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Saarthi Updates May 2005.

This is for updates only. Any post that is not an update will be deleted.

May 10th, 2005

shefali is talking to the guy who she has put incharge to finance arjun, she tells him to lodge a complain against mansen,khushal and suraj kiran - in return he guy tells shefali tht they may get exposed but instead she tells hime not to worry about tht and that she only wants them to get "badnam"!!

at home

arjun and baisa are talking where baisa tells arjun that "ki bhoomi ke saath bhura hadsa hua" in reply arjun say tht nothin bad had happened instead bhawri was saved. he also tells her tht bhwari seemed very happy to hear tht she is not getting married anymore. arjun also tells baisa tht till keshav is expected the next day and tht till he does not come back it is arjun's duty to protect bhoomi from vajesan!!

later shefali goes to vishaka and aksh and inquires about the papers, to get them to trust her shefali tells them tht she talked arjun into telling her about his financer and tht this was in those papers she wanted to give yuv to surpirse them!! and vishaka and aksh fall into her trap and a relieved and say to each other tht they knew tht their bhabi would not do any harm to them. during their conversation shefali realises tht manavsi is the only other person who might have taken the papers.

the next scene is bhoomi comming into the kitchen where manasvi and arjuns mom are there cutting vegetables. And bhoomi tells her not to cut vegetables, as after marriage she(bhoomi) has to do all the work. Bhoomi seems to be very happy (as she thinks tht arjun also loves her which is why he told her tht she is not getting married as he had not told her the actual facts). Seeing this manasvi and her mother in law are very happy (as theytoo don't know the truth about vejasan n tht bhoomi is no more getting married to him).

Later we see tht shefali tells manasvi tht nobody can stop her from getting arjun, not her not even god!!! At this time they show lord Krishna present there n the wonderful expression on his face!! Manasvi tries to tell shefali tht no one is going to benefit from this stubbornness of her's!! shefali leave and manasvi says tht she will keep doing her karam n then she leaves too. Then llord Krishna says tht manasvi will do her karam but wht will I do ? I hav jus been challenged!!

Later in the board room mansen asks shefali whether she knew the financer, jus then the police enter and arrest manse, suraj kiran and khushal. After they leave shefali calls lawyer and tells him to get the bail ppr and come to the police station she also informs a reporter and tell him to come to the police station too!! In jail they r discussing who the culprit is and mansen has cracked it and tells them tht is is no one else but shefali goenka !!! suraj kiran and khushal are surprised , jus then shefali comes with the bail pprs and as they come out of jail mansen give shefali a dirty look.

In her mind shefali thinks "mai hi aag lagaungi aur mai hi bujahoongi , and as I will do tht I will also be prepared to throw another problem at you.!!

i hope the update was fine as i jus wanted to try it out, let me know if it is fine.

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May 11th, 2005


today's episode was nothing excitin but it was ok , jus waitn for bhoomi to break the ice and tell arjun face to face instead of depending on tht letter she wrote. anycase this is wht happened today.


Mansen's wife is thanking shefali for bailing out mansen and khushal. Yuvraj is also very happy. mansen says tht the father puts us in jail and the daughter bails her out now mansen is very confused whether the father or daughter is faulty and as to who is playing games with them. Even khushal starts to think!!(devils brain at work! Lol)


Keshav is very angry n is talking to arjun about vejasan.  Keshav says tht they need to break engagement as soon as possible. but arjun says tht they will not leav vejasan just like tht and decides tht they will call vejasan and his family for dinner to heritage house, bhoomi happens to overhear this.

Shefali thinks it is good tht the pprs did not reach yuv otherwise she would not be able to gain mansen and khushals confidence. Yuv then enters and tell shefali tht he is very happy with wht she has done and tht now she has risen high in yuv's eyes. In reply shefali says tht wht about her, y does she need to prove herself to mansen why does he hav to shak kar fy on her ??? she then tell yuv tht only one person can do tht and it is KHUSHAL !! so in short she fills yuv's ears (bhadkaofy's yuv against khushal). Yuv leaves disturbed!! She then thinks tht the next person to attack is khushal mama!!!

In the next scene we see tht bhoomi is talking to herself and debating as to y did arjun n keshav call vajesan for dinner when arjun said tht bhoomi will not be getting married !! she then think tht whtever arjun has thought must be right and tht she should not suspect his intentions as he would only wish good for her. Al this time when she is debating lord Krishna is listening. Then bhoomi starts to think n says tht maybe arjun will tell everybody tht he wants to marry bhoomi in front of everybody, which is why he has called vajesan n his fam for dinner. Looking at this lord Krishna says tht bhoomi when u don't think it is right but when u use ur brains u think all wrong. Then sum where in between her conversation she also thinks tht maybe arjun has read her letter which is why the decision of bhoomi not marrying and the dinner has come up. Lord krishan is surprised at her thoughts (actually one of the best characters according to me is Lord Krishna him self as he also adds some fun to the serial and also talks sense )

Then we see tht mansen goes to visit prathab or prathap  wht ever the name is !(shefalis pop). Mansen asks him whether he knows the financer. In reply the father says tht he is not sure. In return mansen says tht if by anychance he found out tht they are the backhand behind the financer then they will be rivals again!! And if khandewal is not with the financer then they are still gonna be friends.

Next is after work on the way home arjun buys bhoomi a gift. He goes and gives it to her. Bhoomi tells arjun tht he takes so much care of her and he smiles in return. N then before leaving he makes a cute teasing face and tells bhoomi tht she is not gonna get married to tht vejasan. After he leaves bhoomi says tht she will treasure this gift for the rest of her life as this is the first gift he has given her after he knows tht she loves him ( tht is wht she thinks !!)

Next shefali goes to her dads office. He question s her as to y is she financing arjun?? She then tells him the whole story of the betryal n there are flashbacks of yuv saying tht the most credit should shefali to blindly trust them!! So now Mr Khandelwal is upset and says tht they are going to take revenge from Mansen and family, shefali tells her dad not to take tension n jus tells him tht she needs his support. N then her dad also tell her to divorce yuv on which she said tht they will take reveng in a very sweet way.!!


hope its fine. tc

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May 12th, 2005


The beginning of todays episode was very good as keshav got caught. Anycase this is what happens…

At heritage house

Vajesan walks in with his fake parents and is welcomed by keshav and arjun. Mansen, khushal and yuvraj seeing all this says tht this is not right entertaining servants like this is not good. Yuv says tht arjun did not even ask for permission to bring them in heritage house. On tht khushal says tht whtevr his name is, he is a "kaam ka aadmi". Everybody is there baisa, shakuntala (arjuns mom ), manasvi, bhoomi, and her father. At first arjun addresses vajesan as vajesan and then says staypal chaudry why have you changed your name it is soo good, why hav u changed it to a stupid name "vajesan" he is shocked and so are the others.!! And mansen exchanged looks with khushal. Then baisa gets p n tells him to tell the truth or else they would call the police!! Keshav says tht he has already informed th police n the next moment the police arrives. Keshav then tells the fake parent to tell the truth or else even they will be punished with vajesan sorry satyapal!! (the fake parent are so expression less like some dumb dummies!!) anycase back to story they tel the truth and satypal is caught.

Arjun then asks him not wht u hav to say ..? he starts to plead and says tht I am willing to change once you'll get "bhoomi rani" married to me and , arjun gets furious and cuts him off and tells him not to even take bhoomi's name n tht they will never hav any rishta. Shefali sees all this and is a bit worried ( tht is wht I gathered from her expression or maybe she was shocked by this behaviour of his ) anycase the police then take them.

Bhoomi starts to weep and goes to her bro and cries. Then arjun and keshav accompany the police to the police station.

At the police station

Vajesan aka satyapal asks keshav for forgivnes in return keshav says how shameless can u be after trying to runi my sisters life u are askin me for fogiuveness??? Vajesan then gets bugged and tell kasha tht "hum jaise logo se panga lena acha neahi hai" on tht keshav gives him a tight slap!Clap! They then exchanged dirty disgusted looks and the police orders the constable to take satypal away ! after he is throw in jail keshav tell vajesan tht his dream of getting married to bhoomi will remain a dream and tht now the jail will be his sasural!! Vajesan then calls out to keshav in a loud rude tone, amd says tht he will not stay in jail for a very long time and tht when he is out he will takke revenge from both of them !!

Before leaving arjun tells vajesan tht till now his akad has not gone n tht "jo khatir hum ne neahi ki who police wale kar lenge"

At home actually outhouse

Keshav returns and the father asks him wht happened.  Keshav says tht good they came to know bout vajesan befor the marriage and not after so bhoomi is saved. The father is worried about badnami and says tht they should find a boy soon and get bhoomi married but keshav says tht this is wht wee should not do cause haste makes waste!! Hearing them talking bhoomi tells them tht they should not worry both are confused?? She then tells them tht she has spoken to arjun and tht he has confessed his live for her and tht he too wants to get married.(tht is her interpretation ) Again both father and son are shocked , keshav asks her to explain in detail she then adds tht is wht he meant by his behaviour,  she then says tht she is right n tells them tht she had written a letter to arjun in which she has told him everythin!! Keshav says wht letter and tht he was with arjun the whole time and tht arjun never spoke about any letter he also says tht she is misunderstanding arjun she then says tht arjun said he spoke to you , keshav says he did but not about u ,about vajesan!!!. Bhoomi gets bugged and tells him tht if you don't believe me go and ask him urself n walks away!

The next day

Baisa is happy and tell arjun tht they have done a good k=job by catchin this fraud vajesan befor marriage and tht bhoomi is saved. They then talk about a biy for bhoomi on tht arjun says tht till we don't find somebody suitable bhoomi wil stay at their house only and not go anywhere. Jus the arjuns phone rings and he exceuses himself. After he moves away baisa asks manasvi about her problem as to wht is the status on tht? She says tht they wil be goin to the orphanage the next day, baisa tells her tht this time tell shakuntla ( I finally go her name !!) and manasvi tell her tht she is not goint to commit the same mistake again n will take shakuntala with her to the orphanage house with her.

Next we see Bhoomi is getting ready and is in front of the dressing table. Then as she imagines the dialogue tht arjun says when he brought her the gift the previous day " mai office se aa raha tha to socha ke tumhareliye gift le loon" then when she outs on the jewellery again arjuns voice " jab tum jhumke aur bindi dal thi ho to bade ghar ki memsab lagthi ho" then she puts on the payal and yet again arjun's voice "ye payal thumare liye hi bana hai so tht wher ever you go people will know tht it is bhoomi coming"

Lookin at herself in the mirror she says tht arjun by dealin with this marriage thing you have proved tht you love me !! (Innocent stupidity!)  bhoomi then goes to look for arjun in his room n then goes through the whole house looking for him she asks manasvi no answer. When she goes to baisa to ask for arjun she tells bhoomi tht she is looking very pretty today bhoomi is happy. Finally she sees dhanu kaka and is told tht srjun is on the terrace bhoomi is very happy n excited and then goies to the terrace.

On the terrace.

Bhoomi tells arjun tht she was looking for him. Arjun tells her tht she is looking beautiful and tht from no angle it looks as though her marriage jus broke off yesterday. Bhoomi tell shim not to tease her and the so wht if the engagement broke off there will be another one on tht arjun says very nice u hav already found a boy!! Again she says don't tease her. Bhoomi then tells arjun tht the past two days were such tht she never wants to forget them. Bhoomi then asks arjun to give back all her stuff as she wants to cherish it all her life, arjun is surprised he is like wht stuff, she then talks about the potli and the letter he says the he does not know of any of tht. Bhoomi is sad Cryagain she is thinking then arjuns phone rings , he tells bhoomi tht he has to go. Then before leavin he asks her whether she was playing with him (about the potli n letter) she says yes. He walks off and forgot to mention in the background sad music is goin on nthen it ends…

It was a nice episode n hopefully in the next episode she will talk to arjun face to face..!! really waiting for tht. Acha does anybody know where to get the background music of the serial..??? do let me know

Anycase all hav a nice day or night wht ever it is. tc

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May 17th, 2005


very sad episode but really good dialogues


Arjun tells bhoomi tht he can only be her friend and nothing else. Manasvi and satya are talking ill of mothers who leave their children at orphanage homes in front of shaku!! Shaku then decides tht she will try to look for her son, Krishna says tht time will put ur son in front of you, then keshav goes to talk to arjun telling him tht he knows his limits (as being a servant) and tht bhoomi is very innocent at heart and she changed her feelings of  friendship to love towards him and tht whtevr happened should not have happened. Keshav then goes to see bhoomi. She tries to cover up as though nothing heartbreaking happened. Bhoomi tells keshav tht she has realised her limits and tht arjun is not her friend but her malik as in friendship there are no limits. Keshav is upset but they cant do anything. Shefali goes to arjun, arjun tells her about bhwari , shefali is very angry and says tht bhoomi is a planner and tht this is her trap she dared to dream of getting married to arjun and tht she is stupid in return arjun tells shefali tht bhoomi is vry innocent and tht she is not a materialistic girl. Shefali walks of in anger. In her room she says tht how dare bhoomi do this, only shefali has the rights to love arjun!! And says tht from today day by day arjun and bhoomi are goin to move apart.!!!


The episode was good. Sorry I could not give the whole thing in detail as frankly it does take up lots of time in typin this out, well I still don't mind it. Anycase, I am wondering how are they gonna get married???(bhoomi and arjun) I guess he will start to think about bhoomi in the course of time… and I also think tht shefali wont hav to work hard as bhoomi is goin to stay in her limits from then onward.


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May 18th, 2005

todays episode was full of takkar and challenges. n i guess now the epi's will be getting more interestin but jus hope tht they dont end up draggin it, anycase here's wht happened in short....(not xactly short!Big smile)

shefali goes to the outhouse with bhoomi's potli and letter,(i thought she had burnt it)anycase shefali threatens bhoomi about the letter and tells her tht she has no idea wht will happen if her letter gets in the hands of anyone else in the house. bhoomi pleads for the letter, shefali tears it and tells bhoomi to stay away from arjun.

next scene is where mansen and khushal are talking n the old man of the house comes in with the paper, lectures mansen and tell him tht if it goes on like this then..... n he walks away. well the paper has a picture of mansen and khushal n suraj on the front page in the jail, they start to think who might hav done this, mansen is very angry and shefali sees all this standing outside their room n very pleased with herself

arjun is reading tht paper, shefali comes and says tht this is her first "vaar" and tht there is more to come  they also say something which is similar to this "jasi karni vaise bharni" keshav happens to hear wht shefali says, shefali sees him n asks him wht was he doin there, keshav says tht he saw tht paper and came to see them. (never before was keshav asked why had he come into heritage house..sad na) arjun then tell keshav tht this is all due to shefali, immediately keshav corrects him n tells arjun it is "shefali bhabi", shefali gets bugged and tells arjun tht she will ta;lk to him later. arjun then tells keshav tht he is goin to see kaksahib about the paper.

arjun enters and taunts kakasahib , khushal says tht "aisa baat karna tumhe shoba neahi deta" arjun then says tht yesh bhi to aapko shoba neahi deta, and show the ppr with their pic in it. arjun also tells him tht the more u try to destroy me the more u will be destroying youself too, n then walks away.


khushal tells mansen tht he can get shadyantra ki boo from all this. mansen agrees. khushal says tht shefali is behing all this, mansen tells him not to mention this infront of yuv, khushal still talks about shefali barinwashing yuv n bham..!! yuv hears all this and talks badly to khushal n tells him tht he will not hear a thing against shefali n walks off.!!!

next keshav talks to manasvi about shefali and arjun n tht they need to keep shefali away from arjun. manasvi says tht it is difficult to stop shefali now n the only person to stop her is arjun, keshav says tht arjun does not want to stop shefali. manasvi tells her tht we can atleast talk to arjun n try to make him understand.

next scene is really nice!!

bhoomi is goin towards arjun's room with juice and shefali stops her! shefali looks at bhoomi as though any moment she is going to break into a cat fight!! anycase shefali tells bhoomi tht she has no shame and tht she is still trying to get close to arjun. bhoomi tells shefali tht she is only doin her work as a servant. shefali tells bhoomi tht she will give the juice to arjun , bhoomi says tht it is bhoomi's work not the malkins work to do such small things!! shefali then says tht i am ur maalik and tht u should lidten to me, bhoomi gives her the glass and is about to go when shefali stops her again n tells her tht good arjun himself told bhoomi tht he did not love her and tht not to try any more trantrums to get close to arjun n tht bhoomi should call arjun, arjun saheb and not arjun, (shefali then "jale pe naamak chidak thi hai" Angry)and tells her tht it must hurt alot! she also tells bhoomi tht she does not know anything about love and tht shefali has loved arjun and tht bhoomi does not know anything. in return bhoomi tells her tht love also another view and tht is of trust !! n tht shefali never trusted arjun or else they would have been married by then, bhoomi also tells shefali tht "tumne arjun ko paa ke bhi kho diya!!" shefali gets mad and throws th e glass of juice. bhoomi then goes to pick up the broken pieces of glass and tells shefali to forgive her if she said somthing very bad to her. shefali tell bhoomi to stop thinkin about arjun or else... bhoomi then gets wild and says tht or else wht bhabi.. you will tell everybody about me, i dont care i hav already lost arjun and tht i hav nothing to lose anymore.  bhoomi is then leavin and she tells shefali "aur ek baat bhabi mai to arjun se neahi milunngi leken arjun mujeahse milne aaye to app usko kaise rokengi??"" and it freezes!!

tht is wht i said, i think tht arjun will now get pulled towards bhoomi, subconciously even he cant do without her!!"LOL

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May 19th, 2005


After the recap


Dhanukaka takes milk to arjun,(duh arjun asks where is bhwari – I tell u at time one wonders tht do men even have brains or feelings for tht matter, anycase getting back to the show) – arjun asks for bhwari, dhanukaka says tht she has gone to remove the clothes from the terrace. Dhanu then says tht how sad poor bhoomi after her marriage broke off she has been very upset, listening to this arjun thinks and then goes to bhoomi (this was expected).

Bhoomi is crying. Arjun tells bhoomi tht she is still his good friend, in return bhoomi says tht he is not a friend to her he is more than tht he is her love (pyar) and tht he was no longer a friend to her since the day she realised she loves him and tht everytime he came in front of her she did not look at him as a friend and nor can she do tht now. Arjun is blank. Bhoomi then walks away and arjun is still sitting n thinking (I guess).


Shefali is brainwashin yuvraj against khushal mama n is very much successful (woman power can do anything be constructive and destructive) anyways next we see shaku at the orphanage home trying to find out about her son, telling the authorities tht it was her friends child, she gets some address(I could not get the name), so now she says she has to goto tht place.

Bhoomi is putting some matti ka paste on dadaji's feet (baisa's hubby), looking at this baisa says tht you sincerely put this everyday, seeing your zest and zidd (I cant get the word but it means somewhat like tht maybe even something like persistence and faith) I am sure maybe some day he will start to walk, jus then arjun walks in, bhoomi n arjun hav eye contact and sad music goes on, baisa and dadaji both tell bhoomi tht hope all you goals are achieved and tht they woiuld willingly help her in doing so, in return bhoomi says tht if not anything thing else (immediatel the camera is on arjun ) tht dadaji walking would be the biggest achievement for her and tht she would not need anything else in life. On tht baisa tells her tht the day he walks I will give u whtever you want(and again the camera is on arjun), bhoomi then walks away.


Next scene is bhoomi crying and saying tht god is not there, and lordkrishna appears (this is a very sweet scene but I am really sorry I am running out of time so could not write tht in detail) anycase by the end of it bhoomi says tht now for me to believe in you u need to prove tht you exist until then I will not pray. Kirshna says tht now I have to prove my existence.(wonderful expressions)


Next keshav thinks bout bhoomi all the flashbacks come to him about her being so confidant tht arjun loves her, her heartbreaking, and her talks after wards about arjun, the status talk and all. Again Krishna appears and keshav decides tht he will not let his sister suffer like this. he decides tht he will change bhoomi make her kabil to suit arjun, he also thinks tht why did I not think about my sister earlier. At this krishan says tht see wht wht I hav to do to prove my astitva !!(this was not xactly expected but then I guess tht is the only way it will work). Bhoomi enters the outhouse and hears her father talking to some pandit over the phone. Bhoomi objects saying tht she does not want to get married, and is trying to make her father understand  when keshav enters and tell the father tht bhoomi si right she does not need to get married. Father walks away. Keshav then tells bhoomi tht in the course of time you will get the person who is made for you. N keshav tells her tht if your brother can work then even bhoomi can do the same work, (I guess get educated n all.) bhoomi says tht she cant but keshav tells her tht you have to till now you were thinking about the others now you have to think about yourself.


i hope you'll dont mind my comments mixed up with the update. if u do let me know

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May 23rd, 2005


This is the longest I could type today as was running out of time, I am sure its fineWink

Keshav brings books for bhoomi to read, he convinces her to pay some attention to herself. Khushal mama ans shefali hav a confrontation where khushal accuses shefali for wht is happening in return shefali acts innocent and khushal understands this and tells her to stop faking it, ( after all he is shakuni mama so he had to figure it out) he also congrats her on beating him!!

Shefali tells yuv about the accusations, next scene is mansen's family conference with shefali, yuv, mansen and his wife and the other bro (forgot his name) they are all waiting for khushal, mansen's wife talks n tells khushal tht he is not doin good, khushal tries to protest but gets a slap in return Clap n is told to leave the house and get lost by his own sister !!!


Manasvi n satya goto ashram, they find out tht shaku had visited the ashram regarding sum past records. Manasvi happy and surprised.

Keshav goes to arjun asks whether he has forgotten about wht bhoomi said, he said he cannot forget. Keshav says tht he is goin to try to make bhoomi forget and asks arjun for help, arjun says tht he is ever ready to help bhoomi.

Mansen is thinking about everything that khushal had said and says tht he was right, for a change they show Krishna with mansen. Towards the end of mansens thoughts khushal calls and on tht krishan says tht " bhala shakuni hastinpur (I think its tht, sorry don't know much about the mahabarat )se kabhi door re sakata hai ??"

At the breakfast table , manasvi comes to know about khushal's departure, again surprised. Baisa goes to shefali, they talk about ashram and then about khushal, baisa says tht maybe she underestimated shefali as she did wht manasvi was supposed to do after she got the kangan !! manasvi thinks tht baisan is getting it all wrong and tht since "shefali ne khuhal mama ko mat di" so it means tht shefali is more dangerous.

Have a nice day - tcSmile

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May 24th, 2005

Just a short update since one hasn't been put up...(hope the regular updaters dont take offense or anything)

Mansen apologises to kushal on behalf of his wife. Kushal says he isn't bothered and that he can do his work from outside the house too. He tells mansen that they have to keep a very close watch on shefali.

Bhoomi is finding her study very difficult and decides to give up when arjun comes and stops her. He says that she has it in her to be just as smart and educated as anyone else and he would make sure she achieves what she is capable of. Keshav watches from a distance with a smile. Bhoomi studies hard even while working in the kitchen.

Arjun goes to manasvi and expresses his disappointment about the fact that satya and manasvi didn't confide in him about their problems. He tells manasvi that she should get the consent of the two dadaji immediately.

Dadaji and Baisa say they have no problem at all and bless manasvi and satya. Mansen too says he has no issues. After manasvi leaves he makes a remark about how the house is like an orphanage anyway and what does difference will one more make.

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