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12/11 Dragon Club: Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho (Page 32)

InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Good night Kirthi...Happy Diwali!!Hug

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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
A very nice episode. The perfect end to a long stressful day.
The brothers bonding at the start of the episode was nice. It's been a while since we've seen all three together sharing some lighthearted moments. Yash then starts with some poetry, showcasing his romantic side which was kept hidden since Arpita's death but somehow Aarti has managed to evoke those feeling in him again. Prateek even draws it to his attention saying that Aarti has changed him into being romantic only for Yash to teasingly pull his ears as he is still isn't ready to publicly admit it. Their teasing session turns into a drooling session when they spot their respective wives and standing lost in their beauty. Forgetting their surroundings, they are drawn towards their significant others only for SP and Gayatri to notice and stall them. It was a nice, light family moment with Sp putting the men on the spot whilst their wives smiled and laughed at their plight especially since they got their story wrong and was fumbling pretty badly.
The scene shifts to the Dubeys where Shobha is going to the temple for KC puja. Prashant insists on Dubeyji going and even makes the mistake of calling him Bauji, which Ansh picks up on. Dubeyji eventually agrees leaving Ansh and Prashant to spend some time together. When they leave Ansh says he is hungry so Prashant says he will make noodles for him, slipping once again by mentioning that he will make better noodles than Aarti since he taught her. This slip is once again caught by Ansh who questions and causes Prashant to realise and change his words. To me, Prashant seems as though he is trying to compete with all that Aarti has done and it's as though he is putting Ansh in a position where he has to choose between his mom and friend but i'm glad that so far Ansh is not swaying too much as he defends his mom's cooking.
Back at Scindia mansion Gayatri receives praises about her three daughters in law which irks Bua as none of the guests seems bothered by the daughter of the house ie her. The scene then shifts to Yash recording Aarti as she speaks to different guests. She notices him and realises the camera is on her but each time she looks at him directly, he cutely looks away or pretends to record something else. Aarti plays along with him and suddenly disappears from his view, causing him to blatantly move the camera in search of her until she suddenly appears in front of him. She tells him she knows what he is recording only for him to tell her that he is recording the decorations. She doesn't buy that and teases him further asking about the weather since it is their private joke. I think this scene was symbolic as the camera never left Aarti. Initially the recordings were done secretly and during the song sequence, it remained a secret until Yash was caught and Aarti just posed for the recording, showing her comfort and acceptance. Similarly, if we look at their current life, Yash is like Aarti's shadow, quietly observing her and waiting for her to just give that one pause where she reveals her past so that they can face that hurdle and move foward with their present.
Pankaj-Vidhi and Prateek-Paridhi dance while Yash records their performance, with Aarti sitting at his side. When they are finished, Yash and Aarti take centre stage with Aarti circling Yash, who can't seem to get enough of her. It reminds me of the scene for Palak's birthday party where Aarti was excitedly telling him of the birthday plans while circulating around him. When she stops, her pallu gets stuck in his watch, showing that they are bound to each other. It could also be a loop closure to the suhaag raat scene where her dupatta got stuck on his sleve and she yanked it off hurriedly whilst today he untangles it slowly as if wishing the moment could last longer.
Back at the Dubeys Prashant feeds Ansh and in between ends up falling over in pain and finally going unconscious. Ansh is visibly shaken by the turn in events but uses his mind to call his mom. Bua answers but Ansh has already put it down as no one was answering. The next person he thinks to call is none other than Yash, who has left his phone with Pankaj. Pankaj gives the phone to Aarti the same time Ansh calls and asks her to come over as his friend has fallen and is not moving. Aarti then realises that Prashant is staying at the Dubeys. I don't even want to think what would have happened if Yash had gotten the call and the pieces of Aarti's past started to fall into place.
Looking foward to the next episode and Happy Divali to everyone.

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
Good Morning All...

@Indu: Happy Diwali Pal Hug

Wow that was one incredible take Clap Clap Clap Clap...aww what a bittersweet paragraph in the beginning, yes our Yash babu can't get enough of his beautiful wife but the events that are heading their way are going to make him pull back a little yet still holding on Ouch

Yash's trial by fire is about to begin and this is one test that he will not want to fail, knowing the perfectionist that he is...He'll analyze every aspect of their relationship and even though his head gonna tell him that he has no rights because of the way he treated her during his Arpita's days. His heart won't let him give up so easily, I can't wait to see a jealous Yash in action WinkBig smile

Oh my poor Aarti is gonna have to face a crowd of angry mobs when the truth about P comes out but i really hope they give here the benefit of the doubt and let her explain herself Ermm 

As for P more than missed his flight, it was cancelled...there'e no going back, he needs move on...Plus no matter how much he tries he will never be Ansh's papa...only his uncle "friend"

@Priya: Great take my friend Clap Clap

@Samana: Ahem what's up with everyone trying to hug my sly fox SP? ConfusedAngryTongue

True the precap could be misleading but I don't think so, Ansh did call Aarti and told her to come quick...Maybe Shoba & Dubey return before and they call Aarti after Ansh tells them abt the call he places to her and they tell her that it was a false alarm and that ansh was just trying to get her over there cause he misses her Dead Ermm

@Maham: same here I thought that Yash's confession would be next week Friday but after seeing how things are going, I say that his confession is til next year and that on the 200th episode the divorce lie is coming out...Poor Aarti is in for another emotional roller coaster ride and she'll be taking us along with her  OuchCryCry

@Kirthi: Fantatsic take Dear Clap Clap Clap...So true we took 3 steps forward where aarYa are concerned but when the truth abt P comes out we'll be back to scare one again which means that she took 10 steps backwards Unhappy


@Meena: Wow you nailed it the lack of communication between AarYa is what give outside forces to come between them and create MU...as for the Dubeys I really don't know what they are thinking these days to leave Ansh and P alone was just wrong on so many levels.

I was shocked why couldn't Shobha do the puja at home was so urgent that she had to go to the temple? Confused

@Saf: Lovely take as ever Sweetie Clap Clap 

@Anituram: Beautiful take Clap Clap Clap

Gotta go and if I forgot to reply to anyone, i'm really sorry but gotta go see some bald cuties...You guys have a great day! Remember every problem has a solution Smile


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saf24 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 March 2011
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
@ Zet: Thanks. Hope u have a great day ahead. Do enjoy it to the fullest Hug

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ssroomani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 11:23pm | IP Logged

Hi all!    Smile  Happy Diwali!    Hug    Have been very busy, so on stalker mode the since Friday, but now things are settling down, so hope to have more time for DC! Tongue

Yesterday's episode was good.  The story moved, albeit, slowly to Aarti discovering about P and his cancer.   The scene at Scindia house was nice, with all the three couples doing eyeCON with each other...LOL..I should say 4 couples because even Papa and Mama S were not far behind their sons and bahus!  ROFL  But that part where Gayatri burst into song was not needed...I collapsed on the sofa laughing when that happened!  ROFL   Yash trying to record Aarti all the time was cute ...Embarrassed...one could feel the romance in the air!   Yash is deffo in love...Blushing

Poor  Maya...Ouch...she was feeling so left out of all the festivities because she does not have a CON partner...it is rather sad in a way...no wonder she is so bitter at times.  Confused As the years go by, each festival seem to be bringing more and more couples in front of her doing all the rituals...she must be feeling really lonely!   Her Heylllo, Heyllo was hilarious...it cracked me up!  LOL  ROFL

Today I feel really angry with the Dubeys!  Angry  What the heck were they thinking of, leaving Ansh alone at home with Prashant?  Angry  Even if one considers that Shobha has changed and does not care for Aarti anymore, what about her responsibility in the situation per se?  Confused  Does one leave a child of five or six years with a terminally ill cancer patient who could collapse anytime and go out?  Angry Could she not have done the KC puja at home?   I could have strangled the Dubeys then and there for being so heartless!   I also found it strange that the Dubeys were not invited to the Scindia mansion for KC puja...Ermm...that would have made sure Ansh was also present with the other kids.  

I loved the fact that Ansh decided to call his real home when Prashant collapsed...not the Dubeys! Smile  He could easily thought of his Bade Papa since he was in their house, but he called his mumma and then when the call was not answered, decided to call his Yash papa!    Really happy to see that Ansh thought of his superman papa for help, not the Dubious Dubeys Angry!  

From the precap, it looks like Aarti left the KC puja half-way and went to Dubey house...will she feel sorry for Prashant and so agree to the BMT without telling Yash?  Shocked Or will Yash follow her to the Dubey house and come to know of everything?   Also possible that he comes to pick up Aarti but the truth still remains hidden from him...  ..if that happens, it is going to hurt that much more when he actually finds out!  Ouch

I read a few posts in the previous DC yesterday where it was discussed that Yash knows about P already.   Is that possible?  Confused I find it strange that if he knows, he does not say anything to anyone...and does not even suspect his Lalitpur friend to be P...Confused...this is one show where everything is unpredictable!!

Will be back in an hour or so to read the DC...sigh, I wish a day had more than 24 hours! Tongue


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lulujjjj IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 June 2012
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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
@Samana   Vo ishq hi kya jisme tadpan na ho,
                      What is the love which has no painful yearning?

                       Vo ulfat hi kya jisme jalan na ho,
                       What is the attachment which has no jealousy?

        Parvana shama par jalke fana hone mein hi khush hota   hain
       The moth is only happy when it is destroyed, burning in the flame.

Thanks for this shayari actually i was going to write it down but you did it awesome liked it.HeartHugDay Dreaming

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ssroomani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 2:04am | IP Logged

Finished reading at last...piece by piece with all the disturbances...but now I can eat lunch in peace!  Tongue

@Samana:    Beautiful write-up, especially the part about Prashant and Yash!  You said everything that needed to be said! Clap

@anitu:   Great synopsis!   Loved it!   Pls continue.

Gosh, the LU is hilarious!   I wish I could be here for an LU sometime...LOLROFL

@Jyo:  Hope you are back soon...Ouch..will make do with your short takes until then...

@Ria and Asha:  Enjoyed your discussion on Yash thinking Aarti fell in love with him on rebound...that is an interesting perspective which I never thought of!    The DC is very enlightening, I must say! Smile

@Samana and aimf:   You never fail to surprise me with your symbolisms...I never see all of these when I watch the episode, just some here an there...but when I rewatch after reading your takes, the whole thing takes on a new meaning!   Tongue

@Kirthi:   Loved your write-up, especially the random thought no.1.    And I am also waiting for Boa's story! Wink

@anonee:  Great take as usual, very different from everyone else!  And what you copy-pasted from the earlier DC is interesting too...I am also a bit puzzled by Aarti at times...Confused

@Indu:  Beautiful as usual...especially this part ---- "Yash may not distrust Aarti's motives...but he will be insecure of her feelings...He will be hurt...very very very hurt...and he will be scared. If he could never really let go of Arpita even after he felt attracted toward Aarti, how can he be sure that Aarti's feelings toward Prashant are dead and not dormant? Yash will have to live through this period of uncertainty."  I love your way with words!

@Priya, Maham, anitu, Saf, Zet, Pearl  and anyone else I might have missed (sorry!) :  Good discussions!   Today's DC though only 32 pages had more matter to read...and to think about!  Star

BTW, I am in queue for a hug from Papa S too...he was my favorite of the episode!  LOL Embarrassed

I watched the repeat at 1 pm today and I had read some of the takes at that time...what I felt really standing out in the episode is the calm in everyone's behaviour...

Aarti with the Prashant sword hanging over her head is her best at teasing her hubby...

Paridhi with the murder guilt, smiles and dances seemingly without any care or trouble...

Gayatri even bursts into a song...and is very lenient on Paridhi...

Dubeys go off to the temple leaving Prashant and Ansh alone...

The Calm before the Storm!

PS:  One thing I noticed on repeat of the episode...in the precap, Yash has his phone with him and he doesn't look that disturbed when Bua makes her comment...does anyone think Aarti told him before leaving?   Not the truth, but something like Ansh called...and she gave his phone back to him?   Just a thought...Ermm   but then I don't know if Yash would let her go alone if she did that!!  Confused

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 2:25am | IP Logged
Have I ever said this...I mean recently? If I haven't...then bad...bad, bad Indu!! I am so proud of all the DCians...not only for the wonderful takes and discussions and the witty rejoinders and the comic repartees and the awesome symbolisms and the fantabulous camaraderie but also for keeping this place alive at all times, even on festival occasions, when the real life engulfs everyone...There is always someone or the other who rises to the occasion and keeps things moving. It's Diwali today, yet I have just come away after reading some super-duper analyses and  thoughts and convos. Take a bow, my friends...each one of you!!! Love you...Hug

@Zet & Shobha: Thank you. Smile

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