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Originally posted by Priya46

awesomeee ss

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Originally posted by pia.raha

hey mera exams tha isliye comment nehi kar payi,it was veryy veryy nicee!!!!!!!!!SmileSmile

thanx dear...
and its ok...
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sorry guys for such delay...
concentrated much on my other ss.
i noe thats very bad i shud giuve equal importance, but i am sorry...
and huma12 sorry dear. thanx for waiting patiently...


N: sach bhai'oye balle balle oye shava shava oye balle balle oye shava

(Neeraj said doing typical Punjabi balle balle)

U: Neeraj ruk'. Ye tum kya kar rahe ho?? Kitni baar kaha hain ke movies aur aisi oot patang cheese mat dekha karo' yaad rakho tum rajwaade ho. Haye bhagwan yaha pe ek rajwaadi jo rajwaadon jaisa behave karti hain par pata hi nai ki rajwaadi hain aur yah ape ek rajwaada jisko pata hain ki wo rajwaada hain fir bhi rajwaade jaisa bartaaw nai karta'

N: ughh'. Wateva'btw.. b'day pe toh yaha hona??

U: nai reh'

N: wat?? Dis is not done uday'abhi tak aisa ek bhi janmdinn nai gaya jo humne tumhare saath nai manaya'.kuch nai.. nothing doing just come back here'

U: noh bhai'plz'jaane doh na waise a good commition is waiting for u dear'

N: kya bhai'jaldi jaldi bako uday'.yaha pe log bula rahe hain'

U: ohk'.tum yaha Kolkata aajayo aur double commition ye hain ki main tumhe the princess se milayunga'.

N: KYA???? SUCH MAIN BHAI?? Dekho main tumhe do options deta hu. Ek ki tum mere liye room tayar karwayo ya fir tumhare wardrope main jagh banayo, main tumhare room main aa raha hu'

U: chill chill Neeraj'hum dekhte hain'.

N: byebye bhai'. Sab humare naam ke naare laga rahe hain'

U: ohk ohk bhai'bye..

The fone was disconnected and now uday didn't care wether he was a rajwaada or no but he started to dance in his room'.

Neeraj started his preparations for Kolkata. Their birthday was just 2 days Manyata too decided to give uday surprise on his birthday. Neeraj reached Kolkata the next day. Just a few hours were left for 12 to stike in the clock.

It were 15 minutes left for 12. Neeraj quietly came near the main door. He heard some noise around. He became alert and swiftly looked around. The guard at the door, on seeing Neeraj stood up and saluted him. Neeraj went inside. Manyata came from behind the bushes. She too came near the door and the guard questioned her. Some how, she succeded in making the guard open the door and she went in. it was all pitch dark. Manyata krept inside slowly. Trying to figure out things in the dark. On the other hand, Neeraj had made his vision clear in the dark. Manyata turned around and bump'..

"AAAOOO'''" both screemed together as Neeraj and Manyata bumped into each other. Uday ran till the stairs and quickly switched on the lights. Both Neeraj and Manyata looked at each other, and were suspicious that what the other one was doing there.

U: tum dono? Manyata,  the most pleasant birthday gift ever. And Neeraj, bhai yaha abhi, tum toh afternoon tak aane waale the na?

Neeraj and Manyata spoke together and stopped. They shared a blank look. And then both said together

N-M: happy birthday'''''..

U: thanx princess'.(he came down the stairs and walked swiftly towards Neeraj.) bhai'. Happy birthday'

The both brothers hugged tightly and shared and emotional moment.

Manyata looked at them and said pointing at Neeraj, "toh tum uday ke bhai ho kya?" uday added "sirf bhai nahi, my twin". "OMG'. Happy birthday Neeraj". Neeraj replied "thanx'umm." in a tone showing continuity. "Manyata '" added uday. Neeraj looked at uday, "the Manyata?" he asked him. Uday nodded in yes. And Neeraj in a more mesmerized tone said "thanx Manyata'" the threesome enjoyed a small personal party in the mansion. Uday and Neeraj forced her to sleep there itself as it was very dark and both of them knew that it was not good for her to go home at such a dark hour of the night. Manyata called her mother and told her  that she was at her best friend shreya's house.All of them after having a big celebration went to sleep. Neeraj and uday in one room and Manyata in one.


It approx 2. Manyata was twisting and turning and rotating. Sleep wasn't coming. She finally woke up. She decided to head towards the gallery. While going, she came upon uday and neeraj's room. Neeraj was sleeping in a weird pose, as everyone might be while sleeping. But uday, he was as straight as a stick. She laughed in hr mind and thought, "dono twins hain. They are same, yet so different." She went ahead in the gallery. She stood there, looking in the sky. "Waha upar kya dhoond rahi ho?" uday said. Manyata looked at him and smiled and asked, "tum'yaha..? soye nahi?" uday like a gentleman replied "nahi neend nai aayi. Aur tumhe?" "mujhe bhi nahi." Manyata looked in the sky once again.

"uday'.mujhe kuch theek nahi lag raha. Zindagi abhi tak kuch alag thi. Ab aisa lag raha hain, kuch alag mod lene waali hain." Manyata replied rubbing her arms and hugging herself. "thand lag rahi hain?" uday asked and Manyata nodded her head. Wat came upon god knows, but he hugged her from behind asking, "ab thik hain?" Manyata felt very cozy and warm. She didn't mind it as she was not in a mood to think wats right and wrong. "U r so warm and cozy'" she complimented him. Uday laughed and said, "might be that's why I am so hot tempered." Both laughed and Manyata continued. "uday pata hain, meri zindagi itni badi paheli hain. Mujhe hi nai pata. Kaun hu main. A small town girl jiski identity secret rakhna is the most important task of every person coming in her life. Kyun? Meri sharm aati hain? Dosti karte waqt hazar baar sochna padta hain. Kyun kyun? Main kiski beti hu ye main khulke bata bhi nai sakti. Kyun kyun? Aisa kya kiya hain maine ya mere dad me? zindagi dee hain isiliye jee rahi hu. Just like some students, who study just for the sake for getting marks and not to learn. Bas isi umeed main jee rahi hu, ki kabhi toh maut ayegi aur is jindagi ke bojhse chuda legi'.." "princess'. Ssshhshhh'.Bahot bol liya'Kyu itni jeenese roothi ho? Common' u just donno wat destiny has in plan for you. Tumhari zindagi kaunsi hain, kaisi hain, u don't hav the slightest idea." Uday interrupted her. "it seems u hav complete idea meri zindagi kaisi hain'. Tum bhi mere dusre frenz jaise uday, jo mere bare main sab kuch jaante hain'. Par batate kuch nai?" She said with teary eyes looking at him now. He held her by her waist. "nai princess, maine bas andaaza lagaya. U never know na, tumhare future main kya hain'."

Uday gave her a tentative answer. "uday, tum mere liye bahot kuch ho. A true friend ho. Tum mujhe umeed ki kiran lagte ho. Please, ho sake toh mujhe meri zindagi ki paheli suljhane main madat karo'." She said to him. Uday became weak. He knew wat her life is. Still he, also like her other friends was tied to the family history. They all were helpless before her destiny. Manyata saw the hopeless look in uday's eyes. "uday mujhe akele rehna hain for sometime'." She said and fried herself from his hold. "par Manyata'." Uday tried to say but all in vain Manyata just gave him a stern look and uday went back. Unknown to Manyata, he still was standing at the door. Manyata once again looked at the free open sky.

The background music started''

Main hoon gumsum tu bhi khamosh hai
Sach hai samay ka hi sab dosh hai
Dhadkan dhadkan ik gham rehta hai
Jaane kyu phir bhi dil kehta hai
Jee le zara, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zara
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zara

Manyata came near uday. She looked at him with very hopeful eyes. Uday without thinking hugged her. Manyata too hugged him back. He kissed her on her forehead. She hid her face in his mighty strong chest.

Hai zindagi mana dard bhari
Phir bhi isme ye raahat bhi hai
Main hoon tera aur tu hai meri
Yunhi rahe hum, ye chahat bhi hai
Phir dil ke dil se, pul kyu toote hain

Kyun hum jeene se itne roothe hain
Aa dil ke darwaaze hum khole
Aa hum dono jee bhar ke ro le
Jee le zara, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zara
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zaraa

Uday picked her up in his arms and laid her on the sofa in the living room. He sat by her side. Manyata rested her head on his laps and slept peacefully.


"chirp chirp chirp'.." the birds sang there beautiful songs. Uday slowly opened his eyes and looked down on his laps to hoping to see the most beautiful thing sleeping. He wished to see her face first on his birthday'

"huh?... kaha gayee wo?" now he was completely awake'

"Manyata' Manyata'" He shouted. Neeraj hearing his brother shout like an insane walked down the stairs'.

"kya hua hain? Uski aarti kyu kar rahe ho? Manyata Manyata' kabse laga rakha hain?? Gayee hoge who ghar. Waise bhi 9 baje hain. Use awkward laga hoga na'." he said yawning and stretching'

" Neeraj plz' be serious. Who sirf Manyata nahi hain, princess Manyata hain. Who devgarh keliye kya hain ye tum bahot acchi tareekese jaante hon' don't you? Aur who aise bina bataye kyu chali jayegi?"

"hmm'. Btw, tum yaha couch pe kaise?" Neeraj asked with the most doubtful and suspicious eyes as if he was accusing uday for'. (u know')

uday looked at the couch with concern for her still in his eyes.

"who actually use aur mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi'."

"so tumne'." Neeraj interrupted him in a surprised tone.

"just shut up' pagal. Birthday ke din bhi nai chodta'

Who yaha garden main thi,I came to escort her. She slept with her head on my laps'"

"Oh'" Neeraj left a sigh of relief'.

"tu' ruk jara aaj to teri khair nai(Neeraj ran to save his life up the stairs and was followed by uday'.)'aaj agr tera kheema nai banaya toh tera naam Neeraj nai'.

"time please time please time please'.." he said very fast, turned and signaled uday to stop. Uday too stopped.


"tujhe aise kehna chahiye tha ki tera naam uday nai? mera kyu daala beech main?"

"agr bana nai paya toh mera naam kyu badle, such a nice name uday'

Pappu shappu naam nai rakhna mujhe."

"W*F' to mujhe bhi nai rakhna'."

"to kheema bana le khud ka'."

"u bas***d'"

"kya kaha tumne?"

"kuch nai'. Resume'"

And he ran for his life'. Uday followed him and they both ran in there room and Neeraj fell on the bed'.uday jumped on him as if he was his prey' and they both started of with punches, kicks, slaps and everything possible'

The maid enterd and saw them and hurriedly ran out'they both stopped fighting and wre in a weird position' they looked at the suddenly disappearing figure of maid. They quikly stood up and called her in.

"kya hain?"

"gustakhi maaf. Aap keliye fone hain. Aur ek message bhi hain."

Neeraj took the fone from her and spoke. Uday asked her what the message is. She told him  that the message was from Manyata. She had given her while she left. Manyata had told that she is going home and thanx for the party.

Uday left a sigh of relief. ""Pagl pehle kyu nahi bataya" he said actually to no one. The maid replied that she reached home just now.

"yele.. devgarh se fone. Mom dad n unnu bhi wahi pe hain'.wanna talk to you." Neeraj said to him handing the fone over to him.

Neeraj asked the maid wt the messages was and she repeatd to him the same thing again. "oh.." he said.


S: hi beta happy b'day

U: thanx mom' aapke haath ke khane ki yaad a rahi hain.

S: toh Kolkata kyu chala gaya?

U: sorry.

He heard the voice of fone getting snatched from his mothers hand

Un: hi dada'. Happy b'day' aapki yaad aa rahi hain. Upar se neeru bhi chala gaya.

U: neeru? Dada hain who aapke'.

Un: fone par bhi daatenge, jao, mujhe aapse baat hi nayee karni'

U: areh choti, unnu, baat toh suno na'

G: beta hello naraj hain thori baad main bolegi.

U: dad aap? Kaise hain?

G: jee hum toh thhek hain. Tum kaise ho?

U: mujhe kya hua hain? Main toh bilkul theek hu

(S: uska janmdin hain. Wish toh kijiye. Baad main uski poochtach kijiye.)

Uday heard Suhasini, his mother taunting his father from back and giggled

G: areh soha,(affectionately everyone calls her by that name.) kar rahe hain hum wish. Aap bhi na, bolne toh dijiye

(Giriraj argued with her)

G; haan toh beta janmdin ki bahot bahot shubh kamanaye.

U: thanx a lot dad..

G: ruko ek minute. Raajmata ko aapse baat kani hain.

D: hello uday beta' janmdin ki aapko dher saari badhaiya

U: thanx ds.

D: waise beta, kabhi kabhi janmdin pe jaygarh jaaya karo.

U: ab ds, pichle b'day pe hi toh gaya tha.

D: badmaash, who rajyabhishek ke liye. Khas b'day keliye nai.

U: hmmm'. Jaya karenge.

D: aap toh jaante hi hain. Ek  praja keliye uska yuvraj kitna keemti hota hain'

U: haan' aur aap bhi janti hain, ek praja keliye uski iklauti yuvraani kitni keemti hoti hain. Hain na?

There was silence for few seconds

D: shayad humse jitna koi aur bhi jaanta hain ye baat

U: haan aur isi karan wo thos kadam bhi utha raha hain'

Again ds looked shacked and remained silent

D: beta j aapse baat karna chahti hain'

Uday smirked as he realized in what situation, he had put his ds.


updating... wil be soon. might be on monday...

thanx for reading do like and comment.


pranks aka sanju

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Originally posted by huma12.


glad u liked it
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now unresROFL
that was a long brilliant updat yaar sanju
very nice.. continue sooon.
nice song elemnt depicting the chain of emotions
and uday and manyata so a cute relationship
cant wait for frienship to turn to loveWink

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bhari hota...
sorry aga i was out of town so tujhya updates war cumment nai kela...
thanks for pm...

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thanx shahu dear...
tum ho isiliye sab thik hain... :p
thanx for such a beautiful comment. m glad u liked it...
wil surely update fast..

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