Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut, November 12, 2012

redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged

                   " aurevoir sheetal "


" badi beaabroo hoke tere kooche se hum nikale ... "

  So the game is up .. the mask is wrenched away .. the face of the 'devil' is unveiled .. 
'shee'tal kapoor .. time to say goodbye .. 


Dear fellow viewer & reader welcome to yet another edition of DC the devil was unmasked & rightly evicted .. the innocence was embraced & rightly accepted .. the purity of emotions was rightly petted & appreciated ..  the family weathered yet another crisis together ... but while all this was going on .. a fan was sitting watching it all pass by .. wondering .. hoping .. the innocence of this story .. the devilish chemistry at play .. the purity of performance .. the weathering of all the storms in the show .. wud not be for naught .. yep .. it was just one of those days at IPK ... 


 The episode : 

the episode started with Arnav walking into to see his whole family gathered eagerly waiting .. for him to come for the 'party' & unveil the surprise that he had planned .. 
A nervous Khushi .. as usual thinking that her days with him were numbered .. a relaxed 'shee' thinking she had her 'marker' set .. all she had to do was reel in ... both ladies planning their future .. a future so dependant on the man of the hour .. Arnav Singh Raizada .. when he confidently walked into the house .. 

he gently allays khushi's fears .. & then moves his entire focus on the woman of the hour .. "shee'tal kapoor "

He slowly & steadily unravels her pack of lies .. he first brings in their common friend .. Pranav .. who denies having spoken to her since college .. 
She prevaricates .. saying this was not the Pranav she was talking about .. 

He brings in her .. land lady .. a lady from "mumbai" in whose house 'Shee' apparently stayed .. & defaulted on rent .. before absconding .. 'shee' was a resident of aamchi mumbai .. & not unki US .. 

He then brings in a credit card guy who throws light on 'shee' being in a bad shape financially .. she was running huge debts .. 

He then brings in the 'aashram' lady .. who confirms .. 'shee' was not Aarav's biological mother .. but .. adopted mother ... (a fact which was apparent to us innocent viewers on day 1) .. shee had adopted aarav only 2 months back .. 

The the kid of the hour speaks out .. & gives out the game plan completely .. saying .. that 'shee' had told him .. shee was his mother ..  & if he behaved like his father .. a father who had abandoned him .. he wud then get his father back .. 

& finally .. the 'brain' behind the expose steps up .. & bangs the final nail in the coffin .. he says .. he was not inebriated during the farewell party .. & has clear memories of that night .. 

the game was up .. shee speaks about how she manipulated the DNA report .. Arnav highlights Khushi's naviete .. which was expertly played on by ' shee' ... 

shee is finally taken away by the police ... 

OK NOW . lets pause here .. 

couple of things .. 

Well Khushi did slap 'Shee' coz shee used her & an innocent kid to meet her nefarious plans .. but over here .. shudnt khushi step back & think .. had she not been so insecure .. or trusted her relation with Arnav .. wud someone like 'shee' be able to step in & make a play for Arnav or his wealth?? 

on friday .. after arnav keeps her back .. & what follows were some really poignant moments .. the lady promptly fell back to doubting her husband .. her husband who continuously asked her to trust him .. & asked for support .. 

Did Khushi .. really wake up tonite ... was the question which kept hammering my mind .. or shud arnav have hammered it more in??  well some of the unanswered ques of IPK .. 

The episode moved to the poignant .. 2 orphan kids .. who understood the pain of abandonment .. today embraced an abandoned kid .. & gave the child an identity ... a feeling of belonging .. a feeling of being part of a whole .. thereby .. making themselves .. whole .. 

Khushi & Arnav .. embraced aarav .. as their own .. & moved towards adopting him .. 

NOw guys u must pause here .. tonite .. there was a scene in this episode .. which for me will be " the scene" which epitomised the changed Arnav Singh Raizada ... 

The scene .. 

After the ho hum of sheetal .. when the lady from the aashram steps forward to take Aarav away .. Arnav steps back .. & lets her take the kid .. till Khushi steps forward .. & asks him .. to stop the same .. Khushi asks him to always keep Aarav with them .. 

Pause here please .. 

This is the art of subtle story telling ... which is so redolent of our PH's style ..  

This is Arnav .. the changed man .. he waits for KHUSHI to come forth .. he did not pass his judgement for her .. he did not stand there first & say .. we are adopting this kid ..  This was the same man .. who forcibly took her to poolside & told her we are going to get married for 6 months .. the man who believed in writing destinies .. today .. stepped back .. & let someone else write the destiny .. a certain someone who was his destiny .. KHUSHI SINGH RAIZADA .. 


Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon ?? was Guls version of an iconic character called Arnav Singh Raizada .. his journey from an arrogant .. ruthless .. atheist to this Arnav Singh Raizada .. the believer .. the keeper .. the lover .. 

Arnav the character has really traversed this ocean of growth through the last 1.5 years .. we saw from the curtains of arrogance  a small abandoned child peaked out .. 

from behind the curtains of ruthlessness .. a son cried for his mothers loss 

from behind the curtains of atheism .. a believer peaked out .. 

& all this happened ..because one day in a fashion show .. Devi Maiyyah decided to throw his destiny in his face .. in the name of Khushi Kumari Gupta .. 


Happy Diwali to all our readers here in DC .. wish the festival of lights .. lights up ur lives with all the happiness .. 


 As i end my smallish post tonite .. i am a bit taken aback with so many people who have an opinion or their version of what is happening to our most beloved show .. 

Well for me .. like a lot of us .. one day while watching star plus .. i came across a promo on TV about a show .. the promo was promising .. i dug a bit more .. found out it was from a PH .. whose work i admired .. i did not at that point of time know .. either Arnav or Khushi .. or Barun or Sanaya .. but yea thru the course of the last 1.5 years ... i can say .. i know Arnav & Khushi .. (maybe not barun & sanaya) ..  .. when i signed up for this show .. i signed up for the Arnav Khushi love story ... & till date while i have had many issues with the execution .. i have never been disappointed with the storyline .. 

This show gave me many a gud moment .. many a poignant moment .. many a sad moment .. many a exasperated moment .. many a angry moment .. but the one emotion which underlined all these emotions was the love for the show .. that till date has not ebbed .. 

& its this love .. which epitomises what i feel for this show ..  Mohabbat door jaane na de .. nafrat paas aane na de .. seriously ..doubt Gul while thinking up this line .. did she envisage a moment when each & every fan wud resonate this line in their hearts ... 

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam doon ??


enjoy the episode:

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IllGetOverIpk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged
so everything is solved in just one day!!Clap
is that the track that they had planned ..or the script was changed at the last moment...LOLLOLLOL koi nai!!

leaving all the offscreen drama aside..

presenting before u rants for the day!!LOL

1. sheetal, i feel sad for ya... i was waiting for them to explore ur negative sides ..with all types of daiyaa ho remixes.. n loads of monologues.. but u are out before u had the chance to proove ur vamp skills... sad..Cry

2. so our asr is so smart he caught all the lies of sheetal.. n found out all abt her past... cool enough!!
but y were all those extras made to stand out n called one by one?Confused
hell, even the policemen were waiting for the mighty asr to call their name!!ROFL

3.more than sheetal.. i blame tat anath ashram ki didi... who let sheetal adopt tat kidShocked
without proper back ground checkS!!
p.s.- even though its india,, adoption has certain rules..its not a vegetable market.. where u can pick any child n bring him home... koi nai.. lets give them.. creative liberty!!Embarrassed

4. y was that basket ball coach guy[mr sodhiLOL]... so bad at acting?
he is literally shivering!!LOLLOLLOL he should ve learnt something from that asharam ki didi..i almost cried..when i saw so much mamtha on her face for aarav!!
now thats calld acting... i bet we get to see her a lot in the future!! she did her acting coach proud today!!ClapClapClap

5. MR chopra.. aapkey bank key 3 cr cards to the same person who doesnt pay? arrey wah!!LOL bahut badi credit defaulter key paas teen teen cards!!Clap
n everyone is blaming sheetal!!Confused

6.NK.. i am sorry tumhaara dil phoota..but ya sheetalji is the vamp!!

7. koosi n arnie adopt arav bituwa n all live happily ever after!!!!!

8. kooosi slapped sheetal's bd...
n sheetal got slapped by kooosi's bdShocked
n we all know that both the bds are the same gal!!Ouch
so ghoom fir key logic says that she slapped herselfD'oh..Confused
forget it!! its very confusing!!Confused

should i go on n on???LOLLOLLOL aur bhi hain rants...choddo!!
 maaf karo...thats it from side!!Embarrassed

c ya on dc... jab hai ipk... tab tak hai dc...
n tab ak hai vamp n her rants!!Star

                                      LOLnazar na lage mere ipk koLOL

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged
         POST OF GIRL OF FIRE (madhu)

The Heart of Khushi 

 - a greedy conniving woman, ready to use a little child to achieve her nefarious purposes, ready to break up a marriage for the sake of money. But as every one that has ever opposed or tried to create a rift between Arnav and Khushi, they have been foiled none other than Arnav Singh Raizada himself. Even ASR has been  foiled by himself, when it comes to Khushi. When he realized that Sheetal's purpose whatever it was, would result in his losing Khushi, he went all out to get Sheetal out of their lives.

He puts together a list of things that sheetal had tried to do. Starting with Aarav calling him Dad at the school function. One by one he goes back and collects all the information he need to rip sheetal's mask off in one swift move. 

At one point I had said that it would be so cynical for a mother to use her child for whatever it was that she was trying to gain. And today it proved true - the child was not even sheetal's!

Once the deed Is done and sheetal is taken away it leaves little Aarav homeless once again. Arnav steps back and allows Khushi to make that decision - would she want to be mother of a little boy? He knows his khushi's heart. She would not say no. And she doesn't disappoint him. She wants to adopt Aarav, and he is wholeheartedly behind her. 

The two fairly newly weds have now jump started their family. 

There are two scenes that stuck in my mind today. Not when Khushi slapped Sheetal, but when Arnav told her that to be a good kind person, is not foolishness. This is what he fell I love with, the sheer innate goodness of Khushi's heart. Even through the times he hated her he could never deny that heart, because it forced him to examine himself, become a better person. She had brought him out of the darkness of his past with that same heart. But sometimes he has to step in and protect them both from that very goodness, as he did today. He has to protect her, himself, their marriage and now their family, from that very goodness.

The second time was when Khushi wanted to adopt Aarav and Arnav agrees. The family group, the way it should have been. Two orphans who had been going through life missing their parents. They found each other, and love. Today they opened up their hearts to another little lost soul. Giving him their family, their love expanding to include him in their magical circle. This is what love is, it includes, embraces and grows with all that are touched by it. 

This is the same magic that embraced us, and we fell in love with the love story of Arnav and Khushi.

And now on to the spoilers:
As Megs mentioned I had predicted that Aarav would become a permanent fixture in Shantivan. Today I was proved right.

Before Navratri I predicted that Chotey Chotey would meet Nanhi Khushi, and sure enough, on Navratri he met not one but nine Nanhi Khushis! 

In that same post I predicted that Akash and Payal would leave for London - well they're going to US! 

So Gul Khan, can I have my royalty check now? 

Thank you very much. 

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meghavn Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged

May you have a safe, prosperous & joyful Diwali with family & friends...

Its Diwali after we saw a Dhamaka in IPK as well... the ouster of Sheetal the ASR way.. with all proofs... hmmm not bad... Smile

So people one by one come to give their say about Sheetal... & the word came to my mind was "kitne aadami the" Wink LOL & Sheetal says u have so much money what goes for u if I take some Shocked, I didn't kill anyone LOL

Khushi SLAPS Sheetal for playing with kid's emotions & truly so... disappointing to see BD's Confused... why this kolaveri de? 
After Shyam its Sheetal's turn to get slapped... all S's beware of KKGSR Wink...

So as Madhu (Girloffire) had predicted... Aarav becomes a permanent fixture in RM, Arnav & Khushi want to legally adopt him... Anjali is proud of her Chotte & Bhabhi & truly so... why wouldn't anyone be for the BIG heart they have... After Khushi, Arnav is truly a changed man... Khushi has rubbed off many good a things to him... BIG heart is just one...

Just another day in IPK... happy to see the complete family together...catch u all same time tomorrow...

Signing off...

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Bookmarking VeyTongue

Wishing Everyone a very Happy DiwaliHugParty

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chowna Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:09am | IP Logged
happy diwali to all

super express knock out for Shital wow Tongue

Ps did anyone notice today the full 20 min was Front door to passage way only the whole thing finished there is this th begning of end

Any thing that mrs Raizada asks for wont Mr Raizada accept

We are family

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Jammy- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:17am | IP Logged
They are married and now they have a kid, I am sensing a Happily-ever-after scenario now... Anyone? The episode will be covered by the D.C. Ladies. Looks like we already knew what was gonna happen maybe that's why it didn't have that impact. Anyways I am glad the shitty track is over... All set and done... It's...over...or is it? 

Have you ever felt that every song in your playlist is made for ArHi? Today was one of those days for me. A line, a stance it all felt like it was made for Arnav khushi! Here goes my dedication to the epic couple : ArHi

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face Light up again

^^I'll miss Barun^^

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind ...

I somehow find You and I collide

I'm quiet you know,
You make a first impression

I've found I'm scared to know... I'm always on your mind

You finally find You and I collide
You finally find You and I collide


P>S- HAPPY DIWALI PEEPS!Party Have a safe diwali..Wish you all a very prosperous new year! Hug

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paayaal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Wishing everyone a very very Happy & Prosperous Diwali...!!!!


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