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Do you guys honestly think that Barun cares??? (Page 8)

niharika111 Senior Member

Joined: 09 August 2012
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tulips123

Yes!!Enough already

Seriously guys just leave it.get on with your lives.This is not end of the world.what are u guys fighting for anyways.I agree the show is epic,we don't want it to be ruined .But noone is innocent here. Barun/PH/SP all have thier own agenda.everyone living their life enjoying thier diwali and's youguys who are fighting for them ruining all your lives festivites and everything .seriously do they care?the answer is NO.As consumer we should rule.why are you guys begging for him to stay.we should be choosers ,damn not beggers,it's us who make them not other way around all three are culprits don't fight on one, Campaign against all three of em dammit .Everyone playing their bit.'s us who like foools taking all the shit they are dissing on us. Barun want's to move on ..let him be .if he really cares he wouldn't have made this decision no matter what.he would have worked it out..the guys says he is bored with playing same charecterr.well hello why did uchoose TV PLATFORM DAMMIT.Y did u not say these words when you are workinng on BHPT or your so called shows.Hello ppl think logic.they guy maybe tierd agree..he can ask  for leave if he needs like 1 week or 2 week break.he is uncertain in that area too how long he wanna rest..AS FOR PH the four dumbos can't sustain their story plot and actors and letting them leave without any bindings ..and seeing this happen to we get attracted thrier soo called jodi romances AGAIN ..and again who are victims here us..and for DAMN SP SERIOUSLY WHEN they can't PUT SOME RULES ON actors and PH'S they again will see the soo called fan wrath.. now i vent my frustration ufff i feel light ..AND YEAH TODAY IS MY B'DAY...Smile   Iam Not BASHING ANYONE .JUST MY POV ..:)

Your reply made my day! Thank you...
A very happy birthday to you...Smile
No point wasting our precious emotions on people who do not give two hoots!
Have a smashing Diwali!!!!!

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niharika111 Senior Member

Joined: 09 August 2012
Posts: 440

Posted: 12 November 2012 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sun2011

Originally posted by Operaqueen

Very well said! Barun does not know and probably does not care, while the phoolish phans waste their time and energy emailing,spamming and harassing everyone associated with the show. I think the only person worrying right now should be Mrs.Barun Sobti, since her husband has quit his job and their is no stable source of income until his next show or movie. But I am sure she is also not half as distressed as the fangirls here.

Mrs. Sobti is gainfully employed in a foreign bank in Mumbai and so is willing to support him until he signs on his next bollywood offers and for spending time with her rather than he do intimate scenes with Sanaya that she, her friends and her family watches!!!

So thanks to her asking her loving husband who claims he has the most wonderful family  - he forskaes a sinking ship without a second thought for her - oh how romantic - even if it is at the cost of ruining the careers and jobs and happiness of the rest of the IPPKND cast like Sanaya, Nani, Mami, Anjali and NK who don't appear to have bollywood offers that they would rather move on to as their spouses or friends dont like the working hours!!! This is just not done - Sobti I had better expectations of you - guess I was wrong - you are another BW wannabe squashing others to get ahead!

In one interview Barun said that he is not comfortable doing intimate scenes with his co-actors...
If Shah Rukh Khan says that, it makes sense...but for a newcomer, isn't it a bit too much?
With no offense to Mr. Sobti, how does he plan on making it big in Bollywood if he is so shy...I mean have you guys noticed the way he hugs Sanaya? He barely touches her...Bollywood is a tough nut to crack Mr. a days most actors are comfortable getting intimate on screen if the script demands so...lets hope he utilizes this 'much deserved break' and gets rid of some of his inhibitions!!!

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hi50 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 December 2005
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
Nice post Clap!!!
I've been away for few days from the forum... and now reading all the depressing post!!
I've a similar thought like you friend!!

I DO NOT THINK that Barun Sobti has been forced to quit IPKKND!!

As you said, there must be something BIG coming up on his end, we will come to know later.. And for that, to start afresh, he needs some time for rest... 
Yes, I do believe that he is now inclined for movies.. 
The way he diplomatically handled the issues, it's so obvious!! the channel, production house, he himself knew that the forum will go crazy with this news.. So, everyone tried to keep it as secret as long as they can.. It's quite logical, even I would have been done the same!!

I'm not bashing Barun here... 
Everyone has their own dream and a single life to fulfill it!! 
I wish him all the best!!

But just one thing to mention.. The biggest example of moving from TV to films & been successful there... is Shahrukh!! I remember Madhavan as well.. And both of them completed their serials and then started there.. 

I wish Barun could have done the same..
He could have waited till IPKKND is finished... the serial which gave him SUCH HUGE FAN FOLLOWING & RECOGNITION!!!

Lastly, I request everyone here, to be supportive towards IPKKND..
For the remaining casts.. 
Most importantly Sanaya!!! who was always there in think and thin!!
And I feel sorry for the 'New ASR'...!! Poor guy, he has to face hatred from audience first.. then comes to win over them as 'ASR'.. which is NOT EASY AT ALL!!
I wish HIM LUCK too..

Edited by hi50 - 12 November 2012 at 3:50pm

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Tulips123 Goldie

Joined: 08 March 2012
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by samsungtv

My head is aching because of this Barun quitting posts.. Seriously guys he is not  God nor a victim.
He is leaving out of his own will to succeed further in his career.. Why are people so blind ? Some are so obsessed and are delusional..

I am not bashing BS .. But ppl need to wake up... BS was not tortured as many ppl are assuming here.. In fact he looks happy .. Let him leave.. Its his lifeConfused
thanqqq :) agree 100% same feeling
niharika111 Senior Member

Joined: 09 August 2012
Posts: 440

Posted: 12 November 2012 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Operaqueen

Originally posted by rafaya1

I agree with almost everything that is said here.

I don't think Barun cares.He wants to move on. I feel bad about being lied to. I feel stupid. He should have said he is quitting instead of saying he is going on a break. Many other things are not clear -whether he has movie offers or not.

There is nothing wrong with him saying he wants to take a break, what if he decided to come back ( assuming the serial is still on), he has to have IPKKND as a back up since things may or may not work with his movie.  He is just being smart and cautious. 

There is nothing wrong in being 'smart and cautious'...but its unfair to take his fans and their affection for granted...if he can take a break, so can his fans!!! Wink

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kith Groupbie

Joined: 14 September 2012
Posts: 77

Posted: 12 November 2012 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
I am downright fan of this show and I love Khushi and ASR.
Both of them had done and doing a great work.
They have got a very huge recognition too...
But its because of them, we are loving the show...
Its them who made this show this popular and successful.
Its really saddening that this show is going to end soon or it is going to be go on without Barun Sobti, I would have felt the same, if Sanaya is about to go out of the show too..
I love them both alike.

But they do have their lives too, they have their own view points and many other aspects in life other than their responsibility towards their fans. We don't know what's going on in others life... We just had guesses... They gave us a good show, but only because of that we are not respecting their own decision in life... That's how we show our love for them. I agree, all this is happening because we love them and love the show, and want it to go on like we wish it too.  But aren't we carelessly possessive?? We tried our level best to retain the show as it is, but isn't it enough people?? I really think enough is enough...I love both of them because of IPKKND and I respect their decisions as well. Just hope all IPKKND fans get a grip and stop blaming one or other of the crew for this. I just wish it just end as a beautiful show and remain in the minds of all fans as a sweet memory. Even after years we should recall it as 'Yes, IPKKND was a really good show !'

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VasantiLad IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 March 2012
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 3:59pm | IP Logged

Totally agree with you - although I can understand why ppl want to make a difference - unfortunately its too late - i think that this was on the cards as far back as 2 months ago - although this will have been hurried up as I think that Barun had had enough & said to the PH that he wanted to leave NOW...Don't think that PH-Gul-4 lions- sp ARE TO BLAME @ ALL. He said quite clearly in his own words taht when he gets bored he has to move on... He has given his best & there are other things that he needs to try. Everyone changes records when they get bored with the same old tune!!

Let us wish him well & let us move on - respect to what is left of IPK - give it a chance

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Faiqahfadia Groupbie

Joined: 03 February 2011
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 4:06pm | IP Logged
I agree with you.
I know people say they should end the show but what about Sanaya?  Has anyone thought how she feels if the show ends.  Secondly if they continue without Barun then what's the point of the show because Lead actor is gone and show is based on love of Arnav and Khushi.  So since we are hooked on the show, they might bring someone to fill Arnav role and will we accept this new guy?  Maybe not and if we dont then show ends and once again did we think about Sanaya and Karan and all the people who work so hard.  We dont always get what we want and my parents taught me that a long time back and i have learnt to accept what we have and move on.  We had Barun as Arnav and it was fabulous and dont get me wrong, I wish and pray that he stays because ofcourse Barun is ASR and he portrays it so well, but like I said earlier we dont always get what we want.  So for the sake of the other cast members like Khushi, NK, Nani and Manorama, we have to atleast try to enjoy the show with whoever they replace Barun with. Maybe they will or maybe they won't, who knows.  Maybe after Barun's had his break, he might decide to come back and continue his role, who knows. That happens in soaps all the time.  When one actor goes on leave they replace for a short time with someone else and then the original actor comes back, does that mean that we dont watch the show when the original actor is not there?

Initially i was really upset with him leaving and was crying and sad because I really love the show and the actors, but think about what it is doing to us.  This whole weekend i have been sad and emotional and not talking to anyone because I was feeling bad about Barun quiting/leaving.  After I read this post, I realized wow!! this show has really got us hooked to a point of madness.  I ignored my family this whole weekend because a star is leaving a show. Can you believe that?  That star does not even know i exist.  That has never happened and I realized in the end it is just a show and sometime or the other it will end no matter what.  We cannot take a show to heart.  Yes, I posted several topics about Barun not leaving but in the end you have to realize it is his life and he knows why he made that decision.  We have to respect it and move on.  If we like the new actor playing Arnav (if they have a new actor) then we watch the show, otherwise watch it for the other actors.  Who knows, maybe this new Arnav will surprise us.  Plays come and Plays go, we accept that and move on to watch another play and same will happen here.

Life goes on!!  I support whoever wants Barun to stay and I salute you all who have emailed and called and tweeted about Barun staying and I also realize that we are going absolutely berserk for no reason for a show which will eventually end.  So what happens if Barun decides he will stay and show ends in January, then what?  We will eventually accept that, dont have a choice.  Yes the story is totally different and we would like it to continue for years to come, but all good things come to an end and this will too.  Just remember the good times and the good scenes and wish the actors all the best.

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