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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Mg SS: Tedhi Medhi Love Story Pt 12 pg 118 22.02 (Page 51)

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waiting yar...

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Day Dreaming

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Part 6

Add "JyothiK" for Pms. 

"I am totally lost in your love sweet heart" thought maan and drove to KM praying god to save him from maa and dadimaa. He parked his car in KM and is really taking baby steps to go inside. Now he has to face the wrath of maa and dadimaa for coming late. When he entered into the hall he saw his maa waiting him. Her face is looking pale. Maan got worried and took quick steps towards her."Maa what happened? You are not well?" asked maan he checked her forehead seeing if she is having any temperature. "Maan I am perfectly fine. Go and freshen up, I will serve you dinner" told maa. "Maa but.." maa cut him and asked him to go and freshen up.

As per maa's instruction maan went to his room and changed but still thinking why his maa is so dull which is unlike her. "Wait where is dadi?" thought maan. immediately he rushed to dadi's room, there he saw dadi lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Her face is pale, maan immediately closed his eyes in pain. Maa who came there to check on dadi saw maan. She placed her hand on his shoulder."Maan she is fine now, doctor asked her to take rest for 2 days. Then she will be back to normal" told maa. "Maa, why you didn't tell me, meeting and office work are not more than dadi" told maan and he went inside dadi's room. Dadi is a aasthama patient, she will get attacks once in a while. But this time she got very severely. Dadi asked maa not to call maan, he will be worried unnecessarily.

Maan sat beside dadi holding her hand. He kissed her hand, a lone tear escaped from his eyes which he wiped immediately. "Ohoo don't be a cry baby maan"commented dadi opening her eyes. Maan smiled hearing her, he looked at her with fake anger. "You dadi, why you are acting like you are not well. I know you are doing all this to gain attention, so that your grandson and bahu will be with you for whole day and do as you say" told maan but his voice chocked, tears made their way to his cheeks. Dadi pouted, "I am sorry, I didn't do anything wantedly" "Now enough of your drama, keep quiet and sleep. I will be there with you today" told maan caressing her hair. Dadi smiled at him, but maa signaled to dadi that maan didn't had food. Uffo immediately an idea came into dadi's mind.

"Bahu, I should have my medicines right?" asked dadi. "Ji maa" replied maa."Some one didn't had dinner still. Till they have dinner I wont take my medicines" told dadi innocently. "Dadi, stop your dramas now. you are not feeling well remember that and have medicines" told maan sternly yet lovingly. Dadi like a stubborn kid nodded for a no. "No one can change you, wonder how dadu use to be with you" complained a annoyed maan. "I use to torture your dadu" told dadi. "Ya I can easily guess that" told maan. "Have dinner maan"told dadi. "I will dadi, after some time. You take medicine and sleep please"requested maan. Dadi nodded and did as maan told. After some time dadi slept. And he told maa to go to her room, he will be with dai if she needs anything.

The whole night maan is with dadi, checking her every now and then. On the other hand, geet went to her hostel. She is very tired that she skipped her dinner and directly went to bed changing her dress. Because of office work she is hell tired. She lied on the bed and closed her eyes. The next second she opened her eyes as she saw maan's smiling face flashing in front of her. She closed her eyes again, the same happened. "Babaji, what is happening with me. why I am thinking so much about maan sir" thought geet. She is tossing on her bed not able to sleep.

"Geet so jao" chided geet herself. But sleep is very far away from her. unknowingly she is thinking about maan. A small smiled formed on her lips when she thought about maan, the way he teases her. His way of calling her darling and sweet heart. "He is so nice, he will be very friendly with everyone. No one thinks that he is our boss, he will come to his employees parties and talk with everyone. But why today I became so emotional when he told about his past. No one can believe that he faced so much in his life" thought geet and she is lost thinking about maan, while thinking about him she dozed off into a deep slumber. Here maan too is sleeping on the couch in dadi's room.

Next day morning:

Geet got up lazily and stretched her arms wide taking a deep breath, a small smiled playing on her lips. Her mobile rang disturbing her prayer. She frowned and looked at her mobile who is calling her. "Oh god, maan sir" thought geet and answered the call. "Good morning sir" wished geet. "Good morning geet, umm sorry for disturbing you this early. Geet I wont be coming to office today, take sasha's help if you have any problem regarding the project" told maan. "Its ok sir I will manage" but soon she heard a voice from maan's side. "Maan, don't be a spoilt brat. I told I am perfectly fine you go to office" dadi is cribbing. Poor dadi, today she planned to shop if maan is there at home he wont allow her to go out of her room. Maan didn't give any answer to dadi.

"Sir is she your dadi?" asked geet. "Yes geet, she is not well and if I come to office also I cant concentrate on work. So its better to take off" told maan. "Ok sir, good day. Take care of your dadi" told geet and cut the call. Maan in KM and geet in KC. Geet is missing maan like hell. Though she is in office she is not able to concentrate on her work. She is getting frustrated on her own behaviour. Just then sasha entered into geet's cabin for some file, she saw geet is lost in her thoughts. "Geet" called sasha, but no response from geet. Sasha called out aloud this time but no response from geet. Sasha shook geet by her shoulders, geet came out of her reverie and stood up with a jerk.

"Yes sasha?" asked geet. "Geet where are you lost, I am calling from 5 min. is everything fine?" asked sasha concerned. "Ohh I am sorry sasha, I am fine. Tell me what you want?" asked geet. "I want the chopra's project file. Maan told you completed that yesterday" told sasha. "Just a minute" told geet and started searching for the file. Its been 10 min geet didn't find the file. "Sasha, I think the file is in sirs cabin" told geet and was about to go out but sasha stopped her. Geet turned back and asked "What?" "Geet, I think you are stressed. You should go home and rest" told sasha. Geet looked at her confused."The file is in front of you and you are searching your whole cabin" told sasha. Geet closed her eyes scolding herself.

"I am sorry, here is your file" geet gave the file to sasha. "I will inform maan, you go home and rest" told sasha and left from there. Geet sat on her seat resting her head on the table. "Sasha is right, I should go home and rest" thought geet and collected her things. She thought to walk to her hostel as she is not feeling like going in a cab. Geet is walking slowly lost in her thoughts. She is thinking of maan 24*7. She is so lost in her thoughts that she didn't the car is coming in front of her. Suddenly the driver applied brakes and the car stopped with a scrrech sound, geet looked at the car with wide eyes and saw where she is standing.

"Geet, what happened to you why you thinking about maan so much" scolded geet herself but didn't see the person standing infront of her. geet came out of her scolding session, she at last saw the person standing infront her. "Have you gone mad, are you deaf cant you listen the horn sound" shouted the person. "I am sorry" whispered geet bending her head down. "Hell with your sorry. Come with me now" told the person angrily. "No, I need to go to hostel" told geet. "Will you shut your mouth. Don't make me to drag you on the road" threathened the person.

"Ridz yaar please" requested geet. "You are coming with me now geet, I said NOW" told ritz. Ridz is getting hyper by every passing second, thanks to her pregnancy harmones. Geet don't want to argue with her more, she silently got into car only to be greeted by angry Armaan. She made a crying face and looked up complaining her babaji. Armaan-ridz got married 2 years back. Ridz is cousin of maan and unknown to geet they all are heading towards KM.

"How are you ridz? How is baby?" asked geet. "Geet, what happened to you? Where are you lost?" asked ritz but soon her mobile rang. "Hello bhai, we are on the way. Ummm bhai i met my old friend here. We all are coming to KM now" told ritz. "Okk ritz no problem yaar. Come soon" told maan and cut the call. Geet apologized ritz and told she is not feeling well and lost in some thoughts. "Geet, you remember in school my dadi use to come daily to pick me up?" asked ritz. "Ohh yes yaar how can I forget dadi. She is so sweet" told geet excitedly. "Now we are going to meet her" told ritz. "Really, I am so happy. Are you still angry on your brother? You told me he didn't come to your wedding"asked geet. "Oh no one can be angry on him. He apologized 1000 times"laughed ritz.

They reached KM, armaan, ritz and geet are going in. Geet's eye caught maan's maa, she is one who took geet's interview. Her eyes widened in shock. "Ritz are you a Khurana?" asked geet not able to believe she is exactly in maan's house. Hearing car sound maan too came out with maa. He is happy to see ritz and shocked to see geet. Soon the shock turned into a huge smile. "Good afternoon ma'am, good afternoon sir" wished geet which shocked ritz.

"Oyy geet do you know them?" asked ritz. "Yeah, I work in KC" told geet."WHAT????" shouted both armaan and ritz. Geet looked at them weirdly and asked "What happened to you both" "Babaji, first of all I am very nervous and these all khurana's why behave all ajeeb ajeeb. Please save me babaji" thought geet. "Yaar maan tum tho mere behen jaisi geet par line maarne lage ho"whispered armaan. "You know geet?" asked maan. "Yes ritz ki friend geet" told armaan. "Wow yaar, it will be easy for me now" grinned maan shamelessly.

"Ritz yaar, I will go now" whispered geet. "Are you mad, chup chap andar chalo" told ritz. "Yaar how odd it will be to come to boss house" reasoned geet."Boss ka ghar nahi, tera sasural" thought ritz.


Precap: Babaji ab kya hoga bechari geet ka..

 Next: part 7 


Hii *waving hands*, how r u?? well well here is a part 5 of Tedhi Medhi Love Story...

If you like to read my work then add chinni10 to your buddy list. 

Come on jaldi jaldi give me likes and long comments. WinkLOLBig smile


Love you all

Chinni Smile

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awesome udpate di
daid ki tabayat kharab ho gayi
aur maan was worried about her
nd on other side geet gone mad thinking about maan
ab toh maan uske khyalo me bhi aane lag gaya
nice progress maan
ridz is maan's cousin nd geet friend
how cool 
now ridz nd armaan dadi nd maan will maan
to win his love

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wowww awesome awesome update yar.

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it's very true that earth is round n small
poor Geet 
all khuranas r behind her now

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such a wonderful update...omg geet missing maan and at the end at KM...pls cont soon..

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