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wow bhari hota...
kay ata tumhi itkya mothya writter amhi kay bolu shakto hehe...
bhari hota

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Originally posted by MAHI1198

wow bhari hota...
kay ata tumhi itkya mothya writter amhi kay bolu shakto hehe...
bhari hota

e hello... mjhya peksha tujhi jasti hawa ahe ithe. tula khup experience ahe... chal shistit bol kasa watla... tuch asa kelas tar kasa chalel yaar...
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Originally posted by andy.a

Lovely update dear the jeolousy part was super
continue soon

aawww... thanx dear... yup will continue soon :)
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Originally posted by pari.prisha

awesome update dear
do continue soon

thanx alot...
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Originally posted by pia.raha

<font size="3" color="#ff0066">manyata and udya ka convo was gr88!!!!!!!!!!SmileSmilewaitng to know how m will react wen she will gt to know of her being yuvrani!!!!!</font>

m glad u liked it dear... hehehe u gotcha wait for it ;)
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Wooow…. It was a nice day for me. Day I wud always remember. She makes my heart feel….the prime most function which my heart is expected to do aftr pumping blood. She wakes sumthing in me. She pulls me down frm the fame and makes me special in the true sense. 'Yuvraaj' is famous, not uday, but she makes uday very very special, not the Yuvraaj. She pulls Yuvraaj down from the ghamand and fame, and puts uday in his place. That's wat is badly needed for Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh. I was neva a Yuvraaj for her neither I am nor ever I will. Now dats called the best friendship..

The fone beeped and uday was movd from his thots.

U: haan Neeraj bolo…. Kya hua??

N: bhai… dad kal subah devgarh jaa rahe hain.(devgarh as in the palace wher devgarh family is living in Mumbai.)

U: ohk… toh ab tumhe kya karna hain let me explain.par shayad tumhe slight idea aagaya hoga what u gotcha do??

N: umm… oh shit.. no uday..sats not at all gud. Its liking using, man. How can we do this. No bro.

U: Neeraj, aapne bhai keliye itna bhi nai karsakta?? How can u neeraj?? Mere liye nai. Atleast devgarh keliye.

U: bro no… u r blackmailing me.this is not rite

U: accha thik hain fir… ye tumhare liye galt hain toh tumne 'sahi' cheese hain wo main sabko bata deta hu

N: haan.. Udayveer…. Tum apne khud ke saage twin bhai ko itna bada dhoka doge?? Ye aapse expected nai tha Yuvraaj ji.

U: accha toh jo tum mujhe saath na dene wali baate kar rahe ho, wo exceptable hain?? Huh?

N: pch… Yuvraaj banke tum sab kuch apne hisaabse karna bahot acchi tarikese jaan gaye ho… thike. Jaise tumhari marzi. I'll do it.

U: dtas like my sweetu sweetu chhotu bro…

N: hey… chhotu bulaya toh nai karunga… bas 2-3 minute ka kya diff. naikla, tum toh bade bhai waale haq hi jatane lage.

U: thike baba sorry bro… maaf karde. But u will do iy na?? pakka..

N: hmm.. chal bye. Kal cl karunga.

U: ohk… lets be business like.. Kaam thikse hona chahiye. U will get the commition

N: ohk bhai (he says in a serious tone as if a gunda is talking to his boss.) kaam ho jayega… par hissa barabar ka chahiye..

U: thike… done.. bye.. ova n out (in the same tone as of neeraj)

N: bye over and out (in the same tone)

Uday laughs at how he and his dear jagir da tukda hav fun.. he fell on the bed, locked his hands around his neck and suddenly the ceiling also had started to feel very interesting for him. He slept gazing the interesting ceiling.

In the morning the rays knocked his eyelids and were peeping from the sensitive covr on his eyes. This became very disturbing for him and he finally got up to ward them off. He stretched back and now there was nothing so interesting in the ceiling. He brushed and made himself a cup of coffee as he swung along the beats of radio which he had just switched on. Kolkata was very fascinating for him. He had started to luv it. Why?? Who knows, might be becuz its 'kolkata' unique in itself or might be the city gave gifted him his jewel of life…. He drank it and wiped of the fake moustache he had grown due to the coffee. He went to wash his hands and his fone beepd. He checked it ansd saw that the fone had a msg which was from his brother. He opend it to find that his brother and father had early in the morning left for the Devgadh. He replied conveying it to be a gud progress. He was happy as he cud smell the sweet essence of success which wud soon be knocking his door.


Neeraj and Giriraj reached at the palace. Without even wasting a second they both nearly ran towards the office in the palace. Giriraj realized that his son is also escorting him which he is not supposed to do

G: Neeraj beta?? Aap kya kar rahe hain humare peeche peeche??

N: (Neeraj stammered) wo..wo..woh.. hhhuuummm… actually (thinking wat to say) ha hum as usual ds se milne keliye aa rahe hain…

G: ohk thike par aap baad main jaiye… ds thori na kahi bhaagne wali hain… hain na??

N: (Neeraj knew about his dad's moves but actd as if everything was unknown to him.) parr dad, aap bhi toh ds se milne jaa rahe hain toh hum saath  main aaye tho kya hoga.

G: beta business talks hain aap bor ho jayenge.

N: dad, ab hum bhi sab sambhalte hain bro ke saath. Toh humne suna toh kya problem hain??? Hum bhi thora jaan jayenge..

G: nai beta…

N: par kyu dad???

G: kyunki hum kehta hain

N: phir aap aisa kyu keh rahe hain??


N: (gulping hard.he had seen this form of his dad only a couple of times) dad. Hum yahi pe baith the hain (he said pointing towards the living room) dekhiye, ab hum piche piche jaa rahe hain (he said turning around.) dekhiye, hum moodke dekh bhi nai rahe…. All these were the ways to cool his dad down

Giriraj shot him a final look and went inside the office making clear that his son was not trespassing any wher around again. As soon as giri disappeared in bthe office, Neeraj ran back at the office door and stitched his ear to the door so that he cud here wat the duo was discussing.

G: maa sahib…

DS: jee beta, baithiye. Hum abhi fone hi karne wale the. Na jaane hum kitne saalon baad humare betese baat karne wale hain. Ye raajneeti bahot buri hain. Ek maa ko uske nete se door kar rahi hain. Rajwada hona kya itna bura hain??

G: maa sahib, aaisi baat nai hain. Aap chinta na kare. Wo shubh ghadi jald hi aayegi

DS: bilkul aisa hi ho (she said dialing her sons no. thon at contacted in years, her sons no. was by hearted)


B: hello, Brijraj Chauhan here…

DS: beta.. maa ko intro dene ki koi jarurat nai hain.

B:…maa sahib??

(there was a moments silence.)

DS: (lightly sobbing) haan beta…

B: kitne saalon baad aapse baat kar rahe hain…kaisi hain aap?? Menaka, Adhiraj, jainandini, Vijayendra aur haan Giriraj, Suhasini, Udayveer, Neeraj, Unnati bhi kaise hain???

DS: sab khush hain. Aap ko pata hain?? Aapne jab abhi pure pariwar ke naam liye toh bahot grav mehsoos hua. Par 3 naam nai the. Uske liye khud ke taqdeerko kosne ke siva humare paas koi raasta bhi nai hain

B: (understood wat his mother wanted to say) maa sahib, jab tak manyta ki padhayi nai puri hoti tab tak nai. Bas uske final year ki final exam ho jane dijiye fir result keliye bhi nai rukenge. Turant daude chale aayenge.

DS: theek hain beta par pehle kyu nai?? Kya problem hain? Waise bhi ab aanewale kuchhi hafton main manyta 18 saal ki haojayengi. Fir toh…

B: fir toh kuch nai….


Neeraj was listening to wat ds was saying wid ful concentration. He was thinking wat if sum1 sees him like this?? And he felt a pat on his shouldr


He screamed at top of his voice


Vijay closd his ears tightly….


DS: ek minute beta

She signals Giriraj to look wat happened


Neeraj realized that he and j screamed just too much loud. Without wasting even a minute, he dragged j by covering her mouth and signaled vijay to follow him and he ran thru the corridors. They finally came to the start of the living room. Neeraj turned around the corner and haulted. J was  now out of the state to think, she bit neeraj's hand. This time Neeraj beared it like a tru royal and then he shot a very angry look at j. "why did u bite me??" he inteerogated "why did u cover my mouth and dragged me like u were kidnapping me" she debated. While vijay took the role of making the fuming couple calm. Before Neeraj cud answer his father reached there half panting. "wats the matter?? Itni teezise kyu chillaye aap dono??" he said luking at j and Neeraj


DS: ha beta ab bolo… she resumed the call after signaling Giriraj.

B: ds kya hum aapse ek cheez mang sakte hain… abhi??

DS: haan beta kahiye. Aap ko pura adhikaar hain. Hum aapki maa sahib hain

B: abhi jo koi bhi mahel main hain, kya hum un sab se baat kar sakte hain?

DS: (she cudn't think wat to reply) parr… I fear beta ke I cant bcuz ghar main abhi sirf Giriraj, Neeraj, j, aur vijay hain

B: chalega maa sahib. Waise bhi hume humare jigri dost se baat karni hi hain aur haan, hume humare pyaare bhavishyon se bhi baat karni hain. Unhe bhi janane do ke maharaj Brijraj Chauhan hain bhi toh kaun…(last sentence with pride)

DS: thike…. (she calls upon a staff member and informs to call evryone)


"who dad actually hum yaha baithe the aur j suddenly kahise tapak padi aur unhone humare kandhe pe pat kiya aur us waqt hum horror stories ke bare main soch rahe the isiliye cheekhe aur j hum cheekhe isiliye cheekhi". He left a sigh of tiredness as he said the confession in a bit recited and linking tone. J and vijay looked at him in utter disgust and cudn't think any wat to reply as they were much busy in recalling wat actually happened and wat he is telling. Before Giriraj cud protest or even reply, a staff member came. "Gustakhi maaf maharaj sa, par aapko raajmata sa ne bulaya hain aur aap sabko bhi." Giriraj looked at the staff member and then at the trio "chaliye" he said in the most disgusted look and shaking his neck left and right.


"Andar aye hum daadi sa" Neeraj asked and the great lady agreed. "abhi fone pe maharaj Brijraj hain aur who hum sabse baat karna chahte hain" she said in a emotionless tone. J and vijay were left in awe and surprise and very very happy mood as they hd interest in who dere gr8 mama sa was…while Neeraj cudn't believe his ears. She switched the fone on to speaker so that every one can talk in unison. Giriraj and ds sat across while the trio stood there.

B: hello, hum Brijraj. Khamma gadi giri. Hello baccho. J aur vijay, hum aapke mama sa hain. Neeraj, the young dashing prince, economic news main aapka aur uday ka naam hum aksar padhte hain. Giri I must say, tumhe bahot talented bacche mile hain

(j and vijay were feeling very proud on hearing the typical Rajwada style and like a sher voice of their maama sa.)

J: hi maama sa… I am jainandini. Aapse baat karke hume bahot accha laga. Aapki awaaj main kitna dam hain, ekdam typical Rajwada style

V: haan maama sa… oops intro dena bhool gaye. Hum Yuvraaj Vijayendra. Aap bahot acche hain. Aap jaldi se aaiye na… humne aapke bare main sirf suna hain kabhi dekha nai hain. Hume hi pata nai humare maama kaise hain… plz…

B: (he becums emotional and is not sble to control his tears) baccho aapko paata hain, aapke moohse ye maama sa shabd sun kar hume kitna accha laga(it was crystal clear thru his voice that he is crying) hume bhi aap sab se milna hain. Par ek baat bataye, hum sab jindagi naam ke shatranj ke khiladi hain. Aur humare viroodh, ye taqdeer hain…

N: wwow uncle brij… humne kabhi nai socha tha ki ek Rajwada kabhi is tarah baat kar sakta hain

B: hey, young prince Neeraj na…. woow, giri jaisi awwaj hain tumhari. U r gr8 at work. I suppose u r a very awesum player.

N: ohh... thanx… aap jaldi aaiye na uncle brij plz… aur haan aate waqt hume kuch chahiye…

B: kya beta??

N: aapke saath jo ek pyaarisi pari rehti hain na?? wo…

(J lukd at Neeraj like r-u-in-ur-scenses??. Par, samajhne wale samajh gaye. Vijay and uday and Neeraj knew that devgarh has a heir.this was known to only the elders of devgarh, jaygarh, and viratgarh and now the yuvraajs.)

B: (brij was shoked at his demand) haan beta… jaroor.

G: kya yaar, apne yaar ko bhul gaye??

B: Giriraj??? Buddhe ho gaye ho reh.. awaaj se hi pata chalta hain kya karta kya hain?? Betonke saath khela kar jara….

(the children had never seen the royals getting so informal)

G: haan reh, tubhi kuch kam jawan nai hain….

B: he laughed at his friends taunt

But, this was the happiness before the arrival of a mishap… the most dangerous one for royals. Manyata was the eyewitness on brijraj's side. She came to call her dad for breakfast but at that time just the call came and brij didn't notice Manyata. Manyata was standing outside the sound proof glass of her fathers office so cudn't hear. But surely cud see the tears flowing down his cheeks and then sudden laughter. Now she decided to make her presence….

M:  dada aap kis se baat kar rahe hain???

The sound was audible enough on the other side to shook each person from the roots. Ds immediately switched of from loudspeaker and changed to handset

B: beta!! Aap yaha kya kar rai hain…. Jaiye breakfast kijiye. Hum abhi aaye.

M: no dad. Aapko patahain hum humesha ek saath breakfast karte hain. Aur aaj to Saturday hain.

B:plz beta…. Humara yeh fone hone doh

M: no… toh fir hum yahi rukenge.(she sat on the couch) waise phone hain kiska…. Jinhone huamre dad ko itna emotional karwa diya au uske saath husa ya bhi

B: (he had no words to answer. Ds had the fone and she was listening to all this. Hearing her grand daughters voice for the first time, washed of all her sinsand filled her jholi with boons) who who….humare ma'am ka hain…. (He continued the call) I'll call u later ma'am

DS: Brijraj…..

M: no dad hume bhi unse baat karni hain. Just now…

B: no beta plz..

M: huamri kasm…

B: (he cud do nothing ahead.) thike par kyu??

M: kyunki unhone wo dada hume diye jinhe hum bachpanse dhoond rahe hain.

(Brijraj looked down and gave the fone in manyata's hands)

Daadi sa was crying like hell and the trio (excluding j cud understand why.)

M: hello ma'am…. I am Manyata Brijraj Chauhan. Wo aapke yaha kaam karta hain na?? nice to meet u

(Brijraj had rested his head on the table while Manyata took the fone in her hands and walked out of the room)

DS: nice to meet u to beta….. aap bahot pyaari hain…bilkul ek Rajkumari ki tarah… aap ko raajkumari hona chahiye tha….

M: thankyu ma'am…mujhe bhi shahi logonki jindagi main bahot interest hain. Mera sapna hain raajkumari bananeka…ek din hum jaroor Rajkumari ke thaat main rahenge. Abhi hum reh rahe hian par dad ke jor pe. Ek din hum khud ke balboote pe khade rahenge aur fir sabse pehle aapse aake kahenge…

DS: hume aapse yahi umeed hain…. Par aap hume ma'am mat buliye.

M: kyu??

DS: kyunki…kyunki…hum actual main sacch main aapki sacchi muchhi daa…

N: ..di sa ke umar ki hain

(Neeraj completed the sentence snatching the fone from the hands of ds to stop the mishap from happening)

M: UDAY??????

N: nai…. Kaun uday??

M: mera dost hain who. Same to same aisi hi awaaj hain uski. Sorry….ma'am ko dijiye na fone…

N: sorry miss. She got another imp. call. Can u plz giv thje call to mr. Brijraj??

M: kyu aap kaun hain??

N: hum aapki ma'am ke pa hain. Ek msg dena tha unhe. Aap ma'am se baat main baat kariye.

M: ohk…

(Manyata runs into the office room and givs the fone to Brijraj.)

B: h..e…lloo

N: haan uncle brij…(he narrates the incidence.)

B: thank god beta aap hain….he thanx Neeraj for the hundredth time and ends the call



S: hello gudmaorning rajkumar Neeraj.. can we be of any help to u??(the telephone exchange person said to neeraj)

N: yes serviceman. Plz send me a msg of the no. and current location of the last no. dialed from the landline of devgarh palace.

S: as ur wish sir. We are happy to help u

N: ur welcum

Aftr a few minute….neeraj's fone beeped. He forwarded the address to uday..

After half an hour, uday calls bac

U: Neeraj……………ladoo baton mithaiya baton khushiyan manayo, devgarh ki raj kumara milgayee hain…..brijraj hi maharaj Brijraj hain….

Phew… here u cum to the end….thanx for reading. Hope it was enough long and not at all boring…. Next update wiil be soon round the corner. Do like and comment….sorry for mistakes. And also sorry if sum1 did not receive the pm…

Prankz aka Sanju…


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yipee m d first one
awsum updateClapClap  Thumbs UpThumbs Up
do cont soon
n PM if possible 4 d next update

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Originally posted by princessSonia

yipee m d first one
awsum updateThumbs Up
do cont soon
n PM if possible 4 d next update

thanx dear... yup i'll continue soon. sorry i cudnt pm u. actually was in a gr8 rush so

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