Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Mg SS: Tedhi Medhi Love Story Pt 12 pg 118 22.02 (Page 30)

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Thanku friends for likes and your precious comments.. Smile Keep supporting me in future parts too Smile

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Part 4

Add "JyothiK" for pms.

"Geet I never thought you suffered so much in your life. Yaar I am sensitive when it comes to family. And you brought tears in my eyes. Geet I do many crazy things which annoy my maa and dadimaa. Now its your turn dear. I know what you might be feeling, I too passed the same phase by loosing my dad but I have dadi and maa. But you are strong and I am not. Yes I am not that strong than you geet. But I promise that I will give you all love and happiness. And dear welcome to KC and my life. From tomorrow your life will change" thought maan to himself.

"I love you geet" thought maan to himself. Geet who is sleeping on her bed smiled at the same time. Its like their hearts are one and they can hear what they are thinking about each other. "Gosh geet in just one day you are driving me crazy" thought maan to himself, he is disturbed after listening about geet. He went to dadi's room who is sleeping, he took his steps slowly without making any noise. He kneeled down near the bed, he held dadi's hand and kissed it. he placed his head on the bed still holding her hand tight and closed his eyes. Its habit of maan, if he is tensed or worried or disturbed he will either go to dadi's or his maa's room hold their hand and sleep on the floor while placing his head on the bed. It will give him peace, relaxation and a strength to face the new day.

Yes he is No. 1 business tycoon in India, and even in abroad too. But he is still a kid for dadi and mom. He cant imagine his life without them. How much busy he may be but by 8pm he will be at home. More than business family is important for him.

After a long time geet too had a peaceful sleep. No tension about tomorrow's interview. It was usual morning, maan opened his eyes only to see his beautiful ladies both dadi and mom are caressing his hair. There is a small line of tension on their forehead thinking what made him sleep here. He lazily opened his eyes and asked for time.

"Its 6:30 maan" told mom.

"Nice let me sleep for some time" told maan and again slept. Dadi rolled her eyes and told "Oh come on maan, get up and tell me what happened?"

"What happened?" asked maan still his eyes closed.

"That's what we are asking what happened which made you sleep here?" asked mom caressing his hair lovingly. Maan placed his head on her lap and told about yesterday's pari's call. Mom and dadimaa listened to his carefully. Maan felt some wetness on his cheek and now opened his eyes. He looked at dadi and mom who are in tears.

"Meri bachi suffered a lot. Haila she is staying in hostel. How much she must be feeling alone. And hostel food don't know how it will be. I should go and check on her once. No no, till the time she comes in this house I will arrange the special caterers to her hostel" mom is going on and on. Maan is looking at both are them like they are humans but some aliens.

"Ha bahu, I will talk to the owner of the hostel. We will but and maintain. My grand daughter is important for us na" supported dadi.

"Acha hua maan you told us about this. Meri bachi, meri geet" told mom wiping her tears.

"Mom I need small help from you. You can also help me dadi" asked maan making a puppy face.

"Ya tell what?" asked dadi.

"Today there is campus recruitment of top companies in ** University" told maan. "so??" asked mom confused.

"Geet is also studying in same college and she is also attending the interview. I don't what entered into my mind yesterday I told adi that I will take interviews today in the college. But in the evening I came to know that geet is also from same college. And if I take interview by seeing my face she don't even enter into my cabin" completed maan making sad face.

"So you want either me or maaji to take interview. Right?" asked mom. Maan smiled widely at her. "Okay anything for my maan" told mom and kissed his forehead.

"Thanku mom" exclaimed maan happily. "I too want to meet geet" told dadi.

"Ohh dadi when she join office you can see her" told maan. "Maan, if she gets selected in the interview then only. No partiality" warned mom. "Ofcouse mom, KC needs best" told maan seriously. They both smiled at him.

On the other hand geet got and shot a quick prayer to her babaji. She had shower and dressed in a elegant way for the interview. She collected her certificates and re-checked them again in order to make sure that none of the certificate is missing.

"Babaji apni bachi ki raksha karna" prayed geet and left to college. Her face is confident there is some nervousness inside. Today is the important day in her life if she gets selected in the interview then her career will be settled. And he dream is to work in top most companies. She reached college, today she didn't take car with her. College is filled with students, some are chatting, some are preparing themselves. Some students came with their parents for moral support, she stood there alone in the corner watching all the students. She saw her gang is busy in preparing. She smiled at them and nodded.

Soon the cars arrived into the college making all the students quiet. Principal welcomed them, all of them headed to the auditorium to complete the formalities. All the students gathered in the auditorium, some speeches are going on. After like half an hour the interview process started. The students can go to any firm in which they are interested and submit their portfolio.

As expected geet submitted in KC, as its her dream to work in top company. They shortlisted the candidates as per their aggregate. Soon the interview process started. Maan and mom both are taking interviews. Some students came out happily and some with sad faces. Geet for once became very nervous seeing their sad faces. Pari came running to her as her support.

"All the best geet, I know you will rock. Don't be tensed just go in and be confident" told pari and kissed her forehead. Geet nodded and went in. Maan saw geet, he immediately got up and left for another cabin. Mom saw geet coming inside, her face looked tensed. But her face has some glow she instantly liked geet and proud of her sons decision.

"Good afternoon ma'am" wished geet. Mom nodded and asked her to take her seat. Geet once glanced at her and can see the royalty in her each and every move. The way she asked questions, geet liked mom very much.

Geet confidently answered her the answers and mom is impressed. "Ok Ms. Geet, you can wait outside results will be announced in an hour or two" told mom. "Thanku ma'am" told geet and left from there. Maan saw geet going and came back to the cabin. Mom smiled at maan and told "I loved your selection my son" Maan bowed and told "Thanku very much"

The results are announced and any doubt of course geet got selected. Geet is on cloud 9, she hugged pari tight and shouted "I am so happy pari, my dream came true. I am so happy" pari smiled widely at her excitement.

"Congrats my sis. I am so proud of you. By the way which company darling?" asked pari. "KC di" told geet excitedly. Pari's eyes widened in shock. "What happened?" asked geet confusingly. "Geet KC?" "Ha ha I know, don't over react. I just pray god that I should not work under that maan" told geet making faces. Pari rolled her eyes seeing her jhalli sis. They went for dinner in the night to celebrate. 1 week more for geet to enjoy. After that she has to join office. That night, she went out for a walk in this cold weather.

She enjoyed walking in the cold weather. She sat on her car bonnet and looked up at the stars. She remembered her parents and she told what all happened today seeing those stars. One week passed so fastly. Its day geet is joining office and more than her maan is more excited.

"Dadi, mom geet will be coming to office today" exclaimed maan like a small child. They both laughed at his craziness. Maan got into the car to go to office. "Welcome to KC geet" thought maan to himself and drove to KC. Geet to started her journey praying to her babaji and taking blessing if her bade papa and bade mama. Pari dropped geet to office. Geet and maan reached office at the same time but both didn't see each other and entered into the lift. They pressed the same floor their fingers touched, geet backed off and murmured a sorry.

Maan smiled and told " Its ok sweet heart", how can maan miss that sweet voice of hers. Geet got shocked to listen sweet heart and looked at the person in front of her. "Hayeee sweet heart, my day will be wonderful its you I saw before going to my office" told maan placing his hand on his heart and looked at her dreamily. Oops geet is really frustrated and cant give him gaalis too. He is her boss after all.

"Good morning sir" wished geet plastering a smile on her face. "Wow, good morning" wished back maan with a smile. "What are you doing here geet?" asked maan innocently. "Is he acting or he really don't know" thought geet and looked up. "Geet is there any problem? Why you are looking up?" asked maan.

"No sir no problem" told geet. "Your non stop talking is only big problem" murmured geet but she cant give him a glare even. Suddenly the lift stopped shocking geet.

"What happened to the lift?" gasped geet, the lights too went off and it is dark. "Sir did you do anything?" asked geet angrily. "What will I do?" asked maan. "Babaji, bacha lena please" prayed geet. "Geet, babaji don't do anything now. we should call engineers to repair it" told maan. "Than call na, why you are staring at me" chided geet.

"Ye lo, she is behaving as if she is my boss. Huh!!!" thought maan and took his mobile from the pocket. "Yaar sweet heart there is no network" told maan. "Throw that mobile in some dust bin" told and irritated geet. "No no sweet heart this is my favorite mobile" told maan innocently but in order to irritate geet more. Geet glared at him and told "Stop calling me sweet heart"

"Ok darling" told maan. "My name is geet not any sweet heart or darling" chided geet again. "By the way what are you doing here" asked maan. "To play chess with you" told geet sarcastically. "Really cool, but na darling oops sorry geet I have work today. Come tomorrow we will play" told maan and is laughing at his own comment.

Oops to maan's luck his mobile rang. Geet looked at him shocked. Maan knows she will be hell angry now. "Hello adi, tell me"

"Maan whats wrong. Why you stopped the lift?" asked adi getting tensed. Without geet's notice maan again started the lift. But our dear geet saw that and gave him a deadly glare. "Coming adi" told maan and cut the call.

"Mr. Khurana what you did now. there is no signal in the mobile and engineers will repair the lift. Then how cum suddenly signal came in to your mobile and how the business tycoon MSK repaired the lift?" asked geet moving towards him. "I did nothing geet, remember just now you prayed to babaji na. he did everything" told maan.

"Mr. Khurana" gritted geet and pointed her finger towards him. Maan caught her finger and asked "Yes darling"

The word darling made her angry, but the lift stopped and maan got out of the lift and winked at her. Geet opened her mouth in a O and gave him gaalis. "He is such a moron. Grrr I hate him so much"

Maan once looked back and smiled at her angry face. He went to his cabin and soon all the new Architects gathered in conference. Maan welcomed then to KC with a smile. He told about KC and asked few questions. Geet who is angry on him just melted seeing him professional. "He is so different here but why he like to irritate me babaji" thought geet and looked up making baby face. This scene didn't go miss by maan and he smiled at his Jhalli sweetheart.

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lovely update

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lovely update

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