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12/11 Dragon Club: Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho

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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Hello, everyone! This is an important announcement. In reference to the much increased activity of the DC, and the sheer volume of posts that we get every day, it was decided that we should have a few more rules to keep the thread on topic and relevant to the show. Our fabulous Viewbie, and fellow DCian, Deeps, has come up with the following. Please take them seriously because it is for the betterment of the thread and all our fun times:

Dragon club thanks all members for their patronage. We welcome every POV & opinion and are grateful for all the members, visitors , stalkers , new entrants for gracing and making DC a super hit. As we all know this thread is viewed & read by tens of thousands.The reason we are a hit is , we have dedicated to discussing the show & every nuance of the characters, story telling and the show's technical brilliance primarily. Our vision was never about the actors but the Show. With our ever expanding family , we have to make some changes to make this thread more user friendly . So here onwards , we will be implementing some new rules which will be applicable with immdeate effect.

1. There is too much spamming & chatting which r not related to the show..Avoid it please . This forum has Chat club for that purpose.

2. Too much actor praising . We have Appreciation threads for it. Members can utilize it for that purpose. This is not to say it will not be allowed here . DC members can praise our actors in terms of looks , chemistry and acting for sure but without going overboard and hopefully limited to the scope of our show Punar Vivah.

3. Please stop bringing past resume/shows discussion of the actors needlessly.

4. Absolutely no personal lives talk will be entertained anymore. If you want to discuss GC or KS's personal life , this thread  is not the place.

5. If you reserve on the first page (or even if you accidentally post there) you must fill that post with something relevant to the episode, be it a short or long take, a fiction piece, pictures or videos.

We were discussing towards the end of last week, that Yash is going to misunderstand Aarti and believe her to be in on this whole Prashant thing, and it looks more and more likely. The CVs are smart that way. They will take the hardest route to resolution and introduce as many obstacles as possible because it gives them more quality air time for the show. If they take any shortcuts to resolution then the show's shelf life is shorter, they reach the resolution sooner and then the story stagnates: it is the problem with most of the shows on TV in India and what makes the Mittals different. They have this very simple but very smart strategy, from what I have seen so far.

I made a prediction on Thursday, I think which is relevant, that Yash will think Aarti was in on the whole Prashant thing because the circumstances have just led in that direction, putting the one thing Aarti hid from him at the centre of a huge misunderstanding, as the enabler of the whole thing. From the fact that Yash met Prashant in Lalitpur and the former called Aarti his wife, to the fact that Aarti conveniently left Ansh at the Dubeys' just when Prashant needed the BMT is all going to speak against Aarti because of the one thing she hid from Yash, that she wasn't a widow, but a divorcee. So they are very cleverly showing how one lie can spiral out of control.

At this point, according to Yash's characterisation, if he found out the truth in a straight forward way, he would be hurt, but he would also get over it pretty fast, once he heard the whole story from Aarti/Dubeys. In order to introduce all the angst and passion to the Aarti-Yash story, which they are setting a back drop for with all the Johar-Barjatya-Chopra saccharine, Yash has to be hugely shaken by the truth and that can only happen if he thinks that Aarti lied to him because she still has some feelings for Prashant. Sure she fell in love with Yash when she thought Prashant didn't want her anymore...but what if he does now? Does that change things? And i don't even think the answer is totally clear for Aarti herself. Part of this is Aarti getting clear about her love for Yash, and separating it from any comparison with Prashant, which she hasn't really done so far, and part of it is Yash feeling that mad, burning passion for Aarti, along with this natural comfort, sweet infatuation and deep contentment he feels in their relationship now. His shayari was ample foreshadowing of this, I think!

They are also building the image of Aarti and Yash being everything to each other, in their completely unique circumstances. Yash's parents in an effort to get him to function after Arpita's death used blackmail and brute force (Gaya and SP, respectively) to try and get him to come out of his manic grief. Here, Aarti was the parental figure he needed, who supported his crazy actions but also mediated them to make sure he didn't put himself in too much danger. After all, a parent cannot control their kids' life completely, they can only support and guide and hope that the kid has imbibed enough of their guidance and derives enough strength from their support to make the right decisions. In short, Aarti gave Yash his space (when she was following her instincts), which was a much needed foil to his actual parents.

Similarly here, Yash is becoming a parental figure for Aarti in the opposite way, just when the guarding/guiding hand of Shobha was pulled away from Aarti's head. She sensed that abandonment during the phone call with Prashant on Friday, when she found out that instead of it being her and Shobha against Prashant, as she was always convinced it was, it was actually Shobha and Prashant against her in this complicated game of alliance and deception. Just as she questioned her world, feeling a loss of her most constant guardian, Yash stepped in, not letting her get a word in edgewise and treating her like a child who needed to be taken care of. And because he treated her like a child, she acted like one and forgot all her worries in a trice, only to be reminded the next morning. As Yash said, Aarti is ziddhi, she will insist on having her way, sometimes without too much forethought of the consequences. The Dubeys take that zidh too seriously and indulge it, which makes them fear it in the case of Prashant and the BMT. On the other hand, Yash has learned, both to respect the zidh and to override it when necessary, when he realises that Aarti herself is not looking at the bigger picture in her insistence, but in a way that she understands it. What is so sweet to think about is that he probably has good practice in this from getting into Ansh's heart!

Prashant is shaping up beautifully! I love how the desire for Ansh and his old family is creeping up on him, almost without his own knowledge. "Kash" is such a dangerous word, and a slippery slope to a justification to fight for what you lost. There was an excellent foreshadowing in today's episode where Prashant asks Ansh who makes the noodles better, mumma or friend-uncle, and Ansh replies, both. Prashant, at some point is going to make Ansh face this choice on a much bigger level, and as much as he would like to, he is not going to be able to shake the little man's loyalty to his mother, not in the case of noodles and not in the case of love!

I found the parallel that they are drawing between Yash and Prashant, really interesting. Whatever Yash had to learn through trial and error, Prashant already knows how to do right, like the gift. Yash initially bought Ansh the wrong gift, because of his experience with his girls and had to be instructed on what the right gift was, while Prashant bought Ansh a gift he loved on the first try. Yash tried to force Ansh to eat things, while Prashant asks Ansh what he wants to eat and knows just how he likes his noodles. And of course, Yash can't whistle and Prashant can. I love this irony where Prashant can do every, minute thing right on paper, and still not be Ansh's father. Being a father, or a parent really, is about instilling security and confidence in a child, something that can't be achieved through any number of gifts and similar traits.

Prashant, when it came down to it, could not care for his son today despite all these things, and shooed his parents off to the temple for selfish reasons, wanting to spend more time with Ansh, not once thinking that he was not fit to care for him. Contrast this with Yash, who without breathing a word, sent Ansh over to Aarti after he had taken that bullet so that Ansh wouldn't be afraid if he collapsed. Yash has earned Ansh's trust, while Prashant in characteristic style, is trying to charm it out of him. This is why there was no doubt in Ansh's mind as to who he should call when he found himself vulnerable, not Dubey, who was possibly closer and whose home he was in, but Scindia house, and then...Yash's cell phone. Kids will stay and socialise with anyone as long as they are happy and indulged; in that way they are remarkably flexible. But the instant they feel some discomfort, something not right, they want their parents, their safety net, with an equally formidable stubbornness that often can't be dissuaded. That is why it meant everything in the world that Ansh called Yash. It may seem like he is infatuated with, and absorbed in Prashant at the moment, forgetting all about his papa, but when the going gets tough, the CVs clearly hinted whose arms Ansh is going to go running into (insert scene from Lamhe with Ansh as Sridevi and Prahsant as Anil Kapoor...trust me, the image is deeply satisfying!).

Aaand. consider that my take for Friday and today!

PS: I totally see why it was necessary for Gayatri to be back in the spotlight! Nobody else could possibly hand out deliriously joyful blessings, rife with dramatic irony, or count chickens before they are hatched, with her panache! Big smile

PPS: That scene with the three brothers ogling their wives was hilarious! i love that as though on cue, each of the wives lowered their eyes under their respective husband's gaze. It is as though the CVs are giving us toothaches so that we beg for the angst we know they are going to throw our way once the truth comes out! Then if we complain that the show is too depressing, they will say...well you asked for it! Confused

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!


The only guidelines are:

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For the list of members please refer to the

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From now onwards everyone in this DC post who r commenting ,liking or stalking ...plsss make sure u hv done your daily 2 comments quota in these following profiles of GC and KS Embarrassed...

It will b better if we can comment on every actor's profile at least twice in a day so that all PV actors rankings can go up but make sure we r doing it regularly on GC and KS's profile at least Embarrassed...


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Thanks for DC topic

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Today's episode was good! Story finally moved a little forward as Aarthi comes to know something about Prashant's condition at least.It gave out a lot of symbolisms too.

Brother's bonding was adorable. I was mildly surprised by seeing Yash doing shairi. This only reminded me of his first meting with Arpita where she sort of challenges him to do shairi but he says he does not know, but will learn it and she is going to be his inspiration. After Arpita's death,his inspiration also went and now he does shairi only because he is completely out of Arpita land and Aarthi has become his inspiration and so it clearly indicates that he is falling in love but is in denial. Yash recording Aarthi was symbolic, he is becoming Aarthi's shadow and he does not only admire her beauty but also captures it in his camera and also makes sure that she is safe and taking care of herself. This also indicated that, he is going to be Aarthi's shadow and going to make sure she does not get into any trouble.I won't be surprised if he follows her to the Dubey's house too and finds out about Prashant,but does not let her know that.

Aarthi going around Yash was symbolic that no matter what happens he is her world. When she turns around to leave her pallu gets tuck in his watch which was kind of hinted that like Aarthi gifted Prashant watch that was she gave him time but he didn't care and did whatever he wanted, but Aarthi did care about her time with Prashant.Now,her pallu gets stuck into his watch and Yash's removing and it was like in a way Yash was giving her time or will give her time and will trust her and understand her to come to him on her own and explain to him about her past. Yash will not leave her side but will give her time.So,all and all Prashant will not be able to harm Arya's relationship and whatever.

Aarthi going round and round Yash was great also because, once in the Mumbai when the family was playing football, there Yash was going round and round Aarthi that was because at that time Aarthi was strong and was the one who was helping him with his past and kept this family together but now Yash is and going to be the strong one and will bind this family together and will also help Aarthi with her past. Yash might be heartbroken after knowing about Prashant,but from there he will become more possessive about her too. In the precap Aarthi will surely be able to join dots and figure out that Prashant has cancer and Dubeys wants Ansh's BMT. Yash's expression was like he knows about Prashant (I am still holding onto that) and Bua mentioning her Swarg wasi indicated him or kind of reminded him that Prashant is alive. Well, he can too think that maybe it can be some kind of a ritual or something or Yash can go to Dubey's house and there they can do their pooja and that will make sense because Prashant can see the two and get jealous. I don't know what excuse Aarthi will come up to justify why she left for Dubeys and Yash's reaction. Ah! Well as I said

 Yash's reaction to Aarthi's history
Still remains a mystry


G3 singing Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham cracked me up. Come to think of it, that was also symbolic since it stated that no matter what happens we'll stay together. That was hilarious and should have been avoided. With Bua's daily taunts, I think we are gong to see her track too in the future. I don't know and I can't understand how Paridhi can be so chilled out. Watching Scindhiya family so happy was lovely.I am so glad that Aarthi is playing hard to get otherwise we would have got the old Mr. Attitude Scindhiya. Aarthi playing hard to get totally suits Yash's alpha male attitude and with Prashant's bomb this is going to add fuel to the fire because than he may turn more possessive about her and I don't want to see any sacrifices from his side, but he can do that too, if he does not know about how Prashant used to treat Aarthi and the greatest redemption for Prashant (If he is really reformed!) would be when he confesses all the things he did to Aarthi,how used to treat her and how he left her when she was pregnant.

That's all for me now, going to go and check out the previous pages and read what all you guys discussed.Smile Happy Diwali to all, hope this one brings a lot of brightness in your life.Wherever you are in world,sending lots of hugs in your way.Hug

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No truer words have never been said when it comes to Aarti Yash Scindia...She loves Yash with every fiber of her being.  

Sure she has been through a lot to reach to that the point despite Yash's anger outbursts a few weeks back,  Aarti never stopped loving him. That's because she was the only person who could bring out the good, the bad and the ugly out of him. To me that showed how totally naked he was in front of her.

And she didn't shy away nor asked anything from him that he wasn't ready to give her instead she took a decision to distance herself from him in order to protect her children 4m his behaviour. Despite being apart she stood by him and let him know that no matter what she'll always be there for him...Loving him! 

Those two have come so far that now Yash is totally aware of Aarti's emotions without her having to tell him...they are finally at the last stage of their relationship of becoming...ONE in the true sense!



Yash is a good son, a great father and a caring husband. Now they are at the stage in their relationship where Yash is starting to really notice his wife not only as the mother of his children but as a WOMAN. 

Taking care of Aarti and their unborn child has given them a chance to really discover each other for the first time and I must say that Yash is enjoying every second he gets to spend with his lovely wife...And vice versa.

Through his actions we are getting a glimpse of his love (even if he doesn't knows it YET) for his wife. 




A great episode Clap

It begins with Pankaj, Yash and Pratik walking and having a blast talking, Pankaj tells Yash...Yash is reciting poems while his brothers are pulling his legs...They are teasing him about his love for Aarti Embarrassed...A very cute brothers bonding moment Big smile

Vidhi, Aarti & Pari take their tray and turn around, their husband are left spellbound...Vidhi looks beautiful in her yellow saree, Aarti looks stunning in her red saree and for Paridi she looks beautiful as well in her purple saree...SP & Gayatri come and are watching their sons who are in a trance advancing towards their wives...OMG my sly fox look dashing in his sherwani suit Dead Embarrassed...I love how all the couples are just captivated by each other HeartHeart

SP calls Pankaj's name breaking them out of their trance, he asks him where were they going to which Pankaj answers paan, Pratik says ice cream and Yash says hawaa..All the while their wives are laughing at their clumsiness cause they got caught lying LOL...SP is pulling their legs, he asks Gayatri to back him up but she just smiles and walks away with him following her leaving the couples to get mesmerize by each other once again...Aww the way that Yash was staring at Aarti, you can tell that the man is in love but he's hesitant about putting his heart out there again which is understandble Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

At the Dubeys, P and Ansh are playing with his toy plane while Dubey is watching them, Shobha comes and tells them that she and Dubey have to go to the temple for the KC puja...She's a little worried cause she doesn't want to leave Ansh w/ P  but she still does when the latter assures them that they would be fine until they return...P offers to make noddles for Ansh...Seriously who in their right minds leave a 5yrs old child alone with a very ill cancer patient even thou the patient says he'll be fine you never know what could happened...the Dubeys are just irresponsible Angry Angry Angry

SM...the three Scindia DILs are passing are passing when one of the guests praises Gayatri about them leaving boa fuming cause no one isn't thinking about her wants and needs...Boa why don't you try talking to SP since he has been happy these, you could have taking this opportunity to talk to him instead of carrying around all that jealousy and anger Ermm

Yash with the the cam-recorder is following Aarti's every movements with Yeh Dil Hai playing in the background...he steels glance of her and when she looks at him, he looks in the other direction...Finally she gave him the slip as he was looking for her, she finally comes and stand in front of him and asks him what's he doing to which he replies that he was checking out the decorations...So Aarti goes on and asks him if he was checking the deco like he was enjoying the nice weather this AM, he says YES, NO...Aarti tells him well to go take some fresh air and walks away...LOL LOL Poor guy was fumbling all over himself...I liked how Aarti was just pulling his legs, those two were to adorable Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Gayatri starts to sing, she takes the cup of waters and gives them to her DILs, they all take her blessings then all the other women do the ritual of passing their tray around...They all go in front of the idol and do the puja....I love how her DILs were hugging her during the puja, Gayatri is really blessed indeed SmileHeart

Vidhi and Paridi dance when two other ladies join them, Yash is recording Aarti who is sitting on the side line because of her pregnancy...Once again she catches him and he plays as if he was recording the dance. Pankaj and Pratik join Vidhi and Pari on the the dance floor, everyone is happy including PayPal who are sitting next to Gayatri...It was great to see all the kids today even if they weren't together, I can't wait for AarYa's little family to be together again Wink

PraDi, Pankaj-Vidhi bring AarYa onto the dance floor as well, the latter are stare at each other. Vidhi flies her hand in front of them to break the trance while Pratik takes the cam and starts recording...Aarti circles Yash, everyone is happy as she about to walk away she stops thinking that Yash was holding her pallu...She looks around and he shows her that it got tangled with his watch, their share another cute moment before she walks away...Ooh there's no more denying it Yash is in love, he just has to say it out loud and I can't wait Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

P is feeding Ansh his noodles, he goes to play with his plane when the former tries to feed the latter again he starts feeling dizzy...He starts to cough and then falls to the ground, Ansh tries to wake him up but he doesn't respond...Ansh calls the SM but he hang up before boa could answer it so he calls Yash's cell but Pankaj didn't get to it in time...So Pankaj gives Yash's phone to Aarti and this time Ansh calls she was able to talk to him, he asks her to come to the Dubeys ASAP cause his friend is lying unconscious on the floor...Aarti realizes that P is with Ansh...well I enjoyed all the cute and funny moments between AarYa now gonna buckle my seat belt cause all hell is about to break TongueBig smile

PRECAP: Everyone at the SM are worried because she went out without telling anyone, Gayatri asks Yash what he found out before he can answer...Pratik comes and tells Yash that he can't find her anywhere...Boa says that Aarti went to Shobha's and she keeps on talking while Yash looks disturbed...Well I'm gonna really be disappointed in Aarti if she left without telling anyone especially in her condition Disapprove Disapprove...or maybe she left a note and someone found it and by someone I mean boa...wishful thinking i guess LOL 

OMG Kratika Senngar and Gurmeet Choudhary were the phenomenal...their eyes did most of the talking today, those two are the King and Queen of expressions Star Star Star Star

KS was stunningly GORGEOUS in that red saree and yes GC made a pink turka look dashing...I tell you those two are PURE PERFECTION and their chemistry is undeniable Day Dreaming Embarrassed Embarrassed Day Dreaming

Samragyi and Leena along with Dishank, Zahida Parveen & Chetan Pandit they were fabulous also Clap Clap Clap

EDIT: I guess if Aarti gets P to the hospital it's gonna be a loop closure to him helping her out in Lalitpur so when the Dubeys try to say that he saved herself she can say that she repaid him that favor but getting him medical help...Aarti better tell Yash everything after she returns back home.

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Oh how I wish the cute moments remain.

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nice title samana

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Super Excited for today's episodeBig smile and twistWink

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