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#3 Arhi FF.~*Ishq Hua*~ (Part 46 - Part 64) (Page 145)

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Posted: 24 March 2013 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Loved the update

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Thanks for the PM

Good that atleast Khushi realized that she was actually punishing Arnav who had showered her love & nothing else at every instance & all she did was break his heart


The goons beating Arnav to death but then Akash coming to the rescue was well written, especially fatigue taking over Arnav not allowing him to defend himself


Akash lashing out at the doctor for not treating Armav immediately & struggling to give the news to SSR shows his deep love & concern for Arnav


The precap : looks like hope of Khushi's return is possible. Atleast now she shouldn't back out thinking of the stupid promise she made to SSR


Waiting to read more Day Dreaming

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--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 31 March 2013 at 4:34am | IP Logged
I finally caught up with last few updates and they are amazing. I loved it. The pain arnav and khushi went through is described amazingly. Waiting for next update eagerly...

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pakpearl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 8:25am | IP Logged
I read Maha epi,p-62 n 63 in one go ... Princess,well done !!!
Arnav's love is true..he'll get his Khushi back...SSR is also repenting...RK is a loving person... Aakash n Lavanya r true frndz...I m dying to see Arhi in front of each other !!!! 
Pls update soon!!

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Barunshell IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 10:04am | IP Logged
------ ~*~ Ishq Hua ~*~ ------
To My Close Friend
sososo sorry for updating very late,
as u all know i'm badly stuck in my house works
& besides that i'm working on Arhi VMs & siggies also,
so plz forgive me for not updating early,
& big thx for waiting so long & still coming to read it,
Love ya all for supporting & appreciating my work
Part 64
VM Special
Recap:  Lav tries to make Khushi understand the importance of love,but Khushi stays
            firm on her promise,and within heart she felt hell bad for loosing her love,there
            Arnav goes back to RM in search of Khushi but instead finding her ,he saw how
            calmly his mom is talking to somebody & didn't caring about their childs
            missing,so he angrily went from there,at night,Khushi suddenly felt hell regret
            on her act,she thought why she's giving pain to Arnav when it's not his fault,
            she thought to get him back in his life again,she tried to call him but his mobile
            went switched off,coz Arnav was sitting at food stall & he was about to eat
            something to get some strength but before that shyam's father came & his
            goons beated Arnav so badly that he couldn't fight back,but very last moment
            Akash came there & helped his bro & took him at hospital,there he got call from
            SSR,whom he told all about her son's conditon,SSR became shocked & rushes
            towards hospital,...and story goes on...
Night Time:  
At City hospital:
(SSR,RK & payal came at hospital,sees Akash sitting tensely,becomes hell worried,
 SSR madly yet nervously rushes towards him while speaks cryingly,"where is my
 son !!??...aha...where is he!!??...aha...Akash!!",
holds his shoulders,he afraidingly
 stands up by seeing her state,there payal tries to calm her by putting hand on her
 shoulder,& here SSR start shaking Akash's shoulder so that he can tell about her
 son,"Akash tell me where is my Arnav !!??...aha",Akash gupls while nervously holds
 her hands & speaks,"just just calm down auntyji,he's in OT,doctor is checking him,
everything will be alright,u just ..calm down",
just SSR hears this,her breath goes more
 heavy as she starts crying loudly while startledly putting hand on her mouth,"ah aha,
 what happened all this??...aha son !!!...oh god!!..aha's all my fault,
 all my fault !!!!...aha..why i let him leave ,why !!???...ahah aha...",
she start splatting
 her head painingly,there payash & RK feels hell bad to see that,RK tries to calm her
 but of no use,then Akash sadly gives sign to payal that make her calm plz,& she nods
 while worriedly goes towards SSR & holds her shoulder,"plz auntyji plz hold urself,
 (sob sob)...doctors are checking ASR na..u don't worry,u just see he'll be fine,but plz
 don't cry like this,or else ur health will go down..(sob sob)...plz auntyji,come sit here",

 she manages to make her sit near side chair from the OT)
(SSR slowly controls on her crying as something came in her mind & she says it to
 Akash,"but Akash where did u find him??...i mean how this happened??...(sob)
 son,how he got so much wounds!!??...aha ab (sob)",
Akash's senses came back as how
 he brought him here,he takes calm breaths & says,"wo auntyji i was passing one of
 the food stalls & i didn't noticed,just when i heared some noice of beating & smashing
 someone,as if some serious fight was going on,i didn't cared before,coz i thought they
 are just goons fighting with each others, but then when i saw whom they are beating
 up,i got shocked, it was our ASR & his face was fully flooded into blood,"
all gives
 distressful looks while falling tears & he says further,"my mind went up side down
 & i rushed towards ASR & saved him from those goons,but one thing i didn't getting they were beating ASR like that??...i mean there must be some reason
 behind that fight,or else why would they even try to beat ASR??"
(just Akash said this,everyone goes confuse yet suspicious about that fight,SSR
 about to say something to him,but before that nurse came out from OT & hurriedly
 says,"listen,patient's blood has been flowed out so much,& we immediately needs
 blood transfusion for him,his blood group is O -ve ,who ever have it ,come with me
 at once...",
all stunned like hell,SSR nervously asks everyone's blood group,"oh my
 blood doesn't match Arnav but hey Akash did ur blood group is O -ve ??",
he nods
 negatively,SSR worriedly asks payal,"hey payal dear,did did ur blood group matches
payal sadly gives sign in no,SSR's heartbeat fastens slowly slowly as
 she hurriedly holds RK's arms,"hey RK...aha...ur blood group will surely match him,
 as u are his dear friend na,and and u always treat him like a father no !!??...he's ur
 dear chotay na,so so ur blood group is definitly be O -ve na..right!!??,hey nurse take
 him with ya,he'll give blood"
,everyone feels hell bad seeing SSR's condition going
 worst for his son,before nurse could take action,RK holds SSR's hand from which
 she was pushing him towards nurse,SSR slowly rolled her eyes towards his hand,
 sees up on his face,he says while falling sorrowful tears,"no madamji,(sob sob)
 blood B +ve, & it doesn't matches our chotay,(sob)..aha i'm sry madamji
 but i can't help my chotay..aha aha..",
just SSR hears this,her breath goes heavy,her
 throat goes dry,she feels as if her heartbeat will just stop with this)
(she left his arms while slowly slowly steping back in startled,thinks no one's blood
 matches with my son's blood??...what will happen now?? son??...oh my...,
 starts crying madly while starts begging to nurse,"plz nurse do something,save my
 son,aha aha...plz save what ever is possible but save my child ..aha aha..plz
 i beg u,aaahhh...plz someone give blood to my son...aha aha..",
she madly starts
 walking here & there & screams to all ppl around her in the hospital,"plz anyone give
 my son some blood,he needs it badly..aha aha...plz save my child,i beg u all...aha aha
 plz anyone ...oh god,help my child plz aha aha.."
,& she cryingly & failingly falls
 down on her knees while her hands are still in plead state)
(their RK & payash feels hell bad to see her state & are also crying sadly,slowly payal
 goes towards SSR & politely holds her shoulders to calm her down,SSR watches up &
 cryingly leans her head towards her,payal slowly bends down & tenderly tries to
 make her stand,their RK sees her actions & he also rushes towards them to help
(both made SSR sit on nearby chair & tries to make her calm but she couldn't control
 on her cryings,just then Akash's mind clinks & he says in surprising tone,"hey wait
 a minute!!",
everyone watches at him,"there is still one person whom we haven't
thought yet,it's Lav...",
everyone takes heavy breaths as feels they got some way to
save Arnav
,suddenly SSR speaks,"then what you are waiting for!!?? her now!!",
Akash quickly nods & calls on her home number,whereas everyone sees him
At Lav's Home:
(phone starts ringing,Lav was already slept with little Nanhe,but Khushi didn't as
 she was worried for her arnavji,just she hears the ring of the phone,she shakes little
 bit as somewhere her heart feels it has news for her arnavji,she gets afraid while
 quickly goes towards living area to pick up the call)
At Living area:
(she came & is scaringly going to pick the phone but before that it stops ringing &
 her breath stucked with it,she slowly & sadly brings her hand back,just then phone
 again starts ringing,now she is quick,as she pick up the call,before she could say
 anything,there Akash nervously speaks)
Akash:hello Lav...!!??...(just Khushi hears this,she hold her breaths as don't wanted
          him to know that she's here
,but she didn't knew what destiny has decided for
          her as he unknowing who's other side of the phone,fearfully told all scenario of
          Arnav)...hey Lav,before u ask anything,just tell me is ur blood group is O -ve ??,
         (Khushi is confused to hear this & he says further)...wo Lav...the thing is that,
          ASR is in OT..
.(just Khushi hear this,her eyes widens in shock,her breath goes
          heavy)...& he's in really bad conditon...he needs urgent blood transplant,...
         (Khushi can't believe what she's hearing,her mouth is stuck opened while tears 
          rolles in her eyes) if ur blood is O -ve then we can save ASR...
(Khushi thinks with heavy breathings as what?? arnavji is in OT??,& his life is
 in danger??...he needs blood...he needs me...
,& her tears runs down with
 it,there Akash didn't get response,so sees his cell to check if it's not cut it off,but
 then he sees as it's still on & there is someone on other end,but didn't knew who is
 that,& there SSR also insisting him to say something,but he can't able to do anything
 just saying hello,& here Khushi's heartbeat goes heavy,but she hardly speaks)
Khushi:i'm coming...(just she said this,there Akash raises his ears as knew it's 
           definitely not Lav's voice but someone else
,& Khushi tensely says)...just just 
           tell arnavji to wait little more,i'm coming...aha...i'm coming!!...Arnavji!!!!!...
          (& she cuts the call & rushes towards the hospital)
At City Hospital:
(Akash was confused to hear her words,somewhere he feels it's Khushi's voice but he's
 not sure on it
so he stays mute but told everyone that she's coming,all takes little
 calm breaths but still didn't knew if her blood will match or not so they are praying
 for his blood match & for his safety)
After a while:
(nurse again came out from OT,& start asking about them if they got some person
 who has that blood group
,everyone shows sign of sorrow,while SSR madly speaks,
 "just wait little more,Lav is coming & she has same blood group ,she will give her
 blood to my son,u just wait,she's coming in no sec",
everyone watches her worriedly
 as thinks who knows if her blood group matches him or not but she's saying as if her
 heart knew that Lav's blood group will surely match him
,& nurse says angrily,"listen
 we don't have that much time,we need blood now!!,..can't u see his condition becoming
 worst then before,where is ur donor!!??"
,SSR madly & nervously watches her while
 her hands are still in plead state,& her tears are continuously falling,"plz nurse do
 something,save my child,..aha...ab.",
something came in her mind & she sadly says it,
"if my daughter Khushi would be here,she surely save my child,but now...ab..aha...",
 she again starts crying while hiding her face under her hands,payal holds her
(& here comes Khushi,hurriedly watches here & there while her breaths are heavy with
 the news,she sees everyone from little far that are standing near the OT while sees
 SSR crying badly,there she hears what nurse is asking for & here she says it little
 loudly,"i've O -ve blood group!!!!",just she says this,everyone raises their ears,
 surprisingly watches back & is stunned to see Khushi standing in front of them,
 everyone's faces turns into little happy one as they feels now she came na,so nothing
 will happen to Arnav & she will surely save him"
(all rushes towards her but SSR not as she still can't believe that Khushi seriously
 came here,coz she thought she might losted her forever but no,from seeing her now
 standing right in front of her,she slowly believes that as when ever Arnav faces any
 problem,she's the one who brought him out from that problem so now also she'll
 again save my son & bring him back to life",
she feels as if her breath again started)
(& there Khushi anxiously rushes towards nurse & cryingly says while joining her
 hands in front of her,"nurse i've O -ve blood,take as much as u wanted...if u want my
 whole blood ,take it...aha...,"
just she said this,all is amused whereas SSR stunned of
 her words,she feels hell ashamed on her that act from which she throwed both her
 children out of her house
,she starts crying while bending her head down,& there
 Khushi says further in crying tone,"i just want my arnavji to be safe,..aha..plz save
 my aranvji,don't let him leave me!!...aha aha...i won't be able to live then!!...aha...
 plz hey devi maiyyah,plz nurse take me in ,i want to see my arnavji now!!...aha aha",

 & nurse took her inside the OT,whereas behind everyone was in tears,seeing &
 hearing Khushi's so much love for Arnav,they now slightly calmed as feels now
 everything will be alright
,so they are sitting on nearby chairs while prayers are still
 going on)
Inside OT:
(Khushi came in & within a sec her eyes catches her arnavji,who is laying on bed with
 oxygen mask is on his face & is breathing heavily,Khushi couldn't control herself as
 nervously rushes towards him,"Arnavji!!!...aha aha...hey devi maiyyah what happen
 all this??...aha aha..Arnavji",
there doctor & other nurses sees her act,feels she's
 disturbing the patient & it might can make his condition go worst,so doctor give sign
 to one nurse to make her calm & lay on the other bed")
(the other bed was just near Arnav's bed,so nurse came & holds Khushi's arm while
 says,"plz u come here,& lay on this bed,look if u do like this then patient's condition
 might go bad,so plz try to understand,he needs ur blood urgently,"
Khushi who was
 crying badly while putting her head on his chest,just hear nurse these words & her
 senses came back,she quickly brings out her face & watches his face,then sees nurse
 who gives sign of hope,Khushi takes rushed breaths while nervously goes near side
 bed but her eyes are not loosing single sight of him,nurse calmly makes her lay on bed,
 & starts readying the syringe & bottle where her blood will save,Khushi still
 watching his restless condition & says while falling tears,"i won't let u happen
 anything..(sob sob)...u promised me to be with me & always standing by my side like
 a shadow of mine,..aha...ab...then how can u leave me now like this...(sob sob)..i won't
 let u go...ur listening na arnavji...arnavji!?!"
,& her blood starts filling into the bottle,
 nurse hear her these words,she politely puts hand on her head,Khushi shakes little bit,
 sees her,she gives loose smile while says,"don't worry he'll be fine...god never aparts
 true lovers..keep ur fate in him,he'll make ur love be alright,ok??...",
just Khushi hears
 this,she feels as if devi maiyyah gave her sign from this nurse that he'll not let
 anything happen to her love,& will make him alright just for her true fate in god & in
 her true love
,she calms her breaths while her eyes are stuck on her arnavji's face)
(there nurse attaches the other blood pipe with arnav's nerve of the arm & her blood
 finally transfers into his body,doctor sees his breath lines,it's slowly coming into it's
 stable condition,
he told that to Khushi also,she feels more calmed & little smile came
 on her face,there doctor told nurse to check both after every minute as he's going out
 to tell everyone about his stable condition
,nurse nods while doctor goes outside the
 OT,& here Khushi watches her Arnavji with so much love filled within her heart,
 thinks if he'll just get up from this bed & bring me into his embrace,she was so
 desperate to hold him as tightly as she could & never leave him then,she feels bad
 of leaving him before & didn't even letting him know about her leave from RM
 feels hell sad & says in full guiltiness,"i'm so sry arnavji...(sob sob)...sry for leaving
 u like that...coz of me,u walk out from RM & roam all over just to find me...(sob sob)
 & stupidly hided myself when u came in Lav's home,if just i could hold ya on
 that time,then this would never happened,(sob sob)...i'm sry...for hurting u...for giving
 u so much pain...(sob)...i'm sry..."
& in that pain she closes her eyes to feel him much
 closer to herself but she didn't knew that coz of her so much exhaustion when did
 she went asleep,there nurse feels calm & told other nurses to let her sleep as she
 already took so much tension of him,so it's good for her health if now she take some
 rest,everyone nods)
(& Arnav's condition slowly came in normal state,both Arhi are gone in deep sleep
 & as both of their desires are so deep to meet each others that in dreams both yet
 again feels each others presence & yet again expresses their love for one another)
After an hour:
(Khushi slowly open her eyes from deep sleep & sees the OT room ,slowly she rolls her
 eyes and soon it stops on her arnavji,who is still laying on the other bed near her,&
 her senses came back as for what reason she came here,within a sec she gets up from
 her bed while calling his name,"Arnavji!!...",there nurse watches her actions,quickly
 rushes towards her to calm her down but Khushi is in no mood as she exhaustively
 takes steps towards Arnav & holds control on herself while putting hands on his bed,
 "Arnavji!?!...are you alright!??...",she tries to wake him up & there nurse tries to
 make her calm,"plz maam ,look we've taken ur blood just now,so ur body is not
 stable & u should take some rest",
but Khushi didn't listen her & is just caring about
(she slowly leans towards his face,her one hand is holding his left cheek while other is
 holding his hand & her tears are falling on his bare chest,"plz Arnavji open ur eyes...
 ab (sob sob)...plz see me once & tell me that ur ok...aha..(sob sob)...Arnavji...",she start
 taking heavy breaths coz of tiredness of her body,there nurse hears her words &
 quickly replies,"look he's fine now...ur blood has been transplanted in him,& his
 condition has came back into it's normal position,...ur Arnavji is fine ok??",
 Khushi hears this,she takes big time relax breaths,sees arnav with amused eyes,
 slowly takes off her hand from his face & bring his hand in her both hands & kisses
 it with so much deep love while thanking her devi maiyyah for saving his life from
 big danger,there nurse told her to go to her bed & take some rest & here Khushi
 slowly standsup while tenderly puts his hand back on the bed)
(she calmly wipes off her tears,just then she hears her name called by someone,
 "Khushi bitiya!!...Khushi!!!!!",she slowly turns her face towards the door,
 & sees SSR who's standing outside the OT & is watching her through window of
 the door,suddenly Khushi's senses came back as she came here only for her arnavji
 but never wanted to hurt auntyji,she feels that from coming here,auntyji might now
 get angry on her
,so in that thought she innocently walks towards the door,there
 SSR thinks she's coming out towards me & just once she come out then i'll quickly
 bring her into my embrace & never leave her again
but sooner or later she sees as
 Khushi came out from the OT & instead coming towards her she slowly takes the
 way towards outside the hospital,SSR & all surprised of her action,SSR thinks before
 she again leaves us ,she has to stop her
,& in that fear she shiverly calls his name
 aloud,"Khushi plz stop !!!",& she stops)

to be continued...
Comment & hit Like
so tat i can know how much ppl r luving
Precap 65:
Night time:
At City hospital,inside patient ward:
All are standing around Arnav's bed,
when Arnav slowly gain conscious,
sees Akash on his left,!?!...
(suddenly SSR speaks while moving her hand on his forehead)
SSR:thank god Arnav,u are fine now,
he sees & says little bit confusely:who are you??...i don't no you,
everyone startled whereas Arnav turn his face on other side,
suddenly someone speaks politely,
"you don't no me either..",
gust of wind starts as he sees that person,
his eyes slowly shines while his face becomes so calmed
~*Next Part will be showing*~ 
(the ray of hope which both Arhi was waiting for,
is now finally came,but there is still one question remains,
is Arnav's memory seriously gone or is he faking??) 
 plz stay supportive,
as i badly want to complete my this FF,thx for all ur appreciations
whoever want me to PM u n buddy u,
then Comment Here !!!
ur's loving,caring n incouraging friend,

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its really nice update
hope now our arshi will be together
plz make them together now
they have already pay too much for their love
now the time is for thier happiness
waiting for more
plz continue it soon

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