Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The Night I Took Off The Ring - New OS

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Hi guys! I missed you so much. It's only now I got time to write something after catching up with my excellent writers! I still haven't finished reading! I know I was supposed to update my two ffs. I am sorry I couldn't do that! Apparently my brain is not working in the ff mode. I have forgotten what I had actually planned for them in my exam tension! So I won't be updating my ffs for some time till I come up with a continuation. I hope you guys understand. And this os has been disturbing me from past few days and thought I should pen it down. I couldn't get a suitable name for it so I just named it something. And after reading it I need your opinion as it has been long since I wrote something. Kindly ignore the mistakes.

               The Night I Took Off The Ring!  


Arohi stared ahead at the window and the view outside. Her fingers were involuntarily tugging at her golden bracelet that had a heart hanging from it. Her fingers were long and slender with her nails a natural pink. She never liked applying nail polish as it made her feel 'artificial'. Strange notions she had and that was what he liked the most about her. Her gaze changed to the simple ring on her left ring finger. The proof of her being married. Or maybe the proof she was married. She took the ring out slowly and placed it on her office table. She knew office times were not for personal sorrows but she couldn't help think about her marriage in lunch break. She took out a small ring box and put the ring inside and got it packed and wrote the address on it. 'Angad, Sector 23, Chandigarh'. That was it. The last remaining part of her marriage. She was not essentially sad about the divorce for she had recommended it. It was just she knew after divorce everything will not be the same as before they were married. Friends. She still remembered Jai's words to her. 'Arohi, you are being stupid. You should have never said yes to Angad if you don't love him! You could have at least said no when he asked you to marry him. You need to love someone to marry them!' she knew Jai had spoken from his experience. His own failed relationship with a girl he only liked not loved. But she thought she would start loving Angad once she was married to him. But that phase never came. She knew she was wrong.


Arohi closed her eyes and remembered her past. Angad was her senior in school but they never had much of a contact in school. And when she was in college they met again and friendship bloomed. One day out of blue he proposed. She said yes out of sheer curiosity to feel the excitement of being in a relationship. Angad knew about this. She never lied or hid anything. Then there were times she would want to break off the relationship but he always hold on to her. He was sure one day she would feel what he felt for her. But again that day never came. Theirs was an on-and-off relationship. And finally they got married. Everyone was happy. Arohi was happy but confused. Jai was scared about what to come as he knew Arohi still hadn't felt the same feelings that Angad had felt. Two years passed with fights, patching ups and good friendship. After two years she realized Jai was right. Jai had known her only from college but knew her better than she herself or her family and for the matter better than Angad. At first, Angad had no problems with this friendship but sooner he was having problems with it. Arohi was still not able to see Angad more than a close friend. They had shared what normal husband-wife share but the love was not there. Not at least for Arohi. Jai was like her brother but Angad didn't know. Their fights grew and by the end of third year it was unbearable. They tried everything. Counseling and all. But nothing came out. Probably, Angad also accepted that Arohi could never love him. She came from a broken family and it had taken its toll on her view about relationships. And Arohi recommended it was time they accept what they both could really see. She regretted her decision. Not getting divorced but getting married. Jai was always right. She shouldn't have taken that step but she was a fool back then. Because of her foolishness many people had to face pain and despair. Angad being the prominent one in that list. She was really sorry for what she had done. They were estranged for one year and finally they mutually signed the divorce papers and it was six months from then. It was only now she had the guts to send back the ring. She looked at the ring once again and stood up to courier it back to Angad.


On her way to her home, she got a call from Jai.

"Hi Jai! What's up?"

"Hi Aro! I just ringed up just like that! Did you send back the ring?"

"I did dear! It took six months for me to bring up the courage to do that! I am extremely sorry for what I had done. You were always right. And you judged me right. I still wonder why you haven't left me after my mistake."

"Because you are my friend! I won't leave you. I can't. And would you have left me if I had done the same mistake? No naa? I know! In fact, I had done the same mistake before and you hadn't left me! So how can I?"

"I know. I love you idiot!" Arohi said smiling.

"I love you too stupid! Now I got to go. Bye. Take care. And don't over think!"

"Bye! You take care too!" Arohi cut the call with a smile on her face. She was entering a new phase now. But her smile got wiped off her face when her car hit another car. *BOOM*


Arohi hastily got out and looked at her car. "Thank God!" A silent prayer and gratitude escaped her lips. The damage wasn't big. She looked at the other person's car crouching down. It wasn't much damaged too. She hadn't noticed that the other car's driver had come out and was inspecting the cars just like her. Arohi saw the legs and understood the driver was a man. She said sorry while she was straightening herself from the crouched position of her. "Sorry!" She straightened herself and looked at the guy. He was about 30 and was dressed in a sleek suit that fitted his body perfectly. He wasn't over muscular nor was he too slender. Just the size she liked to see men. He had a trimmed face with hazel brown eyes that seemed magnetic. Arohi suddenly shook her head bringing herself out of her thoughts. She thought, 'What am I thinking? I just got divorced six months back!' But she couldn't blame herself. The guy was one of a specimen. 'That's the exact reason as to why you should stop drooling! Probably he is married or at least has a girl friend!' Arohi said under her breath. She composed herself again and was about to say 'sorry' again when the guy spoke up. The guy had a seductive voice but what he said wasn't much seductive.


"If you had stopped drooling over me can you move your car so that I can go?" He said slightly irritated.

Arohi's mouth opened wide and she stared at him like she saw a ghost. She heard a giggle from the man's car. She looked around him and found a haughty looking girl looking at her and giggling. Somehow she felt disgusted.


"Oh I stopped drooling the moment you opened your mouth! You should keep your mouth shut it will do you much help!"


Arohi snapped back and sat in her car and drove off not giving the guy a second look.


"Arjun! Come let's go!" The girl squeaked from inside. Arjun irritatingly looked at the girl inside. He couldn't believe he was trapped in taking Gauri back to her home. All because of his stupid friend Sanchit! Sanchit couldn't even drop back his sister from the party because he had to spent time with his girlfriend Simmi. Arjun took a long breath so that he didn't end up snapping back and strode back to his car driving away.


Arohi was so much frustrated with what happened. She agreed that she had checked him out but that was it! No harm done! He didn't have to be that rude! Arohi again shook her head and sat down to have her dinner after freshening up. Soon she was off to sleep.


Next morning Arohi woke up at 5 and started doing her routine. She slipped into her grey sweat pants and grey hoodie to go out for her daily sprint. She came out of her house sprinting into the cool, chilly morning. The sun wasn't up yet but there was enough light to sprint happily. Arohi sprinted forward she never liked the slow jogging. Then suddenly she felt someone else's presence beside her. She saw a figure sprinting past her. He also had a hoodie which prevented her from seeing his face. But the guy's demeanor seemed familiar. Where had she seen him? She couldn't remember. She shook her head at her stupidity and sprinted forward. And suddenly she felt a need to over run him. She knew it was going to be difficult as the guy had long legs and was sprinting in a speed she could never dream of. In spite of all this, she wanted to try to test her years of sprinting experience. She sprinted forward increasing her pace and trying her best. She saw the guy slowing down. Why was he slowing down? Arohi wanted him to increase his pace so she can have a fair chance in winning. She didn't want concessions. She too had long legs, long enough. And she had a track record of being the fastest runner in college.


Arjun sensed someone was racing with him. Probably the girl whom he had sprinted past. She was running fast enough for most of the runners sprinting there. But not fast enough to out run him. The girl had a hoodie on her head which prevented him from seeing her face. So, he decided to slow down. He wanted to see her face. From what he had seen from behind the girl had a perfect figure. She was tall but shorter than him. Her long hairs were tied in a ponytail which swayed here and there when she ran. Arjun waited for the girl to come to the same level as him. She came and sprinted forward and looked back to see his face. Arjun saw her face and saw how it expressed a shock on seeing him. Without his knowledge his face too betrayed a shocked expression. The girl slowed down and finally came to a halt staring at him. Arjun too slowed down and stared back at her. By now they had reached the city park and the girl seemed to acknowledge this fact as she broke the eye contact and sat down on a park bench. Arjun was guilty of what had happened last night as he had lashed out on the girl. He vented out his anger on the girl when it was really meant for Gauri who was eating his head from the start of the journey. He sat down beside her.


"Mm... Sorry! I was rude last night. I shouldn't have. I am sorry! It was a bad night for me."


Arohi was at first surprised at his response. When she had seen his face she was shocked to her bones. She didn't know when she slowed down and came to a halt. And then she became aware that she was staring at him and had reached the park. She sat down as she had no idea what to do. To her surprise he sat down next to her and more to her surprise he had apologized to her. When she finally came out of her shock she smiled at him.


"I guess I can't stay mad at you when you had apologized! And besides you can't blame me for drooling over you!" Arohi knew the guy could take it wrongly but that was his test.

"Oh! I would take that as a compliment! And if you have any problem with it I can make you my sister!" Arjun joked back as he had liked the way the girl had reacted. She was fun. But he had no intention of making her his sister!

"Do I really look like a lesbian that every guy wants to be my brother? Well, I have no problem in being a lesbian! But it seems even girls are not interested in me as they also consider me their sister!"


Arjun broke into laughter as he listened to the girl.


"Oh don't worry! I am not going to make you my sister! I have no such plans! You can relax!"

"I am relieved!" Arohi said back in a way as if she really meant it. But Arjun could see she was joking.

"I am Arjun!" Arjun suddenly remembered he hadn't introduced himself.


"Nice name!"

"Thanks! And yours is also nice!"


That was how they had become friends. From that day onwards they used to meet in the morning. Within a short time Arjun came to know about her divorce but unlike Arohi his view was different. Arohi thought the marriage failed because she could never love anyone and Arjun believed it was because she hadn't met the right one. Arohi wanted to believe that and slowly she had started believing it. Jai was happy at this new progress in Arohi's life. Six months had passed and anyone who saw them could say that they were in love. Arjun realized he loved her before Arohi realized her love. He knew she needed time to make herself comfortable with this truth. Within next two months she had realized she loved Arjun but she wasn't going to confess anything. She still couldn't get over the fact that she fell in love and that too within a short time. She wondered why it hadn't happened with Angad. May be Arjun was right. You could only fall in love once but it's not necessary that what we perceive as love was always love. Still she wasn't going to confess. She truly believed she could never keep anyone happy. That she would mess up any relationship. She had told this to Arjun and he used to say, 'You are a hot mess! And I love hot mess!" She knew he was implicitly trying to confess his love but she kept her mouth shut.


Today was Arjun's birthday and he had warned everyone from organizing a party for him. He wanted to spend it with Arohi. He had asked her to be free in the evening. Arohi was ready and was waiting for him. She was wearing a beautiful white dress that fell to her knees. A diamond stud adorned her ears and a small beautiful diamond pendant hanged around her neck. She wore her Tag Heur on her left arm wrist and a platinum bracelet with diamond flowers on her right arm wrist. She had left her hairs open. She had a feeling that she had over dressed but in reality she hadn't. Her makeup was even less than usual. She waited for Arjun with an anxiety the reason for which she didn't know. Finally, Arjun arrived and he was dressed in black jeans, white shirt and a black blazer. Arohi felt her breath was caught in her throat on seeing him but she composed herself and walked out with him from her home.


They had been driving for quite some time and it seemed like he was taking her out of city. They reached a beautiful mountain top and Arjun stopped his car. He stepped out and helped Arohi too. Arohi had already planned that if Arjun was going to dine her in the old fashion way with a cozy table and chair and exquisite dishes, she was going to tease him to death. There was nothing she hated as a candle light dinner. She couldn't stand the sight of it. But Arjun knew better. He hadn't arranged anything like that. Arjun took out a mat from his car and spread it on the ground in such a way that when they would sit down they would be facing the sky and the countless stars. Then he took out a six pack of soft drinks and a pizza. Arohi was looking at him in amusement. This guy was so cute! Now, it was time for them to sit down and have a good time.


While drinking from his can Arjun asked Arohi, "Why don't you admit that you love me?"


Arohi knew this question would come in due time but had never expected him to ask now in this situation. But then again the guy was famous for making her surprised. She looked at him and thought for a while.


"I know I am avoiding it! As I have told you a thousand times... I am a mess! Couldn't keep a relationship, messed up my good friendship with the guy, hurt his feelings and ended up disappointing everyone I know! In fact I have a track record of messing up things, never getting things right and hurting others... I don't want to lose my friendship with you!"


Arjun was listening carefully and he answered,

"I know you are scared! Who wouldn't be! With a broken relationship you are feeling it's your fault! But it is not! The situations were bad. The only thing you could blame yourself for was that you said yes even though you didn't love him. But that was not a fault. There are so many people in our country who enter a marriage without loving their partner. Some learns to love some don't! Only difference is that such marriages are usually called 'arranged marriages'. But just like it is not necessary in every 'arranged marriage' that couples don't love each other it is not necessary that in every 'love marriage' the couples love each other! People make mistakes. That's how they learn! And I can say with surety that you love me!"


Arohi gave a thought to what Arjun said. He was right. She made a mistake and she rectified it as soon as she realized it. And he was also right she loved Arjun this time. She knew it because she was feeling weird emotions inside which she had never felt before. And moreover the guy she could believe with closed eyes had said the same. Jai had said the same. He had said it long back but she ignored it as usual. But now as she gave it a thought she came to the conclusion that he was right. Arohi looked at Arjun and smiled. That smile was enough for Arjun to realize that he had got his love. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her more close to him. To the place where she belonged.


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New os - great news - lemme read
Happy Diwali

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Yaaay Iam first

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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God, achu it was beautiful -
Well written story achu
That was a real comeback gift well delivered on Diwali
Superb os -
Thx for the same - take ur time for the ff updates - we will wait

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awesome OS archu
yup jai and arjun were right it wasn't entire arohi's fault that her marriage didn't become successful it was her decision
1st meet mein hi fightLOL only our arohi
loved the way arjun changed arohi's view

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superb os it did,not feel you have not written for a while and it is really a beautiful diwali gift form you

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its a sweet beautiful !

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Very nice Os. 

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