Team 4 MOre excitement
3 1 2 3

Tushar showing same spirit today also but today he was more dangerous then yesterday,he took prem 2day .....

Kareena in tension after Medical report :

After tht fake mediacal report tht says tht kareena is having twins.....
She was worried so much abt tht ... bcoz she went to hopspital to get rid off her pragnancy problem but it got increased

Even Prem surprised abt who has done tht ?? he ask priyanka abt tht ..... but priyanaka says NO she has not done tht

@ Dining Table :

Ours both teams were ther ......
including Nilu & Tribhu ...

Then tushar started implementing his strategy for 2day,
he started topic tht ther is very interesting story abt how kareena & Prem met for 1st time ....
tusha asks kareena isn't it ??

Kareena in tension,wht to do now but them she too started making story tht they met in 'National Park' located in Mumbai wher Prem was forest officer ...

& then Prem also started all thing to make ushar jealous...
Prem said : " At tht time kareena's dadoo had came @ national park & he were running to save himself from tiger.Then Prem had came & he get rid off the tiger without havinggun in his hand & not a single weapon ..... tht tiger became his friend in no time... "

Then Kareena's dadoo got impressed by him & then prem met kareena & tht love story started ....

NIlu was listening tht whole story very ceriously...

But Tush know tht this is not true,as prem was never forest officer...

@ PK :

Pk found 1 letter written by tush in episode of apr 28 for nilu tht he loves 1 girl & wanted nilu's permission..

But after all tht happened on apr 28 which changed tush's mind so tht letter was @ his table only...

Pk went to Nilu & show her tht letter

@ Tush & Priyanka :

Priyanka was just going out ,tushar asked wher is she going ? she replied to see some properties as she is in tht business
then tushar asked shall he drop her in his cycle like in Apr 27 episode ?
Priyanka replied NO

Nilu was seeing all tht ,& she misunderstood tht the girl whom tushar loving is Priyanka


@ Tushar taking Prem on his target :

Tiger Chakkar :

In night Tushar suddenly closes all doors & windows ... all ppl were surprised y he is doing tht ?

Tush answered he got info tht 1 tiger is revolving around
our farmhouse... thts y

Then tush said but we not need to worry as we have prem with us -> King of jungle he will handle tiger

Prem in gr8 tension...
Then tushar send prem out wit h1 injection in his hand so tht he can control tiger by piercing injection....
& 1 gun tht was empty


He have to now pay 4 his studgiri @ dining table

@ Tushar makin footprints of Tiger

   while prem was out of farmhouse with injection & gun

@ Kareena :

Kareena too in tension,she calls forest officer,who replied tht ther r not tigers in Alibaug
then kareena tell tht to tushar

Tushar then show tht foot prints to kareena
now kareena again in tension

@ Prem & kareena  :

Prem wanted to come inside farmhouse thru kareena room's window but b4 he suceed tush came & locked tht window

So now ther is no way to get in

@ Tushar identify prem as PRem motwani :

Meanwhile tushar was very happy to see kareena & prem in tension .....

Prem was sitting on tree & Pk came who was afraid abt GHost in farmhouse ...

Tushar play the cassette having tiger's voice

Now prem totally lost his courage & he fell on  PK from the tree...
& bott ran like they never b4

Tushar got Prem's wallet wch fell out of his pocket while running

then he saw his ID card ...
it was written Mr. Prem MOtwani ( Managing director of Radio curry )

Episode ended here ....


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Kareena KAreena : INDIA UPDATE OF MAY 4

Hey friends,

this is wht happened 2day ....

1. Prem gettin 1st aid by kareena as he had fell from tree yesterday after hearig fake Tiger Voice by tushar

2. Tushar came ther & returned his wallet & says he has not yet open tht wallet & says " Radio ppl are very bad 1st they announce tht tiger is gonna come & then spread rumours" .... then prem says " hmmm , but i m ther naa u dont worry i can sense tigers beyond few km"

SUMS Sayss " so after so much trouble yet prem is not stop with tht kind of comments"

3. NIlu reads letter written by tushar in front of tribhu tht was submitted by PK to her ...
Nilu thinks tht girl is Priyanka & tush just came so Nilu asked him & he says YES...
Then after nilu went tribhu scolds tush tht nilu was talking abt priyanka & not kareena u ve done mistake by saying YES

4. Returning to Mumbai

so fianally trip to alibaug came to an end
SuMS says " these all episodes @ alibaug were superb , wht u ppl say ? "

5. Tush takes priyanka with him in his car & not kareena so kareena travel with prem in bike in a way to Mumbai .....

6. In  way,priyanka sings ... tush listens & says u sing really well ... I know joey -my friend who want 1 talented singer , i will arrange meeeting for u
priyanka happy 2 know tht

7. Then prem & kareena left bike in way after overtakin tush's car & then take lift from him ...

so they gonna company tush & priyanka for rest journey
kareena jealous tht priyanka was sitting in front seat with tushar.....
& gets irritated

8. Then tush first drop prem & then priyanaka...

9. Finally tushar & karee 2gether,karee says plz hurry up i ve to reach my place b4 8:30 { as she have to go 4 radio curry}
tush drops her @ her new rented house.. then he follows her

10. Dadoo calls kareena informing tht  they gonna come 2moro @ Mumbai,then usual talk betwn kareena & her parents,kareena tells  to bring ladoo for her ....

11. then kareena left for Radio curry.tush gets key from neighbour by fooling her & then checks her room
He found 1 letter from Mr.jatinder(pammmi's father) he note down address

12. in next scene tushar @ Pammi's house... & introduce himself as kareena's friend...then says he is "tushar pandey"
pammi's dad gets angry after hearing tht name

SuMs says : " Friends go to flash back to know y he is angry ??"

Tushar tries to explain tht i m not tht guy,i m meeting u 1st time...

Then dad calls pammi to identify him,pammi comes

tush & pammi looks shocked to see each other
Episode ended here .......

2moro :

tush is going to radio curry & will see kareena hosting show ther ....
so bbye ,see u 2moro


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Kareena KAreena : INDIA UPDATE OF MAY 5

hello friends,


kareena kareena blooper 4
photo of priyanka chopra on kareena 4
India Update may 4,tushar meetin pammi
When Tushar finds out, Mrs.Sood is RJ 1 2
Ind Update May 3,Tushar Identify prem...
When Tushar finds out, Mrs.Sood is RJ 1 2 3
hey Join yr Star's Team 4 MOre excitement
When Tushar finds out, Mrs.Sood is RJ 1 2 3 4
Tushar turns into a hippie! 4
When Tushar finds out, Mrs.Sood is RJ 3

1> Tushar & Pammi :

tushar meets pammi,both were shocked to see each other
Tush asks pammi regarding truth behind RJ kareena & asked her wher she will meet ?
pammi says : @ radio curry

2> prem & kareena on phone :

kareena says she can't come 2moro  as dadoo & mom r comin so she will not do show 2moro... but prem says 2moro is 250th episode & u ve to come
kareena says tell priyanka o do show or u only do
but finally she agrees to come,after prem requesting so much

3>Tushar changing look :

@ his room (Night)
before going next day @ radio curry,he get prepared
to get this look

PK see him &  thinks tht he is Ghost

tushar get confidence tht no1 can identify him now

3> kareena calls tush:

& says: "wht u r doing ?"
tush says: "thinking abt u ...."
& adds,now it time to say truth .....
kareena thinks tht tush is talking abt their love

so she was happy  & then after talk  over she was dancing joyfully bcoz she was planning tht 2moro dadoo & mom gonna come she will now say whole truth to tushar 2moro.....

but on other side :

but after talk over ,tushar says " I hate u , I hate u ,now i m fade up with yr lies "

------------- next morning --------------

4> battle betwn dadoo & tush :

dadoo,mom & jiya now in mumbai.... they were srching 4 address told by kareena

dadoo were on road & suddenly 1 car came in speed & dadoo's cloth became dirty by mud thrown

Tushar was in tht car
dadoo tell him to come out of car,but tush says sorry,i m getting late so can't come
it was very cerious quarrel.....

then dadoo says Mumbai ppl are very bad this not happend in our chandigarh

tush says : " he know chandigarh ppl well,they r gr88 liers"
then he runs away

bcoz of this dadoo were very angry

@ Radio curry :

While talking with daddoo tush was in original look,so thts gonna very bad 4 him when he actually meet daddoo in future

then he changes his look & enters into radio curry
same time kareena also enter,she was using stair case...
suddenly she got twist in his leg & tht was paining

but some how she reach her cabin,prem helps her & apply balm ...
Naina see her condition & tell her to take rest & 2day's show will b done by some1 else

prem says priyanka will do tht
kareena says : no she only will do th

At tht time tushar was gettin entry to radio curry & fools receptionist

@ Finally tht scene wch was highlight 4 this week & shown in promo :

kareena takes mike in hand & having headphones& started the show by welcoming listners

tushar by some how get entry to recording studio also

& as soon as he enters he see Mrs.sood(kareena) doing RJ job ther
he shocked

& episode ended here

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Active topics :

Update May 5 , Tushar @ radio-curry
2 1 2
kareena episodes help 6
tushar and priyanka !!? 5
India Update May 2, Tushar now in action
2 1 2 3
Poll: Jodi no. 1
2 1 2

photo of priyanka chopra on kareena
2 1 2
hey Join yr Star's Team 4 MOre excitement
2 1 2 3 4

kareena kareena blooper
2 1 2

here's yr update
        well as u had seen in last update tht tush had gone to radio curry .....and on ....now Kareena sees him sooo tush runs from there....and Prem also notices him and follows him but he is unable to caught him

@ Tushar escaping from radio curry :

Karee was busy in chatting with listners,suddenly she notices tush(wch was dressed as hippie).she calls prem,tush runs & prem follows him but tush suceeds in escaping
 @  Kareena's home :
          Here Kareena's mom and grandpa comes to her home and missin her a lot

Tush : kareena i hate u .....Angry
                oh god he is soo angry on Kareena...he is listenin her show on redio curry she is talkin abt importance of truth and trust in love ...which makes Tush feel bad and he throws the trophy tht they both  had won on valentine's day...
             tush plans tht he will forced kareena to speak Truth....and calls kareena on radio curry on her show and tells her tht he is calling on her show after such a long time,now he is in love with a  1 girl who is workin in his office....
          kareena is much happy tht tush had proposed her in front of many people . after some time kareena calls Tush and tells tht she is not goin to come to office today and gives excuse tht she is not well

{ actually she wanted to spend time with her family }

tush tells tht he is goin to give kareena 1 surprise.so, kareena
thought may b tush is going to speak abt their marriage to Nilu so she becomes ready to come in office....

@ kareena spending gr8 time with family :

kareena calls @ home saying tht she will b late ,grandpa,mom & her sis all get upset.....
suddenly door bell rungs.... no1 opens the door as all were sad as all were eager to meet kareena ...

grandpa opens the door ,& to all surprise kareena was @ door ...
all now very happy....

then kareena take leave saying ther is important work @ office ,she will join all @ dinner

@ chamatkar office:

        Big smilekareena now in office. Tribhu ask her y she is late today then she tells tht her family had came, tribhu  says tht he will now meet her real family & talk abt her and tush's marriage.....

          Kareena in Tush cabin.....tush says tht now he is come to know wht is true love and 1 can do anything in love and tells true love is by prem who has changed so much 4 her & he will  patch up Kareena and Prem .......Karrena is shocked Shocked  then Tush tells tht he is not goin to marry in his whole life.............

kareena says try to remind abt wht he said 2day morning @ radio curry.. & she was going to speak abt all tht happen @ radio curry 2day but finally she speaks up only words "radio curry" & then stops....

this was tush's attempt to force kareena to speak truth by giving her such a shocks

episode ended..........showin kareena in tension

hey friends give yr reply soon
bye take care
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Update May 9,Tush surprises kareena 7
kareena kareena blooper
tushar and priyanka !!? 1 2

That's my(Tush & prem's) Momma!
tushar and priyanka !!? 1 2

Poll: What Tushar do ?? 2
kareena episodes help 6
tushar and priyanka !!? 5

plz read update of may 9 b4 proceeding to get link ....

here is update for 2day :

yesterday as v show kareena got very disturbed after tush's surprise

@ kareena's house :

so she is not able to sleep well thinkin abt tht only...
she also thinks tht tush is going away from her due to priyanka....

some how she manage to sleep ......

------------  NEXT MORNING -----------

@ wAY to radio curry :

kareena was getting late 4 radio curry  & she was waitin 4 taxi @ road...

tush was followin her & comes in front of her ... she was in look of RJ kareena.... totally shocked .....

tush changing statement :

tush now changes her statement tht he was just testing kareena y'day ... so tht he know wht kareena will do in such situation ?
so kareena now relax 4 little while

tush asks wht she is doing her,this is time 4 Yoga naa...
kareena says yeah she is going 4 yoga classes only ....

then tush tell her kareena to drop wher she is going .... kareena denies as she can't take him to radio curry & she says she will go in taxi only ...

tushar forces her so much & makin her emotionally black-mail.. sayin tht she don't like his company thts y she is not coming ...

so eventually,kareena agrees & then they rach @ yoga classes ,then tush insists 4 coming in .. kareena says only ladies r allowed 2day .....
& she went in just to show tush tht she is going to yoga classes & try to get out from there ..but tush follows her there also ,but finally by some how she manage to escape ....

@ radio curry :

she got late due to all those things ....
priyanka was hosting her show in her absence,so she become upaset

kareena & prem :
prem says : she is not doing her job properly ..... if she can't mange it then he have other options available
kareena says sorry & promises : tht will not repeat again

tush calls prem : & tell him to meet 2day evening @ 1 hotel
prem not share tht with kareena

kareena & priyanka :
priyanka comes aftter finishing show,prem says she has done nice job .....
kareena says : she can't repalce kareena @ 'whts yr problem ?' & also in tush's life .......
so all things tht were on her mind comes out .....
priyanka says : thnx 4 realizing tht ,tush is really cute
kareena gives warning to priyanka don't praise his tush in front of her ...

kareena leaves room .....

@ office :

tushar tries to make kareena more jealous .... he was talkin on phone like he talkin with 1 girl ......
by somehow kareena come to know tht tush havin meeting with some 1 2day evening ,also find out venue ....

@ prem preparin b4 meeting :

prem surprised abt his meeting with tushar....
priyanka says : be alert , he can hurt u by gundas...
prem says : he is duffer he can't go upto tht level
priyanka says she will also come ther

@ meeting :

prem comes tush was already waiting ....

tush says : he is now leavin kareena,it is very difficult to fall in love with married woman...
kareena is only of yours.. u deserve it & then he leaves

{  kareena was also ther ,she was hiding & was watchin all this but can't able to listen their chat }
priyanka was waitin out ... meet him & ask abt whether he talked with music director or not ?

kareena also comes out & asks prem "wht tush was saying ?"
prem lies " he was givin warning to him ,& told him to not come in betwn him & kareena "
kareena become happy tht he is loving her so much
but then she saw tush chattin with priyanka

kareena says : " why tush is confusing her so much "

-------------- NEXT MORNING --------------

@ radiocurry :

tushar calls kareena @ her show ,& tells tht her GF is little angry & he is going to her house to say sorry ...

kareena ends show & rushes to his home as ther will b big truble is tush meets her family

@ kareena's house:

kareena enters & her mom says " some1 has came to meet her "
kareena in much tension

& episode ended here


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kareena kareena blooper
2 1 2

That's my(Tush & prem's) Momma!
2 1 2

Poll: What Tushar do ?? 2
kareena episodes help 6
tushar and priyanka !!? 5
Poll: will u lie? 3
Update May 10,tush confuses kareena
2 1 2

here is update 4 2day ..........

continue from may 10 epsiode,kareena rushes from radio curry to her home .. after tusahr says tht he is going to her place ....
when kareena enters her home .. mom says some1 is waiting 4 u & episode ended leaving 1 question , " who is tht person ?"

@ kareena's home :

tht person was none other than pammi's father ,who had came to meet dadoo ...
kareena little relax now ....
then general talk betwn dadoo & pam's dad

then pam's dad says he know 1 good boy for kareena,who currently in US... shall he talk abt kareena & tht boy's marriage ?

kareena says she is happy @ Mumbai,she will marry boy from Mumbai & not want to go abroad
then pam's dad left ...

kareena & dadoo :

dadoo ask now i ve to started srching boy for u ,kareena asks u tell wht type of boy u want ?
dadoo says : tall ,handsome ,intelligent ,who repects elders & from mumbai { while describing dadoo were thinkin of prem & kareena was thinking of tushar }

@ kareena calls tushar :

kareena calls tushar & says u r  tall ,handsome ,intelligent ,u repects elders & from mumbai so congrats u r selected ....
& adds my family has come & soon will b meeting u ....

naughty tush !!
tush says he is at present chatting with priyanka so talk u later
{ actually he was talking to 1 employee }

kareena again becomes jealous !!

@ Tushar's sixer (gr8 plan)

today tushar was going to implement big plan ,his plan is to arrange for 1 function @ chamtkar 2day evening ....
call prem & kareena both & then Booom boomm

so he 1st calls prem :

tushar says as i promised y'day tht he will not come in between kareena & him & he will get them 2gether so come 2day @ chamtkar in sherwani like dulha ...
prem agrees .....

@ Tushar now talk to Nilu :

he explains his plan to Nilu & says they both were divorced @ 1 party now they will again get 2gether @ 1 function
& he suggest call all ppl 2day evening for function called kareena's "godh-bharai"

Nilu agree on his plan & start preparing 4 tht function
& both decided to keep it as a secret,it will b surprise for kareena
not even tell anything to tribhu also..

@ Tush now call kareena :

tush says he was just kiddin when kareena had called him,he was not with priyanka & was havin discussion with 1 employee
kareena now relax but he was not aware tht 2day evening its going to b big big zatka for her
then tush says lets meet for dinner 2day .. kareena tooo happy ...

@ kareena & her sis :

kareena was too excited & sings songs tht girl sing like " sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye"
her sis to started singing for her ...
tht was nice scene ...
& final song was by her sis ," kaho naaa pyar hai .... "
her sis thought tht may b she is going to meet prem .. so sis was also happy

{ kareena's mom,dadoo & her sis all r with prem }


@ Chamatkar :

Tushar's home was gettin decorated on occasion of function,many relatives had came ... pk was also busy in ,making arrangement

as tribhu not aware of all this he was full of surprise & asks PK abt tht ..
PK not answers properly & says u don't worry... go out @ laughter's club & enjoy yrself also not forget to eat jalebi & samosa @ shop opposite to club ...

Tribhu agrees on tht & went out ....

------> kareena's entry ......

kareena comes ther & can't understand wht is happening here ..she had dressed nice .....
Tush comes & welcome her
& then she asked ,wht is special 2day " whether tribhu & NIlu's marriage aniversery or somehing else ?"

tush says ," NO aniversery ,u just wait & watch .... nilu had told me to call u on dinner so ...."
Nilu comes & says " u ve to wear saree 2day so come with me i will get u ready ....

Nilu dress her same way as we saw her in "april fool special episode" wher she was @ place of nilu & NIlu was kareena

kareena still not understanding situation !!

-------> Prem's entry .......

prem arrives wearing shervani & looking like Dulha ....
Nilu welcomes him & tell him to sit beside kareena function of "godh bharai" will start in some time

kareena now in entirely in tension !!

-------> Tribhu & daddooo arrives .....

Tribhu was ther & met kareena's dadoo ther ...both became friend & tribhu asks dadoo to come to his place for tea ...
dadoo agrees .....

so tribhu & dadoo both arrive @ chamtkar ...
kareena see dadooo & get shocked ....

Phas Gayi kareena !!

dadoo also see her ...
& episode ended here .....


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( THis episode is GOod or bad 4 kareena ??? )
yeah ,answer tht question after reading whole update

SuMS message :

sorry & thnx
sorry  4 late update
& thnx for supporting me

many ppl had post replies in topic :

c'mon predict may 12 episode ....

mm21 has predicted correctly up to some extent
so will u lie?Clap

his prediction was :

I think,  Daddu Will find Tushar @chamatkar and not get happy as Tushar behaved badly with Daddu earlier. He might have a rough Time with Tushar because of that issue.

I think, Daddu will not manage to notice Kareena there , Tribhu might will do something to save herTongue

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Poll: Preity vs. Kareena 7
Update May 11, Big blast!!!
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Recap :

y'day show ended showing entry of dadoo @ chamatkar when kareena's "godh bharai" function was going on ...... & left Question

Wht will happen Next ???

Here is update for 2day ...........

@ Dadooo :

friendz remember ? they have shown in 1 earlier episode tht Dadoo had came @ chamtkar & in next episode tht was shown as kareena's dream

but this time this is not the case .....
It was not kareena's dream ,dadoo had came ther in real.....

kareena try to hide from him ....
Dadoo still not seen her just try to adjust in tht environment wch was like marriage ceremony ....

he asked tribhu ," wht is going on ?"
tribhu says ,"he also don't know ... ya but some function is ther " LOLLOL

@ Prem & kareena :

kareena tell prem to do something ...
prem contact tribhu on his cell ..... {he was hiding while makin call }
& explain him entire situation saying tht " nilu has arranged this function & show him kareena wch was looking cute in get up similar to NIlu....

& tell tribhu to take dadoo away from ther ...... "

Dadoo says let see how ppl from Bihar treat guests ?
tribhu in dilemma
Tribhu tells we first take guest to guest room & let sit them ther 4 ten minutes & we serve them everything ther only....
but thing is they can't move from ther

& by making such story trbhu take daoo to the guest room & tell him to wait ther ,he will come back soon & do not leave this room

@ Tush & dadoo :

dadoo was having tea & suddenly tush comes ..... he was in hurry ...
& he stucked with dadoo & this time instead of mud tea falls on dadoo

Dadoo says last time mud & 2day tea ???
tribhu comes let dadoo cool .....

he introduces tush to dadoo .... dadoo say tush is totally opposite of u ...
He is dirty mark on yr home & many bad things 4 tushar

@ Tushar & kareena :

kareena getting angry on tushr " wht's this ? u ve called me for dinner then wher is dinner ??"
tush says ," this whole function was organized by Nilu & wht wrong in having dinner here ??"

----------> Priyanka's Entry :

priyanka comes & asks tush he asked music director joey or not ??
tush says ya i asked he is little busy,but dont worry i will definitely arrange meeting with u...

Priyanka happy after hearing this ....
but kareena getting jealous ....

@ Prem & Kareena :

now kareena getting angry on prem sayin " why u had come here ? tht too in shervani ? "
prem replies Nilu had forced tht why i m here .....

then kareena complaining abt priyanka to prem ,she says " she don't like her ... she is revolvin around tushar by callin him " Tushi .... Tushi "
I hate her so much ......

then she walks out from ther
PK comes & tell prem ,lets go out for diner 2day ...
prem went forcefully ...

then Nilu shouts for dinner ...

@ Dinnnig Table :

Tushar was already havin seat ,kareena comes & try to sit beside him in adjacent chair
Tushar moves to tht chair as soon as he see priyanka is comin....

& with no option kareena have to sit on opposite chair

{ Poor kareena !!}

Kareena becoming too jealous ...... & angry too on priyanka ...
tushar is doing all this meaning fully

@ Kareena's plan :

kareena decide to teach a lession o priyanka...
she looses a 'swing' & tell priyanka to sit on tht .....
so tht as soon as priyanka sits she will fall on ground

priyanka was jsut about to sit ....but then tushar comes with 2 ice-creams & calls priyanka & offers 1 to priyanka & 2nd one for himself

kareena mind tht so tushar says " sorry i was just kidding ,2nd 1 is for u only ..... kareena happy hearing tht in joy she by mistake sit on tht 'swing'
& she falls down ... .she screams ..

@ tell this is good or bad for kareena ???:

kareena grabs the opportunity & acts like she havin pain in stomach
{ By doing tht Nilu will call doctor & she can prove tht she is not pregnant}

NIlu in tension calls 1 lady doctor & warn her to reach in 15 min its emergency ...
she reach in time ,& checks kareena then doctor come out in anger is telling Nilu tht " ther was no emergency ...she is not pregnant "

kareena joyfully say " YESSSS"
Nilu notice tht & NIlu was totally surprised & she seems to b angry .....

So friendz .... this scene will b good or bad for kareena ???
just think & reply

two more topics to discuss ...

kareena kareena blooper
1 2

Poll: will u lie? 4

so take more part in discussion ...

Take care ....


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