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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Iam(mona) again back to bug u all with my silly concept…Embarrasseddon't strangle me if the title wont seem apt to the concept..kya karu muje koi aur title suj nahi raha tha..LOLLOLiam very very poor in choosing titles..Embarrassed



"jaan plz dont cry shhh stop it now"I was trying to calm her since 2 hours but she is no where to stop n my heart winced to see her crying..she was not even saying anything but kept crying hugging me tight.."maan why they r doing this to me pls ask them to forgive me pls maan.. pls kuch karo na"she finally mumbled between her sobs n i hugged her even more tight caressing her hair.

It always happens everytime she calls her maternal n geet got married a year back without her parent's approval.

I had money,fame,royal mansion n servants roaming around me.I was king in business world n no one could tackle the business the way i do..that's the reason everyone got used to call me MAAN SINGH KHURANA,MASTER IN n dad left me when i was daadi who brought me up was only the one who was there for me n my best friend cum business partner dev chopra who knew each n every secret of mine.

I was a shrewd business tycoon as well as cute grandson.I was happy with what i had in my daadi n my friend dev were my world I didnt knew then that some one might enter my life who has become my life ,my reason to breathe now.She is none other than my wife my GEET!dadi who always wanted me to taste every thing in life brought a proposal for me..she asked me to meet her friend mr.kapoor's daughter geet!i instantly said yes as i never told no to dadi n also she was the one who decided everything for me till then!


I refused to meet geet as i thought there would be no need for cross checking my dadi's choice but she insisted me to meet her once n i couldnt deny her!frankly speaking even i wanted to meet her as i felt excited hearing her beautiful name GEET!It sounded so good!it was something soothing to my ears..I was to meet her next day but started dreaming about her looking at her pic..She looked like an angel in the white salwar suit..She seemed so simple yet beautiful n I liked her no no actually loved her at the very first time I saw her pic..I was waiting impatiently for the next day to arrive so that I can meet!!that thought made me more excited n I totally forgot to sleep.

Dev was teasing me like anything as I was reharsing how to talk to her as I never had any experience in that but I ignored him n prepared myself..I was li'l nervous but more excited to meet her.I was surprised when dadi asked me to meet her in a school..

"what??u mean school??"I made confusing face..

"ha bete she works in school as  a teacher..  ram(her friend n geet's dad)said that she wanted to be independent so she started working as a teacher..she need to attend the school today as there was an exam of her subject"

"hmmm"I smiled n drove towards her school..I loved to hear that she wanted to stand for herself..I loved that nature of her's..I finally reached the school n  was shocked with the sight I was welcomed with..yeah my would be wife geet is playing with kids giggling n laughing along with them loudly..she was helping the kids to slide down n giggling along with them..I  smiled looking at her amused..She then made the kids to sit on see-saw.I was standing there for more than 15 minutes lost in her..I didn't feel like disturbing her.The kids ran inside their class room as soon as bell rang n I found her looking here n there as if assuring herself that no one is present there..I then found her stepping on the swing standing on it..It started moving to n fro n she giggled like a kid.She was enjoying that n I was ogling at her.I cursed myself later for disturbing her as I walked to her absent mindedly lost in her..She looked at me with wide eyes n closed her eyes in embarrassment along with her mouth using her both palms.."hey careful"I said with concern when I felt her loosing her balance..She tried to balance herself but failed n before she could hit the ground I caught her in my arms..Her eyes were shut in fear n she hid her face in my neck..

"are u ok??"I said huskily in her ears n she slowly opened her eyes to get drowned in mine..She was so light yet soft like a flower..She looked more beautiful from closer n innocence was oozing out from her eyes..I was totally fida on her n thought to give many kisses to daadi maa for choosing innocent beauty like geet for me.

We were  so lost in our world that we didn't even notice when a kid came to us crying.."miss"she called geet pulling her dupatta..We felt embarrassed n I made her stand on her feet..

Ha ha ha ha I still laugh till today when I remember how geet made me draw an apple with colors for which I failed to give proper shape..that li'l girl came to geet asking for help..I came to know many things about geet in onlyone day..she also has very beautiful heart same as the way she appear.I came to know that she would  do the homework of the kids if their teacher send them out of class for not doing their homework.the same happened that day..that li'l girl said cutely that she failed to do her homework as she was busy in watching her fav show mr.bean..Geet dragged me along with her to a corner of the playground n handed me 2 books..I looked at her shocked n confused..she didn't even asked me who I was n why I came there.."so sorry maan but u need to help me now".I was shocked to know that she knows me.."you know me??" I asked confused..

"ha ofcourse!!i saw ur pic.papa said that u are coming to meet me..iam sorry again it was imp for me to attend the school today"she said making sorry face n  giving some book to that li'l girl n she started writing I mean completing her homework.

Geet smiled at me when I stood looking at her confused."umm..sorry iam not even introducing myself iam.."

"geet kapoor I know"I replied to her..

"that's good!!maan pls can u help me now pls..i need to complete her homework if not her chudail miss will make her stand outside the class…poor baccha how can she stand that long??"shw said making baby face..geet looked more cute to me than that li'l kid.

I confusingly opened the book n was shocked to find write 2 table two times.."what's this???"

"you don't know 2 table???wait I'll tell u 2*1=2


                                                                          2*3=6"geet started saying..

That's it I laughed out loud!!is she crazy??she looked so cute when she pouted n I wanted to pull her cheeks.

"what's so funny??"she asked glaring at me..

"why are u teaching me tables again??i know them..i guess I learnt them in my 1st standard itself..i was just shocked that iam gonna do 1st standard that not funny??"

"no!!becoz we need to complete that soon..ther's no time now"she said writing something..I shook my head n finally started writing it.."wait wait"she stopped me..

"use ur left hand if not her teacher will catch her"she said..I really don't know whether to laugh at this mad teacher or kiss her cheeks..I really felt like kissing her..She's really so sweet..

"maan do that soon..u need to draw an apple"she said.."what apple??"I asked in confusion.."hmmm wo she didn't do her drawing homework too"she said smiling at me sheepishly..

"arey uncle not like this"that li'l girl said peeping in to the book.."what???"I said

"u are drawing a sun but I want an apple"she said cutely making crying face..geet laughed at my plight as I made baby face not knowing what to do..I glared at her n she said to the li'l girl"baby uncle don't know how to draw u show him"

She settled comfortably in my lap n started drawing apple..I smiled at her as she asked me how was her drawing..She jumped in joy as we succeeded to complete her works n she went to her position i.e out side the classroom as if she don't know anything..but not before kissing geet's cheek n surprisingly my cheek too..i blushed for which geet laughed out loud..

We started walking outside the school.I was silent not knowing how to start the convo with her.."friends??"she said before I could say anything forwarding her hand..I frowned in confusion but she cleared it."I know maan we gonna get engaged soon n even gonna get married..Papa chose u so iam sure u are perfect to me but I want  to start our relation with friendship..i want us to understand each other well before we get in to relation.."I smiled at her thought.."so let's be friends first"she again forwarded her hand n I shook hand agreeing with her..

We  became best friends  in very few days.We understood each other very well..I used to meet her in school as I loved that place n that small girl..I even got many li'l cute girl friends becoz of her..I finally learnt how to draw an apple from the same girl..Soon I realized that I was head over heels in love with my innocent would be wife n knew that she too started feeling for me..I never behaved with her in the other way more than a friend as I don't want to force her in to relation before her approval.

It was the day of our engagement.We exchanged the rings n I made her officially mine..

The very next day when I went to school to meet her she was crying sitting on a bench in playground..I panicked for a second thinking what would had happened to her..I rushed to her n asked the reason..She started crying more n I got worried..when I asked her  the reason caressing her face she hugged me tight like a baby..that was the first time she hugged me  but I hated to see tears in her eyes.

"geet jaan what happened??"I asked cupping her face..She told me that her dad asked her to resign for the job as she gonna get married soon.."maan I don't want to leave this job..u know na I love teaching this kids"she said sobbing..I wiped her tears laughing at her inwardly.."don worry I'll talk to him"I said n she exclaimed in happiness"sacchi???"..I  nodded with a smile..she hugged me again tight shocking me..yeah I was shocked with her advancement.."you know what u are so sweet n understanding"she mumbled hiding her face in my neck.."this is one of the reason I love u so so much"she said in one go.

I didn't realize what I just heard but not so late…she proposed me!!wow my heart jumped in joy..She smiled at my shocking face  n pulled my cheeks.."awww cutie u look so cute when u make this face"she again surprised me with her behaviour..She was jovial n comfortable with me but I never saw that avatar of her..the next second she glared at me n started walking from there..I ran behind her  her n stopped her.."hey why are u angry on me now??"I asked her confused..

"you know what??u should be named as buddu singh khurana"she said..

"what???"I said confusingly at her new avatar..

"aur nahi toh kya??a girl no no ur would be wife proposed u n u are behaving as if nothing has happened huh!!"she pouted her lips n turned other side crossing her arms in fake anger..

I smiled at her n pulled her in to a bone crushing hug n next second I scooped her in my arms n ran towards my car..She was shocked n confused at my act but I didn't want to reveal my plans to her so I kept quiet even when she bugged me for answer..Finally she gave up n turned her face away making grumpy face .I chuckled at her but resumed driving..After an hour of our journey she again asked me with her pleading puppy dog face.."ofoo jaan don't make that face"she looked shocked at me as I called her jaan actually for the second time but she didn't realize as she was lost in her grief..I smiled at her n said"don't give so much stress to ur brain..iam gonna prove to u that iam not buddu singh khurana"

Soon she drifted to sleep placing her head on my shoulder while I was driving at the same time admiring my mishty.I already informed daadi n kapoor uncle that geet is with me n there was no need them to get worried.

It was 11:30 pm when I reached the destination along with my mishty who was still a sleep..I carried her in my arms inside.."good!!u can go now"I ordered my men who nodded when I asked them was everything ready!Geet woke up with that li'l sound n I sighed in relief as I was free from  trouble to wake up sleeping beauty.."maan what's this where are we n why is it so dark here??"she asked in confusion looking around to find some light but she didn't knew that lights wont be  coming till I wish to come..

I made her stand on her feet n moved from there silently.."maan..maan"she called me not finding there.."maan pls..if u r wishing to play hide n seek with me iam not all interested to play now..i need to go home "I was smiling inwardly as she started cursing me under her breath when I didn't reply to her..I was waiting for the clock to stuck 12 n it did..I smirked n switched on the dim lights..As per my arrangement geet was showered with rose petals..She was shocked at first but then smiled looking around..She excitedly  jumped like a kid when she found that she is standing in a boat middle of the water."happy birthday jaan"I wished her finally walking to her..She came running to me n jumped in to my arms hugging  me tight.."thanku do u know this???"she asked me..

"ummm…hmmm I have my sources"I said teasingly.."maan pls"she said pouting her lips..

"I heard when u were explaining ur dream to my girlfriend(school kid)poor girl she didn't get anything but I got to know ur dream..i don't understand why u eat their brains when they don't understand any of ur words??"I again went to my teasing mode..She made a o shaped mouth n slapped on my chest with her li'l palm..I chuckled at her n kissed on her cheek.."happy birthday jaan"I wished her again  n made her sit on the chair where I already arranged two chairs with the table in the middle..I switched of the lights n there was only the moon light gleaming around.."hmmm u are in the middle of the water oops standing in the boat with only moon light gleaming around.. what are u waiting for??cut the cake jaan"I said for which she nodded with a smile..She cut the cake n fed me n I did the same..I then made her stand n knelt down on my knees..she frowned in confusion when I took her hand in mine.."geet this was the reason I didn't answer u in the could I spoil ur surprise..i thought not to force u in this relation but when I realized that u too started loving me..i thought to propose u on important day i.e ur birthday in the way u always dreamt here iam…

I love u jaan I love u soo much…will u marry me??"She smiled at me n nodded in yes..I slipped the ring in to her finger which I brought for her..She looked at it lovingly n kissed it..When I stood on my feet again she hugged me tight.."I love u maan"she said..

We were happy in our life as we got to know each other more n more n I started loving her more n more day by day.She became my reason to breathe n I couldn't even stay a day without her.that day I was in a beach with geet in my embrace when I got a call from  nakul,our maid..I rushed to hospital along with geet n whatever doctor said shattered me..I broke down completely as I heard that thing which I never ever thought would happen..My daadi left me..she suffered an attack n lost her life..

I became a lifeless soul as daadi,who my everything left me..I didn't had anyone other than geet in my life..she never left my side as I needed her shoulder to cry to let out my pain..It was after 2 weeks of daadi's death my childhood friend aadi came to meet me.But I was in the worst state that I don't even had place to stand..few people came to me n showed documents in which it was stated that I don't have any right on khurana property as it's on dev's name..I realized that dev cheated on me..I always believed on him more than anyone n signed wherever he asked me to do..He took that advantage n took away my everything..nakul informed me that daadi met dev n they had an argument on something..Dadi couldn't take that  shock n the attack was due to that..My blood boiled in anger..I wanted to kill dev at the very moment but I couldnt even approach him as he left the country.I didn't even had penny to do anything..I stood helpless in front of my mansion which was not mine then..Aadi insisted to stay with him..I was in so much shock n pain to realise anything.Geet didn't knew anything about this n when she came to know that she again stood for me consoling me..Iam sure I would had gone mad if geet would had  not consoled me n stood for me..

Oneday I received a call from kapoor uncle which broke me more..He informed me that he's not ready to give geet's hand to me n he wanted someone who could keep his daughet happy n provide her all the luxuries which I couldn't do.I didn't know what to do,where to go..I felt so helpless..The thought that geet would not be mine shivered me,I felt like dying at the moment but My geet never left me..she fought with her dad..she left her parents n came to me..

"geet u would have not done this!!may be ur dad is right!!how can I keep u happy when I don't have anything"I said though I never wanted her to leave me but somewhere felt it was not right to make her suffer becoz of me..

That's it I recieved a shock of my life..she slapped me hard.."are u mad??how can I leave u when u need me??and how could u even think that I'll be happy without know that I love u but still u didn't understand me"she said n cried as she was already in pain for leaving her parents..I really felt very bad for her..I hugged her tight to console her..

"iam sorry.."we mumbled in unison n smiled..

geet placed a series of kisses on my cheek on which she slapped me.."dard ho raha hai??"she asked me cutely kissing on my cheek again.I smiled n nodded in no..I kissed on her forehead n hugged her tight.

I knew that I cant live without geet n even geet could stay without me.We got married n she always supported n stood for me in every phase..Me n my friend aadi started a small business n soon I succeeded in building khurana empire again.Everyone again started roaming around me..The people who left me when I lost everything started approaching me again but I didn't payed a damn to them.The one n only the one who was there for me was my geet my mishty..I can proudly say that my geet is behind my success..I sometimes think that I would never ever got everything back if she was not there with me.

She was there with me n we are happy with each other but she always missed her parents.She challenged her dad that one day I would bring everything  back which I lost n today I have everything.She tried hard to ask for their forgiveness but they never talked to her.

The same happened today..We both a re happy with each other but we craved for family's love..I couldn't see tears in her hears!!i should do something!!Oh I forgot to say that 2morrow is my mishty's birthday.Ishould plan something for her to bring back her smile.

I opened my eyes n didn't found him.."maan...maan"I called him but there was no response..I searched him everywhere but he was no where..I recalled how he was consoling me last night.I felt bad for him because he always held himself responsible for my separation with parents..I tried hard not to show my tears to him but I couldn't control..I was shocked when my dad asked me to break up with maan..How could I do that when I love him more than my life??how can I leave him alone when he needed me??I knew that dad was worried for my future so he asked me do that but I was not ready to leave maan alone..I left them n came to my maan..Iam happy with him and iam sure no one could keep me happy in the way maan did..He pampered me like a delicate flower n gave me all the love.I sometimes wonder how could he love me so much.."I still feel angry on maan when I recollect how he left the biggest project just to look after  me.I was suffering from fever..just fever but maan he never listens to me..I know he couldn't even bear a small scratch on me..I tried to make him understand that maids are there to look after me but no!!he was no where to listen n sat with me whole night without blinking his eyes..and what ?he lost 1000 crores project  it would have been the  biggest project for khurana constructions.

It was more than an hour I didn't find him n he didn't even called me..I tried many times to call him but he didn't pick my call.I was surprised as he never ignores my call.He leaves meeting to attend my call but today..I got scared as it's almost night now..The clock stuck 11..Maan is still no where..He would never do this..He always reached home before 10 pm n if he would come late he always informed but today he neither called me nor received my call.I tried again n again but the result is still the same..


I heard the knock n literally ran expecting maan  n I sighed in relief when it was maan..I hugged him tight n cried..I really got scared not finding him the whole day.."mishty iam sorry jaan I was busy so I didn't take ur call"he said threading my hair..I pushed him in anger n started hitting him wherever I can.."arey jaan what u are doing stop it pls"he said holding my hands but I freed them n again started hitting him but he ran inside.."what do u think of urself…itni bhi kya kaam thi ki u didn't even bother to msg me about ur whereabouts..pata hai mein kitna dar gayi thi??meri jaan nikal gayi thi ye soch kar ki tumhe  kuch ho tohgaya toh nahi..i'll kill u now"I said while hitting him with pillow which was on couch.."ouch!mishty stop it pls.."he pleaded me.."first of all answer me where were u??"I asked him hitting him for the last time n when he stood still panting I hugged him tight again.."maan pls don't ever do this to me..pata hai mein kitni dar gayi thi..i cant live without u"I sobbed in his embrace..

"shhh…don't cry.."he said wiping my tears.."iam so sorry mishty…muje aisa karna pada to arrange ur birthday gift"he said building excitement in me.He always gifted me which I never excpected n I was excited to know what he planned this time.

"birthday gift??"I exclaimed for which he smiled kissing on my forehead.."happy birthday jaan"he wished me first as the watch stuck 12.."and here is ur gift"he said n guided me to look at the entrance.


He gave me the second best surprise in my life.He proposed me in my dreamy way last time n this time he brought my parents whom I missed in this one year.I had tears in my ears finding them n I ran to them like a kid with tears.."thanku so much papa for forgiving me..iam so sorry for what I did"

"na na beta pls don't say that..actually I was the one who was could I leave my son when he needed us..Iam ashamed on my own behavior..and ye thanks maan ko kaho becoz he was the one who made us realize our mistake n made us understood how much my daughter was craving for us.."dad said n I couldn't stop my tears..Maan smiled at me n I just ran in to his embrace..I wondered how much he can love me??He  tried to convince dad in past too but he humiliated maan n i never allowed maan to step in to that house but today he finally brought them back just for me..He never ever payed damn to them who disowned him but he went to my parents just for me.

All I can say is iam in love with this man n it keeps increasing day by day..That was the best birthday for me as we enjoyed a lot..

I was craving for this happiness in her eyes n I saw that finally.I felt like I won the world today..this is all what I wanted n from now on there would be nothing in our life which can bring tears in her eyes..She never complained even when she missed her parents just to not make me feel guilty..She makes me fall for her more n more..IAM IN LOVE WITH MY MISHTY who stands for me always,who can do anything to make me smile n I promise myself that I would never hurt her or allow a tear in her eyes..

Oops!!i forgot to say that dev the same bas***d who back stabbed  me in the name of friendship is behind the bars now..Maan singh khurana would never ever forgive them who back stabs him..he is literally begging for death but it wont come to him that easily till I want that..He was my dadi's murderer..he was the reason for my dadi's death..i will never let him die peacefully as I wont give him death that easily.

I kissed on her forehead who snuggled close to me with contended smile playing on her lips.Oh I felt like dying hundred deaths for her single smile.."I love u jaan"I said n closed my eyes to catch sleep holding her tight in my embrace.


how is it friends???ConfusedConfused

plz let me know with ur comments..

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congratsss monaaa

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Heyyy kiddo...
jaldi update karo... Big smile

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kiddooo Clap

superb one... i so loved it ..

this was so sweet of maan and geet ...

ops inspired from chopra ... LOL

thanks for pm

love yaa..

will be waiting for a new os from you soon Wink

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Originally posted by suhaaana

congratsss monaaa

thanx dearBig smile

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an awesome OS dear

loved the way geet stood by maana nd he came back

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