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Karkit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Nice update... love it

Damon.Holic IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Karkit

Nice update... love it
thanx Embarrassed glad u loved it Big smile
Damon.Holic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2013 at 6:51am | IP Logged

Guys first of all I am so so so so sorry for the abrupt ending of the previous chap. It ended when Uday came home after teaching the journalist a lesson and he got a call from Manyata. So guys this is dedicated to all my dear dear readers who patient wait for the next update and compliment it inspite of it being the worst update. Guys I agree the previous update was so bad! Even I didn't feel like reading it again. LOVE U JIGAR DA TUKDA… the chap is for u….

His phone rang suddenly and he just picked it up without looking at from whom it was. "hello princeji, kaise ho aap" said the sweet voice. "Princeji?" Uday said. "haan kyun??" Manyata asked which made Uday laugh. "Nahi kuch nahi. Kya hua, phone kyun kiya?" asked Uday. "wo actually I am getting too much bored. To aaj sham ko free ho??" inquired Manyata playing with the coiled wire of the typical antique phone which was a fashion lately. "haan free hain hum. U wanna hangout?" he asked. "yeah kinda. U r free?" she asked excitedly. "yeah seems so. My planner's suggesting so" Uday said with a smirk. "fine then u'll come to pick me up? Or shud I come to pick u up" asked Manyata. "well that sounds like a good offer. Ok. u come over here" Uday said. "ok then. bye" Manyata said. "hey! Kab ane wali hain aap?" he said and she bit her tongue. "sorry time ka toh bhool hi gayee. Well umm… around 5?" Manyata said looking at the wall clock having a royal design. "yeah fine. Meet u then" Uday said. "ok bye" Manyata said and put down the receiver. How happy she was. Today for the whole day Komal n Brij were out for work and Manyata was the only one in the house. Though the presence of her parents didn't bring much difference to her loneliness but yeah, there presence mattered. Manyata sat coiled up in a couch and turned on the TV. Surfing through the channels, she was getting even more bored.

Suddenly some one came from behind and closed her eyes. She let out a small scream. "kaun hain chod mujhe warna taang todke rakh dungi haan nahi toh" she sweared. "Guess toh kar meri maa" the girlish voice said. "ADITI?" Manyata said in utter shock. Aditi was her school friend. "OMG tu yaha kya kr rahi hain! Kitne salo baad. Kaha mar gayee thi pagal" Manyata said in excitement and got up jumping and squelling. She knew if any guy like Uday wud have been around her just now wud have rolled his eyes and crossed arm around his chest and this thot made her giggle. They hugged and she made aditi comfortable. They talked in general about health n stuff n then aditi asked her, "so whats ur plan today?? Lets hang out somehwer" she asked. "kaha?" Manyata inquired. "umm.. I am taking my little sis to circus today wud u like to join us" aditi asked. Manyata had an urge to roll her eyes n shake her head in dismay but she avoided it. "nah, let it be" Manyata said and aditi tried to change her mind. Finally she gave up on it. "suit urself" she said sighing. "well but we can go out after that. Me n one of my friend are going out at 5, I'll pick u n ur sister. We will drop her home n we 3 will do something if u don't mind" Manyata said. "well that sounds like a plan. Go for it" aditi said giving a thumbs up. They both chatted and talked about different things. Finally aditi took her leave. When she went, Manyata relaxed a bit. "circus. Weird. I have none interest in it.  Little sis business." She thot to herself


It was already 5:15 is what the clock showed to her and Manyata got up to get ready. Within half n hour she was down. She imformed one of the staff about where she might be and she hurried out. She switched on the player in the car. She drove silently till the circus area occasionally shaking her head on the musics beat. She lowered her window once she reached the big tent and looked around pulling her sunglasses on her head. What she saw disturbed her a bit. All were there with their respective families. Some clicking photos. Other children running around making chaos. Some were pulling there parents towards the food stalls, some parents picked there children up in the embrace and held them inquiring how the circus was. Small girls and boys clinging to one of the parents were describing the fun they had. She noticed a man who had made his son sit on his shoulders and haad gave him "buddhi ke baal" to eat. The sons happiness was clearly written on his face and so was the case with the father. Some granddaughter was holding her grandmothers hand tightly and jumping up and down telling her random things. Manyata felt sick n gloomy. She felt being ordinary is so extraordinary. Not that she wasn't ordinary, but she was given a treatment which had a high class touch. She was always made to feel special. God knows why but she was taking this family way too emotionally now-a-days. She felt disturbed and uncomfortable and sadness when family was the word around. She wasn't in a hang out mood now. She immediately texted aditi that due to some probs it wasn't possible today for her to hang out and she left immediately from the venue before aditi could catch her


She was the only one who sent ripples along the calm water of the huge pool. She loved to swim here when she was disturbed. And she was very disturbed just now.Occasionally she stroked her hands in the calm cold water but for most of the time she lay still on her back on the water. She loved to float on her back in pool. She looked at the bit cloudy sky. It was a winter evening and surely not one suitable for swimming, but she loved to swim be it any time. She got under the water and decided for some freestyle rounds. Her limbs sent currents in the water. The current was strong near her body, but it faded as the waves went away from her. Her head bobbed up and down the water as she changed her stroke to breast stroke. She got out of the pool as she wished for a dive. Somersaulting she dived in the pool. And as soon as she dived she heard "MANYATA" an angry, frightened, caring, protecting call of Uday. Franctically she looked up to him. "GET OUT OF THE WATER IMMEDIATELY" he gritted through his teeth. She swam her way to the ladder. She slowly scaled it up. Not that she was waring a bikini suit but she wore a suit which covered her completely and yet she looked hotter than what she wud have looked in bikini. Uday's narrated eyes how much he had loved that avatar of her but he was in no "such" mood. Manyata had commited the gravest mistake (atleast for him) and would end up being grounded if Uday was so serious. The scene of Manyata somersaulting played in his mind and he couldn't deny how graceful and charming she looked. She took some time to come out of the changing room. He saw her jog a bit to him. Her wet hairs were down. She pulled her shoes and didn't dare to look into Uday's eyes filled with the same emotion which were clearly audible in his call. It was time for Uday to speak out his heart now. "what was that Manyata? Its 6 in the clock. U were going to come at 5. U know u had scared the hell out of me. U weren't picking ur phone, I asked at ur house n they said u were with some damn friend of yours. What is this??" he barked at her and she shivered a bit. She was at the club of which she was member and she loved to go there and swim. As it was winter no one was there at the pool except her. "I'll make sure that u r grounded atleast for a week" he said after a while. She opened her mouth to protest but he shushed her. "don't protest. What if something would have happened to? how in the world am I going to tolerate that. U r going out without informing us where and its highly untolerable. U shudnt be allowed to go anywhere alone. It was my mistake that I allowed u to come n pick me up. I'll make sure the grounded message reaches ur parents" he said. Manyata fumed listening to that. " u r such a .. such a… such a…JERK" she shouted at him with eyes brimming with tears.

She marched off the the car. She held the handle of the car's backseat door and pulled it hard for a few times for it to open. (she had left her car home while coming the car whose handle she is pulling is Uday's car) she rested her back on the car's door and waited for a few seconds. She kicked the car's wheel. "PLEASE KHOLO" she irritatedly shouted. He then moved ahead. Seeing tears brimming in her eyes had disturbed n saddened him. But he wasn't going to apologize as it was her mistake. He proceeded and opened the door for her. "aage mere paas baitho" he said. she sat on the back seat. She gave him the worst expression ever. "NO THANX" she said in a very sweet way but the underneath venom was easily sensed by Uday. He sighed and went ahead and sat. Manyata looked out of the window and Uday looked at her thru the mirror. Uday decided to take a long detour to her house. After a few seconds, Manyata coughed a bit, the smell stinged in her nose. "Ughh… cigar" her mind said to her. And immediately her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open. "SHIT" she remarked. She leaped ahead and hurriedly pulled the bit of cigarrate from Uday's mouth and threw it out of the window.

"what the f**k… what are u doing are u in ur senses??" Uday barked as the car went out of his control a bit. He pulled it away from the road to an open area. He gave a wide berth to Manyata.  " U were SMOCKING!!!" she answered his look with a glare… "so?? Don't react as if I raped" Uday said and looked away. "smocking is injurious to health… o my gosh agar tumhe kuch hogaya toh??"she said. "oh please I don't smoke regularly. I am not addicted to it. I smoke only when I am out of my mind and I am super pissed off. And currently u have made me out of my mind and super pissed off" he said pointing at Manyata making her feel guilty. " wo main kuch nahi jaanti. U will never smoke that's it…" she said and sat beside him. She crossed her hands over her chest and looked at Uday who was continuosly looking at her. "what???" she asked. "kuch nahi…" he answered and shook his head. "promise me tum kabhi smoke nahi karoge…" she she placed one hand on his arm and other on his hand and looked into his eyes. In return Uday winked at her and smirked. "this means tum is do kaudike cigar ko meri ek choti demads se jyada importance dete ho??" Manyata pointed towards herself and Uday pulled the car back on the drive way. "how dare u??" she slapped him on his arm and Uday laughed.

soon they were near her house and Manyata finally realized it. "wait, hum bahar nahi ja rahe??" Manyata asked. "nahi…" Uday said as he came to a hault a bit away from Manyata's house."oh common I know mujhe tumhe bhi text karke batana chahiye the. I know I am at fault. But ab sorry yaar. Hogayee galti. Ab ghussa thuk de. Itna kya hain??" she said shaking Uday. "sorry dear. Ab nahi ho sakta kuch. I am glad u realized ur mistake. As u r feeling guilty, I'll think about that grounded thing. Ok?" and he gave an unnecessarily broad smile. "halkat vede" she muttered under her breath.

And suddenly, out of nothing, the saw a car light flash brightly in front of manyata's house and the car ran towards there direction and it zoomed ahead from near them. "abhi is waqt? Uncle aunty ghar pe to nahi hain na? fir ye kaun hain?" Uday asked to no one in certain. While Manyata sat rooted to her seat. "shayad main inhe jaanti hu… yes.. ye to.. ye to wo yup, Sharma bros. hain" she said clapping her hands. "sharma bros.?" Uday asked raising his eyebrow. "haan wo actually" and Manyata narrated all that happened in the reception to Uday. "ye tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya?" Uday said smacking his forehead.  "wo actually mujhe itna jaruri nahi laga" Manyata said. instantly Uday gave her a smile. "let it be. Chalo ghar tak to chod deta hu…"


"kaha mar gaya ye Uday. Subah se reply nahi call nahi. Call kiya to uthaya nahi" Manyata said talking to herself and walking up and down her room. After a while she said. "ab to had hogayee yaar. Main hi jaake dekhti hu" she announced to no one in certain and unhoocking her car keys she ran down the stairs

The door flew open and a franctic scraed Manayta ran in. "ye kya hogaya Uday??" she asked him. Uday was sleeping on his bed with a tab movie playing on his tab and a cigar instead of thermometer in his mouth.  "hopeless shameless halkat vede yede khasmanu khane" she said as she pulled the cigar out from his mouth and crushed it under her foot. Uday paused the movie and said. "kya Manyata. Whats ur problem??" he said. "whats ur problem?? Why do u smoke??" she said and turned around. Looking on the table for medicines. " staff members ne kaha u r not well. Badi hichkichahat se unme se ek ne tumhara maatha chu ke dekha to u had fever. U shud be having ur temperature not cigar. Wheres the doctor?" she asked and the doctor walked in. Manyata let him check patiently "kya hua hain doctor?" she asked as the doctor hung the stethoscope around his neck. "recently kuch abahr ka khaya tha?" he asked and Manyata looked over the doctors shoulder at Uday. Uday let out a small laugh watching a funny scene in the film. "haan.." she said feeling guilty. "wo bas ek jariya hain. Actual problem to stress aur shayad body ko kuch jyada strain ki wajahse hui hain. Dhyaan rakhiye ki ye body ko over work na kare. Aap inke paas humesha rehti hain? Doctor asked scribbling names of medicines on his pad and looking at Manyata from above his glasses. "jee kuch aisa hi…" and the doctor cut in between "kyunki us hisabse medicines aur precautions prescribe karni hain. Main wo aapko batayunga ya fir yaha ke staff ko" he said. "nahi mujhe hi bata dijiye" Manyata said and he prescribed her.

"Get well soon Mr. Uday. Dhyan rakhiye khudka" he said as he went. "oh yeah sure" Uday said still watching his film and not even looking up at doctor for once. Manyata came and sat beside him. She pulled the tab away from him and paused the movie. "please khudka dhyan rakho. I am sorry mujhe us din tumhe nahi khilana chahiye tha" she said cupping his face. "its ok princess. Not ur fault" he said holding her hands.





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Karkit IF-Dazzler

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Awesme update
manveer scene ws cute n nice
cigret scene ws so funny
manyta care 4 uday ws nice
bt 1 que manyata circus se vapas kyu aagai vo kye upset thi
jo bhi ho uday manyata ko mana leta hai
love it
do pm me n update soon

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Posted: 04 August 2013 at 6:48am | IP Logged
Uday la ved lag lay. I guess!!
sarkha smoke kartoy
mad only
awesome update pranks
update soon

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Lovelydrops Senior Member

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superb update...

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Posted: 04 August 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged



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serat Goldie

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awesome upadte 
maine sabhi ke sabhi ek sath chap padhe thw
but it's awesome
update next chap soon

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