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JEENA ISI KA NAAM HAIN |updated 13 on pg 37|*NEW* (Page 29)

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 2:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bushra..manveer

very nyc awsome loved it glad u loved it
zabardast maza agaya  lolz. thanx
update soon plzz... asap
i loved ur writting so awsome i am flattered
brilliant u r the sach a
good writter keep it up... thanx for the compliments!
thanx for the like n cumnt

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 3:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...navina...

Awesome update Sanju. thanx navi
Very interesting !!! aww.. glad u found it interesting
Loved the beginning , when Uday was completing Manyata's sentences ...  I thought it was really cuteEmbarrassed. only thought? didnt u reallt feel that it was cute??  A drunk Manyata was very entertainingLOL  ... yeah, she can be very much at times  can't believe she told Shreya to vacate the back-seatWink
she also had drunk a bit of mountain dew n had said to herself "aaj kuch toofani karte hain"  
It was a great update , thanx
please continue soon , asap
... thanks for the PMSmile. pleasure is all mine
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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 3:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by annesha18

awesoem thanx
the come back update was too goodd aww.. glad uy like dit
manyat drunk and cionfeses her love for uday
was super cute thanx
wanna read more of it but sadly it all ends here
thc for the pm pleasure is all mine
do update asap yeah, just now
thanx for like n cumnt
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Originally posted by -Zina-

Awesome Wonderful Update!!Clap


Loved it loadsSmile

aww... glad u loved it

Hayye i loved ManVeer momentsTongue


Manyatas drunk confession Embarrassed

aww... so nice of u

What is this shreya's problem JealousAngry

nah, she isnt getting jealous! she just doesnt know things...

Lol i was cracked LOLby manyata's dialogue of clearing the back seatEmbarrassed


Too good updateClap

i am flattered

please Update soonBig smile



Thanks for the PM.Embarrassed

pleasure is all mine

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Originally posted by Chamakchallo30

Awesome update CC Clap Clap thanx billu
Manveer khud ke dil ki baat nahi samajhteLOL yeah, wo dono pagal hain
and Shreya is so caring...Big smile hmm.. she is sweet
if only Uday had heard what Manyata said in her room Day Dreaming yep, pr fir story keliye it wasnt good
im a little bit confused with the promoEmbarrassed sorry for the confusion
please continue soon...thanks for the PM Smile pleasure is all mine

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Posted: 30 April 2013 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Karkit

Awesme update sis
manveer scene so cute
shriya ws nice caring frend
love it
do pm me if it possible n cntinue soon
thanx for the lovely comment! glad u liked it! yup, will pm u for sure!!

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It could be easily predicted that a beautiful sunny day lay ahead. Thin sun rays penetrated through the huge French windows. And with the pleasant rays rang the harsh alarm. "Ughh'" he pouted. His hands walked clumsily towards the bedside table, where the stupid alarm clock was kept. "Go to hell u bas***d" Uday spat angrily at the alarm clock. The very first thing he used to do (even before brushing teeth) was to check his phone. He knew for sure that a short and sweet message would be waiting to wish him a happy and good morning. As usual it was waiting to be opened. But this time along with the morning wishes, it read: "good morning my sweet 'innocent' cute dumbo. Well today I decided to bunk the college. Yeah, I decided. Well studying at home. Have nice day."

An automatic unavoidable smile crept on his beautiful lips. He replied to the message: "good morning to u too. That's great! YOU decided to bunk means the college is getting awful in the real sense. Manyata bighadne lagi hain :P ' kabhi to studies ke alawa kuch soch. Well, padh hi rahi ho to acchese padhna."

There messages went on for a while. Side by side Uday was getting ready. He was thinking of going out somewhere with his best friend. Movies were a good choice he thought. Soon he texted her: "hey, how about a movie with Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh?"  She replied "ahh... such a worst idea. Nah, not a movie with him. Instead I would go for a movie with my best friend ' Uday" he smirked. He had no option rather. "ok then. U can go with him. He will come and pick u up. Wait at your gate." He replied. "That's great. Well tell him that I am not at my home." She replied "Then where are u just now?" he replied. "well at Royalty. Hanging out with my friends. Will talk to you later a bit busy" she said and ended there conversation abruptly. He was a bit surprised. Suddenly he thought of going to gym. Immediately he went to his room to change. He removed his t-shirt. He looked at his awesomely toned and desirable body in the mirror. He observed neatly as in where there needed more toning. Where he needed to reduce his (unexisting) flabs. Well he already had six pack abs, so now he wanted eight. He packed his sack n left out for the gym.

Within no time, he was entering the gym. All fat people were running on the go-nowhere bicycle. As he saw a realy fat and obesed man, his mind said to itself "six pack flabs" and he chuckled to himself.

After a good vigorous exercise he made his regular perfect sexy look which was a bit disturbed after the work out. He called and arranged for two tickets of a movie. He went home and had a nice lunch


Meanwhile, Manyata was having fun hanging out in royalty with all the staff there. The HODs, other managers, receptionists were her very close friends present at the reception and were having a good talk. After many days she was spending time with them. So there was so much to talk. She didn't even realize how time flew away. Soon they had lunch and again returned to there small adda at the reception. There was not much crowd of clients, guests or even the lodgers. As they were talking, suddenly two people walked to them.

 They cleared their throughts marking there presence between the busy chatting of friends. "yes" Manyata enquired as the friends stopped talking. "Well, we are the Sharma brothers. We want to enter in some deals with'" they said as they showed the people Brijraj's photo. They all were puzzled and looked at each other.

"kya aap inhe jaante ho?" asked the Sharma bros. Manyata replied "of course, inhe kaun nahi jaanta, he looks after this place where u are currently standing. And he is my f'" "Friend ke friend ke door ke rishtedaronke doorke rishtedaar" said divya interrupting between Manyata. All of them looked at Divya confused.

 The Sharma bros. took the photo back and thanked all of them. Manyata pulled Divya away, away from all the people. Vidya followed both of them. "ye tum kya kar rahi ho divya?" asked Manyata. "You cant reveal whose daughter you are" replied divya. "but'" Manyata replied and sighed. Just then her phone beeped and she remembered that Uday was going to take her for a movie. "wahi tumhara naya dost hain kya? Aaj kal uske saath kuch jyada hi waqt spend kar rahi ho." asked Vidya- Divya's younger sister. "Complaint ya statement?" Manyata asked her. "well I have to go now, he is coming here. I'll go n wait outside. Ye do ghanchakkaronko sambhalo jara." She said and left hurriedly. Just as she stopped to open the big huge glass door of the 'welcome lounge' she, for the final time looked back. "Smelling fishy" she made a mental note and closed the doors behind her.

Divya and Vidya returned back. Just then the Sharma's said "well, we want to meet Mr. Brijraj Singh." "I am very sorry but u can't meet him directly. First u have to talk with his PA, that too with a proper appointment. By the way, what kind of deal is it?" asked Ishika. "none of your business" they answered to which Ishika raised an eyebrow. "by the way, kaha se ho aap? And ye photo dikhaneki kya jarurat? You could have asked directly" added sushant. "Hum srilanka se hain. We have an Indian background. Aur hum bahot pehlese Brijraji ke saath deals karna chahte the. Par unke naam pr hume cheat kiya gaya tha. Koi aur hi Brijraj naam se humare saath deal kar rahe the. So humne is bar photo dikhake clarify kiya. Aur waise bhi, humare yaha local trade me photo dikhakar he assignments lete hain." They explained one by one. All exchanged looks. Was any kind of double meaning hidden behind it? Or by any ways they ment to tell them 'read between the lines'? The questions were hovering there minds. "Aapka phone number dijiye. Appointment lagte hi hum aapko contact karenge" said Vijay. For a while the Sharma's looked at each other and then one of them said "ji rehne dijiye. Uski koi jarurat nahi hain. Aapne itni madat ki, that's enough" they said, once again thanked all and left. An awkward silence had occupied the room. "Weird" sushant said. "jaane dona, hote hain aise typical antique pieces" said Vidya and the topic thankfully ended there.


"Aww' kitni acchi movie thi!" exclaimed Manyata holding on to Uday's arm. "hmm.. ab kya plan hain aapka?" asked Uday. "mera kya hoga? Movie toh teri idea thi ab tu hi decide kar" she said. "Ok abhi to sham hi hui hain, lets have a snacks out somewhere" he said. "Ok then'" Manyata agreed and they went out for satisfying there appetites.

Having done with the little snacks, Uday and Manyata were on their way to Manyata's house. "RUKO'" Manyata suddenly ordered. Uday immediately stopped his car. "Kya hua princess, any problem?" he asked affectionately. "umm' aisa koi problem nahi, but I want to go to the beach" she placed her order. Uday sighed and said "ab chalo'" Manyata let out a small screem in excitement and soon they were on there way to the beach. As they reached there, Manyata ran on the sandy beach leaving behind her footprints as she held her footwear in her hands. Uday admired her. She called him or rather pulled him with her. Staying in the city which is situated on the beaches of Arabian Sea, (meaning mumbai) Uday hardly had visited the beach. She made him stand in the waters which entered the beach, removing his shoes. The water barely reached till there ankles. Uday looked down at his feet. The sand below his heels went ahead with the water which made his heels sink a bit. He could feel the minute particles of sand run away with the water. The sea sang its watersong along with the charm of the wind which swirled through his ears provoking him to drown himself in it and experience its luxury. Soothing than a spa, comforting than a king's bed, peaceful than heaven, the sea lay its spell on him which was calling and telling him to come and join it. The beautiful watersong promised him that the sea will give him anything he wished in his life. The sea was like alladin's 'geeni' explained the song's tune. He loosened his body, and let the wind wander all over him spreading the seas mysterious spell.

After a while, Uday opened his eyes. He then realized that he was in a different world sometime ago. He realized he was here with his princess. He looked around for her. And there she was standing beside him and caressing his face with her eyes. He smirked looking at her. It seemed that the sun was also under the spell of the watersong as it was selflessly drowning itself in the sea's empire. The sun was redest and as it drowned in the sea, it came out of the skin of the red colour and sank in the sea, letting the red colour spread like a drop of oil would in the water, in the sky. Uday and Manyata turned around and walked at the boundries of the sea. Within no time, thre fingers locked each other. As their fingers sort refuge on the others, they looked at each other and smiled.

Manyata pointed at a beach side stall and exclaimed "Uday, gola'"


Well that's all in this chapter. I know I have not given anything good and firm. Just randomly gave one update! I am very sorry. If I would have given anything firm or of any mystery kinda thing, then u all would have to wait till May end. This is because I am going to Milam Glacier this 10th May. I'll be back on 26th May then. So till then will be no updates. So now this story will be updated after a month on 29th of May. Sorry for the delay. Till what about a promo?

But before u check it out on the next post, like this post n go, because pms will be sent only to those who click a like'

(scroll down)

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He harshly stopped the car. Both looked at each other. "wo car'" she said to him. "ye log kaun hain?" he said. "kahi ye wo do to nahi?" she said in a little whisper. "kaun do? Tum inhe jaanti ho?" he asked her curiously. "haan wo actually'" and she narrated the incidence to him.


Well that's all. U all are going to kill me na? This update was very boring I know! I am so so so so sorry! Forgive me if possible.

sorry guys but this is last update for a month

better late than never and muskaane jhooti hain will be updated in this week. then all the updates will be given after 30th may or 1st June


Pranks aka Sanju.

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