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WU of Barun/Gul nterview - Discuss here only

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 3:03am | IP Logged
1.Gul talks to Barun about how he was mobbed in his Brother's wedding. Gul asks if he was scared if something would happen with him but Barun says that he feels bad whenever he thinks he has created a bad impression upon someone and then Gul asks if he has ever been mobbed when he goes walking on the road to get coffee or something and then Barun says that it has happened.Once when he was walking towards Infinity (Mall in Mumbai) his habit is to walk by always looking down at the ground (so that he knows he has a clear path but ppl think that he does that so he doesnt get recognised ) so then this guy walks past him and says Oye ASR ! And Barun laughs while saying this ! Then Barun says that even when Pashmeen walks some ppl approach her as they think that Barun would tell them off as they fear that he might be similar to his character ASR !

2.Barun says that they have put in so much hard work over the months and especially that Dori scene in the beginning,they took so many shots and they changed locations ! Then he asks Gul what her fav scene is and she is like Dori scene and apparently it was really controversial in the beginning since its like the hero is doing all this and but then she explained that its because the character is borderline negative and then she says that she still remembers when Barun was acting that scene,he opens the dori and starts laughing and Sanaya starts laughing too and remembering this Barun laughs !

3.Barun recounts a funny scene when there was the time when Shyam was first revealed to the public and he recounts how the scene was written for that scene and Gul and Barun laugh over how they wanted to keep the title Didi Ki Saut or Arnav ki Khushi and they decided upon a lot of titles. It was considered the dark in the beginning.

Best scene Barun likes is when he drops Khushi from his cabin,in the office since it was such an unexpected scene ! 

Then Gul asks once if they as in Barun and the rest told Karan that Abhaas was gay (just to scare Karan off as in like pulling a prank on him ) and thats why whenever Abhaas went and sat next to Karan,Karan would scamper off ! Later they told Abhaas what they did ! 

4.Then Gul talks about the kidnapping track and she says that the whole track was done because he went away and then Barun nods and asks if she remembers that he had got an electric shock during one of the days he was shooting for the movie and then Gul remembers and nods and then she asks him ki initially it was like 30 days off for shooting and then it got extended and so the track was such that Arnav gets kidnapped from the airport and Khushi tries to find him and then after that Barun told them ki he needs some more days for shooting so they made it in such a way that he gets kidnapped again ! Gul and Barun laugh ! And the Consummation scene was also shot half only ! 

5.Barun says that he was really tired that time he says that there was 92 days of shooting but he worked 145 shifts ! And there was one day where he was almost in tears and he spoke to himself and went to shoot after consoling himself and Gul says it was tough for them all but Suzzanah (Dunno who she is maybe the Channel head or someone )said that they would accomodate Barun's dates and would write the track accordingly and he will come back and Gul says "Ya you're leaving again"Ouch

And she asks him what plans he has after leaving ! 

6.Barun says that he wants to take a holiday for 12 days or so with Pashmeen ! Then they'll come back and do some personal work ! Pashmeen thinks that she wont be able to got for a holiday and Barun looks slightly worried about that. Then Baruns says that the day after his marriage,he continued shooting for BHPH and immediately after that went for screen shot tests for IPK ! And then he says that he would have time with Pashmeen and that he is really looking forward to it ! 

7.Barun says that they work for 95% days of the month and even on festivals(prompted by Gul),they work for 12 hours a day and it is all very consuming ! Barun says that if they were to do the math they would be working at least for 84 hours a week ! 


8.Gul asks him again what he is planning to do after he leaves and he says that he wishes to do a 10 day or a 12 day holiday with Pashmeen and that he hasnt decided if its 10 or 12 days and he says that they would go to Birmingham to start with and then they would go somewhere from there after that.

9.Then Gul tells him that she would tell him the "Fun part" that apparently everyone believes that she (as in Gul) has coaxed Barun into leaving the show and Barun is like "What is that ?" as in he is aware of that too and he tells that someone has made a mistake and that in some interview or the other someone has told something wrong and that is why it has been misinterpreted and someone has got that idea and Gul says ya its really weird ! Then Barun says that someone called him and told him ki it seems that he,Barun is standing up for something and he is against the storyline and Barun says that that works against him too since he is not that type of guy who would go upto his producer and dont tell the story !

10.Gul then says that another fun part is that ppl are saying that she,Gul once called up Barun and blasted him and he started crying and Barun incredulously asks her why would he cry for that! And then Gul asks why would she call him up to blast him and then Barun says that he did cry when Akshay was leaving and maybe ppl misinterpreted it ! And he asks her who the "Little Birdie" is ! 

11.Gul then says that if he really wants to leave,it is his wish only and that it is not a crime ! Then Barun says that ppl have been really supporting him and that he wants to do what his heart says and then Gul interrupts him and says that he is right in following his heart and she says that you cant force someone to continue without his/her consent and then Barun says that he had the reason that he wanted to make everyone and himself do the money's worth but then he says that they can do this only to a certain point of time, He continues saying that he had wanted to quit from February itself but he didnt because everyone was making a fortune out of it and he himself was too (Barun and Gul laugh) but then he continues saying that what happens is "Good deeds,you do a million but the first bad deed you do,they start talking about it " Gul says that it is not bad and then Barun says that he is a person who always follows his heart and adds that God has always been kind to him because of that.He says "If you cant listen to your heart,you wont be able to do justice to anything else" and then Gul says that it is pretty simple that it is something Barun feels which everyone is okay with.

12.Then Gul says that some are saying that it is Star Plus's decision which is also pretty vague because since the show was doing so well,they would only want Barun to stay back and not leave which they have already done. Then she adds that everyone is clear at their stands but them some strings are saying that Star Plus is doing it,4Lions is doing this,PH is doing this,Gul The Bit** etc ! (Gul herself says this )Barun says that Gul should be really proud and he adds saying the he was talking tio Akshay once who was telling that time ki any hard working actor anybody deserves Gul Khan to be the producer and Gul is surprised and happy ! 

13.Then Barun says that he has given so many interviews where they have appreciated him for playing ASR so well and he says that he has put in a lot of hard work and he is not being all modest and all that but he adds that he has only done what has been written in the script 
and only because the script was written like that,he could act so and he says that he has always believed that writing of the show is brilliant ! Gul nods ! And he wonders why it is never mentioned ! 

14.Then Barun talks about how someone told him that because his character was sidelined he was unhappy with it and leaving (Gul says Ya ya she read something like this too! ) and then Gul adds that maybe they shoudl have done this before itself (I dunno what they mean by "This") but because of their busy schedules and Barun adds that they also want to please everyone and then Barun says that the bottom line is that people love the character what has been written and that there are so many ppl behind this ! Gul says that its team work and Barun adds that there are 99 unit members who monitor and Gul says that there is Creative team,Channel team,all involved like the writers in this show and then ASR and Khushi were risen! 

15.Gul says that they enjoyed making it and Barun and Sanaya enjoyed doing it (Barun agrees) and New versions of Rabba Vey and she adds that ppl used to think they used to literally day dream about Arnav and Khushi (Both of them laugh) Barun says that he agrees that there is a holy connect to this show  and that everyone got along so well and Gul adds that despite the no of times they had to shot each scene  and also on the verge of completing 400 episode,(Everyone ) all of them got along so well and Barun says that out of the 4 shows that they have done this team,all of them coming together was really the best and Gul says that Akshay even said that they were all like family! She says that they had made so many memories to which Barun agrees.

16.Barun says that he wants to thank everyone here in the show and also the love which he has got from so many ppl and that he's gonna miss everyone on set and they even told him that they are gonna miss all his funny antics and all !Cry He adds that it has been great fun and he also says that he would take both the love and hate (criticism) in his stride,because he wouldnt want that everyone should only love him and if one has become an actor,it is the right which has been given to the public to state their opinions be it good or bad and Gul says that he should take it with a pinch of salt. Barun says that he is the luckiest on the planet since that ratio is so variant and he thanks Gul for writing it the way she has and Gul thanks him for making ASR ASR (HaawwCry)

Barun hopes that they would do something again together and they hug and he says that he wants to be happy when he goes away and he doesnt want to look sad and he wants ppl to be happy when he leaves and not sad and he says that after seeing this interview,they would try to understand and Gul says that they have done some very good work too and they are proud and happy about it and that everyone has worked hard and says that everyone is gonna miss him like crazy and Barun says that he would too (Ouch)


Guys,Please do share your views and please acknowledge me if you're sharing this with anyone,it has taken me ages to write,Hope you understand Embarrassed

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Now I know what you have been up to..Thanks Abhi <3

Guess I needed this reality check and I have gotten it :) 

Its going to be difficult to accept but we have no choice *Resigned*

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Thank You So Much for Typing the whole Interview with so much Patience.

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He had also mentioned that he wanted to quit in feb...but he stayed on and that u do many good deeds then suddenly if u do something "bad" everyone has a problem...That was in part 2...

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thank you so muchHug cant thank you enough.. didnt watch the part two and part one i was only looking at Barun Ouch

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Thnx a lot for d WU dear...

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Biggg thnks sweety love u dear
plz pm me whn u update,,,

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Thanks for the WU dear

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