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You+Me=Kiss Of Disaster |Thread I-Complete| (Page 44)

please6 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 8:11am | IP Logged
love it 

love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 8:32am | IP Logged
arniepervaiz Goldie

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged
awww..both of them are tortured souls..
may they find each other soon..
noclapsplease IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Poor duo .. Missing each other a lot .. please let them meet each other once more Embarrassed 

Awesome update Great work continue soon Big smile
deeswarna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
so loving this ff!

it wa so sad seeing how much they were missing each other. its just they were living and breathing just for the name it, they were completely empty from inside!

hope u continue soon
..MorningStar.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 3:38pm | IP Logged

P.S- Give due credit to Amzy[Dynamix215] because I am not the only one who is writing this Fiction.And one more thing...The basic idea of the FF is the brain-child of Amzy...She deserves a

P.P.S- This Update is not in anyone's POV so
Blue Font means Khushi's thoughts, Red Font means Arnav's thoughts and Dark Green means Aakash's thoughts.
Italics means flashback.

CHAPTER 4- Fire anIce

Three days later, Aakash pleaded Khushi to get back to work.

She finally agreed and went to home and slipped back into her formals- a white full sleeved shirt, a black pencil-skirt and heels.

She ran her finger along the white scar across her left hand, and sighed.

Khushi called up her manager. "Hello Riya? Yeah, Di is fine. So any new updates?"

"Yeah Khushi. You've got a meeting today at uh... right, 2 pm in the afternoon. It looks like a very important deal..."

"Oh? Ok. I will be there. Thanks."

"And Khushi, you will be meeting the owner in his office at 1 pm, ok? You can briefly discuss the matter because you haven't been working for the last five days"


She walked out of the house, feeling a strange sensation tugging at her heart. She fingered the thin silver chain around her neck, biting her lower lip nervously.

Khushi was excited! It was her 12th birthday.

She wondered what Arnav had gotten for her!

She felt her cheeks warm up at the thought of him and began feeling light-headed. She glanced at the clock again. Two minutes past
midnight...She frowned. Why hadn't he called her yet!

She fell back onto her pillow, disappointed.

Just then she heard a tap on her window. She turned to see his cute face peering out at her. Startled at seeing him there, she hurried and opened the window.

"ARNAV! How did you climb up so high!"

Arnav rolled his eyes. "Jalebi, it is just one floor! Now, let me in!"

She moved aside hastily, letting him step inside.

He jumped in, and dusted his pants off.

And looked up, smiling at her. "Happy Birthday Jalebi!" he said.

Khushi stared at him, feeling too shocked for words. "You came all they way up to-"

Arnav cut her off, and took her wrist, making her sit by him on her bed. "Oh, cut it out with the sentiment! Open your gift!"

Khushi looked up surprised. "Gift, what gift!"

Arnav grinned and fished out a box from his pocket. "Close your eyes!"

"But Arnav, I-"


"Alright, alright!" Khushi said hastily, closing her eyes.

She felt Arnav move, and moments later, a tingling cold sensation at the base of her neck startled her.

Her eyes flew open, and when she looked down, she saw a thin silver chain, glinting softly against the glimmering moonlight.

The locket was a heart, with a key running across it.

"It's so pretty!" she exclaimed.

She turned around to look directly into his chocolate eyes. They did not break eye contact for a minute.

"Thank you so much Arnav..." Khushi whispered.

Arnav hugged her. "Oh Jalebi, this chain was no big deal..."

"Not for this Arnav. For everything else...For being my best friend, for putting up with my insanity...For always being there for me..."

"I will ALWAYS be there for you...No matter what." He said.


"Promise." he said, and after a moment of silence, gave her a soft kiss on her cheek, making her gasp in shock.

He got up and smiled at her red cheeks and whispered. "Goodnight!"

Little did they know that week or two later, this promise would be broken.

Arnav put on his coat suit, getting ready for the meeting.

He did not know why, but he had the urge to slip Khushi's bracelet into his pocket because even though it was too small for Him now, he felt that he needed luck for the finalizing of the deal. He had luck ever since She had given him the bracelet.

It was a normal day for Arnav Malik.

That is, until his crazy darling Khushi had run up to him.

"Hey Arnav, I wanna give you something!"

"Ok, but WHY?" Arnav asked.

Khushi frowned. "What, I cannot give a gift to my very special person on any random day, hm?"

He rolled his eyes. "Okay crazy person! Give me."

Smiling brightly, She gave him a small red box.

He took it and opened it. He found a silver circlet in it. "Jalebi, I am a boy! Boys don't wear bangles!"

Khushi sighed exasperatedly. "Oh you naive Boy! It is more of a FRIENDSHIP BAND. Just look closely!"

He caught it delicately, and looked at it and saw two words engraved on it. 'Together Forever' and his pinkie finger could feel something inside too.

He examined carefully and realized that 'From You Very Own Jalebi' inlayed inside.

He looked at her, and took her into his arms in a bear hug.

"Thanks My Very Own Jalebi!" and he felt her cheeks warm against his almost immediately.

She pulled back, smiling. "And yeah, before you ask, I PROMISE...I promise that I'll always be by your side"

Then she rose on her toes and placing a kiss on his cheek, fled from the place.

That was the last promise She ever gave.


Aakash did not like lying to his family...Especially not to his Bhai.

But...But what now? He looked at Payal's unconscious form and implored her to wake up.

"Payal? Y-You remember the first time we met? At the temple, and you had your eyes closed, praying to the Goddess to give you someone to love...The truth is, I had fallen in love with you on that day itself..."

He took her hand. "I am sorry I delayed this meeting with my family Payal. I promise, the second you wake up, I will take you home and make you my wife...But please, please wake up. I love you Payal...So much. If you love me, show me a small gesture...a small sign that you are listening..."

A tear escaped Payal's eyes, falling on Aakash's hand making him look up.

He smiled through his tears and kissed her forehead. He stayed there for the night, falling asleep holding her hand under his.


Khushi drove to the AR Fashion House as per Riya's instructions.

She looked at the building, and decided that she had probably arrived now.

She stepped in through the glass doors into a large office, with plush interiors.

She asked the receptionist and was told that Mr Raizada was waiting in conference hall.

She frowned. 'MR RAIZADA'? How formal...! Uff!

He better not be one of those stuck up types! And just look at their clothes! It's like UNIFORM!

Well, not exactly, but there seemed to be definite dressing code... She had rules too, but only related to length, i.e, level of 'exposure'...

Ugh, but just look at the humanoids!!!!

She looked about the office as she made her way upstairs and saw that no one as much as glanced at each other.

God! What kind of PRISON was this?! There was absolute silence except for occasional rustling of paper and stapling sounds once in a while.

She shuddered! Good God! Some Lord Arrogance must be running this place! She thanked the woman who had shown her the way, and stepped into the room.

"Mr Raizada?"


Arnav looked up when he heard the bell-like voice.

It was HER!
The woman, He had stopped from suicide!

She seemed shocked to see him as well, as he saw recognition pass through her face...


Khushi did not know what to say. Maybe, She should say thanks? No, that sounded lame...Maybe She should-

"Oh, Done throwing yourself off bridges?" She heard.

She looked up shocked. Had he just said that?

Who the hell talks like that?

Thank him, MY FOOT! He did not deserve it!

She pursed her lips and willed herself to look cold and different.

"I don't see how that question is related to the business at hand."

His brow shot up."Of course. Have a seat."

She walked to the table, and sat on the black chair.

Arnav took on the most business-like tone possible. "Well, getting back to business. I am Arnav..." Khushi looked at him, momentarily shocked, Her breath caught in her throat.

"...Arnav Singh Raizada." Arnav completed

Immediately, the momentary happiness was gone, as She admonished herself, thinking that there was not just one Arnav in this world.

He was gone...She knew it.

Her eyes opened and the first thing She felt was pain shooting through her left arm.

As her vision cleared, She saw the face of her Buaji and Payal Di, peering anxiously at her.

"Titaliya, are you feeling alright?"

She sat up slowly, nodding.

Then she remembered; Ratna Aunty screaming at Uncle to slow down, screeching of tires, a blinding light, screams, crash, scream again, blood and then blackness.

As She looked up at Buaji's and Di's face, she realized how puffy and swollen their eyes were.

Their faces were streaked with tears.

A terrible feeling engulfed Khushi. "Mamma, Papa and-"

Payal simply shook her head, biting her lower lip to prevent herself from crying. "Everyone Khushi. Everyone in the car."

No! Mamma, Papa...! Her eyes widened.

ARNAV! Nooo! No, no, no!

Khushi looked at Buaji, who simply looked at Khushi with moist eyes.

Tears cascaded down Khushi's face, slowly turning into full sobs. Buaji gathered Khushi in her arms. "No...Don't cry. It will be alright!"

"God! Why did God do this! There is no God!"
Khushi sobbed.

"Don't say like this, Titaliya. Just think, if Payal also had come along with you to Mehra Uncle's party instead of going to the cinema with Anjali, how much more terrible it would have been! God exists Khushi, that is why, your Di stayed back. You're not alone."

Khushi realized that was true and sent a silent thank you to her Devi Maiyya.


She gave a nod and said.


Arnav stared at her, a glimmer of hope passing through him, as he observed what he had not before- her hazel eyes.

"...Khushi Kapoor." Khushi completed.

Arnav nodded in response, feeling utter disappointment fill his being.

He scolded himself, for even considering the possibility.

She was gone...He knew it.

Arnav opened his eyes to bright light and saw his Di looking at him anxiously, with eyes filled with tears. "D-Di?"

Anjali cried openly now. "Oh Chhotey!"

She hugged him, and Arnav tried to remember how he had gotten here. Then it came rushing to him; Mom screaming at Dad to slow down, screeching of tires, a blinding light, screams, crash, scream again, blood and then blackness.

He looked around, panic-stricken. "Di, Mom?" he asked.

Anjali shook her head. "She did not make it...No one did."

No one did...Mom was gone and...KHUSHI!

Nooo! No, no, no! This was a nightmare...!

He pinched himself hard and then he heard the door click open and an elderly woman hurried in.

"Nani" Arnav whispered in a hoarse voice, and the unshed tears came flooding out as Nani wrapped her arms around both her grandchildren.

"Oh Thank God! Thank God, Anjali went out with Payal ! Atleast I have both of you now! Thank God!"

Suddenly, Arnav felt angry. Very very angry. "GOD! There is no God!"

"Chhotey, don't say that...It wasn't just luck that I happened to go out with Payal instead of coming with you all, was it?" Anjali said.

"Yes Di. It was luck. If there was God, He wouldn't have snatched away Mom from me"... He would not have taken away his Khushi...

"We are on our own Di. We write our own fate!"

"Well, Miss Kapoor as you know, We wanted a joint venture between AR Fashions and FuzeOn Fashions. As you might have already realized, this venture with our company would be highly beneficial to your company."

Khushi's brow shot up. "Beg your pardon Mr Raizada, but you just seem to be forgetting that both the companies benefit equally in this venture and Please do not be under the notion that this venture is a favor for our company."

Boy, wasn't She one fiesty and arrogant woman. "Miss Kapoor, let me clear your memory. We are the best and most successful fashion house in-"

Khushi laughed clearly annoyed. "Oh PLEASE Mr Raizada. I know you people are the best, but you seem to be in the need of being reminded that as many survey have claimed yours as first, those many have claimed my company as first as well... You should know by now that media is quite manipulative..."

Arnav was now getting annoyed at her cheeky replies. "Well, let me remind you-"

Khushi got up abruptly. "Look Mr Raizada, we are here to finalize a deal, NOT to fight over whose company is the best. So shall we get back to our negotiations, and keep our talks limited to business? Maybe you have time, but I don't have time for fighting.

"Miss Kapoor, I will not-"

"BUSINESS...Mr Raizada!" Khushi said through clenched teeth.

NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE talked to him like that!

"OUT!" He hissed.


Khushi rolled her eyes.She shrugged her shoulders. "I'd probably find someone else to work with. DreamZ DesignZ is actually good..."

She said, slowly walking out and smiling smugly as she felt Arnav stiffen.

And mentally patting herself on the back.

Hm, doing some research and homework is always a good thing!


DreamZ DesignZ! His rival fashion house!

He had seen FuzeOn's designs, and though he'd never admit it to this Miss Feisty Kapoor, they were really really good.

And a venture between FuzeOn and DreamZ DesignZ would be major disaster for AR Designs.


"Wait Miss Kapoor. We started off on a bad note. Let's start all over shall we."


Khushi turned around, giving him a bright smile.

She was gonna show him, alright!

"I am sorry Mr Raizada. I don't have much time to spare. We could meet at my office tomorrow, hm?" She handed over a business card, and without waiting for a reply walked out the cabin, feeling thoroughly satisfied with herself.

Khushi went home feeling tired. She had talked to Jiju, and judging by his voice, Di had made a teeny-weeny progress.

She really wasn't looking forward to meeting with that Lord Arrogance Raizada!

She sighed and took out her laptop and began typing away.

She idly wondered where Anjali Di was now... She did not remember Di's face very well.

Di had disappeared after that accident...Apparently to her Nani's house.

Buaji had gone to pay a visit to Di, to check if she was alright and needed any help, but had found out that Di had left to live with Nani through neighbors.

As she looked about the large house, wishing there was someone in it other than her...She missed Buaji so much.

She loved and respected her a lot. Buaji had legally adopted her and Payal Di, and even given HER surname 'Kapoor' to both of them.

Tears filled her eyes as she realized that Buaji would have been proud had she been alive.

After all, FuzeOn Fashions had first been Kapoor's Chikankari Dukaan, a small shop tucked away in a smaller gully in Delhi.


'Khushi Kapoor! What did She think of herself!' Arnav thought.

Such haughty airs! He was sure that her employees hated her... What with the 'To-the-Point' attitude and annoyingly smug smile.

He would show her tomorrow would he not... He smirked at the thought...Just you wait Miss Feisty Kapoor!

The next day, Arnav found himself standing in front of Khushi's office.

He had not expected this...It was huge, and a sleek 10-storey building, with a perfect external atmosphere.

Rose plants (his Jalebi's favourite, He remembered) of every color adorned the border of the building.

He walked inside, and immediately froze.

The atmosphere here was so different from that in HIS office.

This place was...well, buzzing with life!

People were dressed in a variety of clothes, which inspite of varying in a ridiculously LARGE variety, were without any fashion faux pas!

He went to the table where a young woman wearing a high pony-tail was listening to music. "Um, I am Arnav Singh Raizada...?"

"Oh...Khushi has been expecting you." She said.

'Just Khushi'? SO INFORMAL?! Was she the BOSS or friend! Maybe this girl here was Khushi's bestie?

"Mr Raizada." the girl said, and in such a way that it sounded suspiciously like she was mocking him. She laughed at his look. "Khushi told me you prefer being called that! So yeah. Whatever. Hey Ramu, get him to Khushi!" she called out.

Arnav saw a boy of maybe 15 or 16 hurry.

He narrowed his eyes...CHILD LABOUR?

But Ramu skipped happily to him and guided him upstairs.

"Khushi Didi will be in that room" He said, pointing to a room with a large black door.

DIDI!? What the hell? Family or EMPLOYEE?

Perplexed, he walked over to the room debating whether or not to knock.

Deciding to against knocking, he pushed open the door, revealing a large room with one whole wall made of glass. Arnav's eyes went up to the desk where Khushi was talking to another guy sitting opposite to her on another desk against the wall.

"So Sam, how is you fiance?" She asked.

"Perfectly fine...Khushi!" Sam replied, grinning.

Really? Did this woman hire ONLY friends?

Wasn't She the BOSS?!

How could anyone talk like that to a BOSS and call them by FIRST name, which everyone apparently seemed to be doing so.

He coughed, making Khushi aware of his presence.
Khushi looked up and narrowed her eyes. "Oh, you're here! Have a seat. Sam, give these papers to Lavanya please?" She asked, handing over a few papers to Sam who had walked up to her. "Sure thing...Khushi."

Khushi's brow shot up. "I mean, Boss!" Sam said sarcastically, and walked off laughing.

Just then, another girl ran in. "Yo Khushi! Check this out!"

Khushi looked up. "Yeah...Nisha?"

"Can you believe that Breaking Dawn-" Nisha stopped when she saw an amused Khushi and an incredulous Arnav looking at her.

"Sorry, Boss!" Nisha said and fled.

Arnav simply couldn't believe it! What in the world was happening!

Next Update: 28th November 2012

Next- Chapter 5- Raining Emotions

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fatima2603 Goldie

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So interesting...i can't wait to see how this story pans out.wonder who will realize the truth first.
frenzyy IF-Rockerz

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arnav in her office and he doesnt have a clue as to what was happeningROFL poor himROFL loved how khushi's office s soo livelyWink payal s recovering.. cant wait to see wat happens in d dealLOL

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