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farahuv Newbie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 1:13am | IP Logged
woohhh amazng...i really lykd the sisters part...goooddd job keep it up

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pia.raha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 1:28am | IP Logged
maine mar di like button to bhej dena mujhe pmLOL andd mujhe basant naam bohut pasand aaya!!!!!!! watng for apna udayy!!!!!!!!!Smile

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-The_Tomboy- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anam Ali

Amazming Part GowriClapClapClap

So Dekpur Production shuru hogaya great news CongratsHug
Loved the beginning scene of 3 sister Gowri, Sona and Ria
Moniya ki entry same as Dek please yeh co passenger Majnu na ho I got a feeling it is
J aur Jagaat ka rishtha karwadenah although Brij hates him doesnt matter no1 cares about his opinionLOL
Moniya bani safaai walhi againLOL loved the ending acha soap paani girah on J I change my mind Jagaat is too nice for her J ko Majnu keh saat pair kardenah,,,, now I'm sure mall worker is majnu and them hideous shoes LOL
The whole story is reminding me of DEK great job
Cont Soon
Thanks mummy!! glad u liked it!!
See the next epi u wll laugh like hell!!!
Mera bhi favourite tha woh wala!!
Woh passenger fortunately ya unfortunately majnu hain!! haan par ab mein J ko jagat ko use nahi karne doongi mummy!!
Brij se sabki purani dushmani hain!
Haan phirse safaai waali! aur bichari J last rime ganda paani is time accha wala!!
Thanks mummy!!
Jaroor cont soon karenge!

anushruthi Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 7:04am | IP Logged
so dekpur production shuru 
yaaay ClapClap
its gonna be a Hit 
Moniya entry was same as in DEK 
the three sisters part was good 
please cont soon 
and dont 4get 2 PM me !!
pari.prisha Senior Member

Joined: 27 October 2012
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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
superb Gowri
liked the 3 sisters part
do continue soon 
please pm me 
MAHI1198 Goldie

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
-RK_Ki_Biwi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 June 2012
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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 11:49am | IP Logged
                                  Gangs of dekpur production
                  DEK : APUN KA STYLE!! 

               Episode 2: The tapori encounter ! Wink

"Oye kalmoohi madam!! Idhar to dekh!!"Evil Smile

And to this jai turns to see moniya and gets shocked to see her throwing dirty soap water on her!!

"Youuu!!! CHEAP, GANWAR!!! Managerr!!!! I want him here now!!" Shouts jai.Angry

"Babes cool down pls cool down!!" Says one of her friends.Embarrassed

"COOL DOWN??? HOW CAN I COOL DOWN!!!!" Shouts jai.Angry

By that time the manager comes and sees what happens.Confused

"Maam I am sorry maam she is new to the job" said the manager.Cry

"Sooo?? Call the police!! Mein tumhara. Mall bandh karwaadoongi!!" Says jai angrily.Angry

"No maam pls mein isse kaam se nikal doonga" says the manager.Disapprove

"Oye meine kuch nahi kiya samjha na tu!!" Shouts moniya.Angry

Just then Akash arrives and asks moniya what happened.Confused She tells him everything and he goes to manager.

"No akash pls" says the manager.

"Sir" says akash..Disapprove

"No, aur tum you are fired!! I am sorry maam" says the manager to moniya and then to jai.

"Mein kyun jaoon mein nahi jaane waali haan nahi toh!!" Says moniya.

Then the security guards come and throw her out. There akash meets her.

"I am sorry moniya jo bhi hua" says akash.Disapprove

"Arre nahi tum maafi kyun maangte ho? Jo bhi hua us ghamandi ki wajah se hua!! Arre haan ye tumhari file!! Ab mein chalti hoon!" And she goes away.
Scene shifts to the rajmahal where jai is in her car and then accidentally hits a scooty.LOL

"Hey you are you blind!??" Shouts jai at the girl.Angry

"Blind mein nahi tum ho!! Tumhari gaadi mere peeche thi!" Says the girl.Wink

She was neatly dressed with her plaited towards the side. She was wearing a cotton kurta which had half collar and sleeves till her elbow and then was wearing a multicoloured patiala with little accessories and mochi with a jhola hanging on her shoulders.

"YOU!!" Shouts jai.Angry

"Shocked well in your face!!" Says the girl who was none other than sonam. Wink

"Well well well my dearest friend is here" and a smart, handsome and dashing guy makes his entry. To this jai rolls her eyes.Wacko 

"Aagaye tum kamine!!" Says sonam.ROFL Blushing 

"Aagaya re meri jhalli!" Says the guy.ROFL Wink 

"Oye hoyeee! Humme bhool gaye!!" Says a voice from behind.

"Never ever furri and ria" he says.

"Accha hain warna tu na hospital mein hota" says ria.LOL

"Oye" says sonam.Embarrassed

"Ahhh" says a jealous jai and goes inside.

"Challo ab" says gowri.Smile

scene shifts to the inside of rajmahal.

"DADISAA!!!!" Shouts gowri.

" Aagaye woh log" says rajmata.Tongue

"Dadisaa mein aur ria phirse first aagaye exams mein!!" Says gowri.

"Arre wah beta ye toh bohut acchi baat hain!!" Says rajmata.Tongue

"Good morning dadisaab" says the guy and takes her blessing.Wink

"Jeete raho uday beta" says rajmata.

He was uday.Blushing Yuvraj Udayveer Singh, yuvraj of jaigarh.Day Dreaming A player and the best friend of sonamBlushing  whose parents were closely related to rajmata. Embarrassed

" I am so happy that uday beta ki aap humare ghar ke bete hi nahi damad bhi hain" says rajmata and uday looks with pride. Smile

Scene shifts to the chawl where moniya tells her father everything and then goes to sleep. Sleepy

The next morning moniya goes to the mall to return the uniform and get the salary of one day. She goes to the manager who was near the shoe shop. 

"Sir" she calls. But he sees her but still goes inside the shoe shop.

"Sir mujhe mere ek din ki tankha chahiye sir" she says.

"Tumne jo kiya uske baad nahi milegi tankha" he says.

"Matlab aap tankha nahi doge?" She asks him.Ouch

"Nahi! Kya karlogi tum?" He says.

"Accha theeke" says moniya.Evil Smile

She picks up those pair of sandals which were the main cause for the fight and goes away from there.

"Ae ruk" the manager tells but she does not stop.

Outside there near a fountain she sees a girl wishing and so she too wishes to becum a rajkumari.Embarrassed

Scene shifts to the rajmahal where sonam comes for work and ria and gowri come along. Sonam works as an assistant to Doctor saheb and takes care of all the accounts.

Ria is the designer and event organiser and organises every event be a press meet or party.Party

And gowriHug has nothing to do as she is still a student but sometimes designs sarees for 'their' aunty komal but komal aunty doesn't ask to design much.Embarrassed

"Ye kaam kabhi khatam nahi hoga tera" says uday to sonam.Wink

"Haan yaar sonu chal na mujhe jaana hain" says ria.

"Aur haan choti toh already so gayi hain udhar dekh" says uday and points to a deewan in the room where sonam was working.LOL

"Arre haan aaj na usne kaam kiya padhai ke saath! Usne aunty komal ke liye press meet ke liye ek saari design ki issiliye padthe padthe so gayi" says sonam.Smile

"Ye ladki bhi na!! Challo mein bhi hotel ja raha hoon chod doonga tum sab ko raste par hi toh hain" says uday.

"Nahi re baba!! Woh j kamini phir bhonkegi kutte ki tarah!!" Says ria.LOL

"Arre beta tumlog abhi tak nahi gaye??" Says rajmata who comes to the room.

"Nahi dadisaa bas ab nikal rahe hain" says sonam.Smile

"Aise kaise?? Raat bohut ho chuki hain! Uday bete kya tum apne doston ko unke ghar chod doge?" Says rajmata.Smile

"Hum toh yahi keh rahe the par ye maan hi nahi rahe!" Says uday.

"Arre haan toofan kahan gayi?" Asks rajmata.

"Woh so gayi dadisaa!!" Says ria.LOL

"Issiliye rajmahal itna shaant hain." Says rajmata and tells sonam not to go alone and goes away.

"Uth jaa furru!!" Ria violently shakes gowri resulting in her falling off from the deewan.ROFL

"Kyun uthaya veeru!!" Shouts gowri.Angry

"Kyunki ghar jaana hain!" Says ria.Evil Smile

"Ab chale yuvrajsa?" Asks sonam.Embarrassed

"Challo!!" Says uday and go to his car.

Sonam sits in the front and gowri and ria at the back.Day Dreaming

And after uday arrive they drive off.

Uday and sonam talk about something and ria and gowri fall asleep. Sleepy

"Waise hum batana bhool gaye u look beautiful today sonam" says uday.Blushing 

"Tum bhi kuch kam handsome nahi lag rahe uday." Says sonam.Blushing

They reach the house and sonam wakes both her sisters and then gets down. By that time gowri and ria had already gone inside.Tongue

When sonam is going after telling uday bye she feels someone stopping her and turns to see that uday has caught her hand.Dancing 

"Arre uday kal baat karenge na! Ab mujhe jaana hain" says sonam.Embarrassed

"Itni jaldi kya hain jhalli" says uday.Wink

"Mein bhi kuch kaam handsome nahi dikh raha se kya matlab hain tumhara? Kya hum har din handsome nahi dikhta??" Asks uday going close to her.

"Dikhta hain na bas mere saamne tu dheela padh jataa hain!" Says sonam and runs away.

"Jhalli" says uday shaking his head and drives off! 
                           be continued...

So guys how was it??Tongue Good enough?? WinkWell I got little time so I wrote it in like 30 minutes!!Embarrassed Hope it was good!Smile Well here sonam and uday's relationship is really very different!! She likes him and he too! Well u must have noticed some changes! Love ya all! Hug Do comment they mean a lot!Smile Well signing off the cast and crew!!
             Gangs of Dekpur!! Cool

Episode writer: gowri aka furru bhai aka furfuri! 
P.S.:- Guys me only the postmaker of this FF n credit goes to Gowri aka Furfuri.Hug but these emos added by me...LOL 
                      LOVE U ALLHug
           Vasishtha aka Sonam (Postmaker)
           Gowri aka Furfuri (Writer).Hug

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Amazing Part Gowri Bacha
Moniya threw dirty water on J thats great she deserves it
Majnu bhi agaya really want u guys to pair him with J ... Moniya got fired from job same as the show... yahaan  bhi Akash ki file denah aiyi
Sona Bacha one complaint from you J ko eh thappad marnah chahiye tha... Sonaveer are best friends what nick name kamina and jhalliROFL luved Ria bacha dialogue if UV ever forgrt them he will end up in hospital... Gowri Bacha aapko Dadisa kuch zydah he pyaar hai met her first aur itni achi khabar bhi sunayi u and Ria came 1st welldone very proud of u guys... now I'm confused Rajmata said Uday is there damad so hes gna with J they havent found Manyata yet... This time Akash didnt buy the sandals for Moniya she took them herself... the same wishing well scene now Moniya will become Manyata... Sona you work in Mahal along with Doctor saab woh bhi accounts job amazing.. Ria designer  aur Gowri student... while studying Gowri fell asleep luved all the dialogues sogayi isliye Rajmahal shaant hai.. Ria woke gowri up... UV dropped all 3 home Sona ki dream poori hogayi Sonaveer scene were great both praising each other so cute..
Luved all the dialogues very cute and funny
Cont Soon

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