Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ll HaPpYy BiRTh DAY shyy (SHYBABE)ll ShyNote Pg 47

UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 4:49am | IP Logged

Midst all the chaos, I want all of us to get together here to have a little celebration for someone really special, some one the entire forum knows, some one who entertained us with endless
Arnav & Khushi's Passionate, 
romantic  & emotional VMs. 

The VM magician, The VM queen, a Big Barun fan and 
the caps factory for carving those brilliant Caps , 
siggie maker , 
GIF creator(Arnav's palat specialist)

Some one who really deserves this and and only


One of the most Sensible, unbiased and a very strong individual of this forum. One of the most beautiful souls I've ever come across n I am proud to be known as her soul sister

Its 16th November, but I've put this thread in advance since she is leaving for  vacation the same day n will not be able to read all the good wishes, I wanted her to enjoy  it in advance.
Shy hope you love this little thing. 


Bombaat Shy/Shaloo/Shybabbe/shyipkfan,,,the Bomabaat Barun brought us close and ever since we bonded, You've become my inspiration, my role model, My elder sis in every sense.

You've been there for me in all ups and downs specially w.r.t to IPKKND and this forum.
You are the the most important person for me on this forum.
Thank you for everything you did for me, for this forum and for all of us!


Shy my Lakshmikant, may GOD bless you and grant all your wishes, bring all the happiness in your life and I have lots n lots of wishes for you, I can't write them all here so  I did a little something for you! I wanted to make a VM with 
Arnav & Khushi  for you that could be called as my BEST!  
I feel it's my best ever! I hope you like it.



A little something for you shy, I can never ever come close to what you create! But I hope you like it!


Enjoy your trip babes! Have fun and we will always stick together no matter what!
PUCHAKS - Love U Hamesha


So here are more messages and beautiful thoughts for you my sis from your well wishers, true friends and Buddies!

Join in the party people! Wish Shybabe and make this a happy place . Shy you deserve every bit of it and more.




Shalu,  Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. I hope this is the beginning of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer. I hope you enjoy your day today and you spend it with your loved ones!!!! 

Our association dates back to the time when I would comment on your vms and posts on a formal basis but I remember our first introduction/interaction happened in the AT back in January. Then it was one post by Somy that brought us even more closer and from then on no turning back at all. Infact now not a day goes by without talking to you. I think you have become an integral part of my life, also a pillar of strength to me in my most difficult times. You have brought many of us together, been there for all of us each and every time and this is a small celebration that we can do for you. I can go on and on but certain things lose their worth and meaning by using mere words because in my honest opinion you are beyond all that. I pray and wish that you always be happy and smiling and have a wonderful life with your family. Thank you for being a wonderful person and an inspiration. Thanks for being someone that I can talk to and share everything with. Keep being awesome, and once again Happy Birthday!

Here are few creations I did for you, I know these are no where close to what you do but I just wanted to present this to you. I know Barun Sobti comes first in the list, but I also know how much you love Arnav-Khushi love story and the other actors from the movies. 

Also celebrate your Birthday with loads of treats and pamper yourself.Wink

A special garden birthday cake (I know how much you love plants)

Celebrate your birthday today. Celebrate being Happy every day. 


Beena (Beena14)


Dearest Shalu  , I have been a member of IF since 2006  a silent reader , observer . First friend I made on this forum was Priya, she has been instrumental in getting me involved in writing on her crooner . I had not ventured out of the crooner till one of my buddies guided me to your post . I have been silently stocking only your post not you Wink  In the past few month's have got to know you better and I am grateful to god to have send you in my life. Today my dear is your birthday ''''''..I  have few  gifts  for you hope  you  like  them  make  sure  you  don't  recycle them'..

I wrote this poem for you dear hope you like Wink

By :Beena

It's no wonder our weekends are spicy

Not a second to miss Khushi and Arnav!

It's those mixes, so zesty

So passionate, so feisty,

Keep us hopping with sweetness and mirchi!

 Here's to Shalu, lover of harmony,

Consistency, smoothness, and melody,

Your passion, your depth, the love you share,

Are only some of the reasons I so deeply care

About you!


When the tracks throw you off, don't you swerve,

Don't panic, don't lose your nerve,

Just dwell on the torrents that swept you away

Everything else is just by the way...

 And now with a bow and a flourish,

I propose a toast, which you'll cherish,

May your spirit prevail, never dimming

With vigor and energy, always brimming

And with ASR moments, always humming!

Here is some cake and flowers...

Last one I promise ...Love you Hug 


PATS (pieperr)


ITS YOUR BDAY Clap so lets PARTYPartyDancingITS YOUR BDAYSilly..
Since you are turning 18..LOL and since its from me

 and here's the secret recipeWink
Preheat the oven of love
With plenty of secrets and hugs
Mix in giggles and laughs
That make your sides split in half
Bake with the love and care
And all the things we both share
Decorate with the frosting of trust
This is really a must
Enjoy the cake do not eat it fast
Just like our friendship make it last.

Do you even remember how we met ?? I used to be a fan of your doses long time before you knew of my existence, your doses used to keep me happy at work , till I could reach home and watch it in the eveningTongue. it doesnt matter how we came to be good friends but we are.. and thats all that matters ..Forever and hameshaHug I will always be there to comment on your vms , whenever you make one  you know I get there on Bisster frequencyWink and we have a common ground BISS ofcourseEmbarrassed

Enjoy your special day..forget about all of usSmile share it with your loved ones , you deserve the break as well , as someone else we knowWink


D.K (dillidikudi)

                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHY!!! DancingPartyHug

May all your wishes come true!! Wishing you all the happiness and joy always!!!
Bless you!!


Sunaina (sunaina02)


  Many Happy Returns of the day
 Knowing and having you as a friend is not everybody's cup of tea
But for me it is a strong aromatic cup of coffee
Love, Hugs and Kisses


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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 4:50am | IP Logged


Anu (momma1128)

Dear Shyyy,

I wanted to wish my dear BISSter a happy birthday.  You are one of the nicest people here on the forum.  It's not that you don't hurt and you don't get angry, but it is wonderful that you have the demeanor to keep it all at bay and concentrate on the bright side of life.  Thanks for all you did for the BISSterhood.  

I know you hate it when people talk nicely about you but there really isn't anything else to say.  You are a Barun fan through and through and I am so happy to share the bojingles and the tingles sessions as well as the heartbreak.  We were such a mess re-marriage week.  HAHA!LOL  And we are kind of a mess now because well, I know you know what I mean.

Have a happy birthday!  Have a year filled with only goodness and warmth and love because you deserve it.

Lubs you Shyyy, Sherni (Anu)

Now for the birthday treat:

Some cake for you 

Some sangria to make us happy happy and reminisce about Espana -

And some entertainment.  My lame attempt at a slideshow for you that includes heavy doses of dark chocolate -



Shamika (Dammmit)

Dearest Shalooo...A very very happy birthday to you.

Shalooo meri jaaan teri taareefon ke agar pul bandhane lagoongi...toh Cali se Hawaii will become possible by road :D
No I mean are an awesomely talented BISSter...quenn of IF and ...queen of VMs, Caps, Gifs, LUs...u name it and you have it.
You are also queen of caps trivia...which you ask more than you play...but when ever u play you do dhulaiii of all else! You know each and every IPK scene like the back of your hand. Hats off to you! and puchaks for going through the trouble of posting the caps for us.

And you know what else I am thankful for...bataoon? bataoon kya? Chal jaane de...tu samjhi hogi...(wink) Well it's about a certain chain and a certain newsfeed...hehheheh...Puchaks!!!!

Hope you have a fabulous day fact hope you have a fantabulously fantastical day!!!!!


Special dedication for you...

Rahe na rahe IPK
meheka karenge
banke HH
banke BB
baag e BISSfaaa mein!!!

Lubbs u babe!!!!


Renu (mommy2000)




Shaluuu meri jaan
Sabrina dil tujhpe qurbaan
You are the soul of the BISStas
Contagious is your BISSwaas
Your CAPture our hearts with those melodies
Borrowed tunes mein original hain teri kahaanis
Lifting our spirits up when the going is rough
Weaving  "threads" of positivity when it gets tough
A kind heart and a giving soul
A friend anmol
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness
More lives to touch
More memories to create
Wishing you a Happy Birthday
Lubb u more than words can say :)

Happy birthdayyy

A special presentation ...

A promise of hameshaaa

For better or for worse

And one of my favorites

(vm's courtesy Shybabe from India forumsWinkROFL)



Dearest ShaluHug Hug

V know it's lil bit early...but  got 2 know dat u won't b available on the D-day ...but v don't want 2 miss this...

Happy Birthday dear!!!!!!!!Wish u happy n healthy life!

Sweet,caring,helpful ,optimistic to the core and u know wat u hav u for everything...Also I love ur VMs...but since I stopped watching show, I stopped visiting forum tooOuch Sry for not commenting
(in case ur still making 'emLOL)

Hav a blast dear!!!!!!

Lots of Love 


Sinnie (stardust-)

shyyy happy birthday darlinggg!!! 

i was in love with you aur your posts even before you knew i existed.. LOL and ever since I dedicate all my 6975th posts for you wohonly. I hope Diya grows up to be me someday and I'll remain in your heart waise hamesshhaaa Tongue. You're such a gorgeous ladyyy and you along with your drama queen zoha make such an awesome team with bundles of positive energyyy.  I think we met in ASR walla post... who knew you'd maasi me like this then? LOL

And frankly; I've learnt fandom ka rule no.1 from you when you made that Barun wallaaa post!!! and you know the WHOLE world lovess you for bombaatness and dosesss. but I'll be the one who'll run the bull dozer over you wohkay? ROFL
and you know that all of us will EVER remain thankful to you foryouknowwhat!!! Big smileEmbarrassed

puchaks waala kiss with ishq waala love and tight waala jhappies.


Keep Scrolling gal a lot more wishes to come,,,Wink

btw I do lubb ya more than Sobti! Hug

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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 4:54am | IP Logged


Jahn (-Jahnvi-)

Dear Shalu, I wish you a very happy birthday <333 

I consider myself very lucky because I got to know you and come
closer to you as a friend. You are a wonderful human being who has
a heart made of gold. Often I have looked up to you as my guiding
mentor and you have never hesitated to be there for me whenever
I needed you. Your dedication and loyalty has set an example for many
and your talent speaks for itself. Your lyrical video mixes are just one
aspect of the sheer amount of talent you possess. On this very special
day, I wish you nothing but the best because you are the best and
you deserve the best. I look forward to learning a lot more from you
as our friendship continues to remain for many many many years to come.
I love you and may God shower you with good health, prosperity, and 
lots of love this year. 


Sejal (sejket2)

HeartDearest ShaluHeart

animated gifs champagne bottles 7 animated gifs champagne bottles 7 so glad to have gotten to know u...just like kalpu u were the reason i became an active a point that i had issued an APB out for u...may u have a wonderful day best wishes always...HugHeartHug


Maddy (sunshine80)

Shalu ab kya boloon..tere baarein mein..jitna bhi boloon kam hain..for the reasons u knowWink

Tumhari iss ada ka kya jawab doon
apnay dost ko kya uphar doon
Koi acha sa phul hota to maali say mangwati 
jo khud gulab hain usko kya gulab doon 
Janm Din Mubark Ho


Anjali (Nandalala)

Dearest ShaluHug,

It is not often that we meet someone who has the ability to touch so many. Every post, every capture, every VM, leaves people wanting more.  The positivity and the beauty with which you've showcased your BOMBAAT and everything that he is to this show will never be forgotten, hun.  IPK without Shybabe would be COLORLESS...I truly mean that!!Smile  You are one of the main reasons I am joined this forum, and why I am still here! My hope and wish for you is that you never stop creating and spreading the joy; that you always find  peace, happiness and a sense of accomplishment in all that you do. 

I have really enjoyed  getting to know you; I know you are an excellent cook, teach cooking, and are a pro at that, too!Big smile  I've included some of my favorites in my dedication to you...Hope you love them!!Smile  

No birthday would ever be incomplete without the man himself...I captured my fav Diwali shots and some others in this collage...doesn't hold a candle to what you spin, but it comes from the heart...Embarrassed

I look forward to meeting up with you in the Mile High City one of these days!!  






Divya (Divya1503)

Dear Shy di, wishing u a very happy birthday n a wonderful year aheadHug Hug Hug

Monkey IconsMonkey Icons

Monkey EmoticonMonkey EmoticonMonkey EmoticonMonkey EmoticonMonkey Emoticon


Avni (Highonshows)



Wish you Many happy returns of the day !!

Have a wonderful Birthday Party

Have a wonderful year ahead !!Party

Loads of Love Avni...Hug



To Add more to the celebrations we have a cake & some yummie treats for you..





Some Chocolates & flowers

& Loads & loads of Gifts...

A birthday Song tho Bantha hai na...

And finally!!!!


!!!!HAVE A BLAST !!!!Party


Have a lots of fun and keep smiling shyyy ...always! 

keep Scrolling!!!!

For more wishes!

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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 4:54am | IP Logged


Rima (Rima)

My first impression of you are one of awe

You video mixes made me so much in awe of you

The next impression was one of awe again,

I used to wonder how you can spend

so much time making uncut videos and PM it to people,

The next impression was that of respect

Because here I saw a person

Who knew how to be neutral and yet passionate
About her love for a character,

And with every impression I gained

I came to know you a ittle more Shy

I saw a beautiful person with loads of talent,

A friend with whom I can be honest

And still expect her to understand

A genius with video mixes

That will entertain me ages after this show is gone


...Shy it is a pleasure to know you

Pleasure to interact with you

And pleasure to wish you

A wonderful birthday

Filled with every happiness you wish for in life

Happy Birthday
Happiness Always


Maya Di (mayad)

A Friend is a Treasure
A friend is someone we turn to,
when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure,
for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives,
with beauty, joy and grace.
And make the world we live in,
a better and happier place.

My dearest Shalu, 
I read this poem and wanted to share it with you on your special day. Happy Birthday dear friend you are indeed a TREASURE!

This show IPKKND brought us together and from the day that I "met" you,  you have been lifting my spirits with your VMs and most importantly your friendship! 

I have said this before and I will say it again and again to my dear friends: "you cannot chose your family but you can chose your friends!" 

You have been such a dear friend and today you are more like family to me because we have so much in common!  So my dearest sister do enjoy the day and I hope all the love we send you today helps you to understand how much joy you give us each and every time we see your VMs or your posts! 

We bonded on this forum but our friendship will live beyond it because your are now family!

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister Shalu! May the Lord shower his blessings on  you and yours and may you always have peace, love and happiness in your life! 

With lots of hugs & kisses!

Maya Di


Sammi Di (sammi5)

Dearest  Shalu,

"Happy Birthday"  A Special greeting for a Special Sister, you have given us so much of you in the VM'S, in the still shots of Barun, your uncuts, so many, but the part of you that I appreciate the most, is the time you dedicate in putting all of this together for us. Your giving of You is so appreciated, very rare you come across someone who gives to make others happy, we found that in You Shalu, God made many souls but he also made Special ones that stand out because they took that extra step each day to put a smile on faces of others, You Shalu is that very Special Soul and on this your Birthday, I wish you all the happiness and then some for all the smiles you have given to all of us. Thank You, I pray that God touches your heart to always stay as beautiful and giving as you are. Having a Sister in you makes me so proud but to have a daughter in you makes me feel as if I am a 6 footer and I only 5 ft tall. Happy Birthday I am so lucky to know you.
Sammi Di.


Dee (nyxx)

From your droolworthy caps, uncuts, and have entertained and given us so much!
Id like to thank YOU for all of that, because from not knowing you back in the day, I was your fan and over the timecourse, your positivity and such sweet nature has always lightened up my mood. Im so glad to have met you and BISS with you! I hope you have a great year ahead filled with happiness, success, and health! Take care of yourself SHALUUU. Love yous!


along with some jalebis...they might not be as perfect as the ones you make...

and alas...




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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Happy Birthday Shy Party  you and your creations are inspirational, very special Day Dreaming and always will be ... lots of love Kalpana x


Suha (DCgirl)

Dear Shy...
Many Happy Returns Of The Day! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.
I thought and thought and thought about what to put in this message, there is no way I'm even getting into caps and VMs...its your forte and I should just stick to watching and appreciating them. hahaha
Enjoy sailing on the peaceful waters and enjoy your lovely break where all you do is eat, drink and just relax!
Cupscakes and Sangria are a must for a happy vacay!
A year ago I wouldnt have thought in my wildest thoughts that I would be in company of awesomeness such as yourself. I'm truly glad to have met you here and have to thank Barun and IPK for this chance meeting. Keep doing your thing and spreading the positivity. From your recipes to your VMs, you can find a fan in me... Lub ya darling.
How can the birthday wish be complete without him... He wants to be on it and wants to wish Shy the bisster...Hug
Once again, Happy Birthday!!!


Aish (Ariel)

My Dearest SHYYY!!!HugHugHug


On this special day for my special friendHug

I wish you happiness that knows no end, 

may old dreams come true, 

may you find dreams new,

may you reach new heights,

I know you will shine bright,

to the best doctor I knowWink

whose doses chase away my every woeLOL

who brightens my days with VMs scintillatingClap

who makes my life easy with uncuts time savingTongue

what can I gift to queen of GIFS and siggies?Confused

in my dabba resides your creations drool worthyDay Dreaming

Happy birthday , may this year be the best yet!!

Shyyy you have touched my life in ways I won't forget!! Hug


Divi (-sylph-)

Shalu Many Many Happy Returns of the day to you!! 

Its been a great journey for me here in IF that i got to know such amazing people one of them being you, and i thank Sobti for making me know such wonderful people like BISSters here.
Their is a lot that one can learn from you, you calmness, and the way of handling things and trust me you have made a lot of influence in my life currently, and its all for my good.
A big HUG from my end to you , hope you have a great birthday and celebrate many more such birthday's in your life.. 

Loads of love and hugs,
Divya :) 



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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Reserved for few spl ppl who are busy at andolan front or personal front! Wink


   Nandy (Infofan)

IPK brought a magical onscreen pair to us and also brought a lot of wonderful friends in our lives. You are an amazing friend Shy, so happy I 'met' you.

Shylo, wishing you a very happy wala birthday and the very best in life hamesha Hug



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Keshriya IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 November 2011
Posts: 5218

Posted: 14 November 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Shalu,Happy Birthday to you! What more can I say, when I read all these messages friends have posted for you, every single one of them is worth and it shows how we all feel about you and its a unanimous feeling that you have been the best in everything and for everybody. You deserve every wish that is coming your way and much more. I indeed consider knowing you as one of the best things that happened in my life because there is so much one can learn from you and to keep it simple, never seen a level headed person like you in all aspects. You are like a breath of fresh air in most of our lives. I wish you all the happiness and prosperity  and may all your dreams come true. God Bless!

Zoha puchaks and hugs to you for such an awesome thread,indeed a beautiful one from one soul sister to another sister. Your love  and respect  for Shy is evident all over the thread. Kudos to your creativity and brilliantly pulling it off.

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stardust- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged
waaahhh aaj kya kismet lagi haiii... zoha ke post pe mera first page Shocked ROFL aur woh bhi maasi sabrina ki bday ke liyyye Silly

poem :



Bas, itna hi. shyyy i lubs jeww infiniteee and beyondd.. now I'm running from here before Zoha hits me for occupying first page footage for writing bas itna. Tongue

puchaks to both ov youuu Hug Hug Hug

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