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FF:YouAreMyDestiny(ManishChaichil)Part10uptd-AdPt2 (Page 37)

AmYraaA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
people just wait till 1 in the afternoon...u all will get u answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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tani18 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
i hav ea feeling yuvraj ko tum kayi duur behnje wale ho..plzz dontCry

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AmYraaA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tani18

i hav ea feeling yuvraj ko tum kayi duur behnje wale ho..plzz dontCry


take a chill pill baby and w8 4 the update
till then keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big smileBig smile

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AmYraaA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:39am | IP Logged

chapter 10:{part 1}


Next day morning the sunrays hit Suvreen's face…she lazily opned her eyes and gave a small smile on the clock that was lying besid her bed…it showed 7 o'clock…She for a while lokked the other side normally then suddenly looked at the watch with terror struck in her voice…She hurriedly got up….


Suvi: OMG…Its already 7…I need to hurry up….I have to go to the hotel..Shit..what do I do now?? Kyun Ganu ji…Kyun aise shock dete ho?? Mujhe kaise bhi karke time pew aha pahunchna hoga…


Suvreen got up…went to the washroom and in a split second was ready…She rushed out of her bedroom to the living room…Where she was shocked to see Aditya still in his payjamas sipping coffee from a mug and lazily reading the newspaper…


Suvi: Arey adi thum abhi takh ready nahi hue?


Adi: Hey Good morning…thum utt gayi?? Mein ready kiss liye ho jao??


Suvi: Adi thum bhool gaye shayad…mujhe Hotel jana hein…aur wahi se Naro ko lekar venue par pahunchna hein…aur dusere aur se Rathie, Yuvraj aur Mannu pahunch jayenge…Ab nahuth late ho gaya hein…jaldi karo…humein jana hein…


Adi: Hey…calm down…Chillax…!!! Wo kya hein na plan mein toda change aa gaya hein…kal jab so gayi tho Annie ne thumhe call kiya tha…aur thumne hurry mein apna mobile mere room mein chod di thi…




Annie and Aditya on phone:


Annie: Hello suvi…


Adi: Hello, Annie actually mein Aditya bol raha hoon…wo kya hein na Suvi ne apna mobile mere room mein bhool gayi hein…Koi message hein kya?


Annie: Oh okay…wo kya hein na…Plan mein kuch change aa gaya hein…Suvi ko bata dena…Mein Naro se keh dungi ki Aditya…yani thumne hum sab ke liye ekh party organize ki hein…aur issi bahane hum sab thayar hoke waha aa jayenge…Thum aur suvi directly waha aa jana…Fir hum waha par Mannu aur Naro ko akele chod denge…Iss se Naro ko zyada doubt nahi hoga…warna wo poonche gi ki suvi ko aditya se milne jana hein to hum kyun aaye…fir poochegi ki hum ithna dress up kyun kar rahe hein..and all…so yeh plan bilkul teekh rahega…


Adi: Oh…cool…yeh acha rahega…!! Mein suvi ko bata dunga…Aur kuch??


Annie: Nahi…tho mein ab phone rakthi hoon…Bye…Good night…!!


Aditya: good night..!!


Falshback ends…


Adi: Ab samji?


Suvi: oh..tikh hein…(a lil depressed)…adi mujhe ekh call karni hein mein abhi aathi hoon…(and she walks to the room from there)


Suvi to herself: Yuvi ne mujhe call back bhi nahi kiya…?? Lekin meine uss se kal se baath bhi nahi ki…Arey kahi Yuvi mujhse ab takh naraz tho nahi hein…and the fight all replays in her head…she has tears pricking out of her eyes…sab meri hi galthi hein…Mein abhi Yuvi ko call kar deti hoon…


She calls Yuvi…


Suvi: Hello yuvraj…mein Suvi baath kar rahi hoon


Rathie: Hello Suvreen mein rathie…wo bhai yahi bahar gaye hein…Kuch urgent kaam tha kya?


Suvi: oh…aisa kuch nahi…wo bas mujhe Maro ki date ke bare mein discuss karni thi…


Rathie: Gabrao nahi…sab batha diya meine bhai ko…Aur kuch…waise thum waha tikh tho ho na?? (he purposefully asked this to see is suvi was missing yuvi or not)


Right then Yuvraj enters the room and sees that Rathie is talking on his phone…He takes the phone from Rathie's hand…


Suvi: (she could she say Rathie that she was not happy…she was missing her cheetah…she was missing yuvraj…) wo..wo…mein bahtuh kush hoon….Adi ke saath hoon tho mein kush tho rahungi hi na….


That was it…Yuvi felt anger and pain at the same time…how could she be happy?? How could she happy when he was not with her…?? Does this mean that she is not in love with him?? And what is Adi in her life…?


Yuvi: Hello topper mein Yuvraj bol raha hoon…


Suvreen suddenly felt that sudden relief…it was like she heard something that she was dying to hear…She heard him…Her Yuvraj…Her cheetah..!!!


Suvi: hello…Yuvraj wo..wo mein…mera matlab hein ki..mujhe thumse…kuch…(words were not escaping her mouth…come on suvi yes u can tell it to him….you can say that you missed him…that you are sorry…)


Suvi: Yuvraj..I am sorry…who uss din ke liye..I am really sorry…Mujhe aisa nahi kehna chaiyie tha…and Yuvraj I miss you…I really do miss you…(she could not her anything from the other side…all that she could here was a beep…just a beep sound and nothing else…)


Yuvi: arey yeh phone kyun cut ho gaya?? Topper kuch kehna chathi thi…tho usne phone kyun cut kar di?? (irritated)


Suvi: Arey yeh tho cut gaya…battery low ho gaya…kya gannu ji jab meine kuch acha kaha thab hi hona tha hein sab?? Ab mein kya karon?? Kithni mushkil se kaha tha meine yeh sab??...(irritated)


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AmYraaA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:42am | IP Logged

The party {part 2}

…Suvreen and Aditya…have already reached the venue…now they are waiting for the boys as per the plan…They have reach othe venue before Naro and Annie could make it…and there they are…the three dashing hunks of Delhi…!!!


Suvi  just could not take her eyes away from yuvraj he was looking damn handsome she just kept staring at him she remembered what she and tultuli used to discuss at katgodam about their prince charming coming and taking them in his BMW

All this while adi was just looking at suvi that too amused  her mouth was hanging wide open and she was lost sum wer

"hellooo"said adi shaking his hand before suvi but in vain

Then he with his fingers closed her mouth "muh toh band kar lo varna bina passport ki makhi guss jayegi "said adi

Suvi came out of her dream world and said hmmm still not able to take her eyes from yuvraj

"black jacket mein kitna hansome lag raha hein"said suvi

"thanx "said adi suvi was confused why was adi sayng thnx but then she noticed adi was also wearing a black jacket  she just smiled

By this  time the boys reached  near suvi and adi and yuvraj heard suvi complimenting and thought tht compliment was for adi he was boiling in anger from inside but plastered a smile on his face

"mannu tu ja lawn mein jaha teri date set ki hein aur naro ke liye wait kar"said adi

"tujhein saare dialogs toh yaad hein na..."asked rathi

Mannu nodded yes and evry1 pushed him at the direction of the lawn and waited for annies call

After sometime annie and naro arrived

"baki guest kaha hein ?" asked naro luking around

"woh ...woh woh ha lawn mein w8 kar rahe hein...ek kam kart u lawn mein jaa i will join u i have to call a frnd voh yahi Mumbai mein rehti hein!!!!!!

Annie somehow convinced naro and sent her to the lawn and then she msgd suvi that naro is going towards the lw\awn and she will reach there soon

Suvi receives the text and tells this to everyone

Adi then says mein aur suvi saare arrangement final check karthe hein tum sab lawn mein jaavo and chup jao and rathi tum sabka recording kar lena plzz

Sayng this he takes suvis hand and rushes towards the lawn

Yuvi sees the two retreating figure moving away hand in hand a pang of hatred for aditya raised in his mind but y was it like  this y was he hating aditya...he has not done anything to him

All his moments with yuvreen sarted to come before his eyes one by one all their fights

Their happy moment

The day wen 1st she came to delhi

Tht night after hungerstrike that almost hug when naro's ex boyfrnd was about to misbehave with her

All all of their moments

Suddenly someone hugs him

He is brought back to earth and was deeply confused why was mannu hugging him so tightly

Then he looked behind mannu and saw naro holding a bouquet and looking down

Blush on her face was clearly visible and the sparkle of the diamond ring on her fingers were bright

He was really happy for mannu and naro he goes towards naro and hugs her "chalo acha hein...abh tu toh hein mere saath is ghadhe ko jhelne mein "said    yuvi laughing

He notices that suvi adi and annie wer not here

Yuvi went to search for them  he searched all of the lawn and the hotel

He went in the direction of the green room which were there btwnn the loo


"hey gannu ji yeh kya mein toh dhang sein dekh bhi nahi paayi ki mannu ne naro ko propose kiya...ohhh mera ankh its hurting adityaa"shouted suvi

"ha rukh do min  le dekh annie aa gayi...annie tujhein eye drops mila.??asked adi

"haa yaar bohut door jaana pada i missed the grand proposal...ha yeh le eye drops  tu daal mein zara washroom hote athi hun"said annie

"haan de" said adi annie leaves from there and rushes to the washroom adi quickly open the eye drops cupps suvi's face  and puts the eye drops in it

At the same time yuvi enters the green room and what he saw before him shocked him

It was as 1000 needles were stabbing him as if the ground under his feet has vanished

He saw aditya's back to him and suvi's hands over his shoulder they were too engrossed in watevr they wer doing

Suddenly aditya turns and luks tht yuvi was standing there

"hai bhai sun zara...but yuvi did not let him comlete his sentence he punched him on his face and looked towards suvi and said "tu jitni bholi apnne shakal sein dikhti hein tu aise bilkul bhi nahi hein...u r a total fake suvreen FAKE" he shouted and left the green room

Suvi was totly confused with what was happening around her did yuvraj really said all that did he real mean it no no its just a misunderstanding i i shud clear it out she even did not bother to give adi a glance and followed yuvraj

"yuvraj...suno toh...rukho"shouted suvi yuvraj stopped still his back facing to suvi

"kya huva yuvraj tum aise kyun bol rahe ho meine kya kiya/?"asked suvi

"tumhne kya kiya...tumhein nahi patha i use to think u r a well mannered and cultured girl but yuck i never thought u can stoop so low u kissed a guy..."yuvi was about to say sumthng more but suvi interrupted him

"what kiss a guy???wwen r u mad...i."said suvi

Yuvi turned and came near her and said "nahi tu toh andar pakda pakdi khel rahi thin a...i saw evrythng suvreen so stop the drama nw i get it nw i get it why yesterday u went with your aditya to his house in a rush...pure pure raath uske saath akele thi na patha nahi aur kya kya...

{THUDDD} suvreen cud not take this more she slapped yuvraj with all her might she gave a disgusted look to him

Hw can he she thought think about her like this how can he

Yuvraj just caught her by her arms from behind he saw aditya coming he pushed suvi toward him


"aaahhh" suvi shouted and jumped from her bed

She looked around her she was at her house

It has been 5 month months still this incident haunted her evry night as if it happened yesterday

After the college tour she has never seen yuvraj  after that he never came to college

Even after this horrible incident sumwer at the back of her mind she wanted yuvraj back for what even she did not know

Suvreen got ready and reached the college before walking inside her classroom she peeped  into the 2ndyear classroom but she was disappointed yuvraj's seat was as usual empty

She quietly went inside her classroom and sat next to annie

Not even a percent attentive in class her mind moved through all her moments with yuvraj

Suddenly the bell rings and the gang excluding yuvraj moves to the canteen

There they see a peon taking away yuvraj's things

"hey...bhai ke cheesein kaha le jaa rahe ho...??"asked rathi

"unke parents ka call aya tha voh yuvraj sing apne padai ke liye cannada chalein gaye hein toh isiliye unka samman lene uska bhai ayya hein"answered the peon and went towards the lobby

"WHAT"shouted every one in  union

But suvree she was not abel to utter a single word she was beyond shocked she just rushed to their yuvreen corner where they usually meet

She collapsed to the ground and sarted crying

"gannuji kyu ...sob haaah...apna aise kyun kiya"shouted suvreen looking up

"app janthe they na app toh jannthe they ki mein us sein pyaar karthi hun!!that  i love him ohh god...apne apne pyaar ehsaas karne sein pehle hi meine usko kho diya...humesha ke liye...4ever..."cried suvreen

After sometimes she regained her strength and said

"why am i wasting my tears over him that cheat he has always hurted me...i don't love him...nafrat karthi hun mein us sein..i hate him"

Saying tthis suvreen walk off from there determined never to return   back

Tht day it was not suvreen who came out from the yuvreen corner it was someone eles

That someone just looked like suvreen but never toked like her she lost all her bubbly ways she lost her smile she sarted to avoid frnds and family she started to live alone

Seeing this condition of suvreen was killing her parents they tried to talk to her but in vain

One day while cleaning suvi room her mother found some of her works in designing it was very beautiful so she forced her to join fashion designing classes

This surely brought an improvement in suvi she started talking to her parents about her work her designs

So papa guggal for  his daughters happiness thought of sending her to Mumbai for her further studies in fashion technology

Suvreen readily accepted it went to Mumbai leaving delhi and all the memories behind FOREVER

Shr departed from there and swore never to come back FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The destiny which brought yuvreen together

The same destiny pulled them apart


But still i will say "TRUST DESTINY"


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Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:43am | IP Logged
You Are My Destiny Contest 1
Are you guys looking forwards to be a part of this wonderful FF...Do you want to read yourself playing a small role in the FF?? Do you want to indulge yourself and make yourself a part of the New twist and Turn that would take place in the life Yuvreen?? Do you want to figure out how it feels to be amidst the glamor?? Do you want to be a Part of the love story of Yuvreen..??
Well, worry not here is you exclusive chance..!! All you need to do is use your analytical skills and let us know the answer to following question..!! The first five correct answer givers will get a chance to be the part of the FF...!!!

The question is as follows:
The above Update that Part 10 is written by both Chaitanya and Me...!! It is split into two parts A and B...!! Now all you need to do is guess who has written which part...!!
Green- Chaitanya; Blue- Manish
Green- Manish; Blue- Chaitanya

Edited by Manish_Shetty - 27 December 2012 at 2:23am

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AmYraaA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:46am | IP Logged
This chapter playes a significant role in our ff
as this the last chapter of this thread
yes ppl i kno this was dead end but...

this ff and readers wer very spcl to us so we thought we will write this update together for making it more spcl for u
yup frnds this update was the joint effort of chaitanya that is me and manish

hope u guys like it
i kno like is not the correct word to use
but as i said
trust in destiny

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akshayR IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 2:07am | IP Logged
the first part has been writen by you manish and second by chaitanya Smile

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