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#3 Arhi FF.~*Ishq Hua*~ (Part 46 - Part 64) (Page 105)

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------ ~*~ Ishq Hua ~*~ ------
To My Close Friend
sorry all friends but my house works has been increased so much
i don't take little inch of rest just devoting myself in Sarun creations
as i'm soon going to be bua of a cute Khushi,& bhabi needs me more
so it will take time to upload anything...plz cooperate with me
& give me much time to calmly post Sarun works,
as i'm already under so much pressure so don't want to get more tension,
but i just promise will surly give ya Sarun doses as i get free times,
& thx a ton for still luving me & waiting for my hard works,
i'm doing these only for u all friends,
so stay connected with me as well as Sarun   
Part 62
Recap: At night Khushi came in SSR's room & told her about her leaving from RM,SSR
             felt surprised but stayed mute,Khushi left RM in the shades of night whereas
             SSR & RK just cried on their being hopeless,at morning SSR was having her
             breakfast when Arnav saw her & became happy as thought she has accepted
             his & Khushi's relationship but very soon he found it that this was not the
             reason of her eating but infact Khushi has agreed her decision & left RM forever
             so thus SSR is calmly eating,he becomes furious like hell & shouted on his
             mother like never before,SSR & RK stunned to hear his inner pain,where Arnav
             also left RM for his Khushi but not before taking RK's blessing & there SSR
             couldn't bare this & went unconscious,RK called doctor who told she needs to
             avoid tensions otherwise her health can go more worst,...and story goes on...
Midday Time:
At RM,SSR's Room:
(SSR is in conscious state & is sitting on bed with the help of cushion on her back &
 there RK is settling glass & jug of water on her bedside table,SSR's eyes are fully in
 moist & before she could control it,her tears runs down as she starts crying while
 hiding her face into hands,there RK sees her & quickly speaks)
RK:   madamji plz ...plz don't cry...ur health is not right...& doctor said u've to avoid
        tension in accordance to stay healthy
...(suddenly SSR bursts out her pain in front
        of him)
SSR:aray ramu kaka what health are you talking about??...(sob sob) son has
        left me forever!! how could i think of my i feel god just take 
        me up from this world as i don't want to live anymore..aha aha
...(RK startledly
        puts his hand on his mouth,& there SSR more hurtingly says)...i thought how
        very diligently i had done so much hard work in my whole life...(sob)...made this 
        Raizada Mansion while maintaining a huge business empire that whole society 
        see us under the shade of fully respect & honour but then...aha aha...(sob sob)...
        i'm failed to understand my own son's needs...aha.
..(RK also becomes sad to hear
        this,his eyes slightly goes moist as she says further) truly he said that...(sob)..
        that i never asked him his wishes even his small small likings..aha...aray when i 
        never tendered him like a mother then how could i understand what my son 
        actually wanted!!!...ahaaa...
.(RK feels more sad to hear this,his tears falls as 
        listens her pain)...i never gave him the love which he always greed for...(sob sob)...
        he truly said that...that i don't no how to love her child as i never spend little 
        time with him then how i could feel what a son & mother relation is??...aha ...
        oh gosh i've destroyed my son's life with my own hands...aha aha...what is the 
        benifit of all these luxuries when i don't have my son with me...aha..i'm so bad...
        more more bad...aha aha..
..(RK feels hard to hear her so tries to make her calm)
RK:   no plz madamji don't say that...(sob) are not bad..(sob)...(SSR feels anger on
        her act ,more hurtingly says)
SSR:aray i haven't even understand my Khushi's sacrifices...oh gosh why didn't i 
        stoped her when she was leaving from here!!??..aha...(sob sob) it's hard for 
        a girl who was already so lonely & when she has to loose her only mother,how 
        would it felt...aha...why i can't able to understand that??...aha...& to worst it 
        more , i've told her to leave us also??...oh gosh aha...why i didn't died before 
        saying that!!??...aha aha..
..(RK gets afraid of her health as she's saying all her 
        pain while putting pressure on her head
)...(sob sob)..fine i've gave her new life to 
        live for ..(sob sob)...but then how can i forget her sacrifices...aha...she's the one 
        who turned my irresponsible son into fully responsible one & after that he was
        actually started respecting me...aha ab...she had done everything which i told to 
        her,not only she handled my son's irrelevant behavings but she sincerely took 
        care of my health also...even my UOR works...aha (sob)...& how can i forgot that 
        my son is always like this...he loved to tease everyone...& Khushi ,my innocent
        soul..she never complained of him & always handled his naughtiness by her own 
        ways...& if someone genuinely taking really good care of my son then what else i 
        needed in my DIL??...i also wanted this na that my Arnav's wife has to be that 
        one who can handle his all responsiblities & she was just doing that & if in 
        between all this she fell in his love then it should be happiest thing for me na
        (sob)..then why i became so much angry on her!!!??...aha...& how i rudely thrown 
        her out of this house oh gosh aha (sob)..she just hided her feelings from me so
        that no one should harm & point out on my reputation & i...aha...i didn't understand
        her good deeds & just insulted her in each ways...(sob) can i be that much 
        blind...ab aha...that i couldn't able to see my son's true love for her..aha oh my my
        what i've done??...aha aha..
.(RK can't able to see her state going worst,so again
        tries to calm her while joining his hands in front of her)
RK:   plz madamji i beg u...plz control urself...ur health might go bad then...(sob sob)
SSR:no ramu kaka,this is my punishment!!! that i've pissed off my children's wishes &
        thrown them out of this house only to maintain my crap dignity & honour!!!...
        aha aha...i don't no RK but i need them back now...aha..just once i get the chance
        then i won't let them to go away from me again & i'll ask them to forgive me
        for my foolish deeds & & i'm now accepting their relationship & will make their
        marraige happen with my own hands...(sob sob)...plz RK bring them back once...
        aha aha...plz..
.(she join hands in front of him,he is startled to see that,quickly
        holds her hands & says)
RK:   aray madamji what are you doing??...plz u just calm down...(SSR holds her head
        painingly while RK says further)...i know what ever happened is very very much
        wrong & it should not happened like that...& thats why i prayed to god with so 
        much devotion & now see...the way he opened ur eyes & showed u true love of ur 
..(SSR surprisingly watches him as he says further)...just like that,God 
        will soon make them come back in this house u just relax & plz rest ,
        everything will be fine
...(SSR's mind again start roaming as she speaks anxiously)
SSR:no RK u are not understanding!!!...what i did is a big sin!!...i've tried to destroy my
        own son's life & not even that i throwed away my poor Khushi bitiya also...(sob)
        so i'll not take rest untill i won't find out as where are they
...(RK thinks she's 
        saying right
,whereas SSR more worriedly says)...oh gosh my son went out 
        without having his breakfast...(sob)...hope his health is fine
...(her tears falls as 
        she thinks of Khushi)...& my Khushi bitiya don't no how she manages herself in
        the whole night as she afraid of dark na...aha
...(RK thinks of Khushi,becomes 
        worried also but not so sooner as his mind clinks & he told it to SSR)
RK:   hey madamji why don't u call that man...that what's his name??...ah ya Akash!!...
       (SSR raised her ears,surprisingly watches him)...ya as we both can't go out to 
        search them but he's the only who can help us as he's our chotay's so called little
        brother na...he'll definitely help us..
.(SSR feels as if her breath again started as
        she get some way to bring Arhi back)
(she quickly holds her mobile & called on Akash's number,there he picked up & became
 surprised to hear about Arhi leaving the house,he asures SSR that he'll find them very
& while cutting off the call he hurriedly takes his car keys & goes out in search
 of them,& here SSR just fall tears while sitting & holding her head painfullly whereas
 RK tries to calm her)
Somewhere Outside:
(Arnav is going crazy in search of his sweetbaby but can't able to find her anywhere
 as his mind is spinning with the hot sunshine rays & as he was roaming here & there
 without eating anything so coz of that his whole body energy is loosing it's strength
 slowly slowly but his heart is forcing him to stay active only if he wants to reach to
 his dear sweetbaby sooner,after a while he stoped the car on a roadside as he feels
 his health is going more down coz of so much hottiness & his wet cloths,so he rolled
 his eyes around & sees a small shop of food,his breath is also going heavy as he comes
 out of the car & goes inside the shop,there he buys a bottle of water,& came back
 towards his car)
(while standing near his car,he opened the water bottle & pour it whole onto his head
 so that he can stay active,

 (he didn't drank it coz thought untill he didn't find Khushi ,he won't eat or drink
so he cleans his face with his hands & sits inside the car,his mind was so
 tired in thinking of her missing that he sadly puts his head on the car steering while
 speaks in despair,"where are u Khushi??...why u went away from me,why??
 where i find u??...where can u go?? whom??...",
just then his mind clinks,he says
 while bringing his face up ,"Lav!!??...aray haan...that is the only place where she can
 stay!!, i didn't thought of that before??...she must be there!!",
he feels as if his
 breaths again started,his energy again gained as he quickly rolled the car keys &
 speedily drives towards Lav's house)
Afternoon Time:
At Lav's Home:
(he reaches there & hurriedly goes towards the door & rings the bell as if Khushi will
 open it for him
,but within a minute Lav opened the door & sees him,he gives looks as
 if he saw his Khushi but then calms down when sees Lav,whereas Lav gives surprised
 looks at him while speaks)
Lav:    aray she could say further,Arnav anxiously speaks)
Arnav:ab Lav did Khushi is here!!??...(Lav more surprised of his way of asking,whereas
          he became more afraid as repeats again)...huh Lav??...tell me na,is Khushi 
..(Lav widen her eyes while slowly speaks)
Lav: are you...i mean what happened??...why are you looking so 
..(Arnav hears this & his fear again jumps in as replies in full tension 
          while moving his hand over his face)
Arnav:damn yaar!! where should i find her??....(Lav feels his fear so calmly puts
          her hand on his shoulder)
Lav:    hey Arnav why are you becoming so tensed?? least tell me what happened??
        (Arnav sees her worrisome so frustatingly says)
Arnav:don't no yaar!!...i can't find Khushi anywhere...(Lav gives confused looks)...she
          left RM yesterday night & didn't told me about that ...i told her to give me little
          time but she
...(he tiredly puts his both hands on his waist)...oohhh i don't no 
          where she's gone...& it's all coz of my mom.
..(more frustatingly splits out his 
          anger)...she got to know about our relationship & furiously yelled at her & told
          her to leave the house other wise she won't eat
...(Lav makes faces as feeling bad
          to hear that whereas he says in despair)...& i told her i'll settle everything but
          she didn't listened to me & left me at thats why...i came her in search
          of her...i thought she must be here coz she knows no one except you but she's
          not here either....(he moves his fingers on his eyes as if wipping off his tears,
          whereas Lav afraidingly speaks)
Lav:    Arnav...why don't u go back home??...(Arnav raises his ears in surprise)...who
          knows if she came back home & you might be wasting ur time in  searching her
...(Arnav feels sad as says hesitantly)
Arnav:no she won't go back i know that...(Lav makes confused face)..coz i know
          if she makes any decision then it's harder to break it,...& for me...i won't go back
...(Lav more confusely watches,Arnav moodly says)...coz i had also left the
..(Lav startled to hear this,& he says further)...u tell me Lav,the place
          where we just got insults,suffering,pain & so much abusing,then how can i stay
 i left the house...not just house but i finished my all relation with
          mom also
...(Lav shocked to hear that)...coz if she doesn't consider Khushi as her
          daughter then who am i!!??...she never gave me motherly love nor i ever expected
          from her
...(he makes angry faces whereas Lav tries to convince him)
Lav:    but Arnav you should not do that...she's ur mother!!...(Arnav gives heat looks at
Arnav:after listening what she did with us ,still your saying she is my mother!!??...
         (Lav's senses came back as what she's saying so she diverts her words into this)
Lav:    no i mean to say mom has to be mom na...ofcourse when she got to know about
          ur love for Khushi ,she becomes angry but then it's ur duty na to make her
          understand so that she can accept ur relationship...(Arnav angrily replies)
Arnav:but Lav when Khushi is not with me then how can i even talk to her!!??...she
          doesn't want to think of anything!!...she just knows her damn dignity & fake
          honours & nothing else!!!...she never loved us!!..& if she does,then she might 
          stoped Khushi from leaving RM,but she didn't!!!...why ,coz she only cared about
          her own reputation & respect in society not her children!!!.
..(Lav sees as he
          won't be convinced so she tries to calm him down)
Lav:    ok ok...u just relax...(Arnav takes deep breaths as getting irritated of her words)
          now...what will u do??...(arnav's senses came back as why he came here i.e in
          search of Khushi
,his face became pale again as says)
Arnav:i don't no yaar...i thought she might be here ...but now i seriously don't no
          where is she...& i just hope she's fine
...(Lav sees his pale face,tries to convey her
Lav:    Arnav if u listen to me ...then i recommend u to go back home...(Arnav again
          became irritated,he's about to reply her but this time she didn't allows him as
          speaks)...just just think may be..Khushi might came back home...(arnav gives
          sign in no)...u didn't checked now na,or u did...huh tell me??...(Arnav now start
          thinking of her words)...thats what i'm saying Arnav...just go back once & check
          there,i'm sure she will be back...coz Arnav she has no other place to go ,so she is
          at home ,i know that.
..(arnav takes deep breaths & says)
Arnav:ok Lav...if ur saying then i'll go back home...(Lav is happy,but Arnav shorten
          her happiness as says)...but just to check Khushi,if she won't be there ,then i
          leave from there...(Lav takes calm breaths & nods)
Lav:    ok,just go once then i won't insist you again...(Arnav tighten his teeth in anger as
          unwillingly accepting her wish)
(he's about to leave from there,just then sharp sound came of vase breaking,both
 startledly watches back at the room,suddenly Lav's baby Nanhe's crying voice came
 out from the room,"ooowwweee",Lav gets afraid to hear that,quickly watches Arnav,
 he gives confused looks as she shivery speaks,"oh my baby is crying ,i've to go sry",
 & she hurriedly goes inside the room whereas behind Arnav feels something really
 weird,as there is no wind flowing then how that vase broked,suddenly his mind goes
 towards that moment when he with Khushi was romancing in Kitchen here & they
 heared sound of the vase broke exactly like this one,& on that time it was shyam who
 in hurriness broked it,but now...who can do that??...Nanhe is very small to even reach
 the hight of the table,then who else is here??...,
his mind start roaming in thinking all
(silence is spreaded around him,just when gust of wind starts,he slowly blinks his
 eyes as his heart fasten it's beats,dhak dhak...dhak dhak...,his mouth slowly widens
 as his eyes rolled down towards his heart,he actually hears his heart beats as it was
 pinch silence around him,& the sound of wind bliss is making him feel as if his
 sweetbaby is nearer to him
,his slow bg music Ishq Hua starts as he smoothly inhales
 & exhales his breaths,he gulpes as feels she's somewhere around him,& in that feeling
 he takes one step inside the house,& starts moving his face here & there to get one
 glimpes of his dear sweetbaby)
(he's about to call out her name but just then Lav came out from the room with her
 baby in her arms,his eyes catches her & he's about to ask her in desperation but then
 his senses came back as recalls what Lav said to her a while ago,there Lav startled to
 see him standing inside the house & is still here?? ,& here Arnav becomes shock on
 his thoughts as "how can he feel her like this?? i going mad??...just a while ago
 Lav told me that Khushi is not here then why i felt she will be here??",
there Lav
 sensed his intension,gets little afraid as tries to bring his senses back,"ab Arnav!?!...",
 Arnav slightly shakes & gives surprised looks,she says confusely,"what happened??,
 you are still here,do u need something??...or you...",
Arnav feels awkward of coming in
 without any reason
,he hesitantly replies,"oh.i'm sry..wo i don't need anything,it just",
 & his eyes goes on little Nanhe who's moving his hands & legs in air as if want to
 play with his mom,little smile came on Arnav's face as he walks towards them &
 slowly moves his hand over Nanhe's tiny head to give his sweet love at him,Lav sees
 that & feels happier whereas Arnav in his sadness ask for a leave,Lav silently nods
 & he goes out of the house towards his car)
(behind Lav gives hurted looks as she couldn't able to tell him what she actually
,& there Arnav standing outside near his car while wipping off his sorrowful
 tears,& takes deep breaths as thinks,"no matter what can happen but i...& u...can
 never be apart...will find you soon my sweetbaby")
(and inside,Lav while thinking of Arnav's worrisome,pats her baby's back to make
 him sleep calmly,just then someone steps out of the room,Lav rolled her eyes up to
 see who came & slowly it became visible to her that it's non other Khushi Kumari
who is standing there while her eyes are full of moist,Lav gives sad looks as
 she stayed mute only coz Khushi told her to do that & thats why she can't able to
 tell Arnav that Khushi is living with her,but somewhere Lav feels whatever Khushi
 did with Arnav is not right as she had clearly saw & sensed what Arnav's state was
 & he was going madden in finding her
,& there Khushi just gives distressful looks
 while falls tears)
to be continued...
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so tat i can know how much ppl r luving
Precap 63:
Night time:
outside near food stall:
Arnav is sitting & is about to eat his food,
when someone holds his hand firmly,
he slowly watches up at him,
just then that person gives him a tight punch on his face,
Arnav & his food fell on floor,
all ppl around them runs away in fearsome,
whereas one person stands near him & says,
what u thought?? imprisoning shyam u'll be free of danger Arnav Singh Raizada!!...u'll get punishment,
just as my son got it ,u'll also suffer!!!...",
Arnav shocked to hear that as that person
told all goons to beat him severely untill his breath lasts

~*Next Part will be showing*~ 
(just one little happiness Arnav ever wishes to get it,
 but his fate never did a little kind on his innocent soul,
what will happen when he'll confront his own fate??) 

The big twist which i was talking long time back,is finally coming ahead,
so be ready to see big dhamaka in Arhi's life
 plz stay supportive,
as i badly want to complete my this FF,thx for all ur appreciations
whoever want me to PM u n buddy u,
then Comment Here !!!
ur's loving,caring n incouraging friend,

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hehehe im first and im so happy at it:)

superb update! arnav's mom is regretting everything when its too late. because of her khushi was thrown out of the house and even arnav left the home! cant she see how much they loved each other and they wont be able without one another!

arnav felt khushi's presence as usual and i really thought she should have come in front of arnav and take him out of his misery!

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Awesome update

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awesome updt

luv it

updt soon

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brilliant update
loved it

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very nice update. I just want to see all problems sorted out soon. thanks shelly.

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superb update
thanks for pm

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