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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:42am | IP Logged
                                                     Hola Friends Hug

                                  Thank you Teju for opening the thread

                             Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Meena. 

                                        Have a wonderful year ahead.

                                                Always stay Blessed. 

                                               Lots of love and hugs. 

                                  Happy Diwali to all my dear friends 


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anurao.66 IF-Rockerz

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More than how long you live, I hope you count the smiles and happiness

 that you've brought in other people's lives. I hope you have

 meaningful, fulfilled Birthday!

From the heaps and piles of good wishes and Birthday gifts that you

 might have received today, you will be able to see my wishes shining

 from the very far. Pick that out first! And yes, have a blast of a



May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here's hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead. Best wishes on Diwali and New year.

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Meena, have a great one!!

I loved tonight's episode yes Sheetal's track did come to an abrupt end but it was for the best. Sheetal's track was damaging to the show, it started off with a lot of potential but the moment the CVs started toying with Arnav's character by showing him have an emotional connection to this woman things went downhill. Fortunately, towards the end we got our ASR back, one who used his shaatir dimaag to expose Sheetal and how!. ASR's dimaag was not the only in use here, Bua and Manorama both noted very obvious facts about Sheetal be it why she called Arnav or her miraculous recovery -- too good!

So Sheetal is finally exposed to all and I have to hand it to the CVs for the way they handled this, yes it was rushed but they made sure to close any loopholes that would have left us with more questions than answers. It is now confirmed she trained Aarav, tampered the reports, Aarav's diabetes, everything was made clear in this episode. I am happy that the family is now aware of what Khushi was going through and happily looked on when Khushi got her revenge by delivering one tight slap to Sheetal! Go Khushi go, pull the chudail's hair out too!! Ok things didn't get that far but justice for Khushi nonetheless whose emotions were taken for a ride

Aarav, it was known he would be staying at RM as this family would never have the heart to let him go specifically Khushi who as expected stopped him from leaving. While I would have loved for Anjali to be the one to adopt Aarav, I am ok with Khushi and Arnav being the adoptive parents as this may be the closest we ever come to seeing these two with a family of their own.

Now to Barun, I wish him nothing but the best the guy deserves it. For a year and a half he has impacted our lives with his memorable performance as ASR, we watched him transform to an angry, arrogant man to one who opened his heart up to the most unexpected girl. He went from never believing in love to not being able to imagine his life without the most important girl in his life - Khushi. Barun may never realize this but for fans, no one could have owned this role the way he did. He is one actor who has a bright future ahead of him. Good luck Barun!!

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--sumana13-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 11:45am | IP Logged

    Thank you for opening the New Adda Teju...

           Seasons Greetings to all Addaites...



      Happy birthday to you Meenakshi...

Thumbs UpJust a few points that I loved in today's episode...Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Thumbs UpArnav had already planned it in his mind ...main sab kuch theek kar doonga...

Thumbs Up.. he waited for Aakash .. for not only wishing to see Arav again...but also growing up happily ...

Thumbs Up... he waited for Maamiji to say .. how she hated saying bye bye after hugging arav...

Thumbs Up... he waited for Khushi to want to keep Arav in the family ...

Thumbs Up...he waited for Nani to declare that Arav had so become a part of the Raizada family.. that he could not leave them now... 

Thumbs Up... he waited for Aasha didi to tell them that if they wished to keep Arav it would only be after legal adpotion...

Thumbs Up...only after everyone agreed did he agree to adopt Arav into the Raizada family...

Thumbs Up... he also kept in mind the little kids wish too... he let him have the last word..." agar tum hamein mom -dad banana chaho toh"...

Thumbs Up...naturally the kid was super happy to stay with them...

My only advice to them would be to leave the kid for some time enjoy the mothering instincts of mami ji. nani ji, Anjie 


     and leave the two love birds for a Honey moon... 

       A Very Happy Diwali to Arnav and Khushi...      


buraayi kaa anth iss diwali...

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Erika1 Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by RitJ26

Res Tongue

How d'ya like Sheetal now NK?! Cool

Originally posted by Erika1

OH, IF anyone wants this spot, could you pm me, I was angry and accidentally reserve on page one.Cry  

aww why are you angry Hug

Just write about your anger in your spot Wink

Oh I am angry because this track is so lame, couldn't they have written a better one, and that too when they know the current male-lead actor was leaving, I wanted to see them romancing instead I will see them parenting, can they send the child to boarding school already. LOL

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amimus Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:32pm | IP Logged

Happy Diwali to all . May this year bring you happiness and prosperity .


A decent episode. Sheetal revelation to the family was done pretty fast , and it got wrapped in one episode. Now why does this track feel hurried , is it because Barun is leaving hence had to wind it up. What will be the next track and I am waiting to see how do they show the exit of Barun as ASR. As we know most of us will stop watching the show once BS shoots his last episode, but I will continue watching this show as I fell in love with the characters of Arnav and Khushi .

Yes I can never imagine anyone else than BS as ASR , so maybe they might kill off ASR and bring in a new man in Khushi's life which is going to be difficult . Or maybe they might show a leap with Aarav 20 yrs old and a whole new story . Well this is all speculations for the story . I sure want to enjoy the episodes till BS is there and thereafter will see if the story does interest me or else will say Bye Bye Masalaama .


Sheetal was there only for Money , I had expected so much more than this , but alas I am once again disappointed.Sheetal managed to manipulate her way bcoz Khushi was insecure in spite of ASR repeatedely telling her to trust him. She did but once again when Arnav started changing his attitude towards Sheetal , Khushi once again started thinking the other way . This track was for Khushi's growth but do we see it happening , well let's hope so .


Not much to write about the episode as it was very straight forward. I felt very bad for the poor Aarav , a child used by an evil woman for bad purposes. But well as was expected Arhi adopt the child.


I am surely gonna miss BARUN SOBTI in ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON . Have lived with his ASR from past 1.5 years and its going to be very difficult not seeing him on TV screen daily at 8 PM .

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Shegarf71 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
Some of you suggested reposting my write up from ADDA Nov.9th...aapka Hukum sarakhon par!!

Originally posted by Shegarf71

MY SAHELIS,JALEBI AND PAKODA...Hug.Sab ko bahut miss kiya!!HAPPY DEEPAWALI LAKDIS!!Updated..for last two episodes and will keep doing so till the end of IPK...jab tak hai jaan...Jane jahan main IPK ke baare mein likhoongi!!Hug 

Inspired by Ritz's Auction...tried my own hand at keeping it light!!LOL

S.H.A.A.T.I.R.     V/s.    S.H.E.E.T.A.L!!!

He has awoken is time...
The time is up...for Ms.Sheetal Kapur!!

You don't put your hand into the Lions mouth and leave unscathed!!

Shegarf Rating Scale for Episode moments dated 8th and 9th Nov.2012...

             Chumma Lele Moments.                                Thappad Dede Moments.
            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Are you mad Khushi?!                                               Aarav aapka beta hai!

It's not possible!                                                           Aarav Ko aapki Zaroorat hai!

Main aur Sheetal itne  Kareeb Kabhi             Khushi shows DNA report to ASR
Nahin the!                                                          
Mujhpe kiska kitna haq hai..                                      Uska Haq banta hai aap par!
Mujhe mat batao!!        
I know it!

Aap mujhse Milne aayenge na,ASR?               Arnav,hum kal ja rahe hain!Thank 
Actually aap ke siva mera koi friend.               You sab ke liye!  
Nahin hai!
Dobara Kabhi yeh nahin kehna ke tum.                     
akele ho!

Pause:This hug between ASRand.                       Sheetal watching them hug with
Aarav so touching!!Reminded me so much.      a warm expression!!
Of Lavanya and ASR when Khushi was Watching
Them hug...and she realized she's crying!!

Ab kya?Wahi karenge Jo sahi hai!
We'll find out!                                                                 Sheetal...sab bhool jao!Blah...
Agar tum mere saath ho!                                            blah...sob...sob...Mai tum se 
HUMESHA!                                                                   milna bhi nahin chahti thi!LIAR!

Sheetal!Khushi ne mujhe Aarav                           Aarav sirf mera beta hai!woh 
Ke baare mein  bataya!                                           Arnav Ko bhool jayega!Tum aur 
It doesn't make any sense!                                      Khushi saath rehna!(who asked
                                                                                            u,Sheetal!) Ko tumse koi                                 Aarav is my life!usse mujhse mat 
nahin cheen raha hai.                                               Cheeno!!
Baat ab Zaroorat ki nahin hai,
Khushi!Main Aarav aur Sheetal 
Ko yahaan nahin rukne de sakta!                         Aur Aarav?by Khushi!!

I promise main sab theek kardoonga!                  Hmmm...Khushi response!!
Tumhein Bharosa hai mujhpar?

Hum aap ke Khushi ke liye koi bhi.                        Jab tak hum yahaan hai..aap 
Dard lene Ko taiyaar hain!                                      Aarav Ko Kabhi sweekar nahin
                                                                                           Kar paenge!humme jaana hoga!

Khushi turning back to kiss him.                          Humme jaana hoga!Khushi to
Goodbye!Remembering her promise.                 ASR!!Aarav ke liye!
to never leave Arnav!

ASR holding dupatta saying..                              Yeh Jo kuch bhi hua college mein..
Ja rahi ho?!Tumhe kya laga?                             Right after she says...humme 
Tum chupchap chali jaogi aur sab theek.           Bharosa hai..poora vishwaas hai!
ho jayega?

Lets say ke yeh sab sach hota..                            DNA ki jaanch se Aarav aapka
Toh mujhe chod ke chali  jaogi?                             Beta hai!ab aur kya pata karna 
Khushi:hugs and says...
Humein nahin patta!Humme kuch nahin             Sheetal:Tum yeh sab jaanke kya
Pata!                                                                           Karoge?tumne bahut pi rakhi thi!!

ASR:Mujhe pata hai!Agar tum koshish.          Main poori tarha toot chukki thi!!
Bhi karogi..toh bhi humein alag nahin.                Graduation nite pe hum itne paas
kar paogi!                                                                     the ki humari saansein...


ASR:Lekin mujhe safai ki Zaroorat                 Sheetal:Mujhe kuch nahin chaiye! 
Hai!Main aisa ladka tha hi nahin!                        Nahin tumhari help na paisa!!
Agar aisa kuch hua hota toh mujhe.                     Who offered?#%#^^>>you!!
Pata hota!

Khushi meri zindagi mein Jo kuch.                        Main apne bacche Ko abort nahi
bhi hoga..tumhare saamne hoga!                            karoongi!I will raise my child just 
Mujhe har kadam pe tumhare.                                  a single mother...
saath ki zaroorat padhegi!

R u gonna be with me?                                         Lekin Sheetalji!!Aarav Ko Arnavji
                                                                                        ki zaroorat hai!!

ASR:Mujhe nahin lagta ke Aarav.                   Khushi trying to stop Sheetal from
Mera beta hai!!                                                        leaving!Aap Aarav Ko Arnavji se
                                                                                        alag nahin kar sakti!
Arnav's expressions while processing 
Sheetal's story...
Wat!That doesn't make any sense!                 Khushi after Sheetal falls..yeh sab
It's not possible!                                                       humari galati hai!!
Arnav stopping Sheetal from saying..             Sheetal survives fall!
Humari saansein!!...that's only for
Arnav and Khushi!Sacred!!                                 Nani stopping Sheetal from going!
Sheetal:Nahin,Khushi!Aarav Ko Arnav ki.    Shee:yeh sab chalna phirna I can't 
Zaroorat nahin hai!                                                 do this!
Hum ab bahut din yahaan reh
Chukke hain!Humme jaana hoga!!                      NK:Dont worry Khushiji!Main hu
                                                                                          na!Main Sheetalji ka acche se
ASR's expressions when Khushi.                      Khayal rakhoonga!!En tu,Brutus!
Tries to stop Sheetal!!
Sheetal falls!!                                                             ASR:Aarav kahan hai?
Khushi saves Aarav from falling!                       Khushi:Chodiye Sheetalji..Arnavji
Khushi does not save Sheetal from                    usse dekh lenge!Why?Plan in 
falling!                                                                            Action?

Sheetal saying..yeh sab meri.                                Aap bahut bure ho...I hate u!!
wajaa se hua ,sab meri galati hai! 
ASR's expressions when doctor.                        The reveal of Sheetal THE BAD 
Was checking and recommending                         GIRL!!
Treatment for Sheetal...Shaatir!     

ASR:STAY!!and walking away!                         Khushi:Arnavji itne khush!Beta 
                                                                                           paane ki khushi mein...kahin 
Arnav:Khushi Im sorry!Kuch time.                       bte ke saath ma Ko apnane ka      
Tak mujhse koi sawaal mat                                      khayal toh nahin!
poochna!                                                                         Khushi thinking ASR actually 
                                                                                            Cares for Sheetal!
Khushi:Na Aapke liye humara.                
Pyaar kum hua vishwaas.                           Sheetal expecting Sabbar ka 
Hatta hai!                                                                        meetha phal!!its coming!!
ASR:Tum aise Kaisi ho sakti ho!!                          Well done,Sheetal indeed!
Khushi:Aapke waje se!!

Khushi trying to make Sheetal                                 Khushi:Accha hain!Aakhir 
walk she gets better.                            Arnavji Ko unke English filmo
and leaves!!                                                                     jaisi koi ladki toh milli!Aargh!

Everyone saying bye to our                                      Sheetal thinking of money only!
Payash!!We will miss u guys!!                                   Aarav is a strong boy!woh
Mamiji's reactions to Payal!                                     theek hai!Accha hai Khushi!
                                                                                               In sab ki aadat dhal do!aargh!
Aarav's reveal to ASR!!
ASR facial expressions.                                              Sheetal picking up ASR's 
during Aarav Arnav convo!!                                       Phone!!how dare u!

The cuteness and innocence 
of Aarav!!His pain at being
rejected!ASR's realization 
Aarav being used by Sheetal!!

I'm sorry Aarav!I shud've known!
Par ab main sab theek kardunga!
Everything will be alright!!
A promise made both to Khushi
and now to Aarav!

ASR surprise!!
ASR pretending to care for Sheetal 
And his expressions when promising to 
Make up for his past mistakes!!
How I loved his face in this scene!!
Also,ASR trying to keep Khushi
On her toes by pretending to
care for Sheetal and Aarav!!
He enjoys that so much!

Loved the Guptas!Buaji,Amma!!
Welcome back,ladies!!
Loved Buaji..Arnav ki Saheli!!
Kapde dekh kar toh kaunu
Majhboori nahin laagat hai!!

Khushi caring for Aarav and
noticing lack of care on Sheetal's

ASR:Bas kuch ghante aur,Sheetal!!...

Can't wait!! go,my man!Sheetal...u just go away!!

Thankswa for reading My Sahelis!!Hug

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Hkrajan IF-Dazzler

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book marking Big smile

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