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Chhoti Diwali OS: U light up my life!*translatn* (Page 2)

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 10:55am | IP Logged
oh god these two are just adorable
this choti diwali with them was just so wonderful
wow so he got her the crackers and all because she wanted them
and they had a fight but after mamaji solution they said sorry to teh other
loved it how they love each other so much
what they said was right they are the light of the others life
happy choti diwali to all
see ya tomorrow cheers for pm

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Links to the previous one shots of the Diwali series:

Diwali ki safaai:

The best Dhanteras of my life:
Translation for:U light up my life!
It was some time around early morning when Arnav woke up.
The first thing he did was extending his arm towards Khushi's side of the bed.
To his utter surprise,he found it empty.
Arnav(thinks): Where can she go at this hour?
He tried to get up but could not.
There was something heavy lying on his body,which prevented him from getting up.
Turns out,it was his own wife,who was wrapped around him like a blanket!
Arnav smiled and put his arms around her.
She mumbled something in her sleep.
Arnav: Khushi?
Again she mumbled something,but he could make out the words Devi Maiyya.
Arnav(thinks): Looks like she's dreaming.
He was about to close his eyes and go back to sleep when he heard his name from her mouth.
Now he had to hear what she was saying!
But the way she was mumbling made it impossible to make out what exactly she was saying about him.
Arnav(thinks): She'll wake up if I call her.(runs his hand through her hair) As such she gets a few hours of sleep. I'll let her dream!
He kisses her hair and then closes his eyes.
The next thing Arnav knew was Khushi was shaking his shoulders.
Khushi(irritated): Wake up Arnavji!I need to go to the kitchen.Jiji must b waiting for me..
Arnav opens his eyes & makes a face.
Khushi(confused): What happened?Y r u staring at me as though I have two heads?
Arnav: U should write that book,Khushi..
Khushi(confused): What r u saying?Which book r u talking about?
Arnav: 100 Ways To Spoil Romantic Moments! By now u must b having more than a 100 ways in ur kitty!
Khushi: When did we share a romantic moment,for it to get spoiled by me?
Arnav: How will we share one? U're always in a hurry! U have no time for romantic moments!
Khushi is about to say something when Arnav continues..
Arnav: After waking up their husbands,wives kiss them,talk romantically to them & wish them good morning!..U wake me up as if there's an earthquake!
Khushi: Even u can write a book-100 Ways To Find Romantic Moments! Y only morning? U think of romance throughout the day! If u had ur way with things,I would b trying to wake u up for an hour,leaving all other work aside! Now get up! I'm going downstairs!
She leaves without waiting for Arnav's reply.
Nani: Paayal bitiya,hav u kept the clothes ,which r to be donated to the ashram kids,in the car? 
Paayal: Yes dadiji. And I've also kept some sweets and dry fruits.
Nani: Good! shall we leave Anjali bitiya?
Anjali: Nani, Chhotey hasnt given me the cheque yet. Khushiji, is Chhotey sleeping?
Khushi: No di.
Anjali: Will u plz get the cheque, to be given at the ashram,from him?
Khushi: Yes,I'll  get it for sure,di .But why r u leaving without having anything? Plz hav ur breakfast..
Anjali: First we'll go to the temple & then to the anaath ashram.Once we're back home,we'll have breakfast.
Khushi: Alright.I'll.. get the cheque for u.
Khushi is shocked to see Arnav wearing his coat.
Khushi: Where r u going?
Arnav: Office.
Khushi: But jijaji said that the office is closed for two days..
Arnav: Its my office!I can go there whenever I wish to!
The cold and rude tone of his voice disturbs Khushi.
Khushi's heart says: I'd decided that I wont fight with him during the festival. But today I fought with him over a silly matter.
Khushi's mind says: Arnavji is responsible for the fight!Else y would I fight with him?
Khushi's heart says: Be it whatever! Truth is that we did hav a fight.I'm going to stick to my word- Niether do I want to quarrel with him nor do I want to make him upset. And if Arnavji is angry,its my duty to hav a big heart & forgive him & in turn, ask for forgiveness from him!
By the time the discussion between her heart & mind ended,Arnav had already left the room.
Khushi ran after him.
Khushi: Suniye..!
Arnav stopped but didnt turn around.
Khushi(walks up to him): Plz dont go to office.
Arnav: Why?
Khushi: Its our festival today. U must stay at home..
Arnav: What will I do while staying at home? U wont have time for me.Akash is taking Paayal out & NK is going to meet a friend.Di & nani r leaving for the ashram. So what will I do if I stay at home?Work right? I'll b doing just that in the office!
Khushi: I.. will find time for u. But for that u need to b at home!
Arnav is not impressed.
Arnav: How much of ur time do I get,5 minutes,10 minutes or 15 minutes?
Khushi is enraged.
Khushi: This is too much, Arnavji!
Arnav: Fine! so lets end the topic here itself!
He walks off and this time,Khushi lets him go.
Barely an hour after Arnav left for office Khushi started missing him badly.
Paayal: Khushi,I've made the curry. U need to make dal.Take out the required quantity of rice for Surya Prakashji,he'll boil it.
Khushi: Ok. Now u forget the kitchen,jiji! Its time for u to enjoy!
Paayal smiled & hugged her.
Paayal: Akash gaadi is waiting in the car. I need to leave now.We'll b back in time for lunch.
Khushi: Okay!
Surya Prakash was shocked to see Khushi frying jalebis.
SP: Bhabhi,jilebis r there in the fridge.Y r u frying them again?
Khushi didnt know how to answer him.
Mamaji: Bcoz I told Khushi bitiya to make fresh,piping hot jilebis for me!
SP(smiles): Okay...
Mamaji: Till Khushi bitiya fries jilebis,u finish all ur work outside the kitchen.U can make lunch after she's done. 
SP: Ji mamaji.
After he leaves mamaji comes to the kitchen and eats one jilebi.
Mamaji: Khushi bitiya,looks like u put less sugar in it. The jilebis arent as sweet as u always make them.
Khushi(still frying): That is bcoz I've made them using Sugarfree ,mamaji.
Mamaji: Oh! So these jilebis r for Arnav bitwa!
Khushi takes a bite of jilebi before answering.
Khushi: No! I will hav these! He's left for office.. 
Mamaji: So what!?He's gone to office right? Arnav bitwa hasnt gone to the moon that he would b out of reach! U can join him in the office anytime u like! Take these hot jilebis n lunch for him,thats all!
Khushi likes the idea.
Khushi: Nice idea,mamaji! I'll do that!
Mamaji(blesses her): Be happy! And listen,shall I take a few of these for ur mami?
Khushi: I'll giv u the ones made in sugar syrup..
Mamaji: No-no! I need these! Actually ur mami is on a diet today.So she'll love these!
Khushi(smiles): Ok,then I'll give these for her!
Anjali is surprised to see Khushi standing in the carport of Shantivan.
Anjali: Khushiji,what happened?Y r u standing here in the heat?
Khushi: I was awaiting ur return,di. I've kept ur breakfast on the table.SPji will serve u.
Nani: Where r u going right now, bitiya?
Khushi: woh.. naniji I'm.. going to Arnavji's office to give him lunch..
Anjali: And to hav lunch with him,right?
Khushi doesnt say anything.
Nani: Go carefully.
Khushi: Ji! Di,Nanheji had called to say that he'll b here by 1 pm & will b having lunch with u all.
Anjali: Alright,I'll wait for him. U must leave now.. enjoy the lunch!
Khushi(blushes): Thanks!
Arnav is alerted of Khushi's presence by the tinkling of her anklets.
He chooses not to react and pretends to be immersed in work,when in reality, ever since he had entered office,he had been thinking of her.
Khushi: Arnavji?
Arnav(feigns surprise): U here?
Khushi(gives a knowing look): Yeah,I'm here!Dont tell me that u didnt know I was coming.
She keeps the bigshopper on his table.
Khushi: Wash ur hands meanwhile I'll serve lunch.
Arnav looks at her,straight in the eye.
Arnav: Surely u r not here to serve lunch..What else brings u here?
Khushi: I'm here to tell u that I didnt like it one bit that we had an argument today,on Chhoti Diwali! No matter whose fault it was,I cant tolerate the fact that u're upset with me on a festival! I never wanted to fight with u! I'd just come to wake u up..I dont know who is at fault,but if u feel I'm at fault,plz forgive me! Dont b upset with me!I'm sorry!
Arnav: Khushi,come here..
Khushi: Where?
Arnav: Come to me..
Khushi comes over to the other side of the table and Arnav makes her sit on his lap.
Arnav: I'm so glad that u decided to come over for lunch!(holds her hand) U didnt care,if u were at fault or not,u simply said sorry! All u cared about was me!
Khushi: Obviously! I cant let any distance come between us bcoz of these mundane fights?! My babuji says that Devi Maiyya loves those who forgive others & with a big heart ask for forgiveness!
Arnav(smiles): Ur Devi Maiyya anyways loves u a lot! No wonder she comes in ur dreams as well!
Khushi(shocked): How do u know that she comes in my dreams?
Arnav: U were mumbling in ur sleep this morning.. Devi Maiyya,Arnavji.. What were u saying?Were u complaining about me?
Khushi:Yes,I was!
Arnav: What did I do now?
Khushi(sad face): U didnt! U didnt allow me to buy firecrackers!
Arnav: Khushi,we should not burst firecrackers. They cause a lot of pollution!
Khushi: I'm not saying that I want to burst kilos of fireworks! I just wanted to have  8-10 phooljhadis,3-4 anaars,4-5 rockets,2-3 snakse,4-5 diamonds,2-3 chakris & 2-3 pencils! Thats all!
Arnav: Khushi,no matter how many crackers u burst,1 or 10,they do pollute the environment!
Khushi: Does the smoke which comes out of ur car not pollute the environment?U never stopped driving! And u drive ur car every day! I get to burst crackers only once in a year! (clicks her tongue)That also I wont get to do this year!
She starts her melodrama.
Khushi(sighs): What can I do?After the wedding,the wife has to listen to her husband.So what if I really wanted to burst crackers?My wish does not...
Arnav(interrupts): Okay,okay! U can burst crackers!
Khushi(beams): Really!?
Arnav: But only 1 of each kind! And I will help u in bursting them!
Khushi: Y?I can burst them myself!
Arnav: I dont trust u! In a fit of excitement u may forget to take precautions before bursting crackers.What if u get hurt?
Khushi: I will take care of myself,really I will!
Arnav: Khushi either u agree to what I'm saying or else forget about the crackers!
Khushi: Ok fine,I agree! But y only 1 of each kind?U should allow atleast 2 of each kind,plz Arnavji! Hav u heard anyone lighting only 1 phooljhadi?
Arnav: Fine,but no more than 2 each!
Khushi(thinks): The shopkeeper wont sell one or two pieces! He will sell the whole box!
Arnav: Dont even think about it,Khushi!U r to burst only 2 crackers of each kind! The rest will b given to Aman!
Khushi makes a face.
Arnav: Now if we're through the discussion on firecrackers,can I say something?
Khushi: Its ur mouth & ur wish! Say it!
Arnav: I'm sorry!
He kisses her hands.
Khushi(smiles): Thats okay! U said sorry & so did I! So both sorrys got cut! 
She makes a cross sign in air and Arnav smiles at her childishness.
Khushi: Now,can I serve lunch plz! I'm damn hungry!
Arnav: U can but not before u tell me,were u indeed complaining to Devi Maiyya about me?
Khushi (nods): Yes I did complain! But before that I told her that Arnavji is the best husband in the world!
She hugs him.
Khushi: Now can I serve lunch? I cant stay without food any longer!
Arnav(smiles): Yeah,u can!
That evening in Shantivan...
Anjali: Khushiji did u decorate the poolside with diyas?
Khushi: Not yet,di.I was just taking the diyas there..
Anjali: Ok. U decorate the poolside meanwhile I'll decorate the aangan.
Khushi: Ji.
She meets NK on the staircase.
Khushi: I've been planning to talk to u since yesterday,Nanheji,but u're never to b found at home!
NK: Sorry Khushiji!Actually.. a childhood friend has come down from Sydney.So I was spending some time with him.U tell me,did Nannav like those gifts or not?
Khushi(smiles): He loved them! Thank u Nanheji! U got those gifts for me from the mall! I'll return ur money as soon as I start my dab..
NK(interrupts): No worries,Khushiji! U dont need to return the money! Ya, if only u would do me a favour, I'll be really happy!
Khushi: Sure! Tell me,what can I do for u?
NK: Will u find me a sweet,beautiful,sunil..
Khushi: Sunil nahi Nanheji,sushil!
NK: Sorry! U get the drift! Can u find me a girl just like urself?
Before Khushi could reply Arnav comes there and replies..
Arnav: Impossible! Khushi is a one of a kind specimen! U wont find another one like her in this world!
NK is disheartened.
Khushi: Y wont her find her?U will, Nanheji!
NK: I know! U tell me everything,Khushiji,to have ghosla! But I cant keep any more ghosla now! I'm tired of being single,u know!
Arnav(thinks): Ghosla!?! He's also a one of a kind specimen!
Khushi: Ghosla nahi Nanheji,hausla!Keep praying to Devi maiyya,she will surely help u! Now about my contribution,I'll start my search today itself! As soon as I find a girl like myself,I'll bring her to u!
NK: Thank u so much,Khushiji! U r a sweetheart!
Arnav: Excuse me?
NK: U're his sweetheart!
Khushi (smiles): Y dont u call ur friend home for Diwali? That way u'll get to celebrate Diwali with him & we'll also get a chance to meet him!
NK: Good idea!I'll call him right away!
After NK leaves..
Khushi: Where r my firecrackers?
Arnav: Aman is bringing them.Have patience!
Khushi: Till he arrives with my firecrackers,I'll go & decorate the poolside.
Arnav: I'll come along & help u.
Khushi(with a look of disbelief): What?
Arnav: Stop the Drama!Lets go!
At the poolside..
Khushi: Y r the fairylights not working?
Arnav: Let me check.
He comes back after a minute.
Arnav: It was a loose connection.Now is it fine?
Khushi: Yup! Isnt it awesome?(points to the pool)This chamakta-dhamakta poolside!
She puts rose petals and floating candles inside the pool.
Arnav sits next to her on the floor.
He lightly brushes his knuckles on her cheek.
Arnav(in a husky tone): Khushi,do u remember what happened last year, at the time of Diwali?
The color rises on her cheeks and she stops what she was doing.
Khushi: Lot many things.. happened last year. What r u.. talking about? 
Arnav(moves her hair to the other shoulder): U'd got entangled in fairylights &..(brushes his knuckles on the back of her neck) I'd disentangled them for u..
Khushi closes her eyes as his hand touches her back.
Arnav(whispers in her ear): Remember?
Khushi: jj..ji...
Arnav brushes his knuckles down her back and stops at the hooks of her blouse.
Khushi opens her eyes & looks at him,her eyes pleading him to stop there.
Arnav(smirks): Dont worry!I wont do anything like that!
Khushi was about to heave a sigh of relief when Arnav nipped her earlobe.
Her sigh turned into a gasp.
Arnav(nuzzles the crook of her neck): Do u know how I felt that night,while I was dientangling those lights?
Khushi(closes her eyes): hh.. how..?
Arnav is about to say something but decides otherwise.
Arnav: Leave it..
Khushi opens her eyes & is surprised to see Arnav standing up.
Khushi: Wh.. why?..
Arnav: U wont b able to hear it! And.. after telling u about it.. I wont b able to control myself!
Arnav leaves the poolside while Khushi sits there,blushing crimson.
Khushi meets Akash at the foot of the staircase.
Akash: Khushiji,this is for u..(hands her a bag) Aman gave this to me.
Khushi(grabs the bag): Thank u jijaji!
Akash: U're welcome!
She notices another similar bag in his other hand.
Khushi: Is this bag not for me?
Akash(smiles): No Khushiji. This contains Diwali bombs. And u dont like those,right?
Khushi: Right! But then y did he buy these?
Akash: For me! I'm going to burst these with papa!
Khush(smiles)i: That's the spirit! Can I suggest something?Keep them away from ur bhai! Else,in the name of polltuon,he'll take these away & give them back to amanji!
Akash shows her a thumbs up.
Later that night...
Khushi: I can jolly well light a phooljhadi on my own!
Arnav: Fine.But I will light the rest of the crackers for u.
Khushi: Agreed! Now move aside.Let me light atleast 3-4 phooljhadis!
Arnav: Khushi,3-4?
Khushi: Arnavji! Till I dont light atleast a dozen or so Phooljhadis I dont get the Diwali feel!
Mamaji who was passing by agreed with her.
Mamaji: U're absolutely right,Khushi bitiya! Arnav bitwa,today is Chhoti Diwali! Let Khushi bitiya burst crackers to her heart's content! Tomorrow there'll b a party at home,the guests will b here & bitiya will b busy.Then bitiya wont get a chance to burst them!
Arnav nods.
Khushi: Should I..?
Arnav: Not a dozen ,okay?! 3-4..
Khushi(smiles): Okay!
Arnav watches her writing his & her names in the air with the phooljhadis.
The sheer joy on her face made me very happy.
Khushi: Arnavji,come & light some..
Arnav: No thanks!
Khushi: Areh come here! For my sake!
Arnav could not refuse that and fulfilled her wish.
He burnt every other cracker with her and enjoyed it as well.
As a child he had always stayed away from the crackers.He found them irritating.
But today when he burst the same crackers with Khushi,it gave him unexplainable joy!
He'd never thought burning crackers could be so enjoyable!
He watched the smiles on his family's faces as they all indulged in bursting crackers.
His reverie ended when Khushi ran to him and hid herself in his arms.
Arnav(tensed): What happened?
Khushi: Mamaji is about to burst the Diwali bomb! I'm really scared of it!
Arnav smiled and put his arms protectively around her.
They remained like that till mamaji & Akash had burst 5-6 bombs.
After that nani started coughing and they were forced to ditch the bombs.
Khushi came back to her chirpy,excited self as soon as the bomb bursting stopped.
Khushi: Arnavji,come with me! Lets enjoy chakris now!
Arnav readily went with her and one after the other burst all crackers of her choice.
As he douzed the last burnt phooljhadi in the bucket of water,Khushi hugged him from behind.
Arnav(placing his hands over hers): What happened?
Khushi: Thank u! I cant tell u how much I enjoyed tonight!Out first Chhoti Diwali post our wedding became special,all thanks to u!
Arnav turned around and kissed her forehead.
Arnav: U r welcome!I'm so glad that I could do something special for u this Chhoti Diwali! And I'm so happy to see that u stood by my word & didnt burst more than 2 crackers of each kind!
Khushi: U agreed for something which u dont like to make me happy.So can I not do even this much for u in return?
She hugged him again.
Khushi: This morning was very dull! But this evening was superb! All thanks to u!
She broke the hug and looked curiously at him.
Khushi: U said u'll tell me in the morning,but u havent told me yet!
Arnav(confused): What?
Khushi: Had u not come in my life,what would have happened?
Arnav: I would have continued to be the same-(smiles)khadoos lard governer!
Khushi smiles.
Arnav: U know what?I realized something today while u were busy lighting phooljhadis..
Khushi: What?
Arnav(cups her face): I was leading my life like an unused firecracker. Then u came into my life,like a phooljhadi! And u lit up my life and made me shine! And u continue to light up my life!(pecks her lips) Thank u so much!
Khushi: Even I need to thank u!U light up my life as well! If I'm ur phooljhadi, then u're my phooljhadey!
Anjali comes from behind and clears her throat rather loudly.
Khushi is embarassed and stands at a respectable distance from Arnav.
Anjali: If u r done,can we go & have dinner?
Khushi looks at Arnav.
Arnav: Sure di.
Anjali(going inside): SuryaPrakashji, plz heat the food...!
Arnav holds Khushi's hand and walks inside the house.
Kindly ignore typos & mistakes. PMs later.
The OS on Diwali will b up tomorrow evening.

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mehak06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Aww dat was super swt..

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Lil_Miss_Crazy Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
aww... this was so sweet and  damn adorable... now i will be having a stupid smile plastered to my face while burning crackers as i wont be able to help my self but remember this khushi arnav convo... Embarrassed 

in short i will be NIGHT DREAMING... Day Dreaming

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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the PM. Enjoyed it very much. 

Within the story of the day of Choti Diwali lies the understanding, response, love between Arnav and Kushi. It also shows how well they blend, dont require the other to ask forgiveness first, understanding the necessity to dispel anger towards one another.

It was a good read.

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Thanks for PM.
Awesome OS. Loved it. Wonderful treat for Diwali. Waiting for the Diwali one which is next.Big smile

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That was so beautiful !!!!
Loved it...thanks for the pm dear !!!!!

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lovely refreshingThumbs Up

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