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Jab Tak Hai Jaan reviews! (Page 37)

whispa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:40am | IP Logged
I watched JTHJ a couple of days ago in a packed cinema.

Before I give my review (which will contain spoilers),  I want to say I'm a diehard fan of romantic movies and the combination of Yash Chopra and SRK for me is the ultimate movie experience so I might be a little biased.Smile

I think  even before the movie started, knowing that this was Yashji's last movie, I just wanted to sit and experience the whole cinematic experience without being over critical or cynical about anything, but as soon as SRK entered on his motorbike all such thoughts banished as he brought a big smile to my face.

What can I say about SRK that hasn't been said already. He owns roles like these. No one does the passionate lover like him. As the younger  Samar falling in love, he made you smile and laugh and as the more mature Samar, he made you feel his anger, and pain. I loved his chemistry with Katrina and with Anushka. 

Katrina looked beautiful. Yes, there were some scenes where she faltered but overall I think this was one of her best acts. Watch her expressions where she is hugging Samar after she meets him after 10 years. So much love and warmth in that hug. And she danced like a dream. The prelude dance before Ishq shava was simply breathtaking. I could watch it over and over.

Anushka lit up the screen! Her character, Akira,  was completely opposite to Katrina's who was more subdued. And you felt so bad for her.. I dont think her love for samar was any less than Meera's was. And I do feel Samar loved Akira in his own way. Its just that he could not forget Meera.

I liked the songs before i saw the movie but now I love them. The picturisation of each one was wonderful.

I know a lot of people have found the whole premise of the story weak where Katrina leaves SRK because of a deal she makes with God, but i see nothing wrong in that. I know a few of my friends who have also in effect made a 'deal' with God where they ask Him  for something and tell him they will do something for Him  in return. Personally, I dont believe that myself, as I feel God gives unconditionally, but then that doesn't make what others do wrong.

My hubby, who normally has very little time for Indian movies and only comes to watch them with me because I love them, also liked the movie. And he is normally the biggest critic of Indian films.

And the ending was poignant with the montage of Yashji with the cast and crew. Even people who were leaving when the movie ended, stopped in their tracks to watch the end credits. 
Yash Chopra is going to be missed.

I recommend the movie to all those who love romance and believe in everlasting love.Embarrassed

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WhipCreamPantie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 10:01am | IP Logged

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
JTHJ review:

OK so here's my review. There maybe spoilers ahead so read at your own risk:
After the initial decent reviews the film got from the well known critics there was suddenly a barrage of criticism for the movie from critics of chota-mota sites as well as many IF members. So given that the promo was ok, music was so-so and there were lots of poor reviews I didnt have too much expectations from the film. Nevertheless I was determind to watch it for mainly SRK and Yash Chopra. So from Friday I took a break from all entertainment related sites till I could watch the movie. Now coming to the film's actual box-office. I live in South India and the movie of choice here is JTHJ. The theatre was full for the Saturday matinee show.
Movie experience: The movie started off with catcalls for Anushka's bikini moment and SRK's motorcycle entry. There were otherwise not many taalis or seetis during the movie. The laughs were also less. The biggest flaw in the movie IMO was the length. They could have easily edited half hour off it without hampering the story. The songs are ok...sound good in the movie hall. Usually in a movie which doesnt have interesting songs people walk out for a pee break. But I didnt see anyone doing that. Nor did people walk out when the movie stretched beyond 2.5 hrs. Infact many people statyed back to watch the last tribute to Yash Chopra. The majority of the audience was young families and the youth.

Story and direction: For a person who has grown up watching Ekta Kapoor's shows and reading M&Bs the story wasnt as W*Fish as it was made to sound in many of the reviews. I can see many a serial now copy this film's storyline. It had the perfect elements of a love story with enough twists and turns to keep you engaged. Does anyone remember the first review we got about a month or two back? I think that was a real review. Those trying to find logic in JTHJ lets not forget all love stories sound W*Fish. The difference between a good love story and a bad one depends on the treatment. Here lies a filmmaker's expertise. And this is where Yash Chopra gets it right. You have to feel for the characters to like the film.
But yes if one goes to the movie expecting a YC classic like Silsila or Kabhi Kabhi or Darr or Lamhe you will be disappointed. Those movies uncovered new layers of love. This movie has a predictable storyline seen many times earlier. What might or might not click for you is the treatment he gives to the movie and the characters. I would suggest to those who havent seen the movie yet to treat the movie as a love story starring SRK with Yash Chopra's direction being incidental.

SRK as most people have said nails it. As we already know that SRK is hot as Major Samar Anand diffusing bombs as if he is repairing a toy. As the 25/28 Samar SRK is energetic as a guy of that age. But yes his face gives it away that he isnt 25. Then any actor doing the same role would have looked apt as either the 28 year old Samar or the 38 year old Samar. The story is mostly in the present ie 38 year old Samar so I guess its ok.

Anushka I was thinking would make me want to slap her with her perkiness. But apart from the Jiya Re song she was fine. They could have easily cut that song from the movie.

Katrina I was afraid would be wooden thruout. But she was pretty good in comparision to her earlier roles. A love story cant work with one half of the pair showing no emotions. But Katrina made us feel Meera's love for Samar. Only time she seemed frozen was in her scenes with Anushka. The focus in those scenes was on the more animated Akira. But a better actress would have drawn attention to herself too with some subtle expressions. One such example is Kajol in the bhajan scene with Rani and SRK in KKHH.

A special mention for the supporting actors who played SRK's Pakistani friend and the three of SRK's army colleagues who are fida over Akira. They were all so cute without going overboard.

The background music for the poem at the start was the best piece in the film. This is followed by Challa, Saans, Ishq Shava, Heer. And special mention for Ishq Dance. Katrina looked hot in that. SRK gave her good support. Whatever yoga he is doing has certainly taken off 20 years off his body. Hence he is dancing well apart from the somersaults he did during the IPL.

Chemistry: Despite her flaws as an actress I would say Katrina has the best chemistry with SRK among the current lot of top rung actresses. I would rate the Kat-SRK chemistry better than SRK's chemistry with Kareena, DP, Anushka...even PC. My favorites will ofcourse remain Kajol and Rani with SRK.

Look and Costumes:
Katrina looked gorgeous in the movie. She overshadowed Anushka easily there. But neither Anushka nor Katrina were dressed as the usual Indian YC heroine.
Special mention for SRK. He looked hot and I am in love with him again. Day DreamingThe muscles, the stubble and the age lines/wrinkles just added to his character. Finally here is a man whose experience makes him sexy. *Fans myself*

Others: Finally a special mention for the cinematography. I wish the whole movie was shot in India. Ladakh and Kashmir looked so beautiful. London wasnt explored as much.

W*F moments:
-At the start we see the flashback start with SRK saying he is 25 and we see a made up SRK enjoying the show looking atleast 40. At that moment I thought gai bhains paani mein!Disapprove
-Katrina's flashback of her childhood shows her as a child with Caucasian features. Yet both her parents turn out to be Indians!
-Katrina cant speak Punjabi in SRK's flashback. So I thought maybe because he mom isnt Indian. But later we get know her mom is from Punjab and she was brought up by her till she was 12. As far as I have seen children learn their mother tongue as soon as they start speaking. Katrina in the film is a slow learner and but this was really slooowww. Looks like real life inspired reel life. LOL
-Anushka is shown drowning at the start. But later we are told she is a national level swimmer. Shocked
-Katrina telling her mom she is 21 in SRK's flashback. She looks atleast 30. Shocked
-In the later half we are told SRK was 28 at the time of his first accident. Yet at the start he says he is 25. *Blooper alert*
-As far as I know 28 is too old an age to join the army as an officer or become a electronics or bomb expert. Facial fuzz looked hot on SRK but isnt allowed in the army.

What could have been cut/changed:
The Jiya Re song and the portions where Samar relives his 28 year old self with Akira in UK. The focus should have been a bit more on how Meera finally decides to break the pact with God and come to Samar. But we get no explaination of it except whatever Akira tells her.

Overall verdict:
Overall I enjoyed the movie. I went with low expectations but Samar sucked me into the story to live Meera's and his love story from his point of view. Would give the movie a 3/5 taking one mark off for the music.

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-StrAnGer- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
For a Yash Chopra's movie i was expecting little bit much more!!!
IMO the movie was kind of repetitive story of " Veer Zaara" nothing much Anushka was the "Rani Mukherjee" same thing in a different way!!! Katrina as usual so expressless except for the part " ishq shawa" the dance part everything was hideous!!! Anushka's overacting like are you serious Bro??? But i must say no one can Romance like SRK even tho am not a fan of him but his performence was really good!!! The  movie was too long for nothing!!!
-Edelweiss- Senior Member

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 2:38pm | IP Logged

There are only four people who can make me believe and fall in love with love. That is Rumi, Ghalib, YC and Shahrukh... I am a true cynic when it comes to eternal love, to the idea that love can make you do stupid, illogical things. We all wish for that kind of love, but like Akira says in JHTH that it is next to impossible to find a love like that or to even feel that in today's time. That is where these four succeed; they make me want to believe in soul mates, in the kind of love, madness, passion that love should ignite whether it be for a person or for God. My review has nothing to do with the concept or the story, if I start on that then there are flaws, many loopholes and many moments that could have been done better, but I am sure many have done so already.

Whenever I watch YC movies or any love stories, I leave logic behind, when you go to watch a love story (which is very rarely for me), you don't need logic, all you need to do is feel the love and that is where YC and Shahrukh always excelled and none of the recent crop of directors that try and make love stories have ever been able to create that magic. One such example is Rockstar, I just didn't feel the love between the characters, and I didn't feel his passion his junoon for her, Ranbir was good as the brooding rockstar, but I just didn't feel the love. Anyway I am digressing from the topic.

As Rumi has said that "Be foolishly in love, as love is the only thing there is..." Samar's love for Meera was just that... he was foolishly, madly in love with her to the point where he is willing to fight and test her and his faith in god. Nobody can display passion as SRK, his eyes speak volume, like I said before he's one of the people that make me want to fall in love; be it the lover boy righteous DDLJ Raj or the Raj Aryan of mohabbatein or the numerous Rahul's or the mischievous lying but sweet nikamma Sunil of KHKN, or the one looking to get his pride back as Kabir Khan of CDI or Mohan of Swades. When he plays it right, he does them to perfection. Major Samar took my breath away as the brooding, angst ridden lover who somewhere deep down was still the challa waiting for his beloved. His interactions with Akira showed that, and according to me he saw a lot of himself in her, the mischief, the care free bindaas attitude, and the an extent she managed to somehow bring a bit of him back. I loved the airport scene, such a poignant scene between the two that has to be my favourite scene and my favourite interaction between the two. SRK makes this movie though and YC gives it the feel with his simplicity, care and passion.

YC has always had larger than life characters in his love stories because I think somewhere he truly believed in the ideals and principles of his characters; whether they be males or females, we need to just look at Kabhie kabhie, lamhe, DTPH, VeerZaara to name but a few. Samar and Meera are no different, if we look at Maya and her idealistic approach and belief in love and Meera and her belief and love in god, I see not much difference. They are both an emotion of love and both are inexpressible with words. I may not agree with Meera or Maya's ideals, but the way YC always managed to portray the beliefs of these characters is what makes me understand them.  SRK's right that YC is a women's director and Adi is a man's director and this is clearly visible in their movies as well as Adi's scripts. JTHJ is Samar's story, Meera is just a massive part of it, same was the case for Veer Zaara, whereas if we look at DTPH, that for me at least was Maya's film through and through.

"The whole business of love is to drown in the sea..." for me this pretty much sums up Meera's character. She was in love with Samar so much so that she was ready to give him up...Kat was good, some scenes she was better than others.. not as wooden as she was in ETT (I watched it last week and well.. let's leave it to that) She faltered at points and that is why it made it slightly difficult for me to be able to connect to her.. With love stories one needs to feel for the characters and that is why I think it might have been nice to see someone like Rani, perhaps? I don't know, but nonetheless she was a dream on screen and looked absolutely beautiful. SRK and her scenes were good; you felt their love at times.. I remember a point one of my friend made, that at times he found their love to be fake and I think it was because he couldn't connect to her character as well as the fact that there was physical intimacy, but like I said to him that when in love, let the lovers be as they're drunk on love to realise anything but each other.

"Wash off all the wonderings, just surrender to his fragrance..." Akira did just that, she knew Samar's love was unfavourable and nobody could take Meera's place yet she surrendered herself to him. She became his 'Meera'...Anuksha was great; you could see her love, her apprehensions when talking to Meera about Samar.

This movie had many flaws, and it's not the best of YC, but then again neither was VZ, but the essence of love, his passion and his characters is what makes his love stories for me. It is sad that we will never be able to see the innocence of love portrayed in such a fashion again, but his legacy will live on through his movies. The end credits were beautiful, you could see child like innocence, his passion, his love while shooting. SRK's right YC truly was an 18 year old at heart. Even with all its flaws and some W*F moments, it was nice to see a feel good, YC romantic movie after ages and that as well the final one...

PS-  This  is my first post after being inactive on IF for about two years, feels slightly awkward.. but anyway here it is. Apologies for any mistake.

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thambu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
This song of  saans mein teri ... { Jab Tak Hai Jaan } created waves all over the world...

here is the vedio  please listen to it and enjoy Wink  { copy pasted from YouTub }

I have posted the lyrics of this song with english translation... { copy pasted from }


Saans mein teri saans mili to Lyrics Translation (Jab Tak Hai Jaan)

Movie: Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal

Saans mein teri saans mili to
mujhe saans aayi..

when your breath mixed in my breath,
I was able to breathe..

rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,
tu jo paas aayi..

soul touched the body's fragrance,
when you came nearby..

kab tak hosh sambhale koi,
hosh ude to ud jaane do..
dil kab seedhi raah chala hai
raah mude to mud jaane do
tere khayal mein doob ke aksar
achchi lage tanhaai..

how long can one remain in control,
when consciousness goes, let it go..
when has the heart gone on a straight path,
if the path turns, let it turn..
when I am in your thoughts,
loneliness feels good..

raat teri baahon mein kate to,
subaha badi halki lagti hai
aankh mein rehne lage ho kya tum,
kyon chhalki chhalki lagti hai
mujhko phir se chhoo ke bolo
meri kasam kya khaayi..

when the night goes in your arms,
morning looks very light,
have you started living in my eyes,
it keeps spilling..
touch me again and say,
have you sweared on me..

Saans mein teri saans mili to
mujhe saans aayi..

rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,
tu jo paas aayi..

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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
quick rant here...

saw the movie. not surprised at all. i knew from watching the promos, this one is going to be a downer. 
yash chopra has lost it a some time a ago. even his dtph was nothing to write home about. and here too, he tried to infuse light with a poor script. THANK GOD srk is there to save this sorry ass movie.

the biggest downer...the 2 little girls. mr. shah rukh khan, i know you had this itchiness to work with kat, and you not alone, your hater amir khan  is also getting rid of his itchiness by playing with this one in some dhoom shyte; now pls, now i am gonna let you go this time, but don't you  repeat it again.

hey why don't you just stick with chutki bhari sindoor ...ala deepu. work with vidya, rani, kareena, PC. just stay away from these anus, and kats.

now for me the movie almost sucked in almost every dept. almost?? THAT kiss was HORRIBLE...i had to use my popcorn bag to take a dip. there goes my popcorn.

now which dept was saved?// no need to guess...STAND UP AND SAY OUT LOUD. 

yes, i forgive the ghatiyaa script sense of shah rukh khan, yes i forgive mr yash raj for giving another LAME boring crap from his camp, i forgive mr rehman for losing his midas touch this time, i forgive the cameraman for missing the green lushes of swiss land...i forgive the costume designers for missing those chiffons...damn...yada, yada.

so much forgiveness..aakhir kyn...

kyon ki ...
MY man  proved yet again...HE STILL HAS IT. his dimples are still as infectious, his hamming is TOP..muahaaa, twinkle in eyes, still sparkles, his hair, his mouth, those lips, that NOSE oh my god...sniff sniff, damn shah rukh don't ever shave, oh god i drool...his dialogues, his walks, his talks, damn holding that guitar.dear lord, save me, ...damn , WHO SAYS SHAH IS OVER, LIKE WHO???
you wanna romance with shah rukh. Heart

as a shah rukh fan, i am not at all disappointed today with him doing this movie. big deal, its not a great movie. i KNOW the only reason he did this movie,  cos of yash chopra. NO, he was not trying to prove anything. now wait a minute..was he was trying to prove that he can still pull a ROMANCE with elan...well...hell yeah...he PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!!! no one can come close.No one! Thumbs Up

hey.. shah...i give this one a 3/5. all super three stars goes to you, my man.

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gilmores IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
Finally saw the film.


With my lowest expectations, all I can say was okay, the film on the whole...definitely not Yash Chopra's best, and sadly not a film I would return to ...except to maybe drool over my Shah and to remind myself, that YES HE STILL HAS IT. Day Dreaming

The story as we all know is quite difficult to swallow. JTHJ is the weakest story that Adi has written for his dad ever. ...In fact, the reason why all our guesses for the story was wrong is because no one besides Aditya Chopra could have come up wth something like this...oh besides Ekta Kapoor of course..I'm sure we'll see this twist in some show. LOL Sometimes I also think that Yash Chopra perhaps was very biased when it came to his son, otherwise it's almost hard to imagine the man whose favorite film is Lamhe green-lighting the scripts his son has written for him. Confused The story is slow paced for sure and needed to be cut down by a good 30-40 fact, this film could have been made in less than 2 hours even. It would have been better then.

The biggest downer in it as love story is that I just couldn't feel for Samar-Meera's love story...I couldn't feel it because of Katrina Kaif. I had said many times before the film that Katrina Kaif le doobi ge iss film ko. ...despite my absolute DESPERATE attempts to like her in this film, I failed miserably. If the story is weak, the actors CAN rise above it but Katrina never is and never will be one of them, not that I expected her to...It's not even the lack of expressions actually,  but Katrina's eyes are DEAD. There is NO emotion there, and she NEEDED more. I NEEDED to feel that she CARES, SHE LOVES him...but I never did.Those scenes when Samar comes back to London and has amnesia..she's meeting him after 10 years, and I felt nothing. I waited desperately to feel that she loves him, she DESERVES him...but nope, nada, zilch. The scene where he has his accident and she drops to the ground praying and then realizes what she just promised...I SO wanted to feel bad for her, but I couldn't because again her eyes are dead. Believe it or not, Zain, Samar's friend, showed more emotion with Samar than Katrina did. I felt that he genuinely CARED for Samar, but Meera? Nope.

YES, Meera is an immensely hard character to relate to and even like. YES Katrina has improved, but her improvement is simply not good enough for this film. For me, the last film I genuinely liked Katrina in will remain Namaste London. Oh, yesh her big dance sequence...that was the only scene in the film where Katrina Kaif was alive.

I thought Anushka would overdo it, but she acted fine, give or take a few scenes. I managed to feel bad for her at least. I actually wanted Samar to end up with Akira, at least she cared for him.

Now my Shah. What to say about him? My Shah is awesome. The sole reason why I didn't hate the film. He STILL has it for sure. No one can romance like him...You FEEL for Major Samar Anand...and you feel bad that he fell in love with a girl who doesn't really give 2 hoots about's a testimony to Shah's acting that when he says the extremely cheesy "Jab zindagi itne dard deti hain..." line, that no one in my theater burst out laughing. There's a twinkle in his eye, there's mischief there, there's love, and there's anger...he's restrained when he needed to be, mischievous and loving when he needed to be...his confrontation with Katrina in the church...he makes you FEEL. ...and oh hot damn. How great did he look? Blushing But Shah, please don't ever kiss/peck on screen again. I covered my eyes all 2-3 times it was so bad. Oh and please don't work with Katrina either. There's no chemistry there. Off-screen hain, but on-screen? Nothing.

Special mention to the scene with Rishi and Neeti Kapoor. Yash Chopra classic there. Someone cast them together again. Awesome they were.

The Jab Tak Hain Jaan title sequence with Yash Chopra is beautiful.

All that being said, I thought it might be even worse than this. LOL

I didn't have a problem with Yash Chopra's direction, but I had a major problem with the casting, the script, and the editing.

Overall I'll give it a 3/5...3 for my Shah, and 1 for JTHJ title sequence.

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