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Fate-Mate Thread 6 Chapter 34 (Page 128)

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34


She stood exactly where she was, did not move at all. Not even an inch. And continued staring at him. And the ice-cream. She was dumbfounded. She didn't know why but the first time everything felt weird.


Why did he come there just to give her ice cream? Was that normal? She didn't know. Even though he had always done so many things for her, why was this one the hardest to digest?

Why was he there?

Was he even there? Of course he was there. Right there, in front of her. With ice cream. For her. Randomly. Without even asking.

Did I ask him to bring ice cream? She started thinking. No, I don't think I did. Then why did he bring ice cream for me?

Why is he here? All of sudden? Why would he''

Her deep thoughts broke by his voice'.

ASR: What's wrong?

Khushi: Huh?

ASR: What's wrong?

Khushi: Oh, nothing'..

ASR: Is there a problem?

Khushi: No, why''

ASR: Are you okay?

Khushi: No'.I mean yes, of course I am fine'.why?

ASR: Gloomy, what's wrong?

Khushi: You are here?

He looked at her with those eyes of his. That wasn't a statement. That was a question. She was questioning his arrival. He looked at her with questions, with surprise, with shock. Why did she ask him that? Had he done something wrong? He didn't know. Then he saw her again, and then himself, then the two ice creams, then where he was.

Yes, he was at her place. Why? Why did he bring her ice cream? Then he thought again, because she wanted ice cream. What's the big deal? Maybe she doesn't want it anymore. He spoke'.

ASR: You don't want to eat ice cream anymore?

Khushi: Huh?

He flashed both ice creams in front of her and said'..

ASR: Ice cream. You don't want it anymore? Should I throw it?

He replied faster than he thought'..

Khushi: NOoo

And that was it. She finally moved, towards him, faster, quicker by each step. She stood in front of him and said''..

Khushi: You NEVER throw ice cream!

And she extended her hand to almost take the ice cream from him'.

And touched his fingers''.


And he felt that again''

The wave of currents'..

The sudden charge'..    

The unexpected rush'..


Just by a mere touch from those hands who were too busy snatching ice cream from his hands'.

Both of them.

With a blink of an eye, her touch was gone and his hands were free now''

Not only from the ice cream but also that sensation'..

His mind stopped working until he heard'..

Khushi: Mmm''

And he looked at her, how she was enjoying her ice cream without any worries around her, too lost in her own dessert world.

She looked so delighted.

Just from an ice cream. Or two! He heard again'..

Khushi: Yummm, this is sooo goood. Thank you! I was trying to study but couldn't concentrate and I kept thinking about ice cream and I don't even know if I asked you to bring me ice cream, did I ask you to bring ice cream? I don't remember. Mmm this is so good. Did I ask you to bring ice cream? I am sorry, I didn't know when I asked you to do that''that's so weird''

He didn't interrupt her. He didn't want to. He didn't want to tell her she didn't ask for ice cream. He didn't want to explain why he got ice cream for her, just like that. He just stood there staring at her, just enjoying the eating Gloomy.

He had seen so many different sides of her. The hungry Gloomy. The depressed Gloomy. The happy Gloomy. The singer Gloomy. The dreamy Gloomy. The student Gloomy. The strong Gloomy. The independent Gloomy. The foodie Gloomy. Even the high Gloomy.

He smiled thinking about that night when she was so high. She saw him looking at her like that'..

She stopped eating and said'.

Khushi: What?

ASR: Nothing.

Khushi: Why are you smiling?

ASR: Nothing.

Khushi: What?

ASR: Can we go somewhere else'..

Khushi: Why?

He didn't reply to that. But his eyes did. He looked around. She followed his eyes and saw many other girls gawking at him'..

She smiled and said''

Khushi: I thought you must be so used to it by now'..

ASR: Used to what?

Khushi: ALL the girls ogling you!

Part B Continues''.

Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34


He remained quiet for a bit and said'..

ASR: Not all the girls'..

Khushi: Really?

He looked at her with the same yearning in his eyes and said'..

ASR: Yes, not all'..

She took another bite of her ice cream, closed her eyes while relishing that bite with pure pleasure and said'..

Khushi: Who doesn't look at you?

He heard her question and saw her closed eyes and smiled at the irony and said'.

ASR: Do you want to go to your room and finish your ice cream?

Khushi: And you?

ASR: I''will come with you''.I guess!

Khushi: No!

ASR: Oh'..sorry'..I'..thought'..

Khushi: Oh, you are not allowed to. It's a girl's hostel, you can't come in. That's why!

ASR: Let's go out then.

Khushi: Out?

ASR: Yes!

Khushi: At this time?

ASR: Yes!

Khushi: Where?

ASR: Anywhere you like!

Khushi: Hmmm'..that's a very generous offer''..anywhere could be anywhere' know that right?

ASR: I know. Where?

Khushi: Paris?

He just looked at her and smiled. She was laughing now while continuing eating her ice cream. He simply asked her''.

ASR: You want to go to Paris?

She looked up to see his sincere eyes, her eyes widened and she replied'..

Khushi: Huh?

ASR: Paris? You want to go to Paris?

Khushi: I said Paris, not the Dhaaba around the corner.

ASR: I know what you said. Paris. Do you want to go there?

Khushi: If I say yes, you will take me there?

Before he could answer to that, she had finished eating one of her ice cream and she held his hand and pulled him outside the door'..

Khushi: Let's go'..

ASR: Where?

Khushi: Paris!

ASR: What?

Khushi: Let's go'..

She continued pulling him until they got to his car. She leaned her back on his car and said'..

Khushi: This is my Paris, right here, the ice cream, the church light and your company.


He saw her face and noticed her satisfaction, how she found happiness in all the little things around her. What she had, he could never have that kind of satisfaction in his life.

It was the first time he saw her and realized how she had everything without having anything.

And he had everything, yet nothing.


She noticed him being quiet again.

She spoke'..

Khushi: What happened?

ASR: Nothing.

Khushi: That's all you are planning on saying tonight?

ASR: No.

Khushi: Oh, now you will say no, not nothing?

ASR: You seem quite happy today?

Khushi: I am. I am so excited.

ASR: For?

Khushi: For my meeting with Manny tomorrow. Can you believe he actually called me? ME. Out of everyone, he called me. I am so happy'..I wonder what happened after I left. Why did he call me all of sudden? Whatever it is'..I am so happy!

ASR: That's good.

Khushi: And now this ice cream. A perfect end to a perfect day! Are you going to say something? I feel like I am talking so much. If I do all the talking, who is going to finish this ice cream? You talk now and let me enjoy my ice cream.

ASR: You can finish your ice cream. Don't talk!

Khushi: I wish you could taste these right now, it's so yummmy!


He looked at her''

Her face''.

Her twinkling eyes''..

Her half eaten ice cream''..

Her lips''.


Glossed with vanilla''.


He said''

ASR: I am sure

oh he was talking abt her lips Embarrassed

Part C Continues

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how dreamy

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34


She asked'..

Khushi: Do you want to taste it?


He arched his eyebrows, involuntarily''..

In shock, in surprise, in embarrassment'''.


He couldn't get himself to say anything'''.

He looked away''..


He didn't want to say 'yes'

That wouldn't be possible'..


He couldn't say 'no'

That would be lying''..


He was too busy distracting himself from her casual talks when he heard her again'..


Khushi: I think I can officially change your name now''

ASR: What?

Khushi: Your name?

ASR: What about my name?

Khushi: When I met you, you felt like Tsunami''.but''

ASR: But?

Khushi: But now''.you''.


Khushi: You don't feel like a Tsunami anymore''

ASR: Really? Well, that's good news!

Khushi: No it's not!

ASR: Oh, why?

Khushi: You didn't like that name? I thought you did''it was perfect for you''.

ASR: Why so?

Khushi: Silent yet hazardous!

ASR: Hmmm'..why hazardous?

Khushi: I don't know''but you don't fit the name anymore'..

ASR: How come?

Khushi: You are clearly not hazardous''.

ASR: Okaaayyy ' so what are you going to call me now?

Khushi: Genie!


Khushi: Yes.

ASR: No.

Khushi: What do you mean no?

ASR: I mean NO.

Khushi: Why?


He rolled his eyes and said''

ASR: You are NOT calling me Genie or lamp or anything like that. Tsunami was fine'.at least better than Genie!

Khushi: Nope! It's Genie now.


He remained quiet for few seconds and said'.


ASR: If I remember correctly, I thought I had a choice to reject any name I didn't like?


She walked to him, lessening her distance, increasing his heart beat''.

She looked him in the eye and said'.


Khushi: And as far as I remember I thought my wish was your command?


Time stood still''

So did they''..


Few inches apart''.

Few heart beats apart'''


So close yet so far'''.

He saw her eyes'..

Questioning him for his own words''

Demanding answers for his very own statement''.


It was that normal day when she had refused to use his name, it was that random day when she had given him a new name, and he couldn't even refuse her then''


How was he going to refuse her now?


He didn't say no to her that day in the car'.

How was he going to say no to her today''.


He didn't know why he didn't say no to her that day''.

Did he know now why he didn't want to say no today?


It was her, asking for something''


He had done things for her without even her asking'''

How was he going to refuse her when she actually asked for something''


It wasn't about the name.

His old name.

His real name.

His given name.

His new given name.


It was about the person who decided to give him those names''.



He continued staring at her and said'..

ASR: Okay'.


A smile spread on her lips, a big one''.

He saw her lips again''.

Still glistening with sweetness''..


Part D Continues'..



Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34


Khushi: Thank you.

ASR: I don't know'..

Khushi: You don't have to know''.I know''that's good enough for both of us'..

ASR: I hope so''

Khushi: I know so''


Khushi: Thanks for the ice cream!

ASR: You look good when you are happy.

Khushi: I look good when I am happy because you are around. You should always stay with me''


She stopped talking. She corrected herself''

Khushi: I mean''I just meant''.

ASR: I will!


That's all he said. He didn't want her explanation following that statement. He didn't want any change of statement. She asked him to stay with her and he just wanted to let her know his answer'..


She remained quiet after that'.

He asked''

ASR: Are you done studying?

Khushi: No. I couldn't study'..

ASR: Why?

Khushi: I told you already, I was so happy that Manny called me for the fashion show''.and then I started thinking about that''.and then I started thinking about ice cream''.I just couldn't focus. Now that I already had ice cream, maybe I can focus now'..

ASR: Do you want to go back to studying?

Khushi: I should'..


She unbraided her hair and let it loose'''.

Still not moving away from the car''.

Not planning on walking away''

Not planning on going back''..


He didn't ask her again. He leaned on his car as well. Right next to her, beside her, her body''.


They both just stood there admiring the night, some lights, the noise, the moon, the perfect cool breeze'..


She said'.

Khushi: I like full moon. It's so pleasant to look at it' you like it?

ASR: I have never noticed it''

Khushi: Really?

ASR: Yes.

Khushi: That's surprising. You have never noticed the moon?

ASR: No. What's the big deal?

Khushi: Nothing.


She balanced herself away from the car and looked up the sky. She spoke while still admiring the open sky'..

Khushi: It feels like forever ago when I used to just sit and admire the moon for many countless hours''..

ASR: What do you mean?

She turned to see him''.

Her eyes had changed''.

The glint was gone''

She went back to looking at the sky and said''

Khushi: I don't want to talk about it''


He didn't ask anything further. She remained quiet as well. It lasted little longer than he thought''

He finally walked little closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder and said'

ASR: Gloomy?

She turned around''.

With her eyes filled'..

With some pain''..

And some clear liquid'.

And it spilled''

Just one drop from each eye''.


She quickly wiped it and murmured'..

Khushi: Sorry!


He held her from her both her shoulders and asked''

ASR: What's wrong?

Khushi: I didn't even realize it had been this long since I have had time to watch the moon like this''.or do anything''..I was always so busy working'..too many shifts'..managing the schedule between work and college''..the night shifts'..sometimes I wonder if you hadn't come to my life''.I would still be working there''.I don't know why sometimes I think there is a reason you came to life''to make it better''.if it wasn't for you''that incident''.I would still have that crappy schedule''.and not have time for anything else''I wouldn't have called out that day''that crazy night wouldn't have happened''.and I wouldn't have been fired'..and I would have never applied for this job'.even though it's a crazy place''I like the schedule''I don't know about the crazy staff and Mr. India'..but I can't complain about a job where I can choose my own hours''.it has been forever since I was given a choice''.by anyone''or by life''..

Part E Continues'..

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34


Another tear rolled out of her eye'''

Hurting him more than her''..

She quickly wiped it and said'.

Khushi: I am sorry'..I know everything might sound so stupid to you but all that I have been through in life''..I''I am just so grateful that I have you in my life'..I have never had a friend like you''.thank you for coming to my life''thank you!


Saying that, she hugged him''

Leaving him in utter surprise'..

Utter confusion'..

Utter shock'..


It wasn't the first time she had hugged him while crying''

But it was the first time she had hugged him thanking him for coming into her life'..


This was different'..

This was special''

This was new'..

This was good''

This felt nice''..


Before he could even hug her properly, she broke the hug and moved back. She wiped her face properly and said'..

Khushi: I am sorry, I didn't know how I got so emotional all of sudden''s all your fault!

ASR: What? I thought I was your anti-depressant?

She smacked his chest, smiled and said'..

Khushi: Shut up. You are!

ASR: What? An anti-depressant or the reason for depression?

Khushi: The reason for my smile.


She said'.

Khushi: It's very late, I should go back and finish studying. Thank you for the ice cream.

ASR: Make sure you tell them exactly what you told me about the concept, okay?

Khushi: Don't tell me what to do''you are not my boss!

And she smiled saying that''

ASR: No jokes right now, you have to tell them the way you told me. Okay?

Khushi: Okay, I will. I am little nervous now but I should be fine'.

ASR: You will be fine. Good night!


He turned around to leave when he heard'..

Khushi: Bye ASR!


He stopped walking. Almost froze. He didn't know if he heard it right or not. He couldn't move forward, or backwards. He didn't even turn around. He just stood there like a statue. After few minutes of comprehending what she just said, he finally turned around and saw her, standing there, smiling'.

He spoke'.

ASR: What did you just say?

Khushi: Bye!

ASR: After that?

Khushi: ASR''.


He arched his eyebrows and said'

ASR: Why?

Khushi: Because that's your name.

ASR: But I thought you didn't like that name?

Khushi: It doesn't matter anymore''

ASR: Why?

Khushi: What matters is that you don't like any of the names I gave you and you still let me use it''..I don't want to use those names anymore''.it's not fair. I am fine with ASR.

He looked at her and asked with serious concern'.

ASR: What's wrong?

Khushi: Nothing.


He held her hands and closed her palms, making two fists, he stood in front of her and said'.

ASR: Pick one.

Khushi: What?

ASR: Pick one.

Khushi: Why?

ASR:  I will tell you, pick one first.

Khushi: Okaaayyy


She looked at the right fist and said'.

Khushi: This.


Khushi: What happened?

ASR: That was the Genie one.

She just looked at him and saw his irritated face and started laughing'..

Out loud''

Feeling sorry for him''

She finally controlled her laugh and said'.

Khushi: You didn't have to do it''

ASR: Let's just say you are one lucky person''

Khushi: I know I am. I am the luckiest.

Part F Continues'..

Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34


ASR: I see that.

Khushi: Or, you could have just lied.

ASR: Lied?

Khushi: Yes, not tell me which hand was for which name.

ASR: And you would have been fine with it?

Khushi: Of course. If I don't know, then I just don't know. Right?

ASR: I guess''

Khushi: You should have just lied, I would have never known''

ASR: I don't want to lie''.I mean I don't prefer lying to''even if I did lie' was''I''..

He tried telling her but he couldn't. He didn't know why. He wanted to tell her everything before she found out from anyone else but somehow he couldn't get himself to utter those words.

Khushi: Why are you stammering like me?

ASR: Nothing.


Khushi: Good night. And thanks for the ice cream.

ASR: By the way, you still have enough As left to last until tomorrow. Good night!




She walked in the office, happy, excited, nervous and restless. She walked straight to Manny's office but the door was closed. She knocked on the door but there was no answer. She knocked again but still no answer. She was about to knock again when she heard "Manny sir is not in his office, there was some problem with the new model, he is with her right now."

She smiled and said "thank you" and walked back to her desk. She was patiently waiting for him to come back to the office so she could tell him about her ideas but it had already been more than half hour and there still wasn't any sign of him.


She was sitting quietly in her class when she heard'..

ASR: How did the meeting go?

She didn't say anything. She looked up to see his face then went back down to looking at her book. He asked again'.

ASR: Everything okay?

Khushi: Uggghh I am so mad.

ASR: Why?

Khushi: He is the one who told me to come to the office first thing in the morning and he himself was busy with some stupid model all morning. Why did he tell me to come to work when he is not available himself?

ASR: There must be some serious problem. Maybe that's why!

Khushi: Why are you taking his side?

ASR: I am not taking his side'..

Khushi: Good. You should always take my side. Shhh!

ASR: What?

Khushi: Shhh. The professor is here'.


She whispered something, he didn't get it. He asked'..

ASR: What?

She rolled her eyes, pulled his note book towards herself and started writing something on it'.

And she passed the notebook back to him. He looked at it and read it.

The whole staff is becoming like their boss day by day.


ASR: What?

Khushi: Shhh'..

She pointed at the notebook and gestured him to write. He wrote his answer'


Where did your boss come in all this?

He got his answer'.

He is a no show. Manny is a no show. Everyone is a no show. Ugghh!  I am just so mad right now.

He read it and then turned to see her face, which was clearly not happy. He was about to open his mouth to say something when she pointed at the notebook again'.


Part G Continues''

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34



So you haven't told Manny anything yet?

Did I not just tell you few minutes ago? He didn't SHOW UP! He was busy. On top of that I had to deal with all those bimbos there.

What happened now?

You know how Manny called me Jassi my first day?

Yes I guess

That's not important. So one of the girls' came to me and said "why don't you get a makeover before our boss sees you like that Jassi?" That made me so angry, so angry that I told her something stupid'..


I don't want to tell you, it was something really stupid'..I just hope he never finds out I said something like that''


She spoke out of frustration'..

Khushi: Mr. India, who else? What is wrong with you?

And then everyone looked at her''.

She quietly looked down, realizing she had interrupted the class'.

He whispered'..

ASR: Calm down!

She whispered''

Khushi: Sorry'..I am just so angry''

He wrote something on the notebook and slid it to her'..

Smile :)

She read it and smiled''

She took the notebook and starting writing again'..

Sorry about that. I am just so frustrated right now. First Manny, then that girl, and now you!

She slid the notebook back in frustration.

He wrote'

Sorry. What happened at work?

You won't tell anyone? Don't tell anyone. Okay?


You know how she told me that I should get a makeover before their hot boss sees me?


She started writing'..

She was still writing''

And still writing''

He turned to see her''

She was writing ' not stop''with concentration'...

He raised his eyebrows in surprise''

She was still writing'..

After the longest time, she slid the notebook back and the pen'.

She made me so mad that I told her that no matter how badly Jassi needed a makeover, Armaan fell in love with HER, for who she was, without changing her, not any other hot women in his fashion house. I know it's so stupid but she irritated me so much. SO MUCH that I had to say that. Please don't tell anyone this.  If Mr. India ever finds out I said something like this he will think I am so stupid. I hope you don't think I am stupid, I am not. I was just so irritated with everything this morning, with Manny and that girl that I said something that stupid. I can't believe I actually said something like that. I just hope she never tells anyone, especially him. What would he think of me? He will think I am like those desperate girls. I am so mad at myself and Manny.  SO MAD.

 She must have said that the boss wll fall in love with her too

He read her note. All of it. He read it again. Which part of the note caught his eyes, he didn't know. Which part of the note confused him, he didn't know. Which part made him speechless, he didn't know. Which part he liked, he didn't know. Which part was so true, he didn't know. Which part wasn't, he didn't know that either.


He didn't write anything. He just continued staring at that note'..


The class ended'.

She quietly turned her head to see him, his reaction. He wasn't looking at her, she was confused, she asked''

Khushi: You think I am stupid?

He replied'.

ASR: Who is Armaan?

Khushi: Huh?

ASR: Who is Armaan?

Khushi: What are you talking about?

He pointed at Armaan in her note and asked''

ASR: This? Who is this?

Khushi: Armaan!

ASR: I can read that. Who is that?

Khushi: Jassi's boss!

ASR: Who?

Khushi: Why are you talking about him?

ASR: Why are you talking about him?

Khushi: What are you talking about?

ASR: Forget it!

Khushi: Okay''.forget it, anyway, it's a bad day. I am already so irritated.

ASR: Are you going back to work?

Khushi: Why? What's the point now?

ASR: You should go to work and tell Manny about your concept.

Khushi: No.

ASR: Yes.

Khushi: I don't want to. He probably doesn't want to listen to anything'

ASR: I am sure he does, just go back to work, I am sure he will listen to you'

Khushi: How do you know?

ASR: I know because''.you are the luckiest ' right?

Khushi: I thought I was'..but then'..

ASR: But nothing, I will drop you off, let's go'..

Saying that he pulled her out of that class and walked towards the car'

He opened the door for her and said'.

ASR: Sit.

Khushi: Are you sure? I don't think I should go'..if he wanted to talk to me'.he should have done it in the morning'..I don't know''

ASR: Sit.

She gave up and sat in. He closed the door and stayed there doing something on the phone. She waited for him to come to his seat and drive but he was still standing there, talking to someone on the phone. She finally knocked on the window and he gestured her to wait for a bit'..

After another few minutes, he got in and said'..

ASR: Sorry, I just had to make a call'.

Khushi: That's fine, it's not like I am doing anything'.


He stopped the car and said'

ASR: Good luck!

Khushi: Are you sure?

ASR: Yes. Go.

Khushi: Alright, I will let you know how it goes'.thanks!

ASR: Bye!

Part H Continues''


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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34



Manny: Alright then, I will hold another meeting tomorrow morning with the rest of the staff for this announcement. Any questions?

Khushi: Your boss liked the idea too?

Manny: He is your boss too and yes he liked your idea, very much actually. He usually never takes this much interest in any other projects but he was really willing to hear me out for this one. Since it was his idea to let you take such a big responsibility, I wasn't agreeing to it but he thinks if we carry it out like your imagination, it should be great. So basically, we will be working as a team from now on. Welcome aboard Khushi.

She smiled and said'.

Khushi: Thank you sir.

Manny: It's Manny. Not everyone gets that privilege. But anything for a brilliant girl with the most creative concept I have ever heard in my life and believe me I have attended enough fashion shows. So Manny it is for you.

Khushi: Thank you Manny. It will be an honor to work with you. I have seen your designs in the catalogues. I never thought I will actually work with you one day. You are really good.

Manny: I am not good. I am the best. It's not easy to impress me but you definitely stand out, be it your clothes or your unique ideas. I will inform everyone about this tomorrow in the morning meeting. Be here at nine am. Okay? I will also call OUR boss and inform him to attend the meeting.

Khushi: He will be attending the meeting too?

Manny: Have you met him before?

Khushi: No'.

Manny: Well, you are in for treat Khushi''he already likes you'.

Khushi: Likes me?

Manny: I mean your concept. Be on time tomorrow.

Khushi: Sure sir'.I mean Manny!

Manny: Have a good evening Khushi. Bye!


She couldn't stop smiling. She wanted to scream out of happiness, she wanted to tell everyone, she wanted to tell him. She wanted to talk to him. She wanted to see him. This was all because of him. And Mr. India. She couldn't believe they liked her idea so much. So much? She would be working with Manny.

She took the phone out to call him but before she could do that, her phone rang'.

Khushi: Hello? Hi Priya, oh you are outside? Yes I am coming'..

She walked outside and sat inside Priya's car.



He opened the door and walked in''

He was too busy doing something on his phone when he heard the most unexpected voice''

The most melodious voice''

The most harmonious voice''.

The most pleasant voice''


Where have you been? I have been waiting for you for so long'..

He looked up to see where the voice was coming from'.


And saw her''..

She was actually there''

So late at night''..

What was she doing there'''..

She didn't even call him''..

At least not right now''..


Part J Continues''

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Fate-Mate 34



Was this a dream?


What a pleasant surprise''

Was she in my room? He didn't know''.

She must have been''..

That's why she was standing of top of the stairs''

And waiting''..


Looking as pretty as ever''.

She wasn't wearing what she had worn this morning''.

Had he seen her in pink before? He didn't know''.

She looked angelic''

Just perfect'''.


She started rushing down'''

Walking down''.

Or running''..

Down the stairs'''.

Towards him'''


He heard her again''

Do you know for how long I have been waiting? Where have you been?


Another few flights and she was almost down the stairs''.

He stood still''.

Too shocked to react''.

Too surprised to respond''..


Her hair was open''.

Her face looked delightful'..

She was smiling''.

She looked radiant''..

Just like an angel''.

Dressed in pink''.

Walking towards him'''


She got to him''.

Or just ran to him''.

And embraced him''

Without any warning''..

Or any explanation''..


It was her''

So close to him''.

Embracing him''.



Why? He didn't know. He didn't want to know.

He couldn't hold himself''.

He quickly snaked his arms around her waist''..

Embracing her back''


Without even knowing the reason for this sudden hug'..

Without even knowing the reason for this pleasant surprise''

Without even knowing the reason for this unexpected shock''

Without even knowing the reason for this''




Her being there''.

Her running to him''

Her embracing him'''.


He felt her body so close to him''.

In a different way'''

He wanted to hold her like that''.

For now''




He could hear her heart beat'..

He could feel her breath''


He could feel her arms around his neck''.

He could sense the closeness between them''.

They were both quiet''.

Just enjoying that moment''.

For their own reasons''..


Until he heard...

Khushi: I love Mr. India!


To be continued''


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this full part loved loved it

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Awesome... thq fr d very looong update... n cnt wait fr gloomy to meet mr india

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