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very old...posting jstt fr increasing forum's activity...LOL
as i knw in case f arhaan old is goldWink(many more will comeEmbarrassed)

Arhaan Behll plays the very unpredictable Krishna in Spellbound Productions and Star PlusMann Ki Awaaz? Pratigya. This is his debut as an actor and he is pleasantly surprised with all the love and adoration that's being showered on Krishna.

Here, he talks about how he trained for the role, his theory on why people like Krishna despite the grey shades and how he can never fess up to a girl about his liking for her.

How did Pratigya happen?
I just went for the auditions- my first audition for a TV show- and I got selected.

Have you always been inclined towards acting?
Yes, right from school days I was into plays and drama. But I hadn't worked professionally after that. So Pratigya is my first step towards professionally pursuing my acting interests.

Tells us a little bit about your character.
Krishna, is not a bad guy, he is not a goon even though the way he treats other people is not very nice. But it's because of his family, the way he has been brought up that he behaves aggressively. From inside, he is very good. 
Also, he carries a gun around because of which no one questions him. So he feels like a King. He has this bit of attitude (laughs).

With so much of negative shades in the character, didn't you feel apprehensive of taking it up?
Actually, no. I loved Krishna the moment he was narrated to me. He was so different from me that I found him challenging. The contradictions in his character made him more interesting.

How did you groom yourself for this character?
(Laughs) Actually, I watched a lot of films like Haasil and Omkara. Got to know many things from them. I also had a seven day workshop with my writer. So I got to learn a lot about language and where I need to stress etc. Later, we were in Allahabad on a ten day shooting schedule. That gave me a chance to observe the native people in their own surroundings?which was like the best lesson. 

Do you relate to your character?
Arhaan and Krishna are totally different. Arhaan speaks Hindi, Punjabi and English whereas Krishna speaks in a typical UP dialect. And Arhaan is really shy. But I guess there a few similarities.  Arhaan and Krishna both are fearless and totally loyal. Also, Arhaan is a bit stubborn but not as much as Krishna (smiles).

What do you have to say for the way Krishna pursues Pratigya?
Umm?what can I say? It's the demand of the show?

What according to you is the ideal way to approach a girl one likes?
Well, see when it comes to me, I can never go up to a girl and say that I like her. But that is the best way according to me, to pursue your darling girl. Just go up and say that you like her and leave the decision to that person.

Tell us a little about your real-life experience in wooing a girl, romance, puppy-love? 
I've had so many crushes I don't remember a particular one right now (laughs).

You have a huge fan following despite the fact that your character is not all that lovable. What do you think is the reason?
Krishna is loyal and has a clean heart, despite all the shortcomings. The intensity, with which he loves, is craved by most of the girls. I think this could be reason?I don't have any other theories.

How has the fame and recognition affected your personal life?
It hasn't affected me as a person or my close ones in their feelings towards me. But it has affected my daily life. In the sense whenever I go out people recognize me and come up to talk to me. They discuss Krishna's character; ask for autographs or pictures?at times phone numbers (laughs). 

What kind of feedback have you received on Krishna's character?
I got to know from them that they hate his shoes. Many people have told me the same thing- 'Please change the shoes that you wear onscreen' (laughs). So I've asked my creative to see if something can be done about it.
And they loved when Krishna said ? I lub you (laughs). When I performed for the shot, I wasn't sure about it. I was like it doesn't matter how rural a place is?everyone knows how to say I love you. But turns out?that particular scene has become a favorite!

Tell us about your off-screen relationship with Pooja Gor.
We are good friends. We always keep fighting over silly small things. But it's all in good spirits. In fact the entire cast and crew is very nice. I have a good bond with all of them.

Your experience with the production house ? Spellbound Productions.
I haven't worked with any other production house so I can't do comparisons. But I'm really liking being associated with this production house

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old is truly gold! still a pleasure to read an interview by AB in the days where at least did them!
Wonder what he's up to right now? Catching up on his sleep and family I guess...

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Originally posted by corvette

old is truly gold! still a pleasure to read an interview by AB in the days where at least did them!
Wonder what he's up to right now? Catching up on his sleep and family I guess...


missing him,,,Crywant him to cm back soon with bangWink

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These days, the television industry belongs to newcomers. All the successful heroes and heroines today – Angad Hasija, Kinshuk, Hina Khan, Karan Mehra are first timers who have hit the bull's eye with their debut on the small screen. Much to the chagrin of the existing stars, they have snatched away the spotlight. Arhaan Behl(the overdose of As and Ls is not a typo) is the latest to join the bandwagon of first-show wonders. His performance as Krishna in Mann Ki Awaaz – Pratigya has been the talk of tinsel town and he is enjoying every bit of the attention he is getting. He speaks to TellyChakkar about his entry into the glamour world and lots more.

Tell us something about your background .
I am from Ajmer in Rajasthan and come from a middle class family comprising of my parents and two elder sisters. After completing my schooling there, I went to Noida for higher studies and completed my graduation in commerce. Right from my school and college days, acting was something that excited me. Though I was doing my graduation in commerce, an inclination in making a career in the glamour world was always there. So much so that even my family members knew that acting was my passion and while I was in college I started walking the ramp. That, you can say, was the stepping stone into the entertainment industry.

So when did you come to Mumbai?
After completing my studies, I decided to take the plunge and come to Mumbai two years back. My initial days were like any other struggler. I lived on a limited budget and started giving auditions for everything! But I was really lucky in getting the role in Pratigya . It was my first audition for a television show and I got selected in my first chance!

It's a negative role. Were you apprehensive before taking up this role?
Initially, I was not too keen on a television show. But during the audition when the creative team narrated Krishna's role to me, I was excited and felt that it would be a very challenging one. Though it is not a hero's role, I could make out that this is something the audience will remember for a long time. So I took up the challenge and I do not regret it at all!

Tell us something about your character. We know Krishna as a bad guy… 
Let me get the facts right. Krishna is not a bad guy at all. He is not a goon though the way he treats other people is not very nice. But his aggressive behaviour is because of his family and upbringing. Deep inside, Krishna is a very good human being. Also, since he carries a gun, no one questions him and he feels like a King. He has loads of attitude and in one word is unpredictable!

You got married in the show. What next?
Well as you know this is a forced marriage and obviously Pratigya is not happy with the wedding. Right now it's impossible for me to tell you about the future track. All I can say is there will be lot of twists and turns.

You are a Punjabi brought up in Rajasthan. How difficult was it to step into Krishna's shoes? The language he speaks, the way he behaves is very different from a Punjabi.
You are right. Being a Punjabi boy, I hardly speak Krishna's language in real life. But I had done my homework well before working for this show. I saw films likeOmkara and Haasil and tried to catch the language in the films. Plus, the 10-day schedule we had in Allahabad also proved to be of help. I observed the localities there and tried to take as many inputs as possible. The writer of this show Shanti Bhusan ji also helped me a lot to understand the nuances of Krishna's character.

How is Arhaan different from Krishna?
They are poles apart! My look of Krishna is totally different from the real Arhaan. I have grown my hair for this character and the mannerisms of Krishna are very different from Arhaan. However, the one very significant similarity is in their being fearless and loyal. And though Arhaan is a bit stubborn, it is not as much as Krishna.

Despite playing a negative role, you have a huge fan following…
I think the character of Krishna is responsible for this. Sometime people are bored of 'goody goody' characters. Plus, Krishna is very honest and loyal and may be people think that one day he will change. I am very happy that viewers are happy with my performance in the show.

Anything lined up for the future?
I am getting a few offers from other production houses but right now Pratigya is my first priority and I want to give my 100% to this show.

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Krishna is the latest heart-throb of television. Despite being the brat on the show Pratigya, it's his unconditional love for Pratigya and passion that has won him acclaim and a huge fan base, majority of which is constituted by the fairer sex. Surprisingly, girls want their husbands to be as intense and passionate as Krishna, which validates his popularity and craze.

The lad swept as many as three awards just missing out the fourth one for which he was nominated. But never the one to lose hope and a self proclaimed egoist, Krishna says that he will bag all the awards next time round.

Krishna talks about his performance at SPA, his equation with his co-actors and the attention from the girls to which he is indifferent as that's nothing new to him because has been a charmer all his life...

How does it feel to have bagged three awards for your debut show itself?
It feels awesome as I got three awards ' favourite Naya Sadasya (new member), hottest couple and Sabse Khoobsurat Rishta with my on-screen father, Sajjan Singh.

What kind of rapport do you have with Sajjan Singh?
He is a friend to me and I have learnt a great deal from him. He is a great friend and a teacher who has helped the actor in me. We share a very warm relationship off screen.

Who do you credit your success to?
To God, my parents and a bit of it would go to my hard-work.

At times success goes to your head, how do you keep yourself grounded?
I will be the same even 10 years down the line. I will never change. If I come across as a snob to people, that is because I am shy as a person.

Tell us about your performance from SPA? How was it performing with Malaika Arora Khan? Were you nervous?
Malaika is a gifted dancer and is a quick learner. We got to rehearse for just three hours with her before going live. It was scary as we didn't want to err at any cost during the act. I wasn't nervous but excited as this was my first performance ever.

Describe Krishna to your fans?
It's very difficult to describe Krishna. He is a unique, natural, clean-hearted and a transparent guy. He comes across as a brat but the issue is that he has been brought up like this. Whatever he does seems right to him. He doesn't know how to express his love for Pratigya but he is extremely loyal. He has only loved Pratigya all his life.

Despite playing a brat and a negative character of Krishna, you are immensely popular, especially with the fairer sex.
It feels great!!! As if you turn the pages of the history of Indian television; you will not come across such a character not for a decade at least. He is a lovable character and girls are bound to like Krishna. Talking about me, I have always been a favourite with girls (laughs). Girls used to find me sweet and cute when I was a kid as I was really chubby and cute then. So I have been hogging all the attention from girls even before I became an actor (laughs). I am very thankful to all my viewers for loving and appreciating my work.

How difficult was it to learn the dialect and pick up the accent of Krishna on the show?
I had never been to the northern region of the country before this show happened to me. I found the dialect very funny, lively and unique. Yes, it was difficult as I am Punjabi but the director and writer of the show helped me adapt to it nicely. I did a 10 days' workshop with them and it really worked wonders as I caught the accent and dialect quite well. Now I have become fluent in the dialect.

When you started, did you think the show will turn out be such a huge success?
Honestly, for me TRPs and success didn't matter as my primary focus was on my acting and performance. It was only when I started working with my co-actors did I realise that in order to bring up a show you have to work as a team. It's not just about personal groW*H but groW*H of the team in totality.

What kind of response are you getting from the viewers?
We have fans visiting from every nook and corner of the country, especially from the North. It's overwhelming to see how religiously they follow the show. They love our acting. In fact, I have started getting offers to join various political parties (laughs) but I am not a politically inclined person.

How is your equation with Pooja Gor?
Pooja and I have become friends and we have lots of fun when the cameras are not rolling.

You are the prankster on the sets. Tell us the last time you pulled a fast one on your co-actors?
Oh! Yes, I like playing pranks on others. The director of the show happens to be my partner-in-crime. We change the lines from the script and blurt out dialogues out of nowhere and which has no mention of it in the script. It's fun to see the expression on their face when they don't know how to react to a thing that comes to them unexpected.

How difficult did it get during your initial days of acting on the show?
I wasn't technically sound and I did face my share of problems understanding the camera angles but I learnt it gradually. As far as acting is concerned I was always comfortable.

How similar or dissimilar is Arhaan to Krishna?
The two are like poles apart. The only similarity is that I am also aggressive in real life and I am bad when I become aggressive. I try to keep a balance and I am very loyal. I don't think I can go up to a girl and propose love to her. I am an extremely shy guy.

What kind of a girl can charm Arhaan?
My girl has to be intelligent, good looking, smart, sensible, mature and lots more.

What can be expected as far as Krishna and Pratigya's future is concerned from the show? Will you ever change for Pratigya?
Personally, I don't want Krishna to change because he is unique in his behaviour and attitude and that's what separates him from the crowd. I really like Krishna and would want him to remain the way he is forever.

"Being a Punjabi from Rajasthan enacting a UP boy on screen was not easy" ' Arhann Behl

He may have started of as a goon from the town of Allahabad owing to his character from Mann Ki Awaaz '.Pratigya, but Arhann Behl aka Krishna has come a long way carving a long list of fans for himself. Within a year he has proved that its not always chocolaty looks that makes an actor popular but the way a character is adopted and potrayed. caught with the actor to discuss his journey on Television. Here are a few excerpts..

Q. How have you moved from being Arhaan to Krishna?

Ans. Arhaan in real life is completely opposite of what Krishna is. Personally I am shy and introvert. I am a person who likes to listen to people around and then take decisions. On the contrary Krishna is absolutely opposite. He is very open and an extrovert. He never listens to anyone but himself. He is the king of his own mind. So yes it was very difficult for me to move into the character of Krishna.

Q. What did you want to become as a child?

Ans. I always wanted to become an actor as a child. When I was in school I participated in dramatics, English plays and theater. As a homework I use to come back home and conceptualize my roles in the various plays. For hours I practiced with my friends so that I could act better.

Q. Did your parents support you with your career plans.

Ans.  Oh no,not at all. My family is full of doctors. My dad himself is a doctor and wanted me also to be a doctor. Infact to please him I even gave medical entrance exams. But my heart was never there so I came to Mumbai to fulfill my dreams.

Q. How did you get the role of Krishna?

Ans. I came to Mumbai three years back. Actually I wanted to be act in movies and not in serials. I waited for the right opportunity until I gave my first audition. Luckily i didn't have to give many auditions and in my first audition itself I was selected for the role of Krishna. This role was really challenging for me to play because I am a Punjabi and to enact a boy from UP with all the accent was really difficult for me.

Q. What preparations did you do to get in the shoes of Krishna?

Ans. It was really a very big task for me. I took special workshops to get the accent right. Along with the team I travelled to Allahabad to meet the people there and understand the way they think and lead their daily lives. You may be surprised at this but I actually made graphs to analyze the behavior of Krishna and adapt it in my style. I worked on very small things also like the way he eats, sleeps, body language, wears clothes  etc. I have really worked hard to give the look Krishna carries today.

Q. Who is your role model?

Ans. Actually I don't have any role model. I believe every person has his own style and personality. Nobody can grow by being somebody else. I also have my own approach towards acting as a profession and I wish to keep growing how much ever I can.


Q. How do you rate yourself as an actor?

Ans.  Hahahaha ( laughs). This is for my critics to decide. I always think that an actor always has a room to improve. There is no limit to cinematic ability. After performing each shot I feel I could have done better than this. All ic an say is I am improving myself with each episode being shot.

Q. So have you grown as an actor?

Ans. Yes definitely , if you see my first few episodes then I have grown as an actor for sure. I have become more comfortable to the camera. For the first time in my life I had faced camera when I shot the first episode of Pratigya for Star Plus. I was not aware of the technical details earlier. But with time I have learnt many technicalities behind a camera and I am trying to incorporate all my learnings in my acting.

Q. Pratigya is a woman centric show and also the name of the show gives more importance to the female lead and not you. Don't you feel sidelined sometimes?

Ans. No I don't feel that. Infact Krishna has a equally important role in the show. If Krishna doent show his bad side then how will the good side of Pratigya be highlighted. So I feel both the characters support each other in a balanced way. And for the name I would suggest that all tele serials should be based on females names only as it's the lady luck that brings laurels to the show.

Q. Are you participating in Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa?

Ans. No I am not. I was approached by them. But I refused due to shortage of time. As it is we are shooting almost 18 to 20 hours everyday and if I had taken that offer I would not do justice to any of my serials.

Q. How is your experience with co-actors.

Ans. It has been really great. We all have become like a family. Everybody is very loving and caring. I share a good rapport with everyone but especially with Sajjan Singh my on screen father. Anupam Uncle is my best buddy on the sets. I get to learn lot of good things from him.

Q. What is your final goal?

Ans. As I told you earlier I came to Mumbai to act in movies. So if a good opportunity comes in my way to act in movies then I will definitely take that up.

Q. A message to your Audience.

Ans. I love my fans and I would like to thank them from my heart for accepting and loving me so much. It really feels good when your efforts get paid. I would request them to keep watching the show and love us as lot of new exciting turns are going to be there on the show.

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Good ones...thanks Teena :)
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wowww teena thanku dearHug
reading AB interview always made me love him moreLOLDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Awesome answers!!!! AB rocks...
TFS teena

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