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Jab Tak Hai Jaan reviews! (Page 28)

blue-ice. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 11:39am | IP Logged
Kiaara Sandhu?@KiaaraSandhu

JAB TAK HAI JAAN broke all Records in Singapore...Collected 1.3 cror in 2 days..Fantastic..

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Karan. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged

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aish. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged

To start with, I have already got my tickets booked for Saturday. This could certainly explain that I loved the movie. There are many flaws, but still its was such a beautiful movie!<3 I cant get enough of thinking about it! Not the best of Yashji's work yet so awesome!<3 I am one person who is never excited for movies but this movie has kept me excited for a year and if it had disappointed me then I would have been so pissed off but it hasnt. OMG JTHJ adds to my list of faves!<3


PS- I've tried to include no spoilers!(:


All the performances were FLAWLESS!<3

Yes clearly this is Shahrukh's movie. He is back with a wadaa bang! His performance was just BRILLIANT! Actually brilliant is an understatement. He did the role of one person but of two personalities and woh bhi with total perfection! And I cant even exclaim about how adorable he looked in Challa! I swear, I almost jumped in the theater. Maybe if I was watching it in India, I would have jumped par yaha toh people dont even whistle! I was blushing all throughout Challa! He looked just too good and nobody can say that he looked old cause for me atleast, He looked DAMN HOT!<3 Yes I love Major Samar Anand! The attitude and the stubble has never been so hot! And the cuteness in the first part of the movie is just too much! You can never stop loving SRK and if you ever feel like you are, then he gives you such amazing performances. Ab bolo how can one not love him! While Samar Anand was all about cuteness, Major Samar Anand was all about hotness and in all, they make my SRK!<3 I took an American friend for the movie. Its the first Hindi movie that she is watching and she said that the lead actor is extremely charming. Tehee she said that he can act and, dance and looks good as well!<3 I CANT stop praising this performance of his! Its was plain awesomess! In Stinson's language, It was legen, wait for it, dary!LOL Every expression was just Awhh! And needless to day, when he laughed, I laughed. When he cried, I cried. Yes he is the King of Romance! And he has improved alot as a dancer as well! He was REALLY ENCHATING in Ishq Shava! These is undoubtedly ONE among his best performances. He manages to hold the movie together. Yup he can make girls of any age fall for him!Day Dreaming In short, I LOVE YOU SHAHRUKH! And Challa My Gosh!<3


Anushka was fabulous! I think the best of hers was the scenes in which she cried! She played such a lively person and totally excelled her role! This is absolutely her best performance after Band Baajaa Baaraat. Her smile is the most gorgeous thing ever! Her expressions are so well-timed! Im sure this girl is gonna make it huge in BW! She was just SO adorable! As always, she delivered a flawless performance! Akira, girl you are awesome!<3 My fave part of hers in when she cries saying 'Too late Samar':( It was so natural! Yess meri supergirl! Kuch bhi kar sakthi hai tu! I cried whenever she cried! And her pretty face does not make it too hard so feel for her as well!<3 Jiya Re belonged to her!


Katrina comes as a total surprise! She was FABULOUS! I cant believe Im saying this but yeah! This movie is surely her acting debut! And needless to say, She looked GORGEOUS all throughout the movie! Im so happy that Yashji casted her and improved her acting skills unlike other directors who cast her just cause she is pretty and can bring audience! She actually acted SO well! Im so happy for her!<3 She was really good in the scene where SRK confronts her in the church. She is so improving and if she continues this way, then its not too far when she is will be one among the finest actresses in Bollywood! Im so proud of Yashji as well!(: This is defo Katrina's BEST performance till date! Way to go girl!<3


I think Samar had some amazing scenes with both Meera and Akira! My fave Samar-Meera scene is the train station one and my fave Samar-Akira scene in the one under the bridge! OMG When SRK laughed in that scene I was dead!<3 Yes people who know me well can imagine!LOL According to me, he shared amazing chemistry with both of them! Yes Shahrukh can make any girl with him to be the perfect couple! Teheee kidding the girls played an important part as well!LOL But Im in LOVE with both couples! I didnt expect much chemistry between SRK and Katrina but they were awesomeness and SRK-Anu toh were epic! Ahhh Im just so hyperrr! This movie has made by day! Cant wait for Saturday now! And I love how they captured the beauty of all the locations! Everything was so perfect!<3 Kashmir and London AAAHHH!<3 And OMG SRK!<3 Tehee Im sorry guys but this movie has just made me go mad!<3 All the flaws can be ignored in a movie if it has a good climax and yes JTHJ had an amazing climax! I loved the last scene! It was damn beautiful! The convo between Samar and Meera Ayee hayee!<3 Mar jaawaan!


The choreography was REALLY GOOD! Ishq Shava, Challa and Jiya Re- wonderfully choreographed! And I LOVED THE background music! And watching the movie has made me love the music even more! But the BgM AHH!<3 LOVED IT! Ishq Dance was also amazingly choreographed! SRK and Katrina have progressed as dancers!


Direction was fabulous! Yashji Hats off! In a way I think he showed that different mindsets of people from two different eras. It was like he made the new generation believe that true love does exist and even if you dont serach for it, it will find you. Despite how excited I am after watching the movie, a kind of feeling of sadness fills me. We are never going to have such amazing movies again. No Yashji wannabes can create the kind of magic he can. His definition of love is so pure and is reflected so well through his movies. Never are we going to see this kind of class again. The playing of the title track and some Yashji shooting scenes in the end made me so emotional yet I had a good feeling after exiting the theater. A feeling that I have seen a good movie! Thank you so much yashji for all the wonderful movies! You will always remain a legend and nobody can replace you!<3


The theater was packed! Normally when Indian movies release, only the single screens are packed and here even the multiplex was packed! And after I got out, there was such a line for the next show! The SRK-Yashji combo is truly showing its magic and ofcourse Katrina and Anushka have also played a big part! I cant wait to watch it again. AND SO WHAT IF IT WAS THREE HOURS? I did not feel the length at all! Infact I enjoyed it!:DD


Overall its a beautiful movie and those who havent seen it should totally go for it! Especially fans of romantic movies like me!:PP Its a beautiful movie and will make you fall in love with it! For me its beyond any ratings!<3 Totally recommending it to tall!(:

PS: Please ignore the grammatical errors and typos. Wrote it in a hurry!Embarrassed

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Hichki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
watched the film.I liked it,cant say whether i loved it or not.the basic plot might seem ludicrous to many but it's not baseless because there are people like meera,okay lets not get into that.

the cinematography of the film is superb,the visuals of ladakh are like visual rasgullas..anil mehta ko hats off...

the music is average ,apart from challa i loved jiya re and heer...the choreography of ishq shava is splendid ..the dance off between srk and katrina was astoundingClap.katrina is excellent in the entire ishq shava song..

Shahrukh looks refreshingly young and good throughout the film,uses his eyes expertly and walks into people's hearts seamlessly...(except the haters ofcourse)'s not an avant-garde role for him but he does very well and reiterates d fact that no one can romance on screen half as good as he does...

Anushka was the show stealer for I had read few reviews in which she was criticized for being over the top but personally i found her perfect...she was exceptional in the film ..i am slowly becoming her fan..

now coming to katrina..personally i dislike people without talent..i used to find it very annoying to see her go up the ladder so easily without any skills whatsoever but i realized that there are enough people who have made her a superstar that she is today..i was cottoning on to the fact that she is learning to act as she wasn't that repulsive in ETT,,,I thought i am going to relish her in this film but alas!she disappointed me in her very first scene in the church..her conversation was hilarious..the entire theatre roared with laughter unintentionally..she was wearing the prettiest of clothes and though my naughty mind loved her but this will not stop me from ridiculing her..she spoiled the!!she was just awful in the romantic ..oh no..infact in all the scenes where she had dialogs..the only thing she cud do is bat her eyelids and stare like a wall...and anyone who says she was good in the film please fight with me in your free time..i am ready..let the film come out on will be easier for me to show those people the scenes...if this is called acting then god bless their senses..

Yash chopra's direction was noteworthy..never did i feel bored or tired in spite of the duration of the film..screenplay by adi was also top notch..So the film is definitely a must watch though I have many issues with the story which i dont want to discuss here as it will be spoilers for many..

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PuffinHypercity IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 2:09pm | IP Logged

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-Obsession- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 2:12pm | IP Logged

Okay i just got back from watching it. I was majorly excited for the movie, but i have to say, ive been left dissapointed. Ouch

Not to say, the movie wasnt good, it was. But its definately (in my opinion) Yash Chopra's weakest.
The problem for me was, firstly, Katrina. I usually love her, but feel let down by her. I wasnt moved or particularly amused by her scenes.
Nor did i feel much chemistry between her and Shahrukh.
In fact, their whole love story/romance didnt touch me either. Preity and Shahrukh in Veer-Zara touched me.. that was epic. I didnt feel the same way with Shahrukh and Katrina. They touched and kissed a lot most the time they were together, even that didnt make me all fuzzy inside (and trust me, i get all soppy and emotional over the tinest thing). I do have to say though, Katrina looked very beautiful in the movie! As Samar said, she looked like a Pari lol
The movie was too long, it dragged a bit. The whole thing was a bit incoherent.. their love story could have been captured and shown in a better way.. There was just something missing.
Anushkha on the other hand, i felt was brilliant! Which is why i preferred the second half of the movie to the first. Yes, she might have been lively and over the top but i actually preferred watching her with Shahrukh than Katrina and watching her scenes overall.  
Apart from SAANS and CHALLA, the music was a dissapointment too, which didnt help.
Had the movie been shorter, the script stronger/overall more coherent, had someone else played Katrina's part, with more of Anushka  and better music, i would have definately enjoyed it more.
For me, the best thing about the movie was Shahrukh and Anushka.
Im a huge Yash Chopra, Shahrukh, Katrina and generally romantic movie fan, but sadly, i have to admit, JTHJ didnt turn out how i expected it to be. Thats just my opinion of course.. maybe because i was expecting it to be an epic love story and so much more.  
Im glad a lot of people enjoyed it though Smile

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Karan. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 4:14pm | IP Logged

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you2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
Girish Johar?@girishjohar

Yesterday in Gurgaon JTHJ got 21.25lacs despite less shows & SOS collected 20.17lacs !!

Suniel Wadhwa?@sunielwadhwa

*Central India* - # JTHJ - Tue - 32.25 Wed - 62. Thur- 44.85 # SOS - Tue - 35.75 Wed-77.65. Thur - 63.62.

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