Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Mg SS: Tedhi Medhi Love Story Pt 12 pg 118 22.02 (Page 117)

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will be waiting

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Will be waiting
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waiting for update dear
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Originally posted by lehr

waiting for update dear
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me 2 w8ing 4 update
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update soon

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Part 12

Add "JyothiK" for pms.

"Geet first of all she is not ma'am, you call her maa. Second I already told you I don't want you to stay alone and third if you stay in Km it will be easy for me to romance with my darling" completed maan with a wink. "Maaan" shouted geet and hugged him feeling shy listening his besharam talk. Here maan is too happy thinking different ways to romance with his girl friend.

Soon maan, with his darling and not to forget with his besharam talks and ideas reached KM. Maan entered into KM with geet to be wished by maa and dadimaa. "Hello beta" wished both ladies. Geet smiled at them and thanked them for allowing her to stay with them. "Koi baat nahi geet, this is also your house" told dadi smiling at her. Geet thought dadi told casually, but what does she knows that whole family about maan's love. There maan comes with a glass of water and medicines, dadi saw that and made a baby face. "Maan please not now" requested dadi, but maan is adamant. "Dadi, don't start your drama again. Now have medicines" told maan sternly. Dadi made a yucky face and had those medicines.

"That's like my good dadi" kissed maan on her cheek. "Tum pota nahi dushman ho dushman" complained dadi. "Awww, really dadi. Then you are also my dushman dadi. Did you forget when I was sick you used to give me that black thingy, ohh I was so yuck dadi" told maan making a weird face. "That's because I cant see you ill" told dadi. "Same here dadi" told maan and smiled. "No one can win you in arguing" told dadi. Maan smiled at her, here geet is watching them with a smile playing on her lips. They are really fighting like friends and not even 1% behaving as a grandma-grandson.

Day passed so quickly with their chatting and maan didn't leave a chance to tease geet, geet is all the while blushing bechari. Its dinner time, maa is arranging dining when geet came to her. "Ma'am aap baitiye, I will bring food" told geet. "Geet, no problem I will" before maa completes geet interrupted. "I will bring ma'am" told geet smiling at her. "Only on one condition" stopped maa. Geet looked at her confused. "Call me maa" smiled maa. Geet looked at her for a while over whelmed, "Ok maa" told geet and left from there to stop her tears.

Maan saw geet is going to kitchen, he too silently followed her. When she was about to turn back for bowl maan pulled her close to him holding her waist. By the sudden pull geet was hell scared and was about to shout but maan closed her mouth with his palm. "Shhh its me geet" whispered maan. Geet relaxed and opened her eyes to see a pair of eyes looking at her intently. Geet lowered her eye lids feeling shy because of his gaze on her. "Maan, chodiye I have to go. Maa will be waiting" told geet struggling to get out of his hold but instead maan tightened the hold on her waist pulling her more close to himself.

He held her with his one hand and the other hand is tracing her cheek to jaw line making her shiver. He tucked the hair strands which are kissing her cheeks. Geet placed her hands on his shoulder arching back giving him more access. Both are lost in their world, maan brought his lips close to her eyes kissing her eyes. Geet turned crimson feeling him and the proximity making her weak on her knees.

Maan looked at her flushed face and whispered "Open your eyes darling" geet obliged him and opened her eyes to see him smiling at her. Geet shied and hid her face in his chest making him chuckle. "Maa is waiting for us geet" told maan. instantly geet came out of the hug and looked at him with wide eyes. She panicked thinking what maa will think of her."Hey hey relax yaar, come I will help you" told maan. "No, bilkul nahi. if you go out of kitchen that will be a big help for me" warned geet and pushed him out of the kitchen not listening any pleadings of maan.

Soon geet arranged everything and all having dinner. Dinner was again a funny affair, maan and dadi are arguing on their favorite dishes making maa and geet roll their eyes. After dinner maan escorted dadi to her room, maa retired to her room while geet is in hall flipping channels, maan came and sat beside her. Geet switched off the TV and placed her head on his shoulder closing her eyes. Maan hugged her side ways, both are silent words are not needed between them now.

"Aapko pata hain maan, main bhi bauji se aise hi fight karti thi, har choti choti baton par. I miss him maan" told geet, there is so much pain in her voice. Maan caresses her hair really don't know what to say. He is also a emotional person and cant see anyone in pain. He suffered in his life, but his pain is nothing in front of geet, who lost her parents at a very tender age.

"Ek baat bolu geet, your parents might be happy seeing you settle in your life and they don't like to see their daughter crying. You are very strong geet, and they will be proud of you. You have to cherish the moments which you spent with your parents but not cry remembering them" told maan still caressing her hair. Hearing no response from her maan looked at her only to see her sleeping. "Pagal ladki" thought maan and took her in his arms, went to the guest room which is arranged for geet. He placed her on the bed, covered her with duvet and pressed a kiss on her forehead and gave a small peck on her lips.

"Good night sweet heart" wished maan and left from there. The night was pleasant, both are dreaming about each other. Maan just want to be with her 24*7 but he also knows how sherni she is? He chuckled at his own thought.

Next day morning, its 6:30 and geet is still sleeping. Poor geet, she forgot to put alarm before night and she don't have a habit of getting up early without alarm. Maan got up and completed his routine work-out and had shower. He got ready and came out to see his maa is in hall reading news-paper drinking coffee.

"Good morning maa" wished maan kissing her cheek. Maa smiled at him and wished him back. "How is dadi now?" asked maan. "She is perfectly fine maan" told maa. She looked at his face for a second and found he is very happy. "Am I missing something, you didn't tell me why you are happy?" asked maa suspiciously. Maan smiled at her sheepishly. "Oh oh there is something, tell me tell me" asked maa curiously. Before maan tell anything they heard dadi's voice. "Bahu I am telling you, he is such a nalayak grand son of mine" chided dadi.

"Dadi, you started in the morning itself, first tell me what made you to call me nalayak" asked maan pouting. "When you are going to bring my grand daughter-in-law to this house?" asked dadi. "Soon" told maan casually. "When?" asked dadi."Arey dadi, let geet's family come back" told maan annoyingly. "Oh ok" told dadi but then both maa and dadi realized what maan told and they both shouted in unison."WHAT???"

"Ohh god, why you are shouting. Are you both planning to make me deaf" chided maan. "Really maan?" asked maa smiling at him. Maan nodded blushing, hayeee what a scene to watch. "Where is geet?" asked dadi, she want to meet her GDIL now. "I think she is still sleeping maa" told maan's maa. "Kya? She is still sleeping? Its time for office" told maan. "Uski tabiyat tho thik hai na" asked a worried maa making others worry.

Maa immediately rushed to geet's room only to see geet sleeping hugging pillow. A small smile formed on her lips and didn't had heart to wake her up. she left from there not disturbing geet. "Kya hua bahu?" asked dadi. "Geet is sleeping maa, I don't want to disturb her" told maa. "She has to come to office maa. I will wake her up" told maan."No maan, let her sleep. Ek din geet office nahi aya tho kuch nahi hoga" scolded maa. "Mera kya haal hoga" thought maan making baby face. "Kumbkaran ki behen kitni soti hain, grrr" maan scolded geet.

Here geet stirred a little and opened her eyes slowly, she adjusted her eyes to the light. She fully opened her eyes fully and her eyes widened in shocked looking at the time. "Babaji its 8:00, omg omg.. office ka time horaha hain" she then realized she is in KM. "Babaji, maan aur uske family kya sochenge. Geet what happened to you. Idiot, stupid, ullu now go fast and get ready" scolded geet and rushed to washroom.

Here maan had his breakfast and went to his room to get the files. When he passed geet's room he heard some sounds and the door is ajar. Maan peeped into the room and saw geet coming out of the washroom with her bathrobe which came up to her knees, her wet hair which is falling on her shoulders. She took the towel and wiped her face. Maan is staring at her and unknowingly he entered into the room.

Geet is fishing her bag to select her dress, while maan went close to her and slid his hands on her waist. Geet is first shocked and then recognized the touch and then relaxed. But she is aware of her bathrobe and shied. Here maan is nuzzling his nose on her neck. "Maan"moaned geet closing her eyes. Maan dip his head in her hair inhaling her shampoo. His hands went to her thigh caressing her bare skin. Geet heart beat rised feeling him so close to her, her lips are shivering. Maan turned geet to his side, when he saw her flushed face and her closed eyes. Maan kissed her eyes, her cheeks. He slowly placed his lips on hers feeling her. Geet snacked her hands round his neck pulling him close to her. Maan pulled geet up and made her stand on his shoes without breaking the kiss.

They both are lost in their kiss, maan bit her lower lip. Blood oozed out of her lips making her bleed. Geet opened her eyes feeling the pain and looked at maan. Maan made a sorry face and licked her blood with tip of his tongue making her red in shy. Geet tried to move back and in return both fell on the bed, maan on top of geet.

Geet's hair became messy because of the sudden fall. Maan tucked her hair strands and looked at her face. Maan slowly dipped his head in her neck giving her kisses, while his hands loosened the bathrobe making her curves prominent. Maan opened the first two buttons of the robe getting the view of her curves. Geet closed her eyes surrendering herself to him and allowing him to do whatever he want. Maan wants to rip her bathrobe and make her his. But he don't want to before their marriage, maan slowly tightened her robe and kissed her forehead getting up.

Geet frowned feeling the lose of warmth, she too opened her eyes to see maan looking at her lovingly lying beside her. Geet downcasted her eye lashes feeling shy. "Darling tum na door close karo nahi tho I don't know what will I do to you" told maan kissing her cheek. Geet smiled at maan mischeivously and traced her fingers on his cheeks, jaw line sending shivers to him. "What if I am doing this to seduce you" teased geet gathering courage not to lose in his touch.

"Acha? My sherni is seducing me" asked maan. Geet smiled at him, "Yaar, sweet heart your one look is enough to seduce me. Geet I am telling you ask your bade maa and papa to come soon. I want to marry you ASAP" told maan. "Itni jaldi kyun?" asked geet. "You don't know" asked maan huskily making geet blush. "Maan aap bahar jayiye, and let me change" told geet getting up. "I don't have any problem if you change in front of me" told maan and winked. "Besharam, get out maan" chided geet. "Yaar darling shadi se pehle hi get out. Kya zamana aagaya" told maan dramatically. "Maan, jayiye please"

But maan didn't listen to her pleads and pulled her towards him, geet landed on top of maan. "Geet, you are late to office today. Kaisi soti ho tum kumbkaran ki behen" scolded maan. "Mera boss tho cool hain, usko koi faraq nahi padhta" told geet. "Kya faraq nahi padhta, only for today I am excusing you kumbkaran ki behen" this time maan is teasing her. "My alarm ditched me" told geet making baby face.

"Maan" called maa from hall. Geet's eyes widened in shock, "Maan, maa kya sochegi mere baare mein" asked geet worried. "Kya sochegi uski bahu kitni punctual hain aur kitni active hain" joked maan. "Will you shut your mouth and let me go, you idiot hamesha tease karte ho mujhe" scolded geet. "Tum mere upar ho moti" told maan seriously. Geet got up angrily and maan too, geet throwed maan out of her room which didn't go miss by maa and dadimaa which made maan embrassed and smiled at them nervously.


Precap: Maan's picture message to geet which made her red in anger... LOLLOLLOL

             Think think, what it might be Wink



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loved it
loved the way maan teasing geet
god bless him with such a cute family
loving it
precap interesting

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