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Do you guys honestly think that Barun cares??? (Page 16)

rini_kat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by trina2010

I want to say a few things here. But before that let me tell you that I love Barun Sobti as ASR and if he leaves I don't know I will be able to watch IPK anymore or not, BUT I confess I love Sobti as ASR only .ASR is very close to my heart and I believe no one can do justice to ASRs character except Barun Sobti.
We tried , we tried our best to bring him back , but lets stop and think for a moment . WHAT IF he does not change his decisions at all ? What then?
If Barun is taking this decision for his own personal reason then we won't be able to do anything and its not right as well.
He has every rite to take decisions for his life and just because a few fans are going to miss him , he won't change his decisions.
Then again just think all of us wants the show to end IF Sobti quits. Now IPK is a show for us but daily bread and butter for some people. Do you guys really want some people to loose their job on this Diwali just because a star wants to quit and spend times with family and friends and his fans are not ready to accept his replacement on the screen ?
No I can't wish for that to happen , no matter how bad I feel after he exits the show.
He probably earns 50k each episode , I might be an NRI , but there are people who have to look for new work on this Diwali to feed their family .Just think we are protesting against Sobtis leave while he might be enjoying with his family and friends and some people are actually getting worried about the future of their job.
Sorry guys we might have all the luxuries and so does Sobti but we should not ask for the show to end because some people might be in trouble because of our WISH.
Instead you can ask for a replacement of Sobti without killing off ASRs character IF Sobti has decided to not return at all.
Sorry just my pov

Completely agree with u... Its my POV too...

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sunflower52 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Didikisaut

Originally posted by sunflower52

Originally posted by Didikisaut

Originally posted by sunflower52

Why should Barun care when his own fan's don't care about his career just so they can watch him on a show which is steadily falling and half of the cast is gone. 

There are some actor's who care about the character's they play and would not like the butchering of their character.

Tell me what is Barun character ASR is been doing since that idiotic Hate marriage track started. Nothing significant and now he has become the SP typical hero's. 

No wonder Barun seem disinterested and even I lost interest in his character as he is no more the same. 

ASR character lost the spark ever since the hate marriage track started. 

So respect his decision of leaving and wish him the best.

He is not answerable to anyone, his real fans will stick with his decisions he makes as it is his life and he has every right to make his own life decisions. 

He has lost his interest in the show ever since the kidnapping track...his role as a male lead is still the best no other comes even close...

Respect is a two way road and the lame excuses which barun is making i dont see any reason why he deserves any as he is in no way respecting fans by lieing

Real fans i think you mean one who adore blindly..

In the kidnapping track was the worst and before also his character who was supposed to be smart and shrewed was not doing anything. All we saw was Khusi's OTT tracks. 

I am not his really fan, the only reason I was watching this show was because Barun made his character ASR compelling and was able to relate to his both flaws and virtue. 

I stopped watching when Khushi's OTT tracks started and just use to read updates and watch occasionally if ASR did something. 

We have no idea why Barun is lying maybe he is under pressure by the channel and the PH. If he wants to work in the future with the channel or other PH do you think him stating the true story will give him work. 

There always 2 ways of looking at things. 

As it is we do not know the whole story and I do not believe what the media says, as it is they sensationalize their stories and give half truth statements.  

I think khushi was least OTT in this track after was seeing her emotions and that was the only reason why TRP were holding fort for most part of the track...

Barun was the very reason why such crappy track was introduced in the first place and most people were supportive. He was never commital to the show and I always knew he will quit so this came as no suprise to me.

yes there are two ways of looking at things but channel and ph cannot force what he says, Sp has clarified he has quit they cannot lie as they have to sell new products to viewers which barun is failing to understand.

He is protecting his ass big time and is buying time for the issue to die down...I dont believe the media but there are many neutral sources who are very clear he has quit...

To me all are saving their asses, Barun SP and the PH. As they say tali ek haath saay nahi bachti. 

I will still say ASR lost the charm when Hate marriage track started. This is when all the crappy tracks started. That was before he even signed the movie. 

As it is the whole hate marriage track was more on Khushi's emotions rather then ASR's. 

There was nothing new in that track.

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Simi1711 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Very well said Clap

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ForLoveofBarun Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:02am | IP Logged
You know, If anyone of us were in his shoes we would do the same.  An actor has to strike when the iron is hot and every true and loyal fan will support him.  I am with him even though I am sad that he is leaving, because I want to see his talent grow and take him to heights of success.  We cannot suffocate his future nor can these tele serial makers.  Which is what would have happened if he stayed on any more.

I think all the uproar and protest is for the producers to end the show with him.  Good luck to Barun and I am going to follow his film career graph.  Proud to me his phangirl Wink

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rini_kat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rhea16

Agree. Actually to be honest the whole thing has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Initially, when I heard that Barun Is quitting, I was quite ok with it as anyways IPKKND's storyline has been going down the drains. But looking at fans reaction and all, I think should have actually told the actual reason. Furthermore, the interview where he is was laughing and having a good time totally adds insult to the injury of his fans. I feel that he doesn't really care about his fans. He doesn't even bother to make an effort to connect with them either through twitter and Facebook, especially in this day and age. I think rather than him quitting the show that would be detrimental to his career, him being quite oblivious to his fans is more detrimental as ppl whose love/affection is not reciprocated will start to move away.f

Exactly... I am just  pissed off with this particular trait of Sobti.why did he not want to connect with fans?Everyone in this entertaimnent industry always tries to keep in touch with fans/admirers... But he never tries or I don't think he has any wish too regarding the same...Everytime  excuse given he does not know how to interact with not know the use of twitter/fb...Its really hard to digest frm a man who had been on BPO job fo r7 years  does not know how to interact/communicate...

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Serene.. Senior Member

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:09am | IP Logged
After a long time i am visiting this forum..It is  shocking news that barun is quitting...but it is his own one can question hin...yes as a fan reallly i feel very sad for this beautiful love story..but everything has to move on..he has his own life and freedom to decide what he wants...after all every one of us is always looking for the better and best things in life...
He is an every one else he has every rights to take decisions and  design his career..whatever may be the reason i will keep waiting for his next project!!!!
I respect this wonderful actor!!!


Edited by Serene.. - 13 November 2012 at 12:12am

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rini_kat IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 July 2011
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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Didikisaut

Originally posted by luckygal99

Originally posted by LIKEDMG

Barun wants to  quit ...totally his decission...but I dont hv any idea y he is continuously lying abt this issue...he got all cream of the role of ASR he thinks...all fans shud move on and stop this petition...spaming bussiness...

Don't call him a liar .
He got the cream and the awards because he DESERVED them .
Fans want to and will do all they can do cannot dictate what fans shud do or not...keep your advice to yourself ...

He is a liar and nothing changes it...most of the awards he got are not jury awards they are popular ones..and there are no prizes for guessing who voted for him

Completely agree with u... They r all popular awards... People voted like crazy all the time.wasting their time and money... But what we people get in return????? Half backed truths/lies... resulting  the show  to run into danger and we r on the verge of losing such a beautiful show...

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coolnisha_fun87 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by LIKEDMG

Originally posted by coolnisha_fun87

Originally posted by LIKEDMG

Barun wants to  quit ...totally his decission...but I dont hv any idea y he is continuously lying abt this issue...he got all cream of the role of ASR he thinks...all fans shud move on and stop this petition...spaming bussiness...

i really don't the reason for his leaving..or he is taking break...or quit...because his reason doesn't bother me...all i knw is for some long time he won't be thr in IPK

coming to the point what made you think he is lying...why not for a moment you thought Star Plus is lying...

And before you make an assumption I am not his die hard fan(i do not like this word fan girl but in this forum lang thats what is called..yes I am not his fan girl)...i am a young girl who always aspire to have  better  career day by day sometime i may achieve and sometime i may fall..

and he got this role because he deserved...he gave audition for it...worked hard for this role..delivered well and then he got his fans...

and i guess byt his time his real admirers must have moved on..its some people who believe in their own small world have not...i have no sympathy towards those people because its their fault that they can't see the actor has made his stand now its upto rest to belive it or not..
I think the topic made on Barun ...I never said PH and SP r white...SP/BARUN/PH r playing dirty politics wid IPK ...I never deny he never justiced to ASR role...As per u also..he isnt in IPK for a long a professional...I believe in professionalism..when I m paid for some thing I will try to full justice on it even though I dont like it fully...I dont object abt his move on or persuing bollywood career...bfore lots of TV actors try-fail-comeback...that isnt issue...I like if he will quit say "he wants it"..y he/SP/PH r playing drama wid fans for months..?
playing dirty tricks with IPK means...IPK belong s to 3 of them...and as a professional  i am answerable to my employer...i am answerable to the one who is paying professionalism is towards them...let PH comes up with this statement that he is unprofessional..i will believe it..let his co-actors comes with this that he is unprofessional i will believe it..because when you talk about professionalism it has to be from the profession far we know him that how he works..what is his working habits...what we see is the outcome of a team work...we really don't know how much is individual contribution...

and i will never continue to work which i don't like no matter how huge i am being paid(i and some of my friends/relatives have done this in real life)...because for me my job satisfaction comes 1st...if this is unprofessional in your lang then i don't mind being called work is what makes me happy and satisfied...

who is actually playing with fans???Barun...since 2 months he has not denied once that he is not taking break or leaving for some time..he remained unavailable..its diff articles writing diff things..he gave a simple interview on friday...after that it was channel that comes out with contradicting statement..the same channel who was denying this news since months...and it was PH that told that they will update about Barun's status...and Barun clearly told its his decision he wants to leave...but i don't understand why people are not believing it...why they are still hoping..every people comes up with their own source..

i am also an IPK fan why am i not feeling that I have been cheated...because neither i am Barun's die hard fan who claims to have a right on him or know him better nor dislike him for whatever good or bad he does..

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