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Fate-Mate Thread 6 Chapter 34 (Page 114)

ananya123 Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 11:18am | IP Logged

Ode jehi main te
O mere varga
Hasda hai sajra
Savere varga
Akh band kar le
Te thande hanere varga


Karma Cham!

I am at a loss for words right now...
Why haven't you won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction already?
You create MAGIC through your writing. Every. Single. Time.
Your writing is scintillating; it flows effortlessly yet with such clarity of detail that it infuses the scene with warmth. Your writing has an underlying depth yet it never loses that refreshing feel thanks to your young-at-heart personality and unique writing style!
Your writing is POWERFUL. No matter what I'm feeling before I start reading Fate-Mate (yes, you read that right, I'm being very specific about the story here), by the time I'm done reading it, all I'm left with is a huge smile on my face with a feeling of being in awe of you as an author and your ability to leave the reader LONGING for the narrative to continue beyond where you left it...
Like I've told you a million times before, your writing conveys so much about the person you are, trust me, it really does. The only reason you could write something so beautiful like "This is my Paris, right here, the ice cream, the church light and your company" is because you realize the fact that the best things in life aren't things. It clearly shows that you're a person who finds happiness in the small stuff.
You know, all the things that ASR does - by going out of his way to just see that smile on Khushi's face, just to be able to be with her a little longer - has made me fall in love with this character... and after reading this chapter I feel all the more grateful for having a guy in my life who would do all this for me.
In addition to seeing someone I know in ASR's character, I can actually relate to the way ASR behaves in the story... "What? An anti-depressant or the reason for depression?" LOL! [I remember being the cause for someone's stress and also their stress buster in the past!]
If you as an author can characterize a person in the story so well that a reader falls in love with him and actually sits down and thinks about him, you certainly deserve recognition!
I know things have changed - I might not have an emotional connection with you like some of your other readers and I might not be worthy of a note at the beginning of an update - but I promise you girgit, I will make sure that you get published one day. Not that you'll need me for it, given your writing abilities, you'll have publishers at your feet. But I'd still like to tell you that I would make sure that you get published for which I've started the process already. This isn't a promise I can't keep. You have my word on this. The world needs to be aware of the talent that exists here. You are born to shine and I will make sure that you do!

You know, I've read so many stories on this forum and yet, your stories are the ONLY ones where I actually want to be the first one to comment. I really ENJOY and LOOK FORWARD TO reading your work and then commenting on it... but every time I'm writing a comment, I feel that it isn't enough, that it does not do any justice to your work. Anyhow, I still try!

I remember having told you that it isn't HOW you write but WHAT you write that makes your work stand out, but today I've realized how wrong I was. When it comes to your writing, these two words aren't distinct from one another. I'll tell you why:
There are so many writers on this forum who have had their CONCEPTS stolen, my heart goes out to them but I would like to point out that try as someone may, they cannot steal your concepts because there isn't a concept per se that you're sticking to, your work is unique & unpredictable, the concept & story are unfolded together in each update. I know I'm not making sense here. Can you please read my mind and understand what I'm trying to say? I wish I could write the way you do so that I could actually EXPLAIN what I want to say. However, like I've told you before, English isn't my first language and as a result, I am unable to express myself cogently and coherently right now.

"Khushi: And as far as I remember I thought my wish was your command?" I don't about them, but your wish is definitely my command. I know you want me to unres my comment on IASW300R and trust me, I WILL, as soon as I can... and I hope you know that you can count on me like 1 2 3.

 "I am sorry'..I know everything might sound so stupid to you but all that I have been through in life''..I''I am just so grateful that I have you in my life'..I have never had a friend like you''.thank you for coming to my life''thank you!"
Hmmm... This line is SO deep, I could just connect with it instantly - there's so much that I want to say about this but I just can't get myself to write anything.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. It's how you handle the downs that measures the longevity of the relationship. I know its stupid to expect perfection from someone yet I always do it. LOL! I love you girgit - and I want you to always keep smiling. Why? Coz Hasdi hai sajra Savere varga Akh band kar le Te thande hanere varga...

I'm so glad that this thread got re-opened. Whoever said "the MODs might as well close this forum if they close Karmachameleon's thread" was SO right! This is for that person!

No one's perfect and I'm certainly not an exception to this rule, although I'm not denying that you could be one. So I would like to apologize for my previous unres (for its lack rather). I hope this one made up for it!


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rocking meenu IF-Rockerz
rocking meenu
rocking meenu

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged

16 reserved posts...


I wish it wasn't SRK in this movie...
Koi bhi aur
The first name that strikes to my mind was...SALMAN KHAN...and bingooo...
He is your first love...

Gaane wala song……hahahahahhahaha 
Aapne dekha hai yeh song………director ke bachche pehnegey same kapde…….LOLZZZ

Yesss you are tooo suljhi hui……KOI SHAQ!!!!!!!!!
jab aap kuch samjhte ho naaa to bahut achche se samjh aa jata hai………
No confusion only great combination………ewww does it make any sense……..chalo ab samjh to gaye hogey hi naaa ki kya kehna chati hun………

And you're WELCOME…will post IASW300R word's on its thread……

"Maybe one day I can write a script and work together"...
inshaALLAH soon...yeh din jald hi ayega...yeh meri dua hai...

"One day when I get published, I will not forget to thank you"...
you forget to thank him or not…..but please don't forget to give me a FREE autographed copy……:p

Neend churai meri kisne ooo sanam...
Tuuu neee...tuuu neee...
It's true after reading this chapter at 12:30 AM...all my neend, chaiyen,  sukoon...sab chala gayaaa "awww" karne mein……lol...

ufff I feel it's just that I keep on repeating myself again and again but seriously mahnnn oops girl…………you're AWESOME...

You're a Phenomenal...Prolific...Incomparable...Expressive writer who is a class apart...every time I feel that you have outdone yourself...tell me how???????? How can you be able to give a top notch kind of chapter every time………. STUMPED!!!!!!!

I don't know but kuch to hai……yaaarrr...

Aap magician ho…...Shakespeare ka punar janam(rebirth) ho…..kya ho yaar aap………aaahhh ab samjh aaya kahin aap mind and soul read karne wale to nahi ho… face reader and all……agar nahi ho to……..dil ki baat itne achche se kaise describe kar lete ho aap????????? 


A TO J...really...itna to main exams mein bhi nahi likhti thi jitna aap ek update mein likh dete ho...lolzzz

I can imagine that scene when he gets that sudden rush...a current through his body...
Her icecream hmmm reminds me of how she was moaning while eating the golgappas the other day…..

He smiled thinking about that night when she was so high...ME TOOO...
Yaaa he should be used to it...of drooling girls...just love it when he said that not all girls...He was talking about her...
Who doesn't look at you? He heard her question and saw her closed eyes and smiled at the irony...hehehehhehehehe

PARIS……would he take her there for "Paris fashion show"...

She had everything without having anything……And he had everything, yet nothing...
too's just your perspective that draws your life...

Her lips...Pink...Glossed with's F-M...shit yaar...IASW300R hota to kiss milta in lines ke baad...Embarrassed

She thinks he is Silent yet hazardous that's why she named him TSUNAMI...

Genie hahahahahahhaaa just imagine ASR as genie...

Both of them have a really good memory...

If I remember correctly, I thought I had a choice to reject any name I didn't like?...
And as far as I remember I thought my wish was your command?...
He saw her lips again...yeh phir lips pe aa gaya...kiss nahi karna hai mat dekho...ya woh us din wala kiss yaad raha hai...batao????

I look good when I am happy because you are around. You should always stay with me……he says I will…and lehhh idhar main faint...*THUD*...

She has faced so many hardships in life...I am just so grateful that I have you in my life...

Saying that, she hugged him...Leaving him in utter surprise...and here I'm jumping in joy...

You're the reason for my this line...Clap

BYE ASR leaves makes me stunned...

He held her hands and closed her palms, making two fists, he stood in front of her and said pick one...that's why elder people say that choose your company carefully…….because you started to behave like your friends or with whom you spend most of your time...see Tsunami is acting like Khushi now...hehehehehehehhe LOL

Their talk or written chat in class brings old memories of how I talk to my friends in class when teacher was there...

The whole staff is becoming like their boss day by day...He is a no show...jis din samne ayega naaa us din BAND bajega...kiska yeh pata nahi...

Smile :) he didn't like to see her being gloomy...

"She made me so mad that I told her that no matter how badly Jassi needed a makeover, Armaan fell in love with HER, for who she was, without changing her, not any other hot women in his fashion house"  CHIPPAK GAYIIIkind of line...
(hmmm promoting another show of another channel...R U JASSI fan????????)

Ohhh yaar I just love this ASR...always confused about what KHUSHI says……Armaan yeh kaun hai???? Lol...

Liked how he managed to send her office again...

In part H I liked how she was so much annoyed that he didn't pick up his phone...without looking at number she blasted him "Where have you been? I called you so many times, why don't you answer your phone when I am so stressed? Huh?" but it turns out to be priya...

He is such a great friend...employing her her credit...

When I read the line "Where have you been? I have been waiting for you for so long"……I feel it's like something similar to how a wife shouts at her husband when he comes home late...LOL...

She was in his home waiting for him...awww their hug...2 hugs in one update…….DEAD!!!!!!!

I love Mr. India!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In short I LOVE YOU...
in last update I said this thing...karte hain hum pyaar mr.INDIA se...and you fulfilled my wish...Dancing

P.S. Ananya Clap

I think I didn't tell you this thing that it's because of appy only ki maine F-M padha…… so thank you APPY... 

KC aap hi ho jo kissi illiterate ko writer bana sakte ho...sach mein...

its my longest comment on any FF...

Some lines for you……
Deewane hai apke, is baat se inkaar nahi...
Kaise kahein ki hume aapse pyaar hai...
Kuch to kasoor hai apki adaon ka...
Akele hum hi gunehgar nahi...

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cymateli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Barun you will be missed bohat ziaada! CryCryCryCryCry 

  Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, They simply mean I will miss you, Until you meet us again on tv or films! 

No one could have portrayed ASR better than you I am sure of this! Bas always keep rocking! We love u A LOT! 

I have only had 3 men in my life…..


1st – Salman Khan – My first and last celebrity love….

2nd – My Hubby – My TRUE love…..

3rd – Arnav Singh Raizada – My inspiration….

Lucky men I must say! 

THANKYOU ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA, BARUN SOBTI FOR BEING THE FACE OF THIS FICTIONAL CHARACTER AND THANKYOU TO ALL WHO ARE A PART OF IPPKND FAMILY! It is because of you people that we have found one of the finest writers in the world! KC Di you rock!! Hug

Not only you kc di but we will always remember you Mr. Barun Sobti and ASR (Best fictional character!)


Aah I dont want you to tell us or rather clarify anything abt the pace of the story! I love the way it is going and I want you to continue it like this only.. I am in no hurry! I dont want it to end anytime soon! This ff can not be written in a better way than how it is being written now.. IT IS PERFECT! 

Now coming to the maha update as always... will try to give a maha comment..I just hope it fits in this one post Ouch anways let me start pehle tou:


He got the ice no ice creams..two ice creams..just the way his princess likes.. well ofcourse he had to.. gloomy had wanted for it..tou kya if she had not asked him to bring it for her?? How can he ever not fulfill her wish? Is tht even possible? Shocked NEVER!!! ASR TUSSI GREAT HO! Hug Princess jee itna shocked.. arrey baba aapko ice cream chahiye thi tou lo hazar hai aapke liye ice cream Big smile And yes aapke tsunami jee hi le kar aaye hain aapke liye ice cream..bhala aur kaun laa sakta hai? Big smile 
Yes no one throws away ICE CREAM! high five khushi.. another thing we have in common.our love for ice cream Smile 

And she extended her hand to almost take the ice cream from him….

And touched his fingers…….


And he felt that again……

The wave of currents…..

The sudden charge…..    

The unexpected rush…..


Just by a mere touch from those hands who were too busy snatching ice cream from his hands….

Both of them.

With a blink of an eye, her touch was gone and his hands were free now……

How do u do this? U leave me speechless so many times! 

Yes indeed you have seen almost all the sides of gloomy..ur princess.. after all u are her fate mate.. apne better half se kya chupana?.. this shows how perfect u both are for eachother.. hoping all the secrets left between you two will also be revealed soon..( no very soon.. U knw na di I dont want it to end soon) 

LOL.. ASR uncomfortable because of the girls LOL Its okay.. we all can understand!


Yes.. I agree.. Not all the girls ogle at him like tht! And poor Arnav wants that only girl to notice him and ogle at him! Wink Haww.. poor him.. he must be like: she comes to my room whenever she wants and I cant go to her room! Disapprove LOL No no Arnav dont feel bad.. khushi can never refuse to allow u into her room but its a girls hostel Ouch 

ASR: Paris? You want to go to Paris?

Khushi: I said Paris, not the Dhaaba around the corner.

ASR: I know what you said. Paris. Do you want to go there?

Khushi: If I say yes, you will take me there?

This cracked me up LOL Princess ji.. aapke jo prince hain na..yeh thore crazy hain.. yeh aap ko sach mein Paris le ja sakte hain.. you name it and he will do anything for you.. soon the compatibility will increase to such a level that you will understand eachother without saying it out to the other! 

Khushi: This is my Paris, right here, the ice cream, the church light and your company.

This line shows what a gem of a person you are di! I dont knw what to say to you! 


Abhi I had not gotten over this dialogue and there I have started blushing over the next few lines! Tussi great ho saach me di! 


I can not copy the whole part here.. it wont make sense.. How can I choose one line from this chapter and say this was the best line of this chapter? I cant choose one! Each and every line if I say it as Ananya says: "Has magic!" And there can not be a better person than you who can create this magic! The magician of all times for me! Hug Hug Hug
The name Genie is just perfect! 
This part was Fab! I have no words to say how beautfiul it is! 


Yes you both are indeed eachother's happiness! And no one can ever separate you both! Will always remain with eachother! 
The way you take the conversation from one thing to the other is just amazing di! Its seems all soo much linked to eachother and yet so different! You amaze me with ur writing! I just cant get over it! Heart

Arnav understands her completely! He is always there for her and yet he gives her the space that every person wants Smile I love how khushi can open up in front of him about each and everything! Its justall written in a FLAWLESS way!! U are the BEST!!


Khushi: I am sorry…..I know everything might sound so stupid to you but all that I have been through in life……..I……I am just so grateful that I have you in my life…..I have never had a friend like you…….thank you for coming to my life……thank you!

 CryBig smileCryBig smile Samajh aya?? Yeh parh ke tou mein bhi rone lagi but woh bhi smile karte huwe.. U knw why? Caus thts how crazy I am about ur writing! When I am reading the chapters.. Its not like someone has written some story and I am reading it but its like I am there and this all is happening in real.. I live through ur updates!
Khushi hugged him!! It couldnt have been any better! 

ASR: What? An anti-depressant or the reason for depression?

Khushi: The reason for my smile.



A perfect friend! He had to be perfect afterall who is writing this story? Do I have to say anything more? 

Khushi indeed u are the luckiest but even Arnav is equally lucky to have you!


We can understand his plight! How he hates hiding about quite a few things from her but then he did all tht for her only.. well for himself too.. he cant see her in pain.. How it hurts him everytime to see her in pain! 

This manny na! Angry I am soo waiting for the time when Khushi and Arnav will be officially together and then this manny will then never ignore Khushi! Smile 
Lol.. Lol..Lol.. everyone is like the hot boss.. Everyone is a no show LOL Poor Arnav.. he must be like: The day khushi will come to knw tht I am the one and only Mr. India and her hot boss she will definitely kill me! LOL


This way of communicating in class with ur friends when the teacher is there is the best! We still do tht! This can never get old! Smile

Manny Angry Anyways it must be soo embarrassing for khushi.. everyone must be like crazy girl Embarrassed
Haah connected soo well! Yes indeed the hot boss is in love with the jassi of his office Heart
Again..U just knw how to connect everything beautifully! Best ho aap! I can never get tired of saying this to you Ever di! 

I am glad he dropped her to office.. and made sure tht manny does SHOW UP this time! Wink


So finally manny knows her Idea! Though yeh zaruri nahi tha but then zaruri tha bhi! umm okay let me try to explain: ASR is the boss.. He knows the idea and he loves it.. He doesnt need anyone's permission umm like manny's to use tht idea but then here is the problem.. khushi doesnt know he is her boss.. and she has not told anyone about her idea in the office so then if suddenly this idea will be used or if manny comes up telling khushi tht we will use ur idea without first listening it out from her.. it will all be soo weird! aah I tried.. hope it got through.. LOL.. I am NOT kc di.. I cant explain PERFECTLY!

How will he pick up your phone Khushi?? Manny se bhi tou baat karni hai! Warna aapko manny kaise jaldi jaldi boss ka decision bataye gey?? 
Finally its done... CONGRATS khushi! U will surely rock! Thumbs Up


Manny's boss= Your Boss= Your friend= Your Bestfriend= Your love= Your fate mate Big smile

The boss already likes her..Lol.. dont be soo surprised khushi.. though manny thinks he likes you because of ur idea.. U will soon knw why ur boss likes you or rather I say loves you Wink 
Hmm sure the boss will be present for the meeting ya phir he will again live upto his name.. Mr. India LOL
In for a surprise Arnav? The most beautiful sight to greet you when you enter ur house? Big smileSoon very soon she will everyday be there to greet you when you enter your house Big smile

Di do I have to say I loved the lines tht you have written to describe how khushi's voice sounds to Arnav! Heart



She hugged him again? Shocked yeh kya ho raha hai?? Are u preparing us for something big? Dead 
The last dialogue by khushi: I love MR. India!
This not only must have shocked Arnav but meri toh jaanhi  nikal gayyi.. How I am waiting for the day when she will actually say it with all her heart to him in the sense we want her to say tht to him! 
Left us over here! U ended it really??? 12 parts done already? Shocked Mujhe pata bhi nahi chala! I want more! ( Mein aise hi bakwaas kar rahi hoon! Yes I do want more but then I am not going to ask you for more foran se.. 12 parts! come on 12 freaking parts! U write soo much.. Oh my God! How do u manage this??? Confused Aapke paas itna time kahan se aata hai with my doll being around? I hope u dont neglect her! Dead )

But seriously I wont complain.. U wrote soo much for us! I love you di!! THANKYOU SOO MUCH! 

And I cant forget my doll! Thankyou baby! *muah* *muah* *muah*

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karmachameleonrocking meenu

tina_1234 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome parts...always cliffhangers 

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karmachameleonrocking meenu

Shruti21 IF-Dazzler

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how many post u reserved..??
seriously haad hai--it was like u were checking my patience level

my god..!!
what u wrote is still to be read bt still hw u wrote..?

next time choti choti likna n make less post..

my refresh buttom was cursing me...

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nJENIs Senior Member

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oh my... finally...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big smile 
heh... seriously... i really cdnt complaint against ur writing but still... y that cliffhanger ... Ouch ufff  now again we have to desperately wait for the next part...  
i really dnt want ur update to end.. i mean while reading the last part .., though 90 % of ma mind was enjoying other 10 was sooo worried that this part gonna end... lol Tongue LOL
one request yar... how abt 2 updates a month  Approve 

 last but not least... wonderful update as usual Clap Clap Clap  

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Our Wait has finally come to and end!!!!

It was an awesome update. U came here with a Bang
Now coming back to the update Tongue

Awww Arnav bought  for khushi not one but two dat was so sweet of him 
Khushi was confused seeing him LOL 
U really show arnav emotions so damn beautifully 
The sudden change dat happens in arnav's body was written beautifully by u!!!!!!
and d way he said no not all grl fall for me was indirectly pointing at khushiWink

So khushi wants to go to paris haanWink
But she has already found her paris in indiaBig smile(her words)Embarrassed
Again arnav's emotions were expressed so beautifullyClapClap

Arnav's new name is "Genie"LOL
Actually he is a genie!!!! I wish i also had a frnd like arnav so sweet and handsome!!!!Embarrassed
Arnav really cant say a no to khushi na can he? 
Khushi must be d 1st prsn he's doing all dis fr!!!

How can sum1 study when sum1 so caring is right in front of u?!?
Ans: I cantLOL
What The?!? Arnav never noticed d moon Shocked
I had surely thought so LOL after all he has got everything in his mansion he must be very busy roaming around his mansion only LOL
Arnav really understands khushi really well 
No wonder dey r meant to be "Fate Mates"Big smile

Arnav is evn d depressant as well as the anti depressant LOL 
Oh god khushi really cries a lot sumtyms but arnav is always dere to support her and dats what I love about himEmbarrassed
Khushi i hope u dont repeat ur mistake again of calling arnav "ASR" it really doesnt suits u to call him dat 
When is arnav going to tell her his real nameCry
Arnav is really one honest man he took  the name "Genie" by his own selfBig smile

Arnav really thought dat khushi loves a guy called ArmaanLOLLOL
Arnav i suggest u shud really watch sum serialsLOL

Manny loved khushi's ideaDancing
After all how cant he love it 
It was his boss preferance Tongue
M so happy fr khushi she is going to assist manny fr her 1st project!!!!!!Big smile

So this was my loonnnggg comment fr ur super long update but we always want more and more Tongue
I hope dis long comment of mine has covered all d parts 
Continue soon plz...
This tym dont take so long!!!!!!
I wud be waiting as always!!!!Embarrassed

Last but not the least (i knw u must be bored by my blabbering but I cant help it LOL
A fr u!!!!!

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ainneahmadkhannJENIskarmachameleonrocking meenu

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Originally posted by Shruti21

how many post u reserved..??
seriously haad hai--it was like u were checking my patience level

my god..!!
what u wrote is still to be read bt still hw u wrote..?

next time choti choti likna n make less post..

my refresh buttom was cursing me...

Same here Shruti!!! LOL
She was really checking our patience!!Tongue

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