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Diwali OS: Shart-ae-Diwali*translatn up* (Page 3)

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 9:34am | IP Logged
amazin os

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Angel13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Mindblowing Update as usual
Really loving this series
Thank you so much for pm
Waiting to see who wins
Continue soon

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awesome os loved it

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Loved it...happy was too nice and sweet! 

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kptl Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
that was fantastic piece of work...!!!:)
simply mindblowing ... nd lolz Arnav really need
any type of excuse to romance his wife..;)
nd lolz maamaji was jst good help ..;)
nd really luv naani nd Anjis Convo..:)
she does really deserves another chance...:)

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Links to previous one shots in the Diwali series:
Chhoti Diwali OS: U light up my life!
Translation for Diwali OS: Shart-ae-Diwali
Khushi woke up at 4:20 AM on the morning of Diwali.
Khushi smiles as she stretches her arms.
Khushi(thinks): Today is Diwali,the day of joys! Today I'll make a huge Rangoli,prepare sumptous breakfast,buy sarees & jewellery with everyone,gorge on Diwali sweets,take part in Lakshmi pujan,light diyas,take everyone's blessings,wish everyone a Happy Diwali,meet amma,babuji & buaji, welcome guests & have yummy-yummy food!
She stretches her arms and grins.
Khushi(thinks): This Diwali will b so much fun!
She looks at the other side of the bed and sighs.
Her husband was sleeping like a baby,looking as cute & innocent as a baby.
She wrapped her arms around his neck & rested her head on his chest.
How she loved to hear his heart beating rhythmically inside his chest!
She lay there like that for a few minutes,just listening to his heartbeats.
Then she kissed him gently on his left cheek & whispered..
Khushi: Happy Diwali,Arnavji!
She plants another gentle kiss on his lips.
Arnav stirs in his sleep and puts his left arm around her waist.
Khushi(whispers): I dont want to disturb ur sleep but.. I wanted to wish u first!(runs a hand through his hair)I'm up early today so that I can finish my work fast & spend more time with u!(cups his cheek) I wont give u a chance to complain today!
She hugged him and then slowly removed his arm from her waist.
It amazed her how,even in sleep,his arm found the curve of her waist?!
She was glad he didnt wake up.
She checked the time. It was 4:36 AM.
Khushi(thinks): Come on Khushi,quickly have ur bath & then get,set,go!
Arnav waited till he heard the clicking of the bathroom door before opening his eyes.
He was so glad her alarm had woken him up!
Else he would have missed so much.
He smiled as he remembered what she'd said: I wont give u any chance to complain!
Then he hugged her pillow to himself & soon fell asleep.
Paayal was surprised to see Khushi in the kitchen when she came downstairs to make the Rangoli.
Paayal: Khushi..
Khushi (hugs her): Happy Diwali jiji!
Paayal: A very happy Diwali to u to,Khushi!Khushi,what r u doing?
Khushi: Preparation for breakfast & lunch. We'll finish the kitchen work early today,jiji. That'll enable us to spend more time with the family.
Paayal: Family or.. Arnavji?
Khushi(blushes): Jiji,u start making the Rangoli,I'll join u in a moment.
Paayal: I'll call di..
Khushi: No jiji,leave it. Di must b very tired.No wonder she's asleep till now. Let her rest.We'll make the Rangoli together.
Paayal: Okay.
Khushi: Arnavji...
Arnav opened his eyes to see his beautiful wife smiling at him.
Since she was sitting beside him,with her legs crossed,Arnav lifted his head from the pillow and laid it in her lap.
Simultaneously his arms went around her hips.
Khushi ran her fingers through his unruly locks,much to his heart's delight.
Khushi: Good morning! Its the first Diwali post our wedding! Happy Diwali!
Arnav: Good morning! And a happy Diwali to u too!
He turned so that he was now facing her.
Khushi bent and kissed his widow's peak.
Arnav: Khushi,what is happening?
Khushi: What?
Arnav: Y r u not in a hurry today?Today u just took my name,u never said get up or hurry up!
Khushi(shakes her head): Nope! I'm in no hurry today.Relax! No need to get up immediately!
Arnav: Am I dreaming?
Khushi: Of course not! This is reality! Werent u the one who said yesterday that when a wife wakes up her husband she wishes him good morning,talks romantically to him &.. kisses him? So be it!
Arnav: I see! When did u speak romantically?
Khushi: If I havent yet,then I will do so now!
Arnav(smirks): No,kiss me first. U can talk later!
Khushi: But I just kissed ur temple!
Arnav: Khushi,when I said wives kiss their husbands,I meant..
He demonstrates what he meant by bending her head forward and pressing his mouth to hers.
Nani: Surya Prakashji,plz tell Chhotey & Akash bitwa that I'm calling them.
SP: Ji naniji.I'll call them..
Arnav & Akash enter the living room to find it occupied by the ladies of the house,who were busy selecting sarees & jewellery.
Akash: Dadi,u called us?
Nani: Yes,I did, bitwa. Since today is ur first Diwali post ur wedding,I wanted to give u a gift.
She gives them a sherwani each.
Nani: I'll b really happy if u wear this today evening!
Aakash: Thanks dadi!
He touched her feet & Arnav followed suit.
Nani: Chhotey,u wear suits daily. Wear this sherwani today,for ur nani's happiness!
Arnav: Of course nani! I'll surely wear this,thanks!
Nani: My job is done,now its time u do urs! Help ur wives in selecting sarees for this evening!
Anjali: I'll get lemonade for everyone.
Nani: Its time to have my medicine.Excuse me.
Mamiji: Hello hi bye bye! I'll call Aakas k papa.Tonight I'll wear a saree of his choice!
They leave the two couples alone.
Nani follows Anjali into the kitchen.
Nani: SPji,plz bring the medicine box from my room.Its in the topmost drawer..
SP: Ji naniji.
After he leaves,nani places her hand on Anjali's shoulder.
Nani: I can understand how u must b feeling right now,bitiya.
Anjali turns around & hugs nani.
Nani: Whatever Devi Maiyya does is for our betterment,bitiya.
Anjali: I know,nani. But sometimes.. I am unable to check my emotions..
Nani: I know what u r saying.I had been through a similar phase after ur nanaji's death. With the passage of time,u'll b fine. I promise,I'll get u married to a person who is worthy of u & ur love!
Anjali: Nani,how can.. I..?
Nani: Y cant u marry again?What Shyam did was totally his misdeeds.U were not at fault.Then y will u punish urself,bitiya?U have every right to settle down again. And..
SP comes there with her medicines & naniji & Anjali check their emotions.
After he leaves..
Nani: Dont b sad on Diwali,bitiya!I want to see a smile on ur face.
Anjali smiles a bit.
Nani: That's the spirit! Let me help u with the lemonade.
Anjali: No nani,I'll manage.U have ur medicines.
Aakash selects a turqouise blue & yellow zardosi saree for Paayal while Arnav selects an orange saree with gota work for Khushi.
Khushi: Ur choice is awesome,Arnavji!
Arnav(cups her cheek): I know!
Khushi indicates PaYash's presence through her eyes and Arnav removes his hand from her cheek.
Khush: Now tell me,which set will go with this saree?
Arnav selects a beautiful kundan set for her.
Khushi: Wow Arnavji! I'm bowled over by ur choice! This set is so beautiful!
Arnav: Right! U're bowled over by the set & I'm(holds her hand) I'm bowled over by my choice !
Khushi: Do u even know the meaning of "bowled over"?
Arnav: I know it better than u do!
Khushi rolls her eyes.
Arnav: If u like any other saree,buy that,as a Diwali present from my side.
Khushi: No,leave it.I've shopped a lot from Chandni Chowk.All those things were my gifts!
Arnav: Those were gifts for Dhanteras. Today's Diwali so I want to give u something special for Diwali.
Khushi: In that case even I would like to give something..
Arnav: No Khushi,u dont need to! Did I ask for a gift in return?
Khushi: Even if u didnt ask,I'll give u! And u have to accept it,bas!
Arnav leans closer to her & whispers in her ear.
Arnav: Well,in that case,the gift should b of my choice!
Khushi pushes him away.
Khushi: That's not fair! If u r giving me something of ur choice then I will also give u something of my choice!
Arnav: I guess.. u r right!
Khushi: Dont worry! I'm sure u'll love the gift I'll get u!
Arnav(smiles): I'm sure too!
That evening...
Amma hugs Paayal & Khushi.
Amma(hands them gifts): Here's the sagun for u both..
Buaji: And take this Nandkisore,besan laddoos for Payalia & rabri for Titaliya!
She gives two big steel tiffin to Khushi.
Khushi: Thank u so much,buaji!
Paayal: Plz come in.Dadiji has been waiting for u all since long...
NK: Khushiji,how do I look?
Khushi: Just like a dashing groom,Nanheji! This sherwani is looking so good on u!
NK(blushes): Thank u!
Khushi: Has ur friend not arrived yet?
NK: He's on the way.He'll b here soon.
Khushi: Make sure u introduce us when he's here.And do ask him to stay back for dinner.
NK: Sure,thank u!
Khushi: Ji.I'll serve the snacks to the guests..
Khushi knew that Arnav's eyes were on her since the evening.
Wherever she went,his eyes followed her.
Khushi was trying her best to avoid looking at him.
His heated gaze always unsettled her and made her ten times more clumsy than she was.
Khushi(thinks): Despite having so many guests around,his eyes are fixed on me. Hey Devi Maiyya! I dont know if I should b happy or distressed?
Mamaji: Khushi bitiya,plz come here...!
Khushi: Coming mamaji...!
Since there were many guests to attend to,Arnav hadnt found a chance to spend some time alone with his wife.
His wife,who was looking drop dead gorgeous,had decided to torture him for some reason.
First she wore the bangles which he'd gifted her a day before their first wedding.
Well,torturing him was not her idea,she'd simply worn those bangles coz they matched with the color of her saree.
And secondly,she refused to talk to him or be anywhere close to him.
heck! She didnt even look at him once!
They met all the guests separately.
Strange,thought Arnav!
Though everyone had stressed that it was their first Diwali after their wedding nobody seemed to mind that they were not together.
Arnav & Akash were with their business delegates while Khushi,Paayal & di attended to the guests.
Khushi avoided him as though he was some communicable disease!
He understood her reason for avoiding him.
What She didnt know was that she was fuelling his desire for her by avoiding him.
It had been 2 hours since the party had started.
He was aching for her.
He had to,just had to find a way to end the torture.
The way presented itself in the form of mamaji.
Mamaji & Arnav excused themselves & mamaji took him to a secluded corner.
Mamaji: What happened Arnav bitwa?R u having some problem?I hope u havent fought with Khushi bitiya?
Arnav was about to deny when an idea came to his shaatir dimaag.
Arnav: Yes mamaji.. Actually,Khushi didnt like the saree which I selected for her.
Mamaji: So u fought for sucha small thing?
Arnav: We had an argument over the saree & I.. said some really harsh stuff to her,in a fit of rage. And now she's not talking to me!
Mamaji: Oh,so thats ur problem! Doesnt matter! U do one thing-go & sit in my room.I'll send Khushi bitiya over there after sometime,under some pretext.
Arnav: Thank u so much,mamaji!
Mamaji: Keep 1 thing in mind..
Arnav: Yes?
Arnav: Make sure ur meeting ends in 15-20 minutes! Coz after that it'll b dinner time. If Amma & Anjali bitiya dont find u both here..
Arnav: We'll b back by that time!
Mamaji: Good!Now go,I'm sending bitiya in a while!
Khushi opened the door of mamaji's room.
Khushi: Mamaji said that his BP medicines r on the coffee table.But there r no..
She was shocked to hear a noise behind her.
She turned around & found that Arnav had latched the door.
Arnav: Yeah,me here!
With every step he took towards her she took a step behind until her back hit the cupboard.
Arnav kept his hands on either sides of her,thus blocking all escape routes.
Khushi(not looking at him): Arr..nnavv...jjii..
Arnav(in a husky tone): Hmm?
Khushi's heart was thumping inside her chest.
The rise & fall of her chest further aroused Arnav.
Without waiting for her to say what she wanted to,he held her chin & forced her to look at him.
The very next second he latched his mouth on to hers.
The moment his lips were on hers,Khushi lost all control over her senses.
She gave in to her desire & kissed him back with equal passion & need.
Khushi's response encouraged Arnav to take things forward.
It would suffice to say that mamaji had a hard time covering up for Arnav & Khushi's prolonged absence.
When they came downstairs,the guests were half way through dinner.
Mamaji was beyond relieved to see them.
Anjali: Chhotey where were u both?I checked ur room & the poolside but u were not to b found! All the guests are asking about u. 
Arnav: Sorry di,we were on the terrace.
Anjali: What were u doing on the Terrace?
Arnav: Private Diwali celebration!
Khushi was shocked at the unabashed way in which Arnav said that.
Anjali didnt ask any more questions.
Niether did the guests or family members question them.
The constant blush on Khushi's cheeks & the constant smile-cum-smirk on Arnav's lips must have answered their questions.
Khushi helped Anjali & Paayal in cleaning up the kitchen after the guests had departed.
Once the post party cleaning was done,all 3 of them retired to their rooms.
Arnav had changed into his purple sweater & black trousers before Khushi entered the room.
Arnav immediately went up to her & held her hands.
Arnav: Khushi,r u alright?
Khushi: Ji. Its just that I'm.. damn tired.
Arnav: whatever happened today evening..
Khushi(glares): Happened?!
Arnav: Okay! Whatever I did this evening, r u upset with me bcoz of that?
Khushi: No.(sighs)But it would hav been better had u waited till the party was over...
Arnav: Right! Had u not avoided me during the party.. even that would've better..(cups her face) Khushi,dont avoid me,ever!.Please.. I cant bear that!
Khushi doesnt say anything.
Arnav: If u ever want to.. stop me,u tell me.I will stop! But avoiding me like u did tonight is a totally bad idea! Now u know it for urself!
Khushi(looks at him): Had I stopped u,would u hav listened to me?
Arnav: Of course!
Khushi: Game for a bet?
Arnav: What!?
Khushi: If u hav courage,u can bet for -Shart-ae-Diwali! If u stop once I tell u to,u win! If u r not able to stop urself,u loose! The winner can ask the looser to do anything he wants! And.. the winner will celebrate the next Diwali according to the looser!(extends her hand)Deal?
Arnav(shakes her hand firmly): Deal!
Khushi: Alright! Tomorrow is nothing,the next festival is day after,bhaiyya dooj. I will test u on that day.Lets c if u can win this bet or not?!
Arnav: I will win this bet!
Khushi: U cannot!
Arnav: forget about the bet for a while n tell me,where is my Diwali gift?
In response Khushi goes to the cupboard & takes out her night dress from it.
Khushi: My mood is off so u wont b getting ur gift tonight!
Arnav: Excuse me?
Khushi: I'm damn tired n need to sleep. I will giv u ur gift when I'm at ease, tomorrow!
Arnav: Okay...
Khushi lay down on the bed with her back facing Arnav's front.
Arnav: Khushi?
Khushi: Ji..
Arnav: Tomorrow is nothing.That means u wont b getting up early to make Rangoli,right?
Khushi: Right.Why?
Arnav: Goodnight!
Khushi turns around & finds him smirking.
Khushi: What is goin on in ur head?
Arnav: Ill tell u tomorrow morning,when Ill b at ease! Go to sleep now! Goodnight!
Arnav soon dozes off while Khushi looses her sleep.
Kindly ignore typos & mistakes.Happy Diwali to all of u!
The next OS will b up tomorrow evening.

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Very nice!
Pls pm :)

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Fab OS... I am missing your FFs so much, can't wait for u to update them.

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