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Vickram's punishment don't fit the crime.

Sandy66 Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 7:58am | IP Logged
ShockedThe big question is why is it Vickram's punishment was so severe?

SmileSummary of Vickram and Sugni love story and what went wrong.

Vickram, a widower came to the village of Mawari with his family. 
He was honest, faithful,kindhearted, generous, broad-minded, loving,
Caring, devoted, charismatic and charming human being.
Sugni was naive, honest, loving, caring, freespritied, independent, 
warmhearted and smart young girl.
Vickram and Sugni were world apart in many aspect such as age,
experience, intelligence and maturity, but situations and circumstances
brought them together at the Train station. First meeting were magical.
Conscious and unconsciously both of them were drawn to each other. 
Their attraction and chemistry were visible to any passerby, but to them 
they had mutual respect, and admiration for each other.
Living in the same village Sugni and Vickram path cross many times. Sugni
and her family had to be rescue numerous from certain situations and 
circumstances, such as Gulabia illness, Sugni freespritied, rebellious and 
independent nature got into trouble a few times with the Panchayat council,
poverty, attempt rape on Sugni, lakshmi delivery of her son, and etc,etc.
This kindly gestures by Vickram was always appreciated by Sugni and her family. Their affection for him intensified and he never considered himself 
high above them. 
Slowly and unconsciously Vickram fell in "Love" with Sugni. Gulabia and 
Sugni decided to leave Mawari, after her uncle did Gulabia's Sardhakai to
Vickram's uncle for the sake of money.
Vickram received the letter about Sugni departure and rush at great speed
to stop Sugni from leaving. He reached just in time, as the bus driver was 
throwing Sugni and Gulabia out of the bus for lack of bus fare.
Most romantic scence ever between Sugni and Vickram, he declared his
"Love"for Sugni. Sugni and Gulabia was shocked and speechless. Vickram
didn't demand or forced any response from Sugni. He told her he will wait  
an eternity for her "Love".
Slowly, lovingly and with devotion Vickram love and teaches Sugni to love
and the true meaning "Love" in a dignified and respectful manner, without
overstepping his limits and boundaries.
Sugni's feeling began to change slowly from admiration and respect to 
"Love". Vickram's love for Sugni was honest, pure and sincere. Mean while Gulabia was very spketical about Vickram's intention towards Sugni, cause 
of her background status( Bedni ) Numerous times she questioned Sugni about Vickram 's love  and if he taking advantage of her. Each times Sugni denies any wrong doing from Vickram, still Gulabia wasn't convinced with Sugni's answers. Sugni confronts Vickram a few times just to clarify Gulabia's doubts.
Vickram's was always direct and honest with Sugni with his intention toward
her. Still not satisfied with Vickram answers Gulabia went to Vickram's home
and asked him whether or not is he going to marry Sugni. When Gulabia left
Vickram's home she estastic with the answer she gotten from Vickram, her
doubts were lifted. Vickram and Sugni were happy and were much in love. 
On Adi and Amrita engagement, Vickram propose marriage to Sugni after other Thakurs humiliated Sugni and made her do Rai dance. His family members opposed his marriage to Sugni, but Vickram didn't back down.
News about Vickram's dead wife Rewa resurface one day from Dhanumma 
and Vickram panicked. He kept the "truth" from Sugni. Gulabia discover the 
the truth and the place where Rewa was been kept. Sugni didn't believe her
mother when she told her about Vickram's wife Rewa. Sugni defies her mother and choose Vickram over her. 
Mean while Vickram emotional turmoil was eating him alive, he tried many 
times to revealed to truth to Sugni about Rewa, but he was afraid of losing her.
That's was his "biggest mistake", not telling the "truth to Sugni".
At the temple before "god" Sugni swore,accept and choose Vickram as her husband. 
Vickram and Sugni wedding day approached and she was elated and estastic 
to be married to Vickram. Gulabia and with help of Adi bring Rewa to the ceremony before it begins. Sugni world came crashing down, she was heart-
Broken and shattered to learned that Vickram lied to her about his wife 
Rewa. Vickram wasn't given a chance to properly explained himself. 
Sugni was hurting and her behavior after that was rebellious, she did Rai dance and her Sardhakai. Vickram got the wind of that and tries to rescue 
her, but she don't Vickram's help or his intrusion.  Gulabia begs Adi to 
rescue Sugni and to fulfilled the promise he made to her. Adi told his uncle
that he will bid for Sugni and keep her as his "amanaat". Vickram agreed
and Sugni's Sardhakai was done by Adi. Adi and Sugni come to an agree-
ment to help save Rewa and Vickram marriage, even though Vickram decision
was to divorcee Rewa. 
Every opportunity Vickram has he tries to explained himself to Sugni,
but she refused to listened and fought him everytime. Things have gotten out of hand when Vickram took Sugni into his jeep and decided to leave to village. There was a Confrontation between Vickram and Gulabia  in the
Temple and he accidently shot Gulabia. Adi marries Sugni in front of
Gulabia to proves himself that he's not a liar and fulfilled his Vachaan to
Vickram saw evidence of Sugni's maang filled with sindoor and learn the
bitter truth this his son/ nephew Adi had marry the "love of his life". He 
refuse to accept the marriage as legal and Sugni and Adi decided to 
marry with all the ritual and tradition in front of guests and family  
Vickram's mother Maa Thakur oblivious of what's going on, give 
her approval for the marriage between Adi and Sugni,"several lies were 
told between Adi, Sugni,and Gulabia",just to get them  married and 
away from Vickram reach.
Marriage preparation began and it took some time, and during that time 
Adi and Vickram had a huge confrontation because of Sugni. Adi wanted 
to be sugni's protector against the man who "love her more than anything 
in This world" Respect was lost between uncle and nephew and misunder-
standing was created. Sugni told Vickram to leave her alone to live in
Peace and go while aiming a gun at him. Vickram was hurt, shattered 
and brokenhearted and left never to return.
During Vickram absence Sugni realized her love for Vickram was strong
and she was foolish to refused his love. She swore she will never love anyone
like Vickram and no one can take his place in her heart.
Sugni conscious were pricking at her, cause she was the reason Vickram 
left home. She and Adi went searching for him. During that time his wife
Rewa was planning Vickram's murder with her brother Niranjhan. 
Vickram was beaten mercilessly and stabbed three times, as he waiting for
Sugni at the Mandir, she and Adi arrive at the scene just in time and took
him to hospital.
At the hospital Vickram recovered, and was overjoyed seeing Sugni by his
bedside. He told they are going to get married and clear all misunderstanding.
At the Haveli preparation began again for Adi and Sugni wedding after it
was postpone due to Vickram's absence.
At the hospital Rewa poison Vickram's mind about Adi and Sugnshe involvement, she had evidences to back up her stories, and it was convincing. She SMS a photo to Vickram showing Adi putting a chain on  Sugni's neck.
 All evidences were convincing and damning.
Vickram returned to all decked up home ready for wedding ceremony and
Sugni in her room fully dress in wedding attire,  Vickram was angry and 
hurled accusation against Sugni for attempt murder, greediness for power
and wealth, and wanting to marry Adi. Sugni was hurt and heartbroken
to hear such insults and accusation from Vickram.
Sugni went downstair with the intention of revealing the truth to everyone
about being a Bedni and truth about her and Vickram.
Vickram was angry and he lashed out at Adi for betraying him and all
hell break loose. Sugni forced Adi to marry her at gunpoint,while Vickram 
looked on speechless and shocked. Adi and Sugni got married in front of
stunned guests and family members. Vickram was hurt, heartbroken and
shattered had to witnessed the "love of his his life" (Sugni) and his son/ nephew
(Adi) married each other.
What was Vickram's fault? Was he wrong to fall in love with Sugni 
Why was one lie condemn Vickram to death sentence?
Isn't Vickram allowed a chance of happiness and love in his life.
Why should he stayed married to Rewa, when she make his life 
miserable for nine years?
Wasn't Adi totally wrong in betraying his uncle trust and snatched
his chance of happiness.
What makes Adi and Sugni marriage morally right, and Vickram' s
love for Sugni immoral?

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Great post Sandy.
Because of the way the CVs portrayed Vikram in the beginning, it is very hard to change him into a monster now that they decide to stick with the original plan of making Adini the lead jodi.
Everything that Vikram does now can be fully justified { I am NOT agreeing to Physical violence here}.  The reasoning the CVs are giving for Adini marriage is very weak and pathethic and the only thing they are accomplishing is making Sugni really look like a Bedni. It doesn't matter that she is now married, because of all that she did leading up to her marriage, she will ALWAYS be a bedni for me. This is not because I am a supporter of Vikram, but because there was no need for her to marry his nephew and she lead both uncle and nephew on before finally marrying Aditya anyways.
If Sugni had married anyone else, then I would have supported her but not Aditya and I never will.

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Great Post Sandy...
 The CV's are either to stupid or to proud to admit that they made a total mess of this story!  They are adamant on sticking to the original plan  that it dose not matter to them if the lead pair  turns out to be the worst couple on television ever! (in my opinion they are!)
  Sugni and Adi are claiming  they what they are doing is to "Save" the family and Vickram-Reva's  marriage?
 Where is the family now?
  Not one member of the family' accepts Sugni as the daughter in law (typical saas Bahu drama)
  The  Grandmother,  is  not speakig to her grandson , who was her laadla.
  Uncle and nephew who was once close as father and son are now enimies.
  Reva and Vickram are still living like to strangers sharing a roof. So nothing they set out to accomplish  was achieved.
 Now they both look like cheap, selfish, greedy backstabbers who care about no one but themselves.  All of that could have been avoid had Sugni left Vickram alone. Some one said Adi married  Sugni because he knew Vickram  would not leave her alone. I beg to differ...Vickram walked away from her as she asked. She was the one who stuck her hands in the  hornets nest by going back to look for him. Sugni's actions is no less than leading someone on!
 I am angry that the CV's decide to destroy the Character of Vickram Singh  in such a manner, and I protest all displays of physical violence  but what ever comes to these two the are asking for it. Sorry no sympathy for them!

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Sandy may be you can help me understand
Sugni in the first section of Friday's episode when she is sleeping on the floor remembering her interaction with TVS thinks "Apa khabhi nahi samajaga humna chota malik ka kua shaddi ki. Agar samajata to apa ka har saval ki jawab milta"
What reason is she talking out:
- she is against divorce. TVS knows that. He does not like it but he does know it.
-she does not want to be reason for breaking up this family and TVS going against his mother. By marrying Adi she has alienated Adi from his whole family (MA, Mama, Mamais), made enemies out of Mama - Bhanja. So that cannot be reason.
- her pride/ego was hurt when TVS accused her of being a gold digger. I think he knows that!!!!!
 What am I missing?
So what is this big reason ?
Also she said "Hum na sabit kar diya ka hamara risha pavitra hai"
Which rishta is she talking about:
1. her love for TVS - I recollect her saying her love is pure and so it does not matter to her "ka usna TVS ko paya nahi" ? or
2. her relationship with Adi which ordaned by God / fate?
Someone help me understand?

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LoLo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Wow, what a long post.  Well here is the difference:  Adi was NOT married to Amrita but Vickram IS married and knew he was still married when he fell in "Love" as you said with Sugni.  He repeatedly lied and schemed with this poor girl knowing full well that she would never have been with him if she knew his wife was still alive.  And what would have happened to Sugni had she gone through with the wedding to Vicky?  She would have been labelled a mistress and a cheat.  Any man who would selfishly put you in that position does not "Love" you; trust me on that.
Mohini19 Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
I agree with all EXCEPT that NOTHING justifies the physical violence against any woman that the CVs are showing (and I mean ABSOUTELY NOTHING).

I really don't care about the storyline here. It was ruined long back for me as a viewer and I find it a moot point to even argue about the storyline in this show.

Anyways, coming back to my original point. It is extremely sad and disappointing to see how the so-called self-proclaimed progressive channels claim to be broad-minded in their thinking and then show violence repeatedly in their shows. I'm not ready to buy their argument or for that matter the argument given by some viewers that it shows the reality. Of course, it makes for ONLY masala episodes and nothing else.

I strongly CRITICIZE and DEPLORE the violence shown against women in our shows (regardless of how horrible the character may be).

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Sandy66 Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Payal, great post, but I'm confused as you are, can't understand what reasons Sugni has for marrying Adi. Maybe there is a hidden meaning to her reasons that eludes all of us and will be explain later on in future episode or not. Sugni is against Vickram divorcing Rewa, cause her people (Bednis) are always branded as home-wrecker, even though Vickram had valid reasons for divorcing Rewa . Sugni marrying Adi create more chaos,hatred and enemies for herself and Adi Only reason to my understanding and knowledge why Sugni marry Adi, cause her. pride, ego and chastity was bruised, hurt and questioned by the "love of her life" (Vickram). God didn't ordained Adi and Sugni marriage, as the CVs wants us to believe, cause too many lives was recked with this illicit marriage. If Vickram marriage to Sugni was morally wrong, so does Adi marriage to Sugni. Presently the concept and storyline of PSH is completely screwed up, and there is no logical explanation for the way the story is heading.

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Istila Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sandy66

ShockedThe big question is why is it Vickram's punishment was so severe?

Thank you Sandy, You are absolutely correct. I'm afraid as I said before, we may never have clear answers to these questions as there is no logicality in this show because it has become so inconsistent to our values & expectations. The show is now very demoralising & conflicting and there is nothing of real value left, unless they stop showing physical & emotional abuse on women.

May God guide & give the strength to Varun, his friends & his family and us all, to believe in Him & take the right course of actions in our lives, ameen.

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