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Uday and Neeraj had their breakfast and were relaxing in the garden answering thousands of fone calls.

N: uday, tumhe nai lagta hum humara birthday bahot hi feeke tareekese kar rahe hain? I mean hum toh call centre main hain aisa lag raha hain

U:hmmm'. Baat to teri sahi hain. Par lets do sumthing today night' lets party out somewhere

N: bas hum dono? It will be so boring'

U:kisne kaha hum dono? Manyata hain na!!

N: thike that wud be gud' par bhai, don't u feel so that u r getting addicted to Manyata?

U: wat rubbish!! Girls get addicted to me'

N: exceptions bhi hote hain har case main'

U: get to the point

N: the point is Manyata. She is an exception. Uske behavior se saaf saaf najar aata hain ke she considers u to be just a friend rather a best friend nothing else and is maintaining a safe distance, inspite of knowing that u r the Yuvraaj'

U: Neeraj, she is the princess. Aisi waisi nai hain wo she is different, alg hain wo dusri ladkiyonse. She considers me uday not Yuvraaj and that's the best thing in her.

(the fone ringed)

U:just a minute..

U: hello'

PERSON(P): hey!! Happy b'day bhaiyya'

U: (he was a bit sad hearing a beautiful voice of a girl saying him 'bhaiyya') aaawww'. Thanx sweety!! Par, may I noe who I am talking to?

P: haw!! Bhaiyya, mujhe bhul gaye!!

U: (he was now really puzzled) sorry dear par sach me'

P: (interrupts him) koi jarurat nai hain sorry vorry kehne ki' m very angry. Mera pura mood hi kharab kar diya aapne.

U: clue to do na!!

P: umm' aap mujhe bachpanse jaante ho'.

U: wat!! Main? Aur hum kab  bichad gaye?

P: haye bhagwan, inko kabhi to serious bana dijiye. Hum bichade, approx.. 2 saal pehle'

U: bata bhi dona ab!!

P: MOHINI!!!!!
U: O TERI!! Mohini tu!!

M: haan main!! Pagal ho aap! Aur ye kya?? Aap Neeraj jaise kabse ban gaye? Neeraj 'o teri' bhi kehta hain??

U: wo chod de!! Tu kaisi hain!! Yaad bhi nai aayina meri in do saalon main?

M: wat rubbish!! Bahot yaad aayi' waise maine devgarh fone kiya par wha se pata chala ki u aren't there' har b'day toh wahi pe hota hain aap' abh aap kaha hai?

U: guess wat!! Main abhi Kolkata main hu.

M: WAT!! Don't tell me aap waha hain!! Guess wat, main pichle do saalonse yahi pe hu!!

U: shit tum Kolkata main kaise?

M: actually devgarh ke kaam se dad ko yaha aana para, so main aur mom unke saath yaha aagaye'

U: oh I noe ajit uncle ko kaam sambhalna pad raha hain na!

M: yup'

U: waise aaj raat ke tere kya plans hain?? I was planning to party'

M: no, no plans, I am always ready to party out'

U:ok then, I'll call u soon'

M: ok, b'bye!! Take care'


Here Manyata was at her home looking out of the window playing with her lockette. She was remembering the night's events. Wat she thot, wat she said n wat she DID! She felt a bit weird. Suddenly her fone rang and she looked bankly towards it.


U: hey buddy!! Uday here'

M: oh hi' bolo, fone kyu kiya?

U: tum aise bina kuch kahe nikal kyu gayee??

M: wohh.. actually' jaane bhi do, fone kyu kiya tha??

U: yup, wo toh bhul hi gaya tha'

Actually I was planning a party tonight, u free??

M: r u mad mr. Udayveer singh? I mean Yuvraaj Udayveer singh?

U: kyu? B'day hi toh celebrate karne keliye pooch raha hu.. bhaag jane keliye nai

M: pagal, kal college hain aur 1 month ke baad units bhi hain, how can u not study and party out

U: (he bit his tongue remembering all the college thing.) who actually its my b'day aur wo toh saal main ekhi baar aata hain. Units toh 2-2 baar aate hain, plus they r not finals so'

M: par'

U: par var kuch nai, main tumhe 8 baje lene a raha hu be ready I am coming ok dear?? B'bye

M: areh uday suno toh..

Before she cud say anything he had ended the call leaving disgusted Manyata behind'

M's pov:

Ab kya kareh bitiya, jana toh parega. Toh abhi 6 baje tak padhlo, then get ready'


Uday informed mohini the time and place. It was 8 now and uday pulled the car up the street. Matching the winds speed, he just zoomed thru the lanes. Screeching, he stopped a block b4 manyata's house or to be more clear, mansion. He picked up Manyata. They reached the club and three of them(Neeraj, uday, Manyata.) hopped out of the car elegantly.

There was mohini waiting for them. Seeing uday and Neeraj come, she ran and nearly jumped on them.surely, this sumwher pricked manyata's heart but it was very minor to realize. Manyata walked to them. Neeraj introduced mohini and Manyata to each other and they walked in. uday and Neeraj were determined to enjoy to the fullest but the girls had no such plans' both the boys dashed to the floor and the girls composed themselves on the club chairs ordering drinks

MO: so Manyata, tell me sumthing bout yourself

M: bout me? Umm' I am girl studying in Kolkata university. Kya batayu main tumhe mere bare main? I am confused u tell first..

MO: umm.. ok!! I am younger than uday, like 1n half years. He is like my elder bro. I am still learning.

M: oh' great!!!

MO: btw' wat does your dad do???

M: handle the royalty

MO: huh??

M: I mean the chain of hotels'

MO: omg!!! The devgarh venture?? My dad works for devgarh too

M:  o my god' that's great

MO: he works manages and is the security head..

 He has a great importance there' theres nothing without him'

M: yup I noe, the royals are much concerned for there safety.

Mohini was just flipping her fone sideways and seemed to be restless'

M: kya hua any problem??? U seem restless

MO: actually mujhe ye baat kisike saath share karni thi. I cant keep this as a secret any more. I'll tell u but please don't tell it to anybody ok??

M: (gulping) ok'


M: (momentarily becomes a statue. Looks at her hopelessly) toh??

MO: (slaps her head hard and looks at manyta) toh' DEVGARH HAS A PRINCESS!!!! The fact that whole world is unknown to. its now open u n me know it except her immediate realtives'


M: (she is abot to ask when uday comes there)

U: hey girls' kab tak gossip kroge aap cum lets dance'

Saying this uday pulls up mohini and gives his hand to Manyata as if he is proposing her for a dance. Very elegantly she places her hand in his, and says "sure". "chale princess" and the four are finally on the floor grooving'

They enjoy their time but, 'DEVGARH HAS A PRINCESS!!!!... DEVGARH HAS A PRINCESS!!!!' is still haunting Manyata like the worst thing ever' she decides to make it clear tonight.

The next good thing ever to happen with Manyata was that it was decided that Mohini will drop Neeraj n go ahead and uday will drop Manyata and then go home. Ofcoarse this beautiful plan was drawn up by none other than our uday.

There they were in the car'.

Uday driving and Manyata in the car looking at everything except uday.

U: princess.. u look tensed wts the matter??

M: actually I wanna ask something. How much is the heir important for a riyaasat uday??

U: (he answered without any expressions or rather confusedly) jaise ek baccha uske maa keliye hote hain, jaise bhagwan uske bhakt keliye hota hain. Pr aisa kyu pucha tumne??

M: Nai aise hi. Actually it's a secret, mohini told me n I am not supposed to tell it to any1

U: (he looked into her eyes with great emotions) mujhe bhi nahi??

M: (started to hit him on his arm and uday starts to laugh loudly.) blackmailer kahika'.

U: sorry sorry' tell me fast kya hua?

M: mohini was telling this to me. Don't tell her that I told you.(taking a deep breath she said) she told me that devgarh has a princess, the only heir.

U: he sighed

M: I tried to ask her wats the big deal but'

U: (interrupting her) and u don't need to noe wats the big deal'

M: but why?? I mean she knows wats the big deal why cant i??

U: some questions are better not answered (he said taking a rotating the swheel right ways to turn)

M: wahh!!! Ek aur paheli mere zindagi main. Cudn't get more better

U: o my gosh!! U r a question bank!! Kitne sawal kitne sawal. Jaane bhi do tumhe kya karna hain us Rajkumari se?? (said trying to avoid her curiousity)

M: u noe it and u r hiding from me

U: no dear, aisa kuch nai hain. (muttering ) us mohini ko to main

M: right, tum sab jaise ho'

U: Manyata, stop it

M: kya stop it?? Sab kuch mujhe andhere main rakh ke hi hota hain. Mere mom dad to the hi. A b tum bhi!! Humari dosti is also planned. Tumhara yaha Kolkata main aana is also planned!! (she said fuming and steaming. She looked away. Stared out of the closed window)

U: stop it!! Humari dosti is not planned. Its our destiny!! We wre destined to meet u idiot. Sab kuch janane ka bahot shauk hain na tumhe, suno. Haan Kolkata aana mera plan tha aise hi uthe padhne aaya nahi hu main. Meri padhayi ho gayee hain and I have no need to learn aal that stuff once again!!! (Manyata looked at him in utter shock. She expected wat all she said to be wrong. But it was right!)

Main yaha devgarh ki iqlauti princess ko dhundhne aaya hu. Wo mujhe mil bhi gayee hain. (there was aminutes silence) use leke jald hi main yaha se jaane waala hu

M: (was very sad) fir kab aayoge? (she asked with concern in her  tone)

U: fir kyu ayunga?? Yaha Kolkata main meri janpehchan waala koi nai hain. Bus shayd kaam keliye aayunga.

M: (she was on the werge of crying)

Her house came and uday stopped his car. Manyata dashed out of the car and without even looking back for once at him, she ran away. Uday was rather tacken aback by her behavior and cudn't understand it.


For uday, Manyata was the princess and after taking her no one wud be there in Kolkata relating to him. But for Manyata she wasn't the princess. Some other girl was. And though after taking the princess, for her, she was gonna be in Kolkata. So she was sad, that for uday, she is no one.


The next day

Uday was still sound asleep. Suddenly his fone rang from nowher and he woke up

U: hello?? Whos this??

M: (thru her teeth) fone uthanese pehle caller id dekha kar

U: Manyata tum? Bolo kya hua. Subah subah fone kiya?

M: its already half past 9.

U: hmm'

M: wat hmm' college nai aana? Oops main to bhul hi gayee. Tumhe college aaneki koi jarurat hain hi nai na!! tum toh yaha Rajkumari ko dhundne aaye ho. Mili na wo tumhe?? To use leke jald se jald yaha se jaate kyu nai gadhe!!! (she said all this fuming in anger and at top of her voice enough to make uday deaf.)

U: hey'( beep beep'. The fone was already ended)

U: wat the f**k!! Isi kya ho gaya??

N: kya hua bhai!! Kaun chilla raha tha??

U: tumhe bhi sunayi diya??

N: haan

U: kuch nai Manyata thi. Ghussa hain mujhpe. Mujhe lagta hain ab college jake principal se milke inform karna chahiye ki I will not come now. (principal knew the truth that he is Yuvraaj n all his plan) u noe Neeraj, kal maine Manyata ko sab such bata diya.

N: wat!!!

U: matlab wo princess hain ye nai. Par main yaha kyu hu n all that stuff.

N: ok ok' waise main soch rah atha ki aaj sham ko main chala jaata hu

U: itni jaldi??

N: haan. Bahot saare kaam bhi hain. Aur ab j ki bhi yaad arahi hain.

U: aawww'.. chal thik hain'

N: khyal rakhna khudka

U: yup. Thike, chal u get ready, I'll too get ready, aur college jake aat ahu. U coming??

N: no. will wait and pack everything.

U: as u wish'


Uday gets ready takes his car and goes to college. On entering the first person he saw was manyata. She too noticed him. Initially, she was vey happy to see him, but she realized she is expected to be very abgry. So she gave hima dangerous look and stormed away.

Sighing, uday headed towards the principal's office

U: sir, may I come in

PR: oh my god, yuvraajsa aap, come in

U: (comes and sits on the chair) thankyu sir. Actually aapse kuch baat karni thi

PR: ji kahiye na'

U: actually ab jis kaam keliye main aaya tha, wo ho gaya hain. So ab main college nai aayunga

PR: (there was a moments silence) ok sir. As your wish. We were glad to serve you. Humara jeevan dhanya ho gaya jo aapki seva karneka mauka mila'

U: plz sir' thije, to ab main chalta gu.

PR: ok sir. Aur haan , is shaniwaar ko college main party hain, uske liye jarur aana.

U: he smiled and left


As he walked out of the room, an idea blinked in his cunning head. Instead of straightly heading out of the college, he walked to manyata's class.

The door was half open.

He could see the studying class or rather sleeping class. the professor wasn't seen, nor the professor cud see him


M: she was yawning

U: pov

AWWW…. Yawn karte hue bhi kitne pyaari lagti hain…

M: she was looking around left and right wen her eyes fell on uday…

Narrowed eyes, wrinkled nose and clenched teeth. She gave him such a bad look. He chuckle and waved at her..

Manyata stuck her tongue out…

The next thing which uday was going to do was to blow of Manyata a thousand miles..

He in the most royal and elegant and seductive way, gave her a FLYING KISS!!!

Manyata's jaw dropped open and her best friend shreya sitting next to her was swinging back and forth, laughing.

All the other girls in the class were already burnt to ashes due to jealousy and the other boys were totally annoyed due to uday's behavior.

Getting a panaromic view of the scene uday smirked, turned and walked away victoriously

Manyata's jaw eventually closed, she started to turn red redder and reddest. Even the tomato's redness was nothing before hers.

Shreya told her to look back to other girls

Manyata looked back and smirked at the fuming girls…

Manyata's pov:

Ahaan u s**ts…

UDAY gave ME a kiss not u

Die u bitches die…


sorry for the delay guys

sanjana aka pranoti

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superb update sanju
u rock dear
love the update plzz...update soon
thanx for PM.

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Amazing update sanju
Loved it, well worth the long wait.
Glad that now manyata is aware
that devghar has a princess, her pov
to the other girls drooling when uday blows the kissesLOL
well done dear, do continue soon.

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Awww sanju baba this 7 chapter then I have read all 6 chapter !
deepsoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry sanju baba no time to read!
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its ok dear...
no probs...
...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Amazing update Sanju.

Best part was the last bit ,
where Manyata blushed due to Uday's flying kissEmbarrassedWink.
Very interesting,
continue soonSmile.

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oh mindblowing update Sanju.Cont soon n ty for the pm.This update rockkks:D

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